Earthbound classification suggests western release imminent

Sunday, 5th May 2013 23:27 GMT By Brenna Hillier

The Australian Classification Board has rated the Wii U re-release of Earthbound, almost certainly foreshadowing a western release date announce for the classic RPG.

Nintendo has confirmed the title would be localised and released in North America and Europe, but is yet to formally date the project. The existence of a classification suggests things may be moving faster than expected, as publishers must submit near-finished materials to the Board for perusal when seeking classification.

The classification doesn’t provide any sort of release window but does suggest we can expect an announcement over the next few months.

Earthbound, a much-loved SNES classic otherwise known as Mother 2, received an M rating for moderate impact crude humour and sexual references. It is already available on the Japanese Virtual Console service.

Hoping to ride a wave of interest sparked by the re-release, fan translators have offered their work for a potential re-release of Mother 3. Unfortunately, series creator Shigesato Itoi has indicated he won’t be making any more entries. The first Mother game has never been officially localised, but fan translations are available.

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  1. Cobra951

    “The first Mother game has never been officially localised, but fan translations are available.”

    Once again, the original Mother (NES) has been fully translated to English by Nintendo, but it was never released commercially. However, the ROM of the translated game found its way to the internet. It is fully playable, complete (from personal experience). This is no fan translation. and it’s a shame it never found its way to a NES cart. Mother 3 (EB2, GBA) is the one with the excellent fan translation.

    #1 2 years ago

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