Guild Wars 2: ArenaNet details plans for world vs world play

Friday, 7th June 2013 13:36 GMT By Dave Cook

Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet has posted a new blog that discusses its plans for world vs world play.

Penned by world vs world team member Devon Carver, the post reads, “Large groups usually rule the field, and if that large group is rapidly building arrow carts, I’d suggest you get your affairs in order and send a note to your loved ones.

“World Abilities is a great feature, but it is one that takes a pretty dedicated player to take full advantage of due to the sheer amount of time required to gain significant rank. Support play is vital to victory but unevenly rewarded in terms of World XP, XP, gold, karma, badges, and other tangibles. While those players rebuilding your walls may be performing a vital service, theirs is usually thankless work.

“Some of the major systems in place currently are not nearly as robust as they could be. Commanders are a major part of the battle, but right now their tools for commanding are few. Guilds are an important part of strategic gameplay as well, but they aren’t rewarded much for taking an active, positive role.

“These are things we want to improve on because we feel that not only can they increase player investment in the outcome of any particular play session or match, but they simply make the game better for everyone.”

All of the above will be analysed and addressed moving forward, Carter added, and stressed that ArenaNet want to give players more reason to move away from the overly-adopted Thief and Commander classes.

The team also wants to stop large groups of player – dubbed ‘Zergs’ – from dominating the battlefield, and is looking at counter-measures.

Check out the post linked above, as it’s a big one. Let us know what you think of ArenaNet’s plans below.

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  1. GrimRita

    Almost 12 months on, and NOW they only look at this? This was a deal breaker for me. The zergs, the daily zerg fest, rebuilding, capping, recapping grind it became.

    This was the reason why I left. WvW all sounded great but was poorly executed and one of the key reasons why MMOs fail or die so quickly, is because developers are just too fucking slow to response/react to player demands and changes.

    Sure, they cant do everything but when someone stands out like these Zergs, I would have expected a change within a matter of a couple months, not just over 12 months later.

    #1 1 year ago
  2. viralshag

    For one of the biggest and potentially best features of this game, this feels like it’s come way too late.

    I don’t know anyone in my immediate friends group that has touched this game since maybe the second month after launch.

    #2 1 year ago
  3. hitnrun

    They had some good ideas on paper, but they all involved bypassing the inner lizard brain that makes MMOs addicting, while keeping all the knockoff-brand WoW design that’s the actual problem with the genre. I haven’t really had any desire to play since October.

    #3 1 year ago
  4. roadkill

    Guys remember that they didn’t do shit yet. :) They just acknowledged the problems of this game mod.

    #4 1 year ago

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