Son of Nor manipulates the desert to battle enemies, solve puzzles

Wednesday, 1st May 2013 02:48 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Here’s a new Kickstarter form a team nobody seems to have heard of, but we’re all pretty excited anyway because Son of Nor looks awesome.

What really has people talking is the protagonist’s special power; he can shape the desert around him using Jedi-like gestures. It looks a little like From Dust and The Force Unleashed had a wee baby and asked you to pay for it.

The single-player and co-op action adventure is set in a dynamic environment which you can shape with telekinesis, terraforming and elemental magic, and each environment has several paths depending on how you’d like to combine your skills to progress. The third-person affair is headed to Linux, Mac and PC and offers split-screen or online multiplayer.

StillAlive Studios is very proud of its original fantasy world, and aims to have little or no user interface on-screen to distract you from your exploration, combat and puzzle solving. It’s also pretty keen on the music, and has a couple of awards under its belt already for its debut title.

In order to bring Son of Nor to commercial release in June 2014, StillAlive Studios is seeking $150,000. Check out the pitch video below then visit the Kickstarter campaign to browse the rewards on offer.



  1. MadFingerz

    hmmm the combat looks so lame, I wonder if it wouldn’t be better to just foccus on exploration..

    #1 2 years ago
  2. TheWulf

    Seems like they were trying to cater to the peanut gallery with the combat, and that’s really disappointing. Puzzles, beautiful locations, ancient temples, terraforming, cleverness in general? There they had me sold, right up until the needless chest-thumping. Plus, I find plotlines like this unrealistic since if humanity had encountered another species, we’d likely put it to death easily. We specialise in killing each other and raping our world of resources — would anything stand a chance?

    If it had been a game about exploration and discovery, filled with mystery and unknown, ancient secrets then I’d be on that boat with a hearty backing. The combat just makes me want to ignore it and forget about it. I just feel like it doesn’t belong on Kickstarter. I’m tired of the more mainstream-y things there. They could easily get a publisher’s money, so why are they there?

    This could have been really interesting, but the combat just kills it. Do not want.

    #2 2 years ago
  3. TheWulf

    It’s sad because there could have been so much potential with this. I remember the original Uru and what killed it was how tremendously bad the multiplayer was implemented. As a singleplayer game it was a beautiful thing — a critical success even. But the multiplayer? Good grief, it was so bad. So, so bad. Still, I’d really love to see that kind of thing revisited — a puzzle game which requires four people to solve them, and puzzles that require actual observational and logic skills to solve.

    I can but dream.

    #3 2 years ago

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