Conker creator hints at upcoming Wii U project

Sunday, 26 May 2013 23:39 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Gory Detail, a heretofore mobile exclusive studio founded by former Rare staffer Christopher Seavor, seems likely to reunite the Conker creator with Nintendo platforms.

“Wii U devkits ain’t cheap and it’s lookin likely Gory Detail is gonna need three at some point this year,” he said on Twitter.

Seavor’s Tweet has, predictably, triggered anticipation for a spiritual follow-up if not an actual sequel to the Conker games for which he became famous; the irreverent platformer was Rare’s N64 swansong and has a cult following among Nintendo fans, especially now that the developer has been acquired by Microsoft.

Seavor designed Conker’s Bad Fur Day as well as serving as project lead, scriptwriter and even voice actor for the eponymous squirrel.

Gory Detail released its first title, Parashoot Stan, in April. Seavor’s Twitter bio suggests the studio is working on a second mobile title in addition to the mysterious upcoming Wii U game.

Thanks, Destructoid.