Guild Wars 2 microtransaction sales “consistent and strong”, says NC Soft

Tuesday, 14 May 2013 09:16 GMT By Dave Cook

Guild Wars 2 publisher NC Soft has discussed the “consistent and strong” performance of the MMO’s in-game gem transactions, suggesting that when stacked against sales of the game itself, digital revenue is driving the game onward.

PCGamesN reports that during NC Soft’s Q1 financial call, managing director Nah Seong Chan highlighted the game’s microtransaction sales, and said, “It is difficult for us to talk about the specifics in this area because it is a business issue… but when compared to our initial expectation in terms of the box sales and the item sales, we have seen very consistent and strong performance in this area, and we do believe that we will be consistent going forward.”

It’s positive news given that long-tail revenue is what keeps games like Guild Wars 2 afloat for many years. Chan’s statement comes after NC Soft’s recent financial report suggested that sales of the MMO have started to flatten, suggesting that there’s no room for alarm just yet, or at all.

We’ll keep an eye on how the game’s digital sales progress moving forward.