Retro City Rampage dev has plans for the Vita

Monday, 22nd April 2013 06:01 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Responding to a question on Twitter about indie games on the Vita, Retro City Rampage developer Brian Provinciano said he’s “doing more” for the Sony handheld. He isn’t ready to announce anything just yet, though, so don’t go holding your breath. Provinciano has had nothing but praise for Sony and the portable console.

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  1. loveaya

    I hope there will be more indie games on PSV.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. polygem

    so good that they have a dedicated indy page on the vita now. i am getting more and more tired of the triple a games in general but at the same time i enjoy games like retro city rampage, velocity ultra and hotline miami so much more. those games are a perfect fit for the vita. the indys could really have the potential to counter the 3ds for me in the future. if more of these quality titles drop for the handheld…combined with some heavy nostalgia hitters like persona and the sly game, the jak and dax collection, exciting stuff like soul sacrifice etc. then the vita will start to truly shine. at least imo.
    it´s so strange. i can´t force myself to play bioshock or dishonored atm but i enjoy the shit out of those indy games i just listed above…can´t wait for duck tales and haven´t picked up guacamelee yet.

    i can really see myself playing more and more indy/ smaller games next gen and then some sidekick big bloster triple a sp gaming when i crave some graphical wow moments and maybe one or two huge mp games like destiny to mix things up a bit…lots of franchises i am not interested in anymore. tons of them. good there´s still other great stuff to play though. i am not complaining.

    #2 1 year ago
  3. polygem

    …oh and bloddy awesome game this retro city rampage. it really is a lot of fun. glad i bought it. makes me smile.

    #3 1 year ago

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