David Cage: look to indie developers for change

Thursday, 7th March 2013 22:52 GMT By Phil Owen

Gamespot AU’s Laura Parker recently spoke with Quantic Dream’s David Cage about just what exactly is going on in his head, and he discussed how he may not be the man to make the games industry evolve from where it is now to realizing its potential.

“The answer to the industry’s problems could very well come from the indie space,” Cage said. “I know that. Indie game development is exciting, interesting, and risky. Independent game developers are pioneers, and we’re in desperate need of pioneers. When you look at cinema, you can see the same thing; it was really the underground filmmakers that brought about the revolution and broke free of what the big studios were doing. Maybe this is what needs to happen in the games industry.”

What do you guys think? Is it time to embrace the indies and eschew the Same Old Thing? Or would you rather things stay the way they are?



  1. Blue Oni

    I think he is absolutely right and i also believe we’ll see far less (if any) risky AAA projects that defy industry standards from big publishers next gen (like Demon’s Souls for example).

    #1 2 years ago
  2. The Dude

    I don’t think there’s ever a time when David Cage doesn’t mention the film industry in his talks. Video games aren’t movies, man. Seriously.

    And what is this “revolution” he speaks of that indie film makers have made in the film industry? They do their own thing, sure. But, err.. I don’t get it. How does that revolutionise anything?


    #2 2 years ago
  3. Da Man

    David Cage is one of the biggest problems the ‘industry’ currently faces.

    #3 2 years ago
  4. Deacon

    I don’t like Cage, but the more game-types available to us the better, surely.

    Unless you think just because you don’t personally enjoy a particular genre that no-one else should.

    #4 2 years ago

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