Apple patent shows moral choices turned into comic books, uses Mass Effect as example

Wednesday, 24 April 2013 08:21 GMT By Dave Cook

Apple filed a patent back in 2009 that turns in-game moral choices into an evolving comic book story, and uses Mass Effect’s dialogue system as an example. Given the rise of morally-focused adventure games out there today, this could be a neat little mechanic.

The patent filing states that the comic book would be generated after you completed a game, either as a comic, book or eBook. While the patent was filed a while ago, Apple has only just made it public today.

You can see images of how the tech might have worked here, although it’s unclear if Apple still plans on using it.

Would you like to re-live a game’s story and your choices as a comic book? Let us know below.

Thanks Joystiq and Engadget.