Wildstar dev talks up “strong support” for post-cap content

Monday, 25th March 2013 06:08 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Wildstar’s end-game content is called Elder Games, and Carbine Studios hopes it will help the MMORPG avoid the usual post-level cap ennui.

“Most MMOs are great games, up until they’re over. When people get to the level cap, there’s not a whole lot to do,” lead narrative designer Chad Moore told Destructoid.

“But, MMOs don’t end when you get to the cap. There’s got to be strong support for raids, dungeons, and group PVP.”

Wildstar’s level cap is 50, and after that, Moore said players will move onto “Elder Games”, and Carbine is reportedly taking it very seriously. The MMORPG launches sometime this year.



  1. DSB

    I’m mildly hyped about this. Especially because of the raids.

    Every developer under the sun seems to be trying to get around making proper raids, but these guys are really embracing what made MMOs blow up in the first place.

    They sketch it out a bit more here.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. TheWulf

    I think that moving away from raids is ultimately a good idea. They need to find new ideas rather than being stuck in the past. It’d be a pretty shitty state of affairs if all development could do was stagnate and feed off of nostalgia. The nostalgia for raids is something that can never be met again, because it was the first experience with that content.

    Moving on and trying for new content, more interactive and player-driven content, is the way forward for MMOs as I explained in my comment in the TES:O article.

    #2 2 years ago

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