The Phantom Pain: new teaser trailer is genuinely creepy – rumour

Sunday, 17th March 2013 11:29 GMT By Dave Cook

The Phantom Pain developer ‘Joakim Mogren’ has uploaded what appears to be an unsettling trailer for the mysterious project, containing some hidden clues that smell like Metal Gear Solid 5.

Creepy no?


I’ve decided to add a rumour tag to this piece because the GameTrailers member ‘Joakim Mogren’ has uploaded the above clip to the users section, rather than the official channels. It may mean that the video is unofficial.

We’ve emailed Konami for confirmation but as with most virals, if it’s true they won’t confirm it, so we’ll get back to you with more when we can. Stay tuned.

Also the morse code in the clip has been cracked by YouTuber AesopsEpisoden.

It reads:


Does this mean the men in the video are configuring the world’s first VR simulation? Is Snake inside the simulation to help him combat post-traumatic stress after his car crash? It would explain all of the freaky stuff we’ve seen in the initial Phantom Pain trailer.

Read on for more clues from the trailer.


About halfway through there is a subliminal blip, that VG247 reader Dragon246 has kindly transcribed for us.

It reads:



Now then, what does this all mean?

Well, as Dragon quite rightly points out, the military base seen in the first Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes trailer was called Camp Omega, so there’s your first common thread. The morse code at the end of the text simply reads “?” when translated.

Second, note the medical and psychological report at the end. In the first Phantom Pain trailer, we see what looks like Snake suffering a car crash, which presumably leaves him badly injured, hence the clip largely taking place in a hospital.

There’s also talk of “Psychological stress”, which would explain all the mad images in the hospital, of white petals – a nod to The Boss in MGS3 – images of giant flaming whales, the bosses horse, Volgin on fire, and what appears to be The Sorrow or Psycho Mantis floating in the background.

The text also says, “VR PROGRAM: PHANTOM_PAIN.MME”, so could the events in The Phantom pain trailer just be a VR training exercise to help Snake battle the post-traumatic stress suffered in battle? The rumoured 1970s-80s setting may render that technically impossible, but with Kojima – sorry, Joakim – anything’s possible, right?

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What do you think?



  1. grizzlycake

    I’m starting to think this is the game where they set the Enfants Terribles project in action.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. Dave Cook

    @1 Yeah same here. Read my update above too, the plot thickens.

    #2 2 years ago
  3. GwynbleiddiuM

    Remember how it always was “Tactical Espionage Action”? That’s no longer the case. Now it’s “Paranormal Espionage Endeavors”. /creaped

    #3 2 years ago
  4. Bashtee

    Damn, Kojima sure likes to troll around…

    #4 2 years ago
  5. zinc

    I believe the term for this is “cock-tease”. All good fun :-)

    #5 2 years ago
  6. Dragon246

    And that video shows Fusion Reactor DIII D tokamak in USA.
    Look at around 2:20 mark from where the similarities start, even the angles of shots are similar.

    Its getting really weird.

    #6 2 years ago
  7. GwynbleiddiuM

    ^Was just watching that, hang on… have you been making this shit up Dragon? Are you pulling our legs? Are you and Kojima in this together?

    #7 2 years ago
  8. Moonwalker1982

    Surely this can’t be just Ground Zeroes all along, right? That would be kinda lame, since the game has been announced and shown already. So i guess this is two real new Metal Gears in the making?

    #8 2 years ago
  9. Max Payne

    @9 I highly doubt it , because we all know that Ground Zeroes IS prequel

    #9 2 years ago
  10. Clupula

    Are they really going to hype up two games from the same franchise at the same time, though? I mean, keep in mind how little info on Ground Zeroes we’ve gotten since the initial trailer.

    #10 2 years ago
  11. Phoenixblight


    Yes, yes they are. Konami has only the soccer series and Metal gear which makes them money.

    #11 2 years ago
  12. Get_crazy

    I don’t know if you’ve heard about this crazy theory, but it’s so crazy that it makes sense!

    Here is the thing, during the itw with Geoff, Joakim shows “new pics” of The Phantom Pain and we can clearly see that there’s 6 pictures on the iPad, but he only shows five of them…

    The sixth pic is in fact Joakim himself with the FOX Engine logo, here’s the link :

    You can read more evidence on this theory on NeoGaf :

    And remember this, Kojima will present a show at GDC named “Photorealism through the eyes of a ‘Fox’ – The core of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes”

    P.S: Sorry if my english is a bit messed up, it’s not my native language.

    #12 2 years ago
  13. CyberMarco

    ^ if so, mind=blown!!!

    #13 2 years ago
  14. Phoenixblight

    That is not CG and especially not in-engine. Man, people that don’t know will just lap up any form of info. I would believe Phantom Pain is tech demo but not CG.

    #14 2 years ago
  15. Lengendaryboss

    MGS Ground Zeroes launches in 2013 right? i read it somewhere. Hideo kojima the biggest troll. @11 Is there something wrong with that? the last MGS games was 4/Peace Walker that was years ago and if these two games offer something completely unique and special theres nothing wrong about it.

    #15 2 years ago
  16. JavelinX

    This looks A LOT like Neon Genesis Evangelion! If Kojima will make an existentialist game. I’M IN IT!

    #16 2 years ago
  17. penniman

    This uhh.. Seems like those Metal Gear Solid 3 videos. You know the ones where you would find one of the Russian dudes and they would talk about history and the shagohad..

    #17 2 years ago
  18. Dragon246

    You are so wrong. They are very big player in mobile market.
    And very profitable-

    #18 2 years ago
  19. Phoenixblight


    I was talking about in the Console Market. Mobile sector is a whole different thing. You can put 50k into development and it give you a return of 200-1000%

    #19 2 years ago
  20. Lahanas

    The fact that this is being presented as news is pretty embarassing for VG247. The video is fan made.

    #20 2 years ago
  21. Lengendaryboss

    @21 Wheres the proof for it being fanmade?

    #21 2 years ago
  22. Gekidami

    Its not.

    #22 2 years ago
  23. GwynbleiddiuM

    @21 Dude, the whole internet’s gone viral over this 1 minutes and 15 seconds, this is surely news worthy for that sake alone.

    #23 2 years ago
  24. Dragon246

    There is indeed a chance of it being fan-made, since its an user upload (by Joakim Mogren on gt). But its a damn good one if its that.

    I am truly sorry if that is the case. I thought (and still think) its the real deal.

    And I will kick myself if its fake as then I would have wasted 2 hours of sleep for a hoax.

    As I said earlier,that video shows Fusion Reactor DIII D tokamak in USA.
    Look at around 2:20 mark from where the similarities start, even the angles of shots are similar.

    Its getting really weird.

    “Are you and Kojima in this together?”

    No :P

    #24 2 years ago
  25. NickedAlOverU

    im hoping in the mist of all of this that MGS 5 turns out to be an exclusive for Sony ps4 lol that would send a wave through the gaming industry. all this hype for a ps4 game ! or even launch title!

    #25 2 years ago
  26. _LarZen_

    I found this teaser genuinely boring as hell. That said I cant wait to see more from this game…

    #26 2 years ago
  27. Lengendaryboss

    @26 As much as i want that to happen, it is no longer profitable (PS2 Era) for third partner publishers to launch a game exclusively on one platform (it does still happen). Although Metal Gear Rising Sold better on PS3 than Xbox360 considering its a action based spin off which was announced at microsoft conference, so maybe it might be a possibility.

    #27 2 years ago
  28. zinc

    ^ Why would you want it to be exclusive? To have something to gloat over other platform gamers?

    Always strikes me as odd, that sentiment. Uncharted for example, would be huge now if it had been multiplat.

    #28 2 years ago
  29. Lengendaryboss

    @29 Its funny you say rhetorically i want it to be exclusive “to gloat over other platform gamers” when i provided no reason as to why i want it exclusive. Businesswise i know its risky. Uncharted Sells somewhere along the lines of 4/5 Million per game (1 Million for Uncharted Golden Abyss) that is a figure most multiplatform games don’t reach and its also a figure not to be ashamed of.

    #29 2 years ago
  30. zinc

    ^ I never stated I knew the reason why you wanted it exclusive though did I? I simply asked a question as to why and provided a possible reason.

    A simple question you still haven’t answered ;-)

    #30 2 years ago
  31. Clupula

    Personally, I think when developers can focus on the strengths of one system, instead of having to water it down for the lowest common denominator, they tend to create better games.

    #31 2 years ago
  32. Clupula

    It’s very noticeable, when playing MGR, how much better the graphics of MGS4 were, just as an example.

    #32 2 years ago
  33. zinc

    @clupula, That is a very good point I’d not actually considered :-)

    Its easy to forget how much effort & teamwork can go into, what is for some, throw-away entertainment.

    #33 2 years ago
  34. Lengendaryboss

    @31 There are many reasons like the ones Clupula stated below you, as well as MGS being closely associated with PlayStation proof MG Rising sold better on PS3 despite being a spin off hardcore fans didn’t take too lightly and all MGS games are on PlayStation and i feel Xbox owners would not understand the history due to games like MGS 4, Portable Ops and MGS 1. I never gloat over the exclusives i will leave that to the hardcore PlayStation/Xbox fans.

    #34 2 years ago
  35. zinc

    ^ To be fair, I can see this being exclusive.

    I was one of the very few people who got MGS2 Subsistance for the Xbox. My first & so now my favorite MGS, but unless the triology and revengence have sold big, I can see Konami not bothering.

    #35 2 years ago
  36. SplatteredHouse

    Phantom Pain is one thing, but what will Project Ogre be like running on Fox Engine – if it’s still in development. Someone might want to question Kojima about that at GDC, if the chance presents itself!

    Kojima had this to say last September: “While I am happy to know people liked MGS Ground Zeroes, I’m sick & tired of people keep asking me ‘is that project Ogre’ here in Seattle everyday. Project Ogre is what the project that Ogre appears. Ogre does not appear in MGS Ground Zeroes,” he said.

    Earlier last year, Kojima dropped further hints about Project Ogre, in a tweet translated by our Japanese correspondent:

    “As for my Oni project, it’s not a game that’s as amazing as a demon, nor a game whose production requires that we assume the heart of a demon, but a game that involves a demon.”


    #36 2 years ago
  37. Lahanas

    The video is fan made guys.

    #37 2 years ago
  38. Lahanas

    Where is the edit button? Anyway, there is no thread about this on neogaf and the guys there say this is fan made, thats why I say this too, in case you are wondering. Peace.

    #38 2 years ago
  39. Gekidami

    Hum, actually i saw this was from GT and seeing as they recently had an interview about the game, i assumed it was related. Though indeed this isnt on GT’s main site and it is user uploaded… So yeah, fan made seems likely. Though i’ll still keep hope till someone can source the original video, thats if it was just taken from something else.

    #39 2 years ago
  40. Dave Cook

    @20 yeah, where’s the proof that it’s fan-made? If I see proof that it’s fan-made I’ll take it down, and don’t give me any of that ‘you should verify with Konami first before posting’ chat either ;)

    No PR company would ever confirm a viral to the press for fear of game writers exposing it. It’s unverifiable until Konami decides on its own to come out and say it’s fake.

    This is all part of the fun imo.

    #40 2 years ago
  41. Red XIII


    Thats the original video uploaded in 2008

    #41 2 years ago
  42. Dave Cook

    @41 Kojima’s used real footage in many games. I’m not seeing proof yet that the Game Trailers clip isn’t for MGS.

    #42 2 years ago
  43. NeoSquall

    This is becoming a bigger ARG than The End of Days one for The Secret World.

    #43 2 years ago
  44. osric90

    Hope Ground Zeroes and these are the same game. Too much MGS “official” saga games would suck.

    #44 2 years ago
  45. NeoSquall

    IMHO this game is really Project (M)Ogre(n).

    With MGR Kojima finally understood he can outsource some of its work to people with enough talent and just sit in a corner watching and sometimes counseling on what needs to be done.

    #45 2 years ago

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