Final Fantasy Versus 13 going next-gen in 2014, Square dropping name – report

Tuesday, 5 February 2013 08:54 GMT By Dave Cook

Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been in some kind of limbo funk since it was first unveiled some eight years ago. There’s a fresh rumour doing the rounds that the game is now going next-gen, and that Square-Enix is dropping the ‘Versus XIII’ mantle.

Update: Square has responded to this piece with the following quote, “Square Enix does not comment on rumour and speculation.” Make of that as you will.

Original Story: As always with these rumours, don’t take it at face value until we’ve spoken with Square-Enix or they clarify it themselves.

The rumour comes from NeoGAF user Verendus who has been spilling a few next-gen nuggets from the look of things.

This rumour is that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will get a new reveal later this year to confirm its name change, next-gen development and 2014 release date. They also suggest that its a PS4 exclusive, just as it was originally a PS3 exclusive.

Could it be part of the supposed PS4 reveal later this month?

They also state that Final Fantasy 15 and 16 are currently in development for next-gen formats. Given their long dev times this is a given really.

We’ve asked Square-Enix for some sort of comment on the above, so again until then, make of this what you will.

Thanks Dark and Examiner.