Square Enix relaunches 10th anniversary teaser site

Thursday, 23rd May 2013 05:20 GMT By Naren Hooson

Back on April 1 this year, Square Enix celebrated the 10 year anniversary of Squaresoft’s merger with Enix on April 1, 2003 by launching a teaser site which disappeared a day later. The teaser site has been relaunched with a countdown clock stopped at 00:46:49 and a new message.

The message, according to Gematsu, reads, “As of April 1st we’ve reached our 10th anniversary! We hope you’ll continue supporting us going forward as well!”

“Well, last time on this site we said “we are thinking about various things.” Now, we are working on a lovely (and a tad heartwarming) site.”

“As soon as preparations are in order, the counter will start moving. Please wait a little longer. ROCK’N ROLL!”



  1. salarta

    Oh boy, I can’t wait to see Squeenix announce FFX-3, 4th Birthday, FF13-4, Final Fantasy IV: The After After Years, FFXV directed and written by Toriyama, and a sequel to the Tomb Raider reboot. My sarcastic excitement is just overflowing. I also think it’s a little poignant that their anniversary, meaning the date of their merger as well, was on April Fools’ Day.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. Clupula

    @1 – I’d actually be overjoyed with most of those. Except for the Tomb Raider sequel, because I wouldn’t care, and I’ve never liked FFIV.

    #2 2 years ago

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