Civilization 5: Brave New World due in July, adds XCOM soldiers

Sunday, 24 March 2013 22:18 GMT By Brenna Hillier

At its PAX East panel, Firaxis put a release date on the Brave New World expansion for Civilization 5, and revealed a cool little crossover.

StrategyInformer reports the expansion – which adds civs, wonders, diplomacy and culture options, as well as allowing for colonisation scenarios – is due on July 9.

At least one additional detail was released – according to Kotaku, either the DLC or an upcoming update will add a cute crossover. Instead of normal paratrooper soldiers, you’ll see XCOM members.

Full details from the panel are yet to be released, but the 2K Games Twitter did confirm that Ashurbanipal of Assyria will be one of the nine new rulers.

Cilvization 5 launched in September 2010, and its first expansion – the well-received Gods and Kings – released in June 2012.