EVE Online: 96% of players are male, CCP fine with that

Tuesday, 4 June 2013 09:13 GMT By Dave Cook

EVE Online developer CCP Games has confirmed that 96% of its player base is male, and that the studio feels it’s because the sci-fi genre is typically a man’s domain.

Speaking with Massively, CCP’s David Reid confirmed the stat, while EVE Online’s senior producer Andie Nordgren suggested that the male dominance is natural. “Part of it is due to the theme of the game,” she suggested. “Science fiction is an extremely male-dominated domain.

“It’s not a goal for us as a development team to specifically increase the number of female players” she said, and added that it’s more, “an indicator than something [to] strive for.”

Do you know any females who play EVE Online? Should CCP look at balancing the playerbase? Let us know what you think below.