Assassin’s Creed 4 on PS3 is stellar despite PS4′s “visual innovations,” says Ubisoft

Tuesday, 21st May 2013 15:25 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Jean Guesdon, creative director at Ubisoft Montreal, has told VG247 that while the PS4 is definitely a hug leap forward compared to PS3, those who plan on purchasing Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag for PS3 won’t be disappointed, as it will still be a stellar experience.

Speaking with VG247′s Dave Cook in an interview to be published later this week, Guesdon said the team’s experience with current-gen consoles has enabled the developers to continue pulling “the most out of the hardware” even this late in PS3′s lifecycle.

“The PS4 is definitely a huge step forward,” said Guesdon. “Sony has been really responsive to our needs as developers, and the specs of the console are exactly what we needed for the next generation. Now it’s our turn as developers to make the best that we can with it.

“Our expertise with the current generation platforms has matured in a way that we feel we are able to get the most out of the hardware. So of course, just because the hardware is more powerful, we will be able to push more visual innovations on next-gen.

“But we are still aiming to deliver one of the best looking games ever on current generation, as our expertise allows us to do.”

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag is out on October on PC, PS3, Wii U, and Xbox 360 and will be available on next-gen systems when the consoles hit retail.



  1. CyberMarco

    PR bullcrap…

    #1 2 years ago
  2. YoungZer0

    “Our pause menu will still take 3 seconds to load though.”

    #2 2 years ago
  3. Klaxusprime

    @1 You are so ungrateful.. Everybody needs to pay the bills at the end of the month, don’t you? Just close an eye sometimes.. ;)

    #3 2 years ago
  4. Llewelyn_MT

    He just tactfully omitted “for a 7 years old system”.

    #4 2 years ago
  5. TheWulf

    I still wish this wasn’t an Assassin’s Creed game. See, I got to play a bit of Assassin’s Creed III on a friend’s machine and it verified everything I felt about the games…

    What I liked:

    - The exploration.
    - The ship battles, the mechanics were actually fun, I enjoyed these the most.
    - The crafting/homestead building.

    What I didn’t like:

    - The combat is bloody awful.
    - The narrative (the two plots of Desmond and past-Desmond are so detached).
    - The characters… just… so cheesy and so Saturday morning cartoon, I guess? I mean, they almost turned George Washington into Hitler. I know he wasn’t the nicest man alive, but it was too silly for me to appreciate.
    - Setting inappropriate super powers (if the setting wasn’t HISTORICALLY ACCURATE, as they claim, I wouldn’t twitch at this).
    - Have I mentioned the combat?
    - How everything is ‘push/hold one button to do stuff.’ Sometimes two, if it’s meant to be SUPER DIFFICULT (you sometimes have to disarm).
    - The parkour… Mirror’s Edge had such a better grasp of this.
    - The ridiculous animal AI (unless they’re rabid, they shouldn’t be behaving like that).
    - The character aesthetics, especially that increasingly ridiculous assassin attire (it appeals to young kids, I guess, but should young kids be playing this?).
    - The pointless limitations as to where I could and couldn’t go, and the irritatingly bad ‘story reasons’ as to why I couldn’t.

    And I could go on.

    See, when I played it, all I could see was that if it hadn’t been the Assassin’s Creed IP, it might have been okay. They want super powers? FINE. Make it an alternate reality where super powers are a known thing, but don’t… don’t try to claim historical accuracy and then give Connor cloaking technology. Just don’t.

    Everything about it said that it had the potential to be a better game, if it hadn’t been covered in assassin droppings. That’s exactly how I feel about this game. If this game had better combat (more fencing-oriented), and a different setting which didn’t rely so much on historical accuracy, then they could go nuts and have fun with it. They clearly want to, but the whole premise of Assassin’s Creed just ruins the Assassin’s Creed games.

    If this was just a pirate game under a new IP, I’d be all over it after having experienced those ship battles. But with it being an Assassin’s Creed game? The bad massively outweighs the good, so I won’t be touching it. I just don’t understand why they keep doing this.

    #5 2 years ago
  6. ps4fanboy

    ac3 has framerate issues on ps3 and x360 and inconsistent framerate is a dealbreaker for me. i’ll get this only if the framerate is stable

    #6 2 years ago

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