Halo 4 update to add new Forge maps, weapon balancing livestream announced

Thursday, 2nd May 2013 10:28 GMT By Dave Cook

Halo 4 developer 343 Industries has laid bare the contents of its next Monday update, which will add new Forge maps into playlists and implement further gameplay tweaks. The studio will also be livestreaming work-in-progress weapon balancing fixes on its Twitch channel throughout May.

OXM reports that the update will go live on May 6, and will add a batch of user-created Forge maps into a variety of playlists:

Added to SWAT
Black Site by The Fated Fire
Plaza by Smexi Bilzo
Shutout by SaLoT and NLTROOO

Added to Rumble Pit
Black Site by The Fated Fire
Simplex by SaLoT
Scythe by PA1NTS
Serenity by DG Intensity
Opus by SHIFTY time

Removed from Rumble Pit
Shutout by SaLoT and NLTROOO

Added to Team Objective
Edifice by Redemption1271 (KoTH)
Plaza by Smexi Bilzo (KoTH)
Serenity by DG Intensity (KoTH)
Station 9 by SaLoT (KoTH)
Station 9 by SaLoT (Extraction)

Added to Infinity Slayer
Assault by NLTROOO
Opus by SHIFTY time
Simplex by SaLoT
Scythe by PA1NTS
Shutout by SaLoT

Added to Flood
Black Site by The Fated Fire
Malice by AgentPaperCraft
Serenity by DG Intensity

Team Snipers
Shutout has been updated with improved respawn points for Team Snipers.

Meanwhile, the latest Halo Bulletin confirms that 343 is still ploughing away at its big weapon and vehicle balancing patch, and added, “We are still regularly playtesting, and excited to say that we’re nearing the end of tweaking and tuning each weapon.”

The studio aims to stream its balancing work on Twitch throughout May – although exact dates and times have yet to be confirmed. Check out the team’s official channel to keep an eye on any updates.

What weapons would you like to see re-balanced? Let us know below.



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