Borderlands 2: Krieg gets schizophrenic story trailer

Friday, 31st May 2013 09:37 GMT By Dave Cook

Borderlands 2′s DLC character Krieg may be a psycho, but he never used to be totally nuts. In fact, this story trailer paints him as something of a lovely, if not schizophrenic bastard.

What do you think?

Meanwhile, VG247′s Sam Clay has recorded two videos of himself playing as Krieg in the latest Borderlands 2 expansion, Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon’s Keep. Watch them both here.



  1. DSB

    That was brilliant.

    I pity the people who bitch about this being over the top. It’s not. Most other games ar just violently dull in comparison.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. TheWulf

    I just wish the game was as good as the trailers.

    Ultimately the game is just a loot ‘em up with very sub par gameplay. That’s all it is. That’s the conceit and the misery of Borderlands — that it wants to be special, but at the end of the day it’s just another game where you’re killing hordes of homogenous enemies because you’re the “good guy.” There is something there, beyond the mundanity of it all, beyond the random crap, beyond the layers of mainstream ‘because it’s cool’ that shows potential.

    Trailers like this leave me feeling excited, but then I remember what a terrible game it actually is. It’s like so many games which have done that before — TOR, WoW, and… that’s it, isn’t it? It feels like an old-school MMO. Yeah, I want to love it, and I love how over the top it is, but I can stand very little of the monotony. I’m ultimately a creature of novelty, and as such I’m put into a coma by the grind.

    But this trailer, standing on its own? I agree. This trailer is brilliant. Every trailer is brilliant. The setting encourages my desire to explore, the lore and the world appeal to me on a level of silly that, yes, is frequently unseen.

    Even the graphical style is clever and innovative and something I’d definitely love to see more of. It’s a preferred style. I dig it, and it only adds to the atmosphere of the game itself. But still, it’s no Borderlands. There’s very little dialogue or anything to do of worth. At the end of the day, as engaging as it all is, whether it fails or succeeds is down to whether you can stomach the loot compulsion in order to enjoy the rest of it.

    The conceit and the misery of Borderlands? It’s that everything about the game but the game itself is good.

    It’s like an almost-Saints Row. They have all of the ingredients there to make something truly special. Now they just have to make the game less about killin’ and grindin’, and more about being actually fun.

    As an addendum, I kind of see Bulletstorm as the game that Borderlands always wanted to be — it had more of a qualitative sense of fun to it. There’s a lot of quantity to the game and I can’t deny that, nor can I say that Gearbox hasn’t created something special, but it’s just disappointing to me that I can’t play the game without being bored.

    How can they understand why that’s such a good trailer, and then knock out such sub par Diablo-with-guns games? It’s beyond me.

    #2 2 years ago
  3. TheWulf

    I’ll start this as a new post as I want to leave my last standing as it is.

    I think a lot of the problem with Borderlands is that the enemies are so bullet spongy, that’s what makes it feel like a grind. The weapons actually don’t feel over-the-top at all, because you’re firing lightning-rockets at things and nothing is really happening.

    Maybe the older Serious Sam games are something to take a page from, here. Vary the enemies up some, have some which have a lot of bulk, give some super powers, make some of them cyborgs, and even give some of them mind powers which can be used to fuck with the player.

    And then give the game some emotional worth beyond the loot, give the player something to actually want to fight for. In Bulletstorm you had emotional worth in that you really wanted to save Ishi — he was a very sympathetic character that one could relate to. You just wanted to make things better for him, and that made the struggle worth it.

    In Borderlands, the rampant murder feels to be motivated by nothing other than base greed. And I’m not a very greedy person — to the contrary, I can be a selfless person to the point where it almost breaks the bank. I guess the compulsion works better for greedy people? But if greed is the only motivator, then I’m easily bored by it. Greed does nothing for me.

    And why not give the players more superhuman abilities? Make it actually over-the-top instead of embracing mundanity. Make the upgrades you get as you develop your character actually matter, rather than having most of them at the start and only having minor differences throughout the game. Provide some really interesting character building choices. More along the lines of the Hulk/Prototype games than WoW.

    I want to love Borderlands, but the truth is is that I’m bored of it. It’s still a fantastic trailer, but I’m hoping they’ll do something more, something special with Borderlands 3.

    I can dream, can’t I?

    #3 2 years ago

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