Intel: Brian Krzanich appointed as new CEO, suggests mobile strategy moving forward

Friday, 3rd May 2013 11:44 GMT By Dave Cook

Intel has appointed Brian Krzanich as its new CEO. He will replace former boss Paul Ottellini from May 16, and has already suggested that the company will set its sights on the mobile arena moving forward reports that Krzanich joined the company back in 1982, and had since worked his way up the ranks to COO in January 2012.

Speaking with Bloomberg, Krzanich highlighted the mobile arena as a key focus moving forward, “We see that the world is becoming more mobile. We see that the growth is moving towards those areas, and we believe we have the right assets, right product capabilities to go into those at a much, much faster rate.”

In a statement, Intel chairman Andy Bryant said of Krzanich’s appointment, “Brian is a strong leader with a passion for technology and deep understanding of the business. His track record of execution and strategic leadership, combined with his open-minded approach to problem solving has earned him the respect of employees, customers and partners worldwide.

“He has the right combination of knowledge, depth and experience to lead the company during this period of rapid technology and industry change.”

Would you like to see Intel ‘go large’ in the mobile scene. Let us know below.



  1. TheWulf

    Too many companies have made the “mobile mistake” and are paying for it. It’ll be interesting to see how this decision affects other platforms (PC and console alike). It could also allow AMD to overtake Intel in every regard. Intel wouldn’t be the first company to fall prey to the faux gold in the mobile mines.

    I love my iPad, but I think we need to develop technologies more in general before everyone starts pouring excessive funds into the mobile market. Unless Intel has something up their sleeve and they genuinely believe that their next piece of mobile hardware is going to be able to outspec a next-generation console. We’ll see.

    #1 2 years ago

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