BioShock: Infinite team wanted to remove Elizabeth entirely, says Levine

Wednesday, 6th March 2013 17:01 GMT By Dave Cook

BioShock: Infinite developer Irrational Games had no idea what to do with Elizabeth when development first started. Studio head Ken Levine has explained that the team wanted to cut her out of the game constantly, but as we know she was spared the cutting room floor.

Speaking with Polygon, Levine discussed the nature of violence in games and how Elizabeth reacts with horror when seeing protagonist Booker committing violence initially. These kind of reactions lend her character and the world both weight and consequence, but it wasn’t an easy thing for the team to achieve.

“Do you know how many times people wanted to just cut her?” Levine asked. “Over and over again. Because we didn’t know what to do with her at first.

“I would be in reviews and ask ‘Where is Elizabeth?’ and they would say, ‘Oh, she’s in a closet,’ The same with (BioShock’s) Big Daddy. I actually had to insist that there were three Big Daddies in every level. Nobody knew how they worked or what to do with them,”

Through sheer patience and determination Irrational Games powered through to create a solid and tangible co-star in Elizabeth. Not only does she help Booker in combat, she’s also the plot’s biggest mystery.

We’ll have more on that mystery as we get closer to BioShock: Infinite’s March 26 launch.



  1. theevilaires

    spared and given a real life counter part. Shes cool can’t wait for this game. I’m looking forward to playing my first BioShock.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. Moonwalker1982

    Holy crap, remove her? So glad that didn’t happen at all. She was one of the first things that caught my eye when they showed the very first trailer. Looks to be a really cool, interesting character that well…i could start to care for, and that’s an aspect plenty of games are still lacking. This seems to be a character that if she happens to die or whatsoever, you could feel really shitty about for a while. Can’t wait for this one either.

    #2 2 years ago
  3. pukem0n

    they wanted to cut the big daddy from the game?


    #3 2 years ago

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