League of Legends: localised Italian launch nears, players to get free Gladiator Draven skin

Monday, 11 March 2013 12:18 GMT By Dave Cook

League of Legends developer Riot Games is getting ready to release its localised Italian build, and to celebrate, will offer all Italian players a free Gladiator Draven skin.

Riot Games announced the giveaway over on the League of Legends Italian blog.

The post reads, “You see that Gladiator and defiant villain who sowed terror in the Arenas of Justice? He has just launched its sharp blades against you! Escape while you can! Which best specimen could celebrate our history if not a brave and bold gladiator as Draven?”

Italian players who haven’t bought Draven yet will receive him free – as well as the gladiator skin – when the localised edition launches in coming weeks.

Here’s a clip of Gladiator Draven in action in the beta build from Reign of Gaming:

Thanks PCGamesN.