Wii U: Amazon drop-kicks £50 off the asking price

Thursday, 14 March 2013 11:15 GMT By Dave Cook

Amazon has slashed the price of its Wii U basic and premium bundles by £50, joining a string of retailers attempting to shift more units of Nintendo’s rig.

CVG reports that Amazon has acted the discounts now, and sure enough the 8GB basic package is going for £199.99, while the 32GB premium bundle is going for £249.00.

The discounts follow the lead of ASDA and Shopto, which also dropped Wii U prices by £50. Check out our report on the matter here.

Although prices are being reduced, this is not an official price-cut. Nintendo has staid deathly quiet on the matter of a UK drop, despite Wii U software failing to dent the British top 40 charts.

What’s your take? Is Nintendo in trouble?