Team Fortress 2 Linux update improves client stability, patch notes inside

Wednesday, 24th April 2013 11:57 GMT By Dave Cook

Team Fortress 2 is getting some more Linux love from Valve this week, thanks to a new patch that addresses some client and physics issues. We’ve got the patch notes here.

The below notes were posted over at the TF2 Blog, via PCGamesN. Thanks guys.

  • Added “Only allow map files” to the possible selections in the download filter option for clients
  • Fixed a client crash related to the material system
  • Fixed Diamond/Carbonado Botkiller weapons using incorrect team materials for the arms
  • Fixed a vphysics regression where some items would travel farther than they should
  • Improved performance and stability for the Linux version
  • Removed range restrictions from viewmodel_fov_demo
  • Updated the Ap-Sap so it can be gift-wrapped and have custom names/descriptions applied to it




  1. noherczeg

    It’s so nice to see that they care about their Linux ports, and not just port them :)

    #1 2 years ago

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