Company of Heroes 2 – The Dev Showdown

Friday, 26 April 2013 18:32 GMT By Sam Clay

Company of Heroes 2 keeps Relic Entertainment busy – rivalry amongst the camp must be high. VG247 decided to pit two developers against each other.

An evil laugh indeed. VG247 sent Sam Clay to an underground bunker to setup a match between the game’s Designer, Jason Lee, and the Director Quinn Duffy.

Expecting a close match we brought towels and additional trinkets of Vodka to get the armies through the fight. Below you’ve got options on how to watch the war go down. Either go for the montage from both camps OR take it a game at a time and watch from either developers view.

The choice is yours.

Praise Mother Russia.

The Showdown / The Match:

Jason Lee’s perspective.

Quinn Duffy’s perspective.