MechWarrior Online update adds Testing Grounds tutorials, more

Wednesday, 6th March 2013 08:17 GMT By Dave Cook

MechWarrior Online developer Piranha Games has detailed the contents of its latest game update. The MMO now offers rookie mech pilots the chance to hone their skills in a new Testing Ground area full of tutorials before bringing the fight to the live arena.

The update also ads the Cicada X-5 Mech, a hulking monster weighing in at 40 tonnes that boasts surprisingly high speed. You can see it in action during Piranha’s latest trailer:

The update also adds trackable stats, such as Saviour kills or helping allies in danger, and Defence kills when destroying enemies that are attempting to steal a base. Bagging both of these will net players with extra experience and CBills currency.

Players can also track other stats that cover mech and weapon use, individual map and game mode stats, as well as Pilot Module stats.

Camo buffs can also paint their mech with the new Mountain Lion pattern, and everyone will be able to enjoy new latency fixes and more.

Phew. Let us know if you’re playing MechWarrior Online and what you think of it. You can play it for free here.



  1. Imperius

    Meh, they are still are calling it a beta. Maybe next year I’ll try it again. Already wasted 120$ on something I though was going to be done right. After they started shadow deleting my posts on the forums and moving sone of my posts into a series of rabbit holes. I gave up on them. ECM is game breaking in the matter if your team doesn’t have it and you do, 80% chance you’ll lose.

    #1 2 years ago

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