Black Ops 2, Bayonetta, Hitman and GTA: Vice City among this week’s PSN additions

Monday, 28th January 2013 03:48 GMT By Naren Hooson

The PlayStation Blog has announced in The Drop that various goodies are heading to PlayStation Network this week.

Content will consist of the following:

- Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
- Bayonetta
- Hitman:Blood Money
- Hitman: Contracts
- Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
- Zone of the Enders: HD Collection
- Air Conflicts: Secret Wars

Let’s Fish: Hooked is the PlayStation Vita addition, with Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear out for PlayStation Move. A demo for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is available on Vita and PS3 and The PlayStation 2 classics addition brings Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to the roster.

Check out The Drop for more information on the games hitting this week.



  1. OmegaSlayer

    Ok, confirmed, Bayonetta 2 will be a timed exclusive.
    Maybe Bayo2 on PS4.
    Otherwise, why Sony should take the pain to promote a franchise that is going to jump ship and do a favour to a contender?
    Also, Sega is not stupid to give total exclusive rights for a franchise that sells.
    For those saying Nintendo is helping blahblahblah…Miscrosoft game studios helped Bioware with Mass Effect and…look what.
    For those saying the game will have Nintendo references…Mario, Pikmin, Kirby, Starfox, Zelda references would be a desaster and out of place.
    For those mentioning Goldeneye…those times are in the past and the industry changed, no way one of the party signing an exclusive contract will find itself tied and incapacitated to generate further revenue from their IP.
    I studied enough of this legal stuff about the Mass Effect rights, when no one said it was possible to have it on PS3 and me and others in the MassEffect1onPS3 group were trolled and bashed everyday.

    Keep in mind these principles.
    -A contract that might incapacitate one of the contractors to generate revenue can be invalidated. It’s a long process of lawsuit but can be invalidated.
    -Publishing rights are ALWAYS timed and contracts must be renovated at the deadline.

    I know it’s something that kids and fanboys can’t understand, or better, they refuse to, but game developing is a business and not MyLittlePony Land.
    Alienating part of the fanbase and losing money is not healthy.

    Last thing, how SEGA will react to DmC sales figures compared to Bayonetta?
    By the time Bayonetta 2 will be out, WiiU won’t have such a big install base to make the game a success.
    Nintendo is betting hard on Bayonetta 2 to sell the WiiU, but it’s not alive thanks to them.
    The game was already being developed on other consoles, the development was just temporarily shifted.

    You read it here first.
    Bayonetta 2 will be a timed exclusive.
    I don’t know if it will be on Sony/Microsoft current or next gen hardware, but it WILL NOT BE exclusive.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. Vice

    ofc it won’t be an exclusive, I remember them screaming that RE4 is gamecube exclusive and liek omg no way they ever port it anywhere else, yeah right…

    #2 2 years ago

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