DmC: Devil May Cry “fans” are a crying shame

Tuesday, 15 January 2013 08:35 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Dante’s had a dye job and legions of devoted fans have sworn off his triumphant return to the forefront of action gaming. Brenna Hillier slow claps.

There’s a stereotype that gamers are all pathetic shut-in misanthropes with the social grace of pubic lice (pre-endangered species status) and adjustment disorders so pronounced they are visible from the moon.

This isn’t true. “Gamers” as a body don’t exist. The people who play games are just people who play games, and that arbitrary grouping is becoming even more diverse as gamification creeps into every aspect of our lives. (It will soon be impossible to microwave a TV dinner without scoring points, updating your Facebook, killing off a boss and unlocking an UBER EPIC 5000 armour set.)

But we all occasionally subscribe to the myth that gamers are a thing. It’s easy to do when you hang around sites like VG247. You start believing that this relatively tiny group of people who know and care about video games with an unusual level of passion are a solid, cohesive unit. You read the comments and you draw conclusions about what kind of people “gamers” are.

It’s not a very nice kind. Like all comment threads and forums everywhere, gaming websites tend to be dominated by vocal minorities keen to espouse their insanity and ignorance. According to this measure, the “gamer” kind is sexist; racist; homophobic; reactionary; unable to spell; almost exclusively male; hasn’t read a book since See Spot Run; probably dramatically under-equipped in the genital department; incapable of basic self-care like hygiene, cooking and housework; and covered in Cheeto dust.

Alright, I’m extrapolating a little here. But that’s the mental picture I come up with in-between rolling my eyes so hard my skull shakes whenever I read some embarrassing comment about how Dante’s hair colour means DmC: Devil May Cry isn’t a solid, excellent game well-worth your time.

Ninja Theory has kept its sense of humour.

Here’s a bridge: now get over it
Look, kids, the verdict is in: DmC is a lot of fun. As it should be; it was built in close consultation with the team of action experts at Capcom who oversaw the rest of the much-praised series. Sure, Kamiya was not on board – but Kamiya is just one man and, newsflash: games are made by dozens if not hundreds of people. When celebrity individuals depart, companies like Capcom don’t lose ground. The teams that stay behind still have all the knowledge and expertise they used to build the games they are almost never given any credit for. A single auteur makes a better headline, see.

Capcom went to Ninja Theory not because it couldn’t make a Devil May Cry game itself, but because it looked at the developer’s body of work, probably paying particular attention to the excellent Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, and decided it wanted that kind of creative force to reinvent Dante’s universe.

See, Dante’s universe was starting to wear thin. It didn’t start in a strong place. The gameplay was strong and Capcom turned the hodge-podge into a solid action game in the same way developers and publishers have salvaged projects since the industry’s earliest days: it started making shit up on the fly and tidying up afterwards.

Devil May Cry was a great game and so were its sequels, but the franchise’s fiction and canon is not among the great works our industry has produced; it’s all style and no substance. Dante wasn’t written to have substance, he was designed with style, to take advantage of the then-new PlayStation 2′s graphical capabilities. This was a video game franchise designed to sell a lot of units as quickly as possible on the expensive new platform, not to push the boundaries of the artform.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing; the question of what criteria, mechanics or intellectual property, are important when assessing a game is yet to be settled. But it is a thing, and it means there’s nothing sacred about Devil May Cry’s fiction that prevents Capcom from begging Ninja Theory to try and put together a fictional universe it can continue to make games in until people grow tired of its rock-solid action stylings – without writing itself into problems it can’t solve by having a woman smash through a window on a motorcycle and flash her tits.

Rage face

I understand how uncomfortable it is to have a character and world you love rewritten, even when you can admit to yourself that the original product was not proof against criticism, which many of you apparently can not. What I do not understand is the blithering insanity of Devil May Cry fans in the face of a reboot which does the franchise no harm and by all accounts, quite a lot of good.

The existence of DmC: Devil May Cry doesn’t stop the earlier games existing. It doesn’t betray or compromise that existing (incoherent) vision you love so much. If Microsoft threw up in a puddle and sold it under the name “Halo 5″ it wouldn’t stop Halo and its sequels being what they are. If the brand is diluted that’s not your problem – that’s the publisher’s problem when the money starts to trickle away. There was no “true” Devil May Cry game which was shelved for DmC. DmC’s existence, should you choose to ignore it, has no effect on you whatsoever.

Despite the complete absence of logic behind this ill-will, it runs so strongly that some of you have gone so far as to send death threats to Ninja Theory staff.

And yet despite the complete absence of logic behind this ill-will, it runs so strongly that some of you have gone so far as to send death threats to Ninja Theory staff, to accuse VG247 and its peers of corruption, a charge which stinks of conspiracy-theory paranoia, and to write thousands of words of rabid vitriol against Dante’s hair colour rather than react like a normal human being to a game that has absolutely no impact on your life and happiness in any meaningful way.

Devil May Cry is a video game. You are throwing a hissy fit because a character in a spin-off video game has a different backstory and hair colour to the one you’re used to. I shudder to think what will happen if you are ever required to move house, break up a relationship, change jobs or shave off your neckbeard.

You’ve lost it, “gamers”. I’m ashamed to be sharing an arbitrary demographic grouping with such raving imbeciles. Go outside. Get some fresh air. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Grow the fuck up. And try DmC: Devil May Cry, because it’s a good video game. Remember how you used to like those?


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  1. Karooo

    Carnival of stupidity tbh. They haven’t even played the game.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. Francis O

    Ninja Theory should have followed the design of Dante a little closer, just to shut the fans up. However, I agree with the article.

    The game should be in 60 FPS though. I really don’t care what tricks the staff did to make it feel like its in 60 FPS. I played the demo and its in 30 FPS. DMC fans are used to 60 FPS.

    #2 2 years ago
  3. f1r3storm

    “DmC: Devil May Cry “fans” are a crying shame”

    Well, at least they’re not alone. This could be expanded on many franchises/games. Sadly.

    #3 2 years ago
  4. Johnny Cullen

    #4 2 years ago
  5. Puggy

    Hm, actually I would see is at compliment, if all people find to complain about is the new hair colour of my main character. I mean, people like to complain, criticize and generally bad mouth stuff. They will take your game apart, take each little thing and blow it out of proportion.
    “You know that one spot in level 3-4, where, when you tilt the camera this way and jump that way, while swinging those daggers, that one snowflake totally clips into the tree. thus the graphics are terrible.”

    However, in DMC, all people complained was the hair colour and some were nagging about it being too easy. Means no complains about plot holes, nothing about game play (beside home-charging mobiles)? Well, that sounds like a win to me. But then again, money will decided that one in the end. Won’t it?

    #5 2 years ago
  6. Patrick Garratt

    “Carnival of stupidity”. :-D

    #6 2 years ago
  7. KrazyKraut

    Yes..its a good videogame. But is it DMC? Is it Japanese? Its like the remake of Akira which is in the works.

    #7 2 years ago
  8. FrayJoker

    First sensible word I’ve heard on any of this.

    I think people are confusing Devil May Cry with the poetry epic Dante’s Inferno, clearly mistaking Dante for some kind of high fiction that isn’t just a vehicle for killing a whole lot of demons. I’ve been looking forward to this one,mostly because it looks like a good game, DMC being basically tetris or pacman, an arcade game about the gameplay, not about anything else that matters.

    #8 2 years ago
  9. bitsnark

    I’ve never been unable to understand the hate the reboot generated.

    Honestly, DmC/Devil May Cry has some of the most shitty fans around.

    The franchise deserves better.

    Hopefully this reboot will attract more reasonably minded folk to the fold.

    #9 2 years ago
  10. Fin

    Gamers are entitled, whiny fuckers.
    I’ve been beating this drum for a while.

    #10 2 years ago
  11. Toadnado

    @8 yeah kinda like that.

    Mikami at least knew when to change the name of the game when it looks and feels different.

    Capcom don’t.

    Dinos massive Cock is just as stupid and offensive to the fans as they were to them and both don’t really act mature.
    Like the Wig scene, and many other referencing old Dante/DMC.

    And as Joker said. To me the Stylish action was all about DMC. Thats why i hate 2 because it was all about “them weapons”. DMC is forcing you to style on the enemy if you want to perform better as well as the other moves do more damage. The SSS gif just shows how terrible the system in DmC is and the rest can go to hell.

    Would have been better they stayed to the first concept, kept it that way and make it feel way different than now instead of give in to the crying fans. Then change name it voila new half-breed IP.

    Something like this crying will happen with Dark Souls 2 and I can’t wait to comment on the “crying fans”-article that is talking about the accessability of games.

    VG feels like a center mass of Anti-Hardcore-Nerds-Group that is always for the masses. With Diablo 3-Chill-out article and sorts it, at least, feels like “videogame-journalism” (yeah “” just like you mean the “fans” in the headline.)

    So whats next on “Shitting on fanbase”. Bullet-Hell with less Bullets but deeper story?

    #11 2 years ago
  12. Judicas

    After playing the demo I believe that the final game is definitely a good game, and rebooting the story is fine with me too. I just didn’t like the fact they changed Dante to the way he looks now, not saying they shouldn’t change him at all, I just don’t like the way he looks at the moment. Only reason i’m not buying it though is there are lots of games i’ve pre-ordered in the first 3-4 months of 2012 and didn’t want to play this as much as the others.

    #12 2 years ago
  13. FZeroRacer

    The only thing worse than DMC fans constantly crying about the game (and sometimes rightfully so) is the counter-fans trying to make a dumb point by decrying them as stupid and calling gamers as a whole dumb. You’re just as bad by throwing a hissy fit and saying “SEE?! IT’S ACTUALLY GOOD!” from reviews. Let’s not forget Dragon Age 2 and how that panned out, lest the same mistakes be made.

    DmC’s combat is okay and I can see where people can enjoy that (even if it’s a bit of a downgrade from previous action games), but don’t try to excuse the story as anything more than mindless, sexist trash. It’s certainly no Shakespeare, and it’s full of more holes than swiss cheese. Full of truly thought provoking dialogue like “FUCK YOU” and “The world’s your bitch, and so am I” and an intelligent anti-consumerism and media message (despite Ninja Theory doing what it can to discount non-”genuine” reviews).

    #13 2 years ago
  14. monkeygourmet

    He such a little bitch in this though…

    Worst charecter dialouge i’ve seen this gen.

    I guess it’ll sell to 12 year olds who like to hear the word ‘fuck’ a lot and people who buy anything with DMC on it.

    And to top it off, lets stick some shitty dubstep in too, what a joke.

    I think these ARE reasons to be pissed off.

    #14 2 years ago
  15. fihar

    What is DMC? Just because it’s not made in Japan by Japanese, is it no longer DMC? Was DMC quintessentially Japanese in the first place?
    Are we so narrow minded to identify a game based solely on it’s place of origin?
    DmC was, is, and will always be a cheesy stylish action video game with a cocky bastard as it’s protagonist, which is what this new DmC is.

    #15 2 years ago
  16. monkeygourmet


    It was camp ‘anime’ type cockyness (which was kind of refreshing with all the meathead style games), rather than some hipster twat saying fuck alot while listening to shit dubstep…

    #16 2 years ago
  17. Toadnado

    @15 please don’t every use the words stylish action with DmC as the “stylish” meter is actually just a meter based on damage (might not be purely it, but damage is a huge factor) instad of variety.

    Stylish action games force you to use other moves, which in best case are stronger, to get better scores or reward the player with better things.

    All DmC is forcing you is to dodge a move and attack with the axe to get to A or S.

    #17 2 years ago
  18. monkeygourmet

    Why not just make a different franchise altogether?!

    I never understand this… It would expand the industry and potentially create new revenue and aviod pissing anyone off.

    #18 2 years ago
  19. 00Bear00

    Sadly reading this article made me feel you are just a bitchy as the fans. The problem with the reboot isnt the new Dante I think its because there was no end to the previous story and the franchise hadnt gone stale yet. Tomb Raider was a crap franchise that at its very best was just stale so it needed a reboot. But doing a reboot just to get more casual players money since they wont play the old games is kinda messed up (Also makes DMC4 pointless since that was the same reason they made the new Hero).

    Ninja Theory didnt deserve all the crap they got, but the one guy who was talking mess to the fans did have it coming (fans arent the most logical people). The game looks interesting but Im not going to get it until there is a price drop since capcom has stingy DLC practices.

    But also lets face it if Nintendo decided to make Mario a blond trash man Im sure their would be hella fans pissed off, so why be surprised here?

    #19 2 years ago
  20. GwynbleiddiuM

    So people are not allowed to voice their concerns anymore, if they do they risk being branded as imbeciles, misanthropes, and a lot of other crazy things? Good to know.

    I generally don’t like this particular genre of action games, but I can safely say I enjoyed a few titles, DMC and GoW chief among them. For me the story always seemed a bit mediocre, but I liked how Dante was, didn’t see anything wrong with him and certainly he didn’t need cosmetic surgery to be presentable to a wider audience.

    All in all, I get what you’re saying Brenna but I completely disagree with how you have to belittle everyone who disagrees with you in order to make your point.

    Sadly this is how the world works today, if you disagree with me you’re a nolifer who lives in his mother’s basement who hasn’t been out for decades and probably needs professional help. Just like in my country, when you disagree with the government, you raise your concerns and voice your opinion only to be crushed by those who are running it. You’ll be branded as traitors you’ll be beaten up and sent up to jail or worse.

    After all those who have the power always see you as imbeciles who don’t know the first thing about anything and their opinions most certainly does not matter.

    This sort of mentality is unbecoming of VG247, repent or perish, eh?

    It’s like Watching original “The Ring” and go watch the western adaptation and you say it’s the same movie. It’s like watching “Yojimbo” and then go watch an adaptation like Last Man Standing and say, hey, it was the same thing.

    Yeah it maybe fun and entertaining but for those who liked the first one it wont be the same. Try to understand the difference here, it might be a lot of fun, but it’s not Dante. And to be honest it didn’t have to be Dante, it could be the guy in DMC4 instead.

    Anyway I’m not that bothered by the change since I’m not a hardcore DMC fan, I just didn’t like how this article had to be in order to be able to make a few points.

    #20 2 years ago

    I made an account just to call you out on this.
    The problem everyone has with this game, is that it is not a Devil May Cry game, It shits all over the fan base of what has always been a niche game, from inception up until DMC4.

    The combat is babbies first beat’em up tier, and is in no way derivative of it’s origins the skill ceilings in the original games were extremely high, yet when I watch a let’s play on youtube and see someone achieve SSS rank after dying to the Mundus twice I can’t help but think you have no idea what the fuck you are talking about.

    This is the same Crap with Mass effect 3, all over again don’t piss on me and tell me it’s raining, because there is no substance to this game. Plain and simple.

    #21 2 years ago
  22. orakaa

    I don’t know about this article… I mean, criticizing and calling people who are not satisfied with the game “names” is actually… the exact same process as they are using.

    People are people and are free to voice their opinion in the limits of law and acceptance. They’re free to like or dislike a game (insults or death threats are NOT okay). But criticizing them just to say “you’re wrong, I know BETTER than you and if you can’t agree that the game is great means you’re stupid” is as immature as the so-called criticized behavior.

    Personally, I tried the demo and really wasn’t interested in the game. I am not saying it is a bad game, just that it didn’t make me want to play it, and I have to admit that the main character really annoys me and turned me off (question of personal taste). Am I part of the “crying fanbase”? No. Am I loudly and actively writing this on all forums over the Internet? Not at all. Have I sent death threats to NT’s team? Certainly not. Do people who don’t like the game deserve criticism for “not liking the game because they are a bunch of morons”? No.

    Saying that there have been death threats and turn the article to insidiously or indirectly put all “haters” in the same bag is exactly the same kind of syllogisms we see regarding video games in the mainstream media after mass murder shootings: “oh look, this mass murderer was playing violent video games, so all people playing are violent” and is really a step toward the Godwin point.

    #22 2 years ago
  23. Dave Cook

    @23 *check the games front cover just to be sure*

    No…no it’s there in black and white mate. “DMC: Devil May Cry”.

    Turns out it’s a Devil May Cry game mate. Sorry.

    #23 2 years ago
  24. pleasant_cabbage

    Least the article flushed out some of, you know, *those* ones.

    #24 2 years ago
  25. Dave Cook

    @18 sadly mate new IP doesn’t sell as well across the board on consoles and that is a damn shame because as we both know new ideas are brilliant.

    Hoping the next gen will change that :)

    #25 2 years ago
  26. Greek God

    well said 22#

    #26 2 years ago
  27. Fin

    God who gives a fuck if they RUINED your favourite game. They could make my favourite game F2P, I would shrug my shoulders and move on. Things change. Why do people get so worked up about it? Companies don’t owe you anything.
    Vote with your wallet.

    Yer, there’s a lot of new IP coming ;)

    #27 2 years ago
  28. BraveArse

    Well said Brenna, between this and the ME3 ending* debacle, it’s becoming apparent that the majority of internet games commenters ( is that a better label?) are so small c conservative that the creative drive is being beaten out of the industry.

    I beat this drum every so often too as it drives me nuts. If you want the same as last time /it’s already there/ go play it again.

    *Plus all the whining over a/ the intriguing Xcom fps which will now have been whined out of existence and b/ the new Xcom TBS, which is excellent but still elicits a high pitched noise from unsatisfied “fans” of the original.

    #28 2 years ago

    Dave Cook, if another man had the same name as you but acted like a normal human being who could read and interpret text correctly, would he be the same person as you or simply share the exact same name as you?

    #29 2 years ago
  30. ThulsaDoom

    “the “gamer” kind is sexist; racist; homophobic; reactionary; unable to spell; almost exclusively male; hasn’t read a book since See Spot Run; probably dramatically under-equipped in the genital department; incapable of basic self-care like hygiene, cooking and housework; and covered in Cheeto dust.”

    Wow, tell people to grow up then make suggestions about their genitals. Stay classy, Brenna Hillier. It’s good to see games writers not stooping to the level of the unwashed masses. I’m surprised you didn’t work in gaming “writers” 2012 word of the year, entitled!

    Instead of “extrapolating,” maybe you could have mentioned a lot of people aren’t interested in the game because 30fps for this style of action game is a HUGE turn-off. It takes away a lot of fluidity and smoothness. But that’s no surprise seeing as how reviewers frequently lets sub-HD resolutions and sub 30 fps games pass by without mention. Gotta get those promo copies and keep working up the ladder to finally landing a job at a games company.

    You are no better than those sending death threats to NT and in many ways are much, much worse. The Internet is full of assholes but when people in your position stoop down to that level…well, it’s fucking pathetic.

    For the record, I have never been a fan of the DMC series so I have no dog in this race. Always preferred the vastly superior, well up until recently, Ninja Gaiden series.

    #30 2 years ago
  31. Nunsahoy

    Goddam gamers, why are you all so entitled? You should be glad that capcom and ninja theory actually made a new and better version of your stupid GoW rip off.

    #31 2 years ago
  32. jerbearxi

    It doesn’t matter what we say here. We’re still a minority right? I didn’t realize that Dante’s old hair took an additional 30 frames to render, or that his new hair is so system intensive, combat had to be brought to a screeching halt. 30 FPS, 1 button combat, FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU! Did good dialogue have to be sacrificed so Dante could have his new hair style too?

    No one cares about his hair anymore. You guys are the minority on that one.

    #32 2 years ago
  33. pleasant_cabbage

    @30 Much worse than those who sent death-threats?! Really? … :)
    *considers making genital related jibe*

    #33 2 years ago
  34. MDef

    Vocal minorities espousing ignorance and rhetoric? What, you mean journalists?

    #34 2 years ago
  35. BraveArse

    Wow, I sense this thread will eventually comprehensively prove her point.

    #35 2 years ago
  36. orakaa

    @ 33 : By putting ALL persons who don’t like the game in the same bag as the 2-3 idiots who sent deaths threats?

    I’m not sure I’d say it’s much much worse, but it’s really cheap, which is also why I was talking about the fact this article was really close to reaching the Godwin point

    #36 2 years ago
  37. Fin


    Sooner rather than later!

    #37 2 years ago
  38. Optim

    “If you don’t like this game, than you’re a baby who needs to grow up!”
    Quality journalism brought to you by vg 24/7.

    #38 2 years ago
  39. monkeygourmet


    As in the articles ‘flame bait’, and anyone disagreeing will be lumped into the ‘un-washed neck beard’ catagory…?

    Yeah, thats really fair.

    As alot of other people have stated, I too am no huge DMC fan.

    This new re-skin (I refuse to call it reboot), does nothing to draw me in as the writing is so abrasive.

    I’m not the only one who thinks that so all you can summerise is that I am not the intended target.

    COD fans probably are, it’s an obvious dumbed down teenage wetdream.

    If your a fan of tactical slash ‘em ups, it sounds like you have everyright to be pissed off!

    #39 2 years ago
  40. WildGee

    Another mongoloid makes another article saying the only complaints people have is the hair.


    It’s Like Mass Effect 3 all over again

    #40 2 years ago
  41. BraveArse

    @37 yup, I think you’re right…

    #41 2 years ago
  42. Somber

    I love the tone of the article- balls on the table, telling cry-babies to go fck off!
    Well done sire, I’ve been impressed!

    I’ve always been amazed by the crazy reactions of some people when things change or don’t go the way their little egocentric beeing would like them to change. It’s a game, you don’t like it? well just move on a piss-off, what the hell is wrong in the end? People can be disappointed, say they are disappointed, but disproportionate reactions are the problem.

    And this is where #20 you read what you want to read – The journalist takes a stand against DISPROPORTIONATE reactions, not against just negative reactions. If some people had said “I’m a bit underwhelmed by the new look of Dante3, or just “Why change a style which wasz working” and had stopped there, this article would have never happened. But some people went too far, and reactions got so disproportionate that it became ridiculous.
    THIS is what the article is talking about. Not about the fact that “So people are not allowed to voice their concerns anymore” – Oh yes you are right I don’t like the new style of Dante, I’m gonna voice my concern and send death threats to the family of Ninja Theroy guys… fighting for freedom of speech and ideas is good, but know when to choose your battle and / or how to read properly, sorry (and yes I’m a bit aggressive because for once an article goes balles out on stupide people and some other narrow minded people read what they want, then feel offended and as white knights take the freedom of speech crap out)
    /ranting mode off

    #42 2 years ago
  43. Maximov

    when i was 15 there was no cooler character, than Dante for me,i loved anime and. Now i am 24 and i have grown up and my tastes have changed, its a shame that some people haven’t changed a bit and think that a man wearing red leather coat and white hair, throwing cheeseiest lines left and right is considered a role-model bad ass. Awesome newDante look, out of this world level design, i had not seen anything as stunnig as this ( and i only played a demo )) and i am sure that i will experience a well crafted story i cannot wait to go and by this game and i wish Ninja Theroy all the best and want to say thank you bringing some fresh ideas into a decade old franchise, they did a great job.

    #43 2 years ago
  44. Strawcron

    Imagine if you will four white squares. These four squares are part of a series. They are flawed sure, they have their chinks but they are still entertaining and fun to play with and they have their own charm. Then imagine someone dumps a black circle next to them and says it is part of the series too. This black circle is clearly nothing like the white squares, indeed the black circle isnt horrible but next to the white squares it just looks out of place. This black circle could have started its own series. Indeed it may have attracted its own fan base who love the ‘black circle series’, but no, instead it insists it is part of the ‘white square’ series despite in no way resembling the white squares. This is what just happened to the DMC franchise.

    The new DmC isnt bad when considered on its own. The combo system is easily accessible, the level design is interesting, especially limbo, and the story, while uninspired, is solid. But you cant consider the new DmC by itself because of its name. It is called Devil May Cry and with that title it has to live up to the standard set by the previous games and accept that it will be compared to the older games. DmC doesnt do this. The over the top insane setting has been replaced by a more dark and gritty setting, the characters have undergone the same change from over the top and ‘crazy’ to being darker and, I loathe to use this word, edgy. The combo system has gone from one which took a good deal of practice and skill to achieve a high score to a much easier and shallow combo system.

    DmC should have not been a Devil May Cry game. It should have changed the characters names and released it as its own series. Sure the DMC fans would have looked at it and gone “wow rip off our series much?” but that would have been it. Instead they crowbared DmC into the series and basically insulted anyone who enjoyed the old ‘crazy’ Dante with that scene with the wig, ignoring any valid criticism by lumping it all into ‘your just mad we changed his hair’. The story may have been schizophrenic, the characters and setting may have been over the top unbelievable and the gameplay may have been stiff and hard to master but it was still loved by its fans and Ninja Theory has completely ignored that and worse, failed to respect that.

    #44 2 years ago
  45. pleasant_cabbage

    @38 not seeing that quote…
    I’m pretty sure the point of the article was “If you’re a raving lunatic about changes to a game you need to grow up a bit”.

    #45 2 years ago
  46. Dave Cook

    @29 I see your point but the way you wrote it wasn’t clever. I think you and a lot of gamers out there (just the vocal minority mind you) are being childish over DmC, I really do. Because I’ve been a fan of the series since day one, the hack n slash genre is my favourite, Bayonetta is my highest reviewed game of the generation.

    Yet I still felt the DmC franchise needed a shake up. To me DmC 2 and 4 were weak as all hell personally, and you know what I loved the reboot and I’m a real DmC fan so what does that say for those who come out and say something stupid like, “this isn’t the game DmC fans wanted”

    I hate people speaking on my behalf. I’m a DmC fan, I wanted a reboot, I like this game. People having opinions is fine, but people have been saying the game is shit based on the demo – which is fucking stupid as in my opinion it’s a weak demo like the Bayonetta one was – or having not played the demo at all.

    Which is idiotic of course. Someone here even said earlier that all Dante does is say fuck a lot (he doesn’t) and listened to dubstep all the time (in fact the soundtrack has more orchestral music than electronic, so again that’s wrong). It’s just people making presumptions and making themselves look like dicks in the process because they’re wrong.

    But of course I’m in the games press – as are all the other sites giving the and good reviews – so of course we must be getting bribes to say that. Fuck off! I hate that, I really, really do because after doing this for coming up 7 years now I’ve never know anyone – and I know the majority of the UK press – to take a bribe. We’re mostly all poor, working ludicrous hours and living in squalid, shitty little flats we can barely afford. I even knew one guy who worked at a major magazine and couldn’t afford a bed, but that’s another story.

    Could it just be that the game is good? No of course not because you made your mind up at TGS 2010 that DmC was shit. This kind of vocal omnishambles from the community doesn’t do anything productive, it just makes the gaming hobby look like a volatile and ignorant place, when really were so much better than that – all of us. We’re a smart bunch, not cavemen banging clubs and muttering incoherently, although this week you’d barely know the difference.

    I guess rational, friendly debate is dead in the majority these days, and biting, savage barbs and belittlement are the order of the day. No one is saying that your decision to dislike DmC is wrong – even Brenna’s piece if you read it properly. She’s just saying we should be open to the possibility that it could be ok instead of running your mouth like a lunatic for two years straight. It makes us all look childish and reactionary.

    If we don’t keep our minds open then the industry is fucked. Innovation and new ideas will recede and they’ll just pump out franchises constantly as they’re safe and mind numbing, keeping you happy like the dumb little consumers you are. (You’re absolutely not dumb consumers of course, but that’s how some companies see you).

    Prove them wrong.

    #46 2 years ago
  47. Optim

    And whats her point? That people have opinions? Please elaborate.

    #47 2 years ago
  48. fihar

    True, but I guess this is simply a matter of preference. It is a bit off-putting, but definitely something I can live with.

    Actually, I wasn’t even referring to that. It’s stylish because it IS stylish, not slow like Onimusha or brutal like God of War.
    A bit like Bayonetta in that regard.

    #48 2 years ago

    MaxiMov, the new Dante is so edgy and punk it’s embarrassing.
    This is the very definition of self insert, well done Tameem.

    #49 2 years ago
  50. eishun

    it’s 2013 and people still think it’s only the hair?
    haha oh wow..

    #50 2 years ago
  51. orakaa

    @ 42 : I don’t agree.
    While reading the article, all I could see was the writer putting extreme examples (heck, the “death threat” part is even in a huge freaking box, sensationalism “journalism” all the way), adding downgrading stereotypes altogether, then saying that “the game is great” AND implying that if you don’t agree, then you are just part of the upper-mentioned category.

    If you don’t agree with me then you’re just a “sexist; racist; homophobic; reactionary; unable to spell; almost exclusively male; hasn’t read a book since See Spot Run; probably dramatically under-equipped in the genital department; incapable of basic self-care like hygiene, cooking and housework; and covered in Cheeto dust”.

    Brilliant. Seriously, I’ve seen VERY good written articles here from the different members of VG247, including brilliant pieces from Brenna… but this is probably the poorest one of all.

    #51 2 years ago
  52. monkeygourmet


    I admit i’ve tried the demo only.

    But the point of a demo is to suck people in not magnify things they were already worried about.

    Remember, you got this game for free or atleast review copy (guess?), forking out £40 in the hope it gets better is tricky for some people.

    Alot may wish to pick it up second hand, something that may not be possible next gen! :(

    #52 2 years ago
  53. Dave Cook

    @49 the old games were camp, embarrassingly trying to be cool and tw dialogue was atrocious. I loved the games but even I could see that. If you can’t then you need to reassess them properly.

    #53 2 years ago
  54. Toadnado

    @48 fihar then you played Onimusha “wrong” (as in not efficient, there is actually no playing a game wrong) because in Onimusha you get more “points” or are rewarded for samurai styled gameplay meaning that the one-hit-/critical-slash move gets the most out of the game. It actually the exact opposite of DMC stylish-fighting style.

    #54 2 years ago
  55. Dave Cook

    @52 if I didn’t I’d still buy it as I love the series. Free or not that doesn’t affect my objectivity one bit. Any game journalist worth their name knows that.

    Devs have put out shit demos before and I think DmC and Bayonetta fall into that group. No one should make a full assumption on an entire game based on a demo. No one, for any game.

    #55 2 years ago
  56. Dave Cook

    @54 I’d like an Onimisha hd collection. I’d buy that day one. Those games were superb.

    #56 2 years ago
  57. WildGee

    @46 “If we don’t keep our minds open then the industry is fucked.” I agree, but we shouldn’t take something that is shit with a smile, or they’ll think people want it. As of right now, some people don’t want this, and they have to scream about it because people are too fucking dense to stick their heads out of their rotting assholes, so fucking deal with it. Disregarding how half of what you said is more about yourself and what you think (which personally, I could give a fuck about what you think and how YOU wanted this reboot or any other bullshit you typed)go fuck yourself

    #57 2 years ago
  58. Joe50

    I’ve seen your game and it has some of the worst dialogue I’ve ever seen, it wouldn’t be so bad if the protagonist and everyone around him weren’t trying to be cool and failing miserably.

    It’s surrounded by mediocre hack and slash gameplay that mocks the old devil may cry system, which anyone can say is AMAZEBALLS LOOK AT MY SSS COMBO if they haven’t played any decent hack and slash games before(which is probably your case, if you like this game).

    This article is shit. you and all the other reviewers for shit websites that pretend to care about having standards need to play your awful game before talking about it, because it’s just another garbage game to hide in a collection or to sell as soon as it’s over.

    I’m not a Devil May cry fan but please, all this crying about what you think fans are crying about when you don’t even care that their series is being shit on is really selfish and disgusting.

    #58 2 years ago
  59. Toadnado

    @56 I played them not long ago on ps2 they still look good (except for some close up shots). Some games just don’t need a HD remake just to make them play.

    It seems to me that people “complaining” over “old” graphics make them look like people “complaining” over different dyed hair.

    Everytime a HD collection is announced I rather just see a PSN/XBLA re-release

    #59 2 years ago
  60. Dave Cook

    @57 thanks for just proving my point by dropping expletives and being a dick.

    Who’s taking shit with a smile? It’s not a shit game. Objectively it is not a shit game. The vocal minority is just that a minority. Everyone else will buy the game and enjoy. Why would you deny them that?

    #60 2 years ago
  61. Dave Cook

    @58 couldn’t be further off the mark mate. Sorry.

    #61 2 years ago
  62. SplatteredHouse

    It’s very easy, with the benefit of having enjoyed access to the full game to pull an “I told you so”. Resist the urge. It helps no-one. I find a pretty good gauge for whether or not a game’s worth playing is that faithful litmus test: Would I buy a copy of this. Am I confident that it’s worth buying? If I pick a bad one, and it happened once or twice, that’s on me. Not since seeing DMC for the first time have I reckoned it likely to be a bad game.

    “it’s becoming apparent that the majority of internet games commenters ( is that a better label?) are so small c conservative that the creative drive is being beaten out of the industry. ”

    …While I don’t argue against what you said, the vocal minority is regularly referred to by games creators. Are they really going to be the ones with as much push? In accepting that games is an industry that supports business, and those businesses seek the greatest audience (typically), don’t we also need to consider that that “great audience” must be influencing the decision makers, by their mere presence and interest?
    Also, it’s getting difficult to use sweeping terms like “the industry”, because, apps and digital platforms are leaving things at a place where there hasn’t BEEN as great an evident creative drive nor the outlet for it to get these games to players for a very long time. Part of the industry is in decline, but figures make it abundantly clear that other areas, newer delivery methods show steady growth. That’s how change happens. Given the drive to digital that has become increasingly prevalent, it was no unlikely result that retail would falter and begin to trail off…MP3 vs CD, anyone?

    #62 2 years ago
  63. noherczeg

    What ever the crying “fans” say, just please keep in mind:

    What if this wasn’t even made?

    Whould that be so much better? Seriously, everyone like it who didn’t wanted to compare it side by side to a 10 years old self of the title. I understand that you might not like the absence of target button, I understand that you might not like that you have to get to a DMD equivalent difficulty to feel challenged, but does this mean that this is a bad game?

    Does the plot really not mean ANYTHING to you guys, or that no matter how not exactly the same the combat mechanics are they are still pretty good?

    FFS even Jim@Destructiond gave it a 9/10….

    #63 2 years ago
  64. GwynbleiddiuM

    @46 Dave I hear ya, you needed change, and you got it, there also a lot of people who didn’t want that drastically of a change. At least not to Dante himself, yet, you got what you wanted but it’s not pleasing enough so there comes a need to call people out and brand them with names, that I find unacceptable.

    No one is saying you’re taking bribes for your conduct, if anything I’m one of the guys who always praised your work and level of professionalism clearly shown in them. And Brenna’s too, but this article, this ‘one’ article, even though has a some level of truth to it, went on and basically called out everyone who didn’t like the changes branded them imbeciles who need to grow up and go out some more. Tell me honestly if you don’t see a flaw in the logic that this article presents.

    A lot of people like these changes, good for them, and a lot of others don’t. People will always complain, it’s part of the set of rights that comes with the freedom of speech. Some are opinionated, some are even rude, some make good points why they think how they think and why they like or dislike. Are we going to put them all in the same bag and club em?

    #64 2 years ago
  65. Hayabusa

    Calling Heavenly Sword and Enslaved ”excellent”. LULZ

    #65 2 years ago
  66. WildGee

    @60 “Objectively it is not a shit game.” Do you even know what that word means? Because that isn’t a valid point.

    #66 2 years ago
  67. Bickeru

    All I’m gathering from this article is “How dare Devil May Cry fans have an opinion different from mine!” Ninja Theory took a franchise with a devoted fanbase, gutted it for all it was worth, repeatedly insulted said fanbase and the original games, and spit out an average action game that barely resembles its namesake. Yet we’re expected to sit back and take it? No thanks. This continuing trend in games journalism that any fan complaints are invalid and should be ignored is disgusting and needs to step the fuck off. I don’t even know why I dare share my dissenting opinion, because by doing so I’ve apparently outed myself as “sexist; racist; homophobic; reactionary; unable to spell; almost exclusively male; hasn’t read a book since See Spot Run; probably dramatically under-equipped in the genital department; incapable of basic self-care like hygiene, cooking and housework; and covered in Cheeto dust.”

    Is this what passes for journalism nowadays? Calling everyone who disagrees with you an awful person within the first paragraphs of your article, and ignoring criticism?

    #67 2 years ago
  68. polygem

    DmC fans are infamous because of this.
    great article by the way.
    i can really understand if people are upset about how a new sonic game turned out, or not feeling halo 4, or not feeling the new DmC game. What stinks is: bashing, hating, calling it a bad game per se. things change. get over it. you might be sad about some changes, others might embrace them. that´s just life. noone is taking the old games away from you.

    #68 2 years ago
  69. Toadnado

    @66 It isn’t a shit (video) game. He right on that behalf.

    It’s just a bad DMC with “deeper” story and at the same time lacks the same in combat with the damage meter being the worst part of the game besides those “Fuck you, middle finger” from NT to the “fans” with some references.

    Actually quite the same with Res6.

    AS Devil May Cry it fails but as a video game it hails.

    #69 2 years ago
  70. SameeR_Fisher

    Okay this is one of the worst articles I have ever read, now another look at those called ” vocal minorities keen to espouse their insanity and ignorance. According to this measure, the “gamer” kind is sexist; racist; homophobic; reactionary; unable to spell; almost exclusively male; hasn’t read a book since See Spot Run; probably dramatically under-equipped in the genital department; incapable of basic self-care like hygiene, cooking and housework; and covered in Cheeto dust.”

    Didn’t these people complain about how awful Ninja Gaiden 3 looked, and it turned out shit and didn’t sell good ?!, didn’t they complain about how Resident Evil went the wrong road, and RE6 just came out to be another shitty game that is not close to Survival Horror at all ?!, didn’t they complain about Ghost Recon Future Soldier, and the game is mediocre at best leaving alot to be desired ?!, didn’t they complain about Splinter Cell, and now we are getting Blacklist with a young awful voice actor, a young Sam Fisher, tons of explosions and cinematic ?!, aren’t they the ones who hated the change of OverStrike, and now we are getting another brown serious military like shooter ?!, I think these people know what they are talking about.

    Also don’t you remember how insomniac gave Cole a different look in inFamous 2, but the fans complained and they changed him back to WHO he actually was ?!, so yeah dedicated fans who care about their franchises matter.

    #70 2 years ago
  71. Dave Cook

    @66 you make yourself sound dumber by the comment mate :)

    #71 2 years ago
  72. daytripper

    Over entitled pricks

    #72 2 years ago
  73. Dave Cook

    @64 hey thanks :) good rely. Nah I wasn’t suing that people were accusing me of taking a bribe, jut responding to Brenna’s link to twitter – the guys who said every site has taken a bribe. It’s insane.

    #73 2 years ago
  74. SameeR_Fisher

    #51 orakaa & #64 GwynbleiddiuM make some very valid points about how awful this article is.

    #74 2 years ago
  75. Bickeru

    @70 Nah man, can’t you see dedicated fans who call developers on their mistakes or dare to complain about their artistic vision need to be stamped out. Everyone should just accept everything pushed at them and should never, ever have an opinion counter to what the publishers want. Because that’s how we get good games and not just dumbed down shovelware, clearly.

    #75 2 years ago
  76. Fin


    And ye’re all proving the point of the article by being cunts.


    There’s a difference between saying “Hmm, not wild about this new direction, but I can see your point” and “THIS IS THE WORST GAME EVER YOU HAVE RUINED MY FAVOURITE SERIES AND MY LIFE”.

    #76 2 years ago
  77. Toadnado

    @70 although a movie series but you forgot star wars.

    #77 2 years ago
  78. sandvich3k

    This is a game where the protagonist shoots a pregnant woman in the stomach. Then while she is clutching the wound and screaming in agony and despair, he shoots her in the head while grinning. Later on in the game, Dante tells the father of the child how much he enjoyed watching the unborn baby “explode into wet chunks”.

    Is this REALLY a game that you should be defending? Look deep down inside yourself and think about that.

    #78 2 years ago
  79. Bickeru

    @76 The thing is these articles tend to lump any sort of criticism, no matter how subdued, in with the “WORST GAME EVER HOW DARE YOU” camp. If you dare announce your distaste you’re one of them, and are clearly an awful person who needs to be ignored.

    #79 2 years ago
  80. LuLshuck

    Ok first of all the people who are complaining about DMC basically are the real gamers of DMC, there the ones who still play the older games to this very day and from what ive read on the Capcom forums is that pretty much all of them hate the combat saying its “easier and slow and sluggish”. Also why the fuck is every critic still talking about dantes hair? Did you even go on the capcom forums or anything? Seriously where did you base devil may crys hardcore fans from? No one has ever cried about dantes hair since the gameplay trailer, im not even a DMC fan but this article is just full of shit, makes you just as bad as the people who dont like the game, what happened to listening to peoples opinions? yous have been arse licking this game for awhile now but this is just ridiculous

    #80 2 years ago
  81. noherczeg

    #78 Wasn’t that woman a demon? If yes thanks for the spoilers :(

    #81 2 years ago
  82. Clupula

    What I don’t get is why articles like this have to exist. You like a game. Other people don’t. Why is it necessary to try to push a game so much that you’d write an article insulting anyone who doesn’t like it? Why the need to push so much to try to create peer pressure on those who would have rather they respected the old series?

    There was nothing wrong with the old way the series was. There were plenty of mysteries to still be solved and plenty of places for the story to go. There was nothing wrong with old school Dante, except that Keiji Inafune was going through his, “I hate everything Japanese” phase when he commissioned Ninja Theory to work on this. If they were determined to give this game to Ninja Theory, there were two ways they could have done this. They could have made it its own IP, which would have been fine. Or they could have made it more respectful to the original games and kept the combat the way it should be as well as keeping within the respected canon.

    The gameplay and story of DMC4 were fine. The only problem the title had was they didn’t design levels or bosses for Dante’s gameplay, instead making you replay Nero’s backwards, which is just lazy design, but not enough to warrant rebooting the series.

    To say that it’s just about his hairstyle is childish. Just as childish as people who sent death threats.

    This article is basically an attempt at bullying people into pretending they like something they don’t and I think that’s a tad dangerous. You like it. Fine. Enjoy it. Others don’t. We have that right.

    And if the demo is not a good representation of what the full game is, then they shouldn’t have put out that demo. They should lose sales over that. With the amount of hate this game was getting, you’d think they’d want to release a demo that would silence everyone with something critical to say. Meanwhile, all the Youtube videos I’ve seen of the full game have done nothing to convince me otherwise, especially the slowness and ease of the final boss battle compared to its counterpart in DMC3.

    I’m not sure why you guys don’t realize you’re just creating an even bigger backlash with this sort of attitude.

    #82 2 years ago
  83. gattoquake

    This is what passes as journalism these days? You must be having a giggle. It looks like it was written by a whiny child.

    Straw man arguments, implications of gamer entitlement, flat-out insults. Glad you didn’t forget Grow the fuck up in italics for extra maturity.

    #83 2 years ago
  84. Clupula

    Also, while I don’t think you guys were paid off to write positively about the game, articles like this will certainly do nothing to calm down those who do believe such things. In fact, I can see this article being used by such conspiracy theorists in the near future.

    #84 2 years ago
  85. Fin

    I think the crux of this whole thing is people can be negative if they want, but there’s no need to be so fucking vocal about it. Even now, people are complaining. The game is out, there’s nothing you can do, just shut up, please, you’ll improve the experience for the rest of us.


    It’s hard to differentiate measured criticism from the blind fanboy bullshit. Sorry :(
    I think it’s the entitled aspect that gets to me (which is the foundation of the majority of complaints) – why should developers ever listen to fans? Surely they should/be allowed to make the game they want to make?


    Jesus christ, so what if the new game is different. If you love the old one so much, keep playing that. Nobody’s fucking forcing you to play the new one are they.

    #85 2 years ago
  86. LuLshuck

    @82 nailed it, this site is getting abit tardy for my liking, first yous accuse tombraider for having a rape scene when the only evidence yous had was a guy having his hand over laras face and now this.

    #86 2 years ago
  87. Clupula

    @85 – I just wish Capcom had done what Sucker Punch did with Infamous 2, where there was a very vocal outcry from the fans on the redesign of Cole. They realized that their salaries came from our sales and fixed things. The negative fan opinion immediately disappeared and fans gladly bought the new game, knowing full well that Sucker Punch respected their fanbase enough to listen to them.

    Here, the fanbase were mocked by the developers, who showed a “We know better than you do” attitude with the people who they were expecting to buy their game. How could people not be up in arms about that?

    #87 2 years ago
  88. fabiank

    Great, great article!

    In fact, so good that make me reactivate my account after 2 years withou writing a single word here.

    The ammount of shit DmC is receiving is just absurd. It´s a very nice game and should be judged by what it is and not by not having an stupid white haired Dante ffs!

    #88 2 years ago
  89. Digital Bamboo

    I’ve never played a DMC game so I have no opinion about the changes one way or another.

    However, concerning the article at hand, I think it was pretty clearly meant to be funny, (I laughed) and in no way insulted gamers or DMC fans as a whole. That would be absurd.

    The main point I took away from it is that criticism is fine, but when it descends to toxic-death-threat-levels, it makes us all look bad.

    #89 2 years ago
  90. LuLshuck

    @85 hey like i said im not a fan of DMC, i will be getting the new game but what criticizing was the article for insulting people for not liking the new game

    #90 2 years ago
  91. noherczeg

    When this comes to PC I’ll buy it and criticize the hell out of all the people who said that it’s good if it wasn’t. Until then, I shut my mouth and wait till I can form a VALID conclusion.

    See the difference here?

    #91 2 years ago
  92. absolutezero

    Metroid : Other M is an “objectively” good game. It reviewed well from most of the major sources so why did people dislike it?

    I question for the ages right there I think you’ll find. I guess it was because all those basement dwellers vocal minority hair colour words words words.

    Yes that does indeed sound about right.

    #92 2 years ago
  93. M. K.

    Same story as back then, when vg told the people how awesome dishonored is . And it works again, good work Dave and Brenna you sure got a lot of clicks with that :D

    #93 2 years ago
  94. Bickeru

    @85 Because the fans are the ones buying the games. While I’m not one who thinks developers should cave to every single one of their fan’s desires, sticking your fingers in your ears and only taking them out long enough to hear the praise is an awful way to go about things. Developers need to listen to and address criticisms, which Ninja Theory not only didn’t do here, they openly mocked and insulted anyone who spoke out against them while only addressing the most superficial of complaints in passive aggressive ways(such as Dante’s hair color). It’s also quite frustrating when a series you enjoy is given to a developer who’s shown incredible distaste for it, killing any chances of a proper sequel.

    #94 2 years ago
  95. NeoSquall

    *claps hands* Bravo! Bis!

    Just one point: “a single auteur“?

    #95 2 years ago
  96. sandvich3k

    In DMC 1-4, the SSS combat rank is reserved for when the player is at their absolute best, dominating their foes with a hard earned mastery of the complex combat system. Engagements like that leave you breathless and amazed at yourself, sort of like how Neo must have felt in The Matrix.

    In DmC, you can get the SSS combat rank with a single attack using the axe.

    If you can’t see when DMC fans are disgusted with this new game, you really haven’t done your research (much less played the games in question).

    #96 2 years ago
  97. Fin


    No, people who play games are the ones buying them. How many people who will buy DmC have ever posted on the internet, do you think? Developers only need to address criticism when it’s valid and when the game will be better for it. DmC has been getting good reviews so there’s no issue.

    A sequel depends on sales, it has nothing to do with fan reaction.


    PROTIP: get over it. Go play the original games and pretend the new one doesn’t exist.

    #97 2 years ago
  98. orakaa

    @ 85 : I don’t consider myself a die-hard DMC fan. Played DMC 1&2, enjoyed them a lot (okay, I preferred the first one) but what GwynbleiddiuM and I were trying to say relate to the article itself and the way it does nothing but try to “blame” or literally insult people who do not share the same taste on this game (by putting them in the same category as “death threateners”, racist, homophobic, etc.).

    This is why I’ve posted comments on this article, otherwise, I would’nt have cared. I don’t like the new DmC, based on the demo and videos and it’s fine, I’ll just don’t buy it… but I don’t see why someone would say “well if YOU don’t like it, then it means that YOU’re stupid”.

    #98 2 years ago
  99. absolutezero

    Why don’t you like Other M?

    It might be because you dislike its story direction and its new style, maybe its because they changed the character completely. Perhaps its the dis-owning of what came before, the removal of exploration and secret areas, maybe its because they changed the gameplay totally for the worse. Maybe.

    Then I guess you should just shut up and get over it. They made what they wanted to make and you sure as hell better like it fucker. I bet you just dislike it because they gave Samus short hair.

    #99 2 years ago
  100. absolutezero

    I guess I must have missed all the passionate essays written about Other M when it first came out. I guess they all just slipped under my radar. Or perhaps none of them were ever written. Its “objectively” good though, the reviews completely back that up and its not as if paid games journalists have ever been wrong before about the quality of a game. So where was the Media outcry when Other M got torn to shreds.

    Maybe it has something to do with Other M being developed by Team Ninja a Japanese development studio. N inja theory on the other hand was the Great White Hope of Western development showing the Japanese that they can beat them at their own game. We would’nt want them to fail now would we. Oh no.

    #100 2 years ago
  101. Faceless

    This article is angrier than any negative DmC feedback I have ever seen, and I have seen some particularly acidic vitriol. Brenna ultimately becomes the greater offender because people who typed out ‘new donte sucks monkey balls while taking it behind from a donkey i hope tameem gets shot in broad daylight’ were seething with impotent, aimless rage. Here, the author commits to an inquisitional quest to humiliate and demean everyone who has gripes about DmC, at the same time belittling their concerns. Good job on tweeting it twice, the second time broadcasting “Grow the fuck up” to thousands of your followers. Ever hear of sensationalism?

    What bothers me the most about this fiasco is that the critics take every chance to shit on the more purist part of DMC community by citing the review scores. “Take that, neckbeards”, says one article. “The game is good, who would’ve thought”, says another. Not a single news site seems to consider the fact that, maybe, just maybe, there is a person out there with taste and preferences different to yours. There are people who don’t like The Dark Knight. There are people who don’t like Drive. There are people who don’t like Skyrim.

    Although I strongly believe the more extreme reactions to the reboot are by no means justified, the entire media stooping down to their level is insane. Funnier still is that all of these jabs, quips and cruel jokes are clearly aimed at the angrier part of the anti-DmC brigade, yet those people are the most stubborn kind, the kind that will only be angered further by being told they need to “grow the fuck up”. Your article has probably already reached various places such as 4chan and everyone is busy flinging misogynist remarks at Brenna. You have achieved nothing but sensationalism.

    Good job on becoming what you hate.

    #101 2 years ago
  102. facebook

    I used to have respect for this site. I used to consider them “one of the good ones.” This, though. This is a horrible article and you should be ashamed of yourselves. You are purposefully misrepresenting the fans and being willingly disingenuous.

    It’s not worth going into detail why I think this game stinks, because you will just ignore it and pigeon-hole me into this category of haters, but I will offer some bullet points
    1) gameplay has been downgraded in many ways
    2) 30fps leads to the game not playing as smoothly, which is important especially for a game like this
    3) story takes itself way too seriously
    4) script lacks subtlety, comes off as ham-fisted (example Vergil simply saying “I loved you brother.” Hasn’t NT ever heard the difference between showing, not telling? Can’t they be more creative in how they express this relationship?
    5) while many of the environments are great looking, the actual platforming and level design is extremely shallow
    6) Use a lot of set-pieces like a fox news parody, bank corruption, consumerist culture, as if to harshly critique them and give a profound commentary on them. Ends up going nowhere with it, making itself look juvenile and highlighting it’s thoughtlessness.
    7) NT couldn’t make up their mind with what to do with this title, half way trying to pander to fans who they pissed off, half way trying to change a few things, and 100% trying to simply LIVE UP to the originals. The result is that the reboot doesn’t even change enough to justify it’s existence, and didn’t do enough to give it the new-found longevity that a reboot should. For a reboot, in terms of accomplishing what a reboot should, it totally fails.

    I honestly kind of liked some of the art of Dante in the beginning, for example his mugshot, despite a lot of people hating on him. But the issues go far deeper than this. And now you are just trying to use this as a red herring and be disingenuous. It’s pathetic.

    Change isn’t necessarily bad. Change can be good. But DmC was a waste of time that offered little, and ruined much. Furthermore, with the way the media is acting toward fans, this entire debacle will go down in gaming history as a shitstain on the artform, in an era of when media outlets outright insult players and try to manipulate them. Think about how disgusting and embarrassing that really is.

    #102 2 years ago
  103. DGMockingJay

    Oh Lord. This is the ULTIMATE shit flinging contest. One side there is Gaming Journalism, and on the other its the Hardcore fans of a franchise. I dont know which one is gonna win, but I am sure both of them would be covered in shit at the end.

    But I am sure as hell, fed up with the journalist telling everyone WHAT TO LIKE. Its bad enough most of the reviewers tend to present their reviews as FACTS, but this?? This is just glorious.

    Also “It’s not a very nice kind. Like all comment threads and forums everywhere, gaming websites tend to be dominated by vocal minorities keen to espouse their insanity and ignorance. According to this measure, the “gamer” kind is sexist; racist; homophobic; reactionary; unable to spell; almost exclusively male; hasn’t read a book since See Spot Run; probably dramatically under-equipped in the genital department; incapable of basic self-care like hygiene, cooking and housework; and covered in Cheeto dust.”

    Fighting sexism with more sexism, are we?? Well, I am not really sure if you do realize this was sexist stereotyping, but hey, maybe you think its only sexist when men do it. So its all fine. I somewhat forgive you for your ignorance!!

    #103 2 years ago
  104. Bickeru

    @97 But why in god’s name should I purchase a game from a developer who repeatedly insulted me, told me my opinion on a series I’ve played from the beginning doesn’t matter, and who has openly expressed scorn for those games and their writing.

    Ninja Theory’s track record is mediocre, except in the department of writing and GUESS WHAT DmC is the first game they’ve written themselves. Heavenly Sword and Enslaved, both lauded for their scripts, outsourced their writing to Rhianna Pratchet and Alex Garland respectively, both of whom found working with Ninja Theory’s writing staff to be an absolute nightmare and had to rewrite the scripts they were given from the ground up. Combined with everything I’ve seen and played of the game it doesn’t bode well.

    One of the main points reviewers have praised the game for is that it’s more accessible than the old games. Of course it is, they gutted the combat system, removed most of the weapons and moves, completely abandoned the various styles, and destroyed the series high skill ceiling. These people seem to completely forget that the original games weren’t exactly innacessible for non-fans either, what with modes like Easy and Easy Automatic, designed for those who found the combat too overwhelming, and to help them adjust to higher difficulties and get better. DmC simplifies those systems so that everyone can pull of those combos without putting in any effort, and ignores those who actually found that fun. Having the game praise me for something that required no effort isn’t fun, it’s condescending.

    But of course all of this is going to be ignored as mindless hate-filled babble.

    #104 2 years ago
  105. absolutezero

    Im pretty sure Sakamoto got some death threats over the character assassination in Other M.

    I wonder what he think about that? I wonder if he has a twitter account I can follow him on and get to know him.


    #105 2 years ago
  106. DmaxDman

    @88 “should be judged by what it is and not by not having an stupid white haired Dante”
    But it IS a dmc game, at least that’s what the title says (twice, mind you).
    The developers are clearly making a dmc game so why are we to judge it like something else? If they wanted that, they should have made a new game entirely and not ruin everything that is established for the series. Say you buy a Ferrari, you expect it to be a Ferrari because it says so. What you get instead is a shitty Prius. So what? You’re supposed to just accept it because a “Prius, although not a Ferrari, is still a car? It drives and has seats?” That is exactly what happens with dmc. I can assure you nobody will care about this game if it didn’t have the DMC name on it, and it would ahve been forgotten in a month or so, like every single game NT ever made.

    #106 2 years ago
  107. _LarZen_

    It’s a GAME, a damn GAME.

    Children going crazy about changes need to get their behind spanked by parent, and adults need to get a kick in the ass out of the house and away from any console/pc.

    People realy need to get a grip, im just glad stupidity aint contagious.

    #107 2 years ago
  108. Thoric

    It would’ve been nice to read some actual arguments about why DmC is “an excellent game” (from the writer of the article, not her colleagues), rather than the same bile that’s being spouted against Tameem and company, but in the opposite direction.

    Even as an outsider to the series and the fanbase (only played DMC4, kinda liked it, can’t say I fully comprehended what was going on) I find it hard to believe this is all about a haircut and a backstory. The thematic core of DmC seems to be what’s in the mind of the average anti-social, self-proclaimed “anarchistic” 13 year old kid – demonized society and media, profanity, grafitti, a clear-cut line between good and evil, childish wonder at the efforts of hacktivism, while the previous titles struck me as quite a bit more original and exotic, as did Ninja Theory’s previous title – Enslaved.

    DmC just looks like PoP: Warrior Within all over again, without the substantial improvement in the combat system to make it at least a bit worthwhile.

    #108 2 years ago
  109. SplatteredHouse

    “But I am sure as hell, fed up with the journalist telling everyone WHAT TO LIKE.”

    Are you sure that’s what’s taken place. Or, has the journalist sought to express their opinion. Okay, maybe, more present an observation – much the same as readers asserted the chance to do.

    “Its bad enough most of the reviewers tend to present their reviews as FACTS”

    They’re neither responsible for your interpretation of what they’ve written, nor how you perceive the subject after having read it. If you know, if you’ve been made aware, that a review is merely an opinion of its writer – with everything that entails – and yet, you persist to view that opinion as fact…How is the writer at fault?

    #109 2 years ago
  110. sandvich3k

    @108 “without the substantial improvement in the combat system to make it at least a bit worthwhile” The combat actually got far worse in DmC, hilariously.

    #110 2 years ago
  111. facebook

    Yeah, this is what I expect from a reboot. Moving backwards. Since when is this okay? Since when is this worth the scores NT is getting?

    #111 2 years ago
  112. OmegaSlayer

    “You don’t look into a gift horse’s mouth”
    Reviewers most of the time play a game for free, so what’s tolerable for them is not tolerable for a customer that shill 60$/€.
    So “this is a good game”=/=”this is a game totally worth the money I spent”

    #112 2 years ago
  113. DGMockingJay

    @109 “Or, has the journalist sought to express their opinion.”

    So what the article, and most of the well mannered people on the internet are trying to say is, my opinion doesn’t matter, because I am not a big shot journalist writing for a gaming website.

    “that a review is merely an opinion of its writer”

    Again, aren’t the fans doing the same?? Expressing their opinion?? I mean, yeah, some of them haven’t been nice, and were retarded as best, but what these people are doing isn’t very noble as well. Even now, when it has been brought up a number of times that game’s combat is what makes this game unworthy of being a DmC, still these people are straw-manning the whole argument by saying “Yeah, you dont like the hair, big deal. Cry more?” None of the reviewers have actually touched upon the fact that there is more problems with DmC game other than “the hair”.

    But tell me, throwing fits like this and telling the fanbase to shut up. Are they any better than the some of the retarded people in the hater fan base??

    #113 2 years ago
  114. Erthazus

    It has nothing to do with Dante’s look. First of all that is gameplay. – Devil May Cry 4 tournament from one of the best players in the world “Brea”. – Brea playing DMC and hate it. A LOT.
    Wants DMC5 and the reason is:

    I played the demo and it was a horrible piece of shit. First of all game is 30 frames per second, also a glitchy, twitchy camera and sporadic lock-on makes it even worse. Games mechanic is nothing close to Kamiya and previous installment’s work. It’s a very simple experience even on the hardest difficulty. On top of that NT took a non-serious over the top game and turned it into a gritty serious plot with an emo as a lead, what other Devil May Cry game did that? DMC2 and look how well received that was.

    DMC is a disaster or a typical game from NT.

    #114 2 years ago
  115. Hirmetrium

    I believe this is the classic problem of reboots.

    I like Brenna, and I think she’s right – but the fans are rightly upset that it was their franchise that was rebooted, and not a different one.

    For example, imagine if Halo was rebooted? The recent game wasn’t a reboot, it was a continuation – something the fans wanted, and loved. The new DMC is like having the master chief in bright pink armour with hearts on it and covenant allies (after all, we saw that the protagonist went from white haired anime style butch male to a scrawny tall almost normal one). That’s a big change and a lot to ask a player base to make the jump for. It’s going to be hard for Tomb Raider fans as well, and no doubt they will also jump on the same reboot hating train (as Brenna correctly points out).

    Reboot’s are messy in themselves – they try to ignore everything thats happened before, including all the cool stuff that makes you love characters in the first place – because they never happened. Imagine if they rebooted MGS so that MGS1 never took place? I’d be pretty upset.

    On the article itself:
    I also disagree with the opening strongly. There are those who play mini-games/phone games (Casual). Those who play a single game over and over (COD). Those who follow a series (DMC) or those that follow a whole studio/publisher (Relic/THQ). Gamer is subject to so many different derivatives and sectors that you cannot just brush it aside and ignore the intrinsic lines drawn. Some of us are significantly more dedicated to our cause, and we’d like to be recognised as such. That’s why some studios have community summits and invite people along.

    It also could of done with leaving stereotypes out. I’m sure every single one of those categories has people who are both male and female, have good and bad hygiene, have good and bad organisational skills and are good or bad at cooking. That’s what makes people people. However, we are all brought together with our love of video games, and are on VG247 discussing this so passionately.

    Brenna could of written this better, and its a very polarising article. I understand her frustration and that she wanted to vent, but I don’t think VG247 is the place for a full broadside against a fanbase. Save that for a blog. I’d prefer a more idealistic analysis of both sides, something that has never happened (and should of happened for other topics, like ME3).

    #115 2 years ago
  116. monkeygourmet

    Yeah, after re-reading in case I was jumping the gun, this article is bullshit and Brenna needs to be called on it.

    Dave has jumped in which is great, but Brenna has left a steaming turd here and not come back to explain or clear things up.

    Removing DMC from this, we just have an article to generate flame wars and hits, so I guess it’s succeeded…

    Not what I’d expect from this site usually but becoming more frequent unfortunately.

    #116 2 years ago
  117. DeyDoDoughDontDeyDough

    It’s a brilliant game. Brenna’s right, the detractors are wrong and that’s the end of it. Just buy it cavepeople.

    #117 2 years ago
  118. Ali

    Not a DMC fan bu I certainly don’t play games to show off a tournaments by repeating the same moves hundred of times. Tournament players represent the minority and the train is gonna leave them.

    #118 2 years ago
  119. absolutezero

    Just buy it.



    Wait its like the DmC subliminal messages! I see you, you sneaky sausage.

    #119 2 years ago
  120. Gadzooks!

    Love the article, love everything about it.

    #120 2 years ago
  121. absolutezero

    Serious face time here.

    Why does DmC deserve two opinion pieces and a livestream and all sorts of other shit all over this site for months when other just as worthy titles are left at the wayside?

    Where is everyone apart from Dave?

    I love Dave.

    EDIT Actually I think that Brenna might have been mind-swapped with Patricia Hernandez. That might be the only explanation I’m willing to accept.

    #121 2 years ago
  122. Erthazus

    @118, it has nothing to do with tournament. These videos from a tournament people show just how well previous game mechanics were made. New DMC have crappy mechanics.

    “by repeating the same moves hundred of times. ”

    You are wrong about that.

    #122 2 years ago
  123. YoungZer0

    NGH! That felt good. Right in the motherfucking face! Well done, Brenna. I really think that needed to be said. Puh, i feel good.

    @104: Because you told him the game is shit the moment you saw the teaser and because the writing of said series has been nothing but horrendous? You really think Tameem and Ninja Theory were looking for a discussion with people who constantly insulted them from the start?

    #123 2 years ago
  124. absolutezero

    “What are you supposed to do when everyone around you starts saying the world is flat and that people who say it’s round are entitled and bitter assholes.”

    You have some treats ahead of you Zer0. For someone that champions the narrative potential of games and quality writing you have some really nice treats. Plus some Grade A Voice Acting of the most hilarious sort.

    #124 2 years ago
  125. Patrick Garratt

    @121 Dave’s on holiday for the next week. I’m going to write one on it in the next few days, along the lines of, “I can’t play this game because I’m too old.”

    #125 2 years ago
  126. Gabranth

    This article is just mind-boggling. I’ve held a lot of respect towards this site, especially after the article in December about staying true to journalism. Now all that is swept aside in favour of sensationalistic shitflinging? What has happened?

    If anyone honestly thinks ALL complaints about DmC are about Dante’s new looks, you are either ignorant/cherrypicking the most retarded comments/delusional. When game is no longer allowed to be criticized and valid complaints are just ignored by blocking your eyes and ears and yelling out loud “LAA LAA LAA I CAN’T HEAR YOU STOP BEING SO ENTITLED!!”, then truly gaming journalism is nothing but a crude joke and an insult towards real journalists.

    #126 2 years ago
  127. absolutezero

    No Dave for a week?


    Pat make a video of your ham hands battling with the game. Seriously.

    #127 2 years ago
  128. Erthazus

    I can’t wait to see sales charts for this game. POS will be forgotten.

    #128 2 years ago
  129. AHA-Lambda

    ok there’s good and bad here; yes it has been plainly obvious for a while now that gamers can bitch and moan over ultimately silly things, ME3′s ending ultimately showed this aswell. And an article lime this is needed to call them out on it.

    BUT this article has done 2 things to undermine it’s point. One: it’s 2013 now guys, if you still think everyone is moaning over this because of the hair colour change then you haven’t been paying attention! There have been some very justifiable concerns over NT taking the mantle of this series, but from the sounds of the reviews it has paid off. I will even try it myself and I am someone who was very against the game on announcement but after trying it at EG Expo last year I won’t cut off my nose to spite my face.

    Secondly and worse, OK Brenna, gamers do need calling out on their whiny entitled attitudes yes, but do it without stooping to their level because that is all you did.

    “According to this measure, the “gamer” kind is sexist; racist; homophobic; reactionary; unable to spell; almost exclusively male; hasn’t read a book since See Spot Run; probably dramatically under-equipped in the genital department; incapable of basic self-care like hygiene, cooking and housework; and covered in Cheeto dust.”

    I’ll just leave that there again, I’m sure you can see what is wrong with it.

    #129 2 years ago
  130. Patrick Garratt

    @127 It’s like a seal slapping his big flappers against a fish, honestly. I tried Ninja Gaiden on Wii U the other night. I lasted about 20 minutes and died God knows how many times.

    #130 2 years ago
  131. facebook

    No. ME3 deserved all the crap it got and deserves more. Bioware spent three games selling this idea that your choices mattered and the ending showed they were full of it from the beginning.

    I will never understand why people in this community whether they be fans or media are so forgiving of outright lies.

    #131 2 years ago
  132. monkeygourmet

    Should have made Dante a nice blonde chick with a huge rack and nice arse instead of this honky piece of white trash.

    He looks like a complete faggot and I’m never buying another NT game because of this…

    Being a man, I demand a more hardcore control scheme female gamers couldn’t handle, they probably had to dumb it down for girls.

    Maybe if The people liking this game spent less time in the shower and cooking like a woman they’d be able to handle older DMC games.

    Protip: cheeto dust helps your fingers stick to the pad when nailing tricky combo’s…

    #132 2 years ago
  133. bitsnark

    *My* main complaint against the rabid DmC fanboy throng was the fact that the apparent majority of them have only played the demo, intimated that they knew more about the game than their limited experience entitled them to and proceeded to blow vast, meaty chunks of bullshit out of their asses.

    For those of you who have played and completed the full article and still think its shit, then fair fucking play obviously.

    #133 2 years ago
  134. bitsnark


    Faggot? Really? C’mon, you’re better than that Monkey.

    #134 2 years ago
  135. Gabranth

    @134 I’m sure Brenna will make another passive-aggressive article about how she is above all criticism and cherry-pick obvious troll comments like #132.

    #135 2 years ago
  136. MisterGlass

    You’ve got some nerve, Brenna. Calling people names, attacking and distancing yourself from your own demographic because people dislike this game makes you seem like your in the developers pocket.

    Granted their hate is a little out of control, but it is legitimate (not the hair, but NT’s arrogance). A majority of people simply do not like change in every media; games are no exception. Have you ever tried writing this: “if you don’t like it, don’t buy it.” Did you forget that in journalism school?

    #136 2 years ago
  137. Joe Musashi

    This culture is bred on a diet of sensationalist, ADD, reactionary and conflict-championing material. It is no surprise that its response echoes tone of the material.

    That said, all participants – the media included – are guilty of furthering this type of behaviour. Whilst it may be fun to make an article celebrating something purile and base for whatever reason, that implicitly sends out a signal of approval to the readership. Imitation ensues.

    There’s little point making an article berating it one minute. And then making another article that implicitly endorses it the next. It’s like the NRA releasing a shooting game approved for kids just after they’ve made videogames a scapegoat in school shootings. Or arguing against the worth of videogame scores in reviews one minute and having an article collating some new game’s review scores the next. See?

    There is a strong element of cause and effect at play. It is dumb to argue one without taking into account the other.

    But a lot of this is just a symptom of the internet. Rightly or wrongly it gives everyone a voice and, rightly or wrongly, it gives those same people the belief that what they’re saying is worth hearing. Most of the time it’s not. People speak on the internet to have their ego stroked and to have their opinions validated.

    L’enfer, c’est les autres.


    #137 2 years ago
  138. Fin

    It’s only a game.

    #138 2 years ago
  139. YoungZer0

    @132: You better hope they don’t kick your ass for using the word “faggot”.

    #139 2 years ago
  140. FishFinger

    “the “gamer” kind is sexist; racist; homophobic; reactionary; unable to spell; almost exclusively male; hasn’t read a book since See Spot Run; probably dramatically under-equipped in the genital department; incapable of basic self-care like hygiene, cooking and housework; and covered in Cheeto dust”

    Nice semicolons on that strawman.

    #140 2 years ago
  141. monkeygourmet


    That was how Brenna was insinuating how most gamers are handling this,

    Just trying to show how ugly and silly that generalisation is.

    If I get kicked for that based on previous post history and contributions, I’d be pretty pissed off tbh…

    #141 2 years ago
  142. viralshag

    Bit of a ridiculous article in my opinion. I’m with MonkeyG and Gabranth on this one. A little disappointed in VG247 if I’m honest.

    #142 2 years ago
  143. pleasant_cabbage

    It’s amazing the number of people who actually can’t read.
    The amount of strawmen going on here is crazy :)


    Fwiw – I see this as a tongue-in-cheek article, and understand the “when stereotypes attack” opening paragraphs, but, I’d have put a few more “some”s in before “fans” in the main article.

    #143 2 years ago
  144. radioheadrule83

    I signed up just to say thank you. The butthurt this article has caused around the Internet is delicious.

    I’m sick of browsing sites like this and neogaf and reading nothing but scorn, snark, passive aggressive trolling, FUD and schadenfreude. Everyone seems to be an armchair analyst, a critic and a closed minded cynic – and a lot of the people most guilty don’t have half the imagination or talent that the people who put some of these games together have. It’s not enough to just speak with your wallet and not-buy a title you’re not interested in these days, it’s not enough to just enthuse about the titles you ARE interested in — no. Gamers on the internet have to foist their miserable opinions and attitudes on everyone else like anyone cares. The whining is hilaroius, keep it coming.

    #144 2 years ago
  145. YoungZer0

    @141: And you thought you’d make a good statement by confirming the stereotype? I’m guessing your plan sounded better on paper.

    @143: Agreed.

    #145 2 years ago
  146. monkeygourmet


    It’s kind of rife at the moment though.

    Shock journalism and misquoted articles seem to be the easy way of getting ‘clicks’.

    Gay Planet
    Tomb Raider Rape
    Girlfriend Mode
    Piracy 3DS misquotes
    Wii U power misquotes
    Mass Effect 3

    Apparently, implied sexism racism & homophobia gets clicks at the moment.

    Lazy, weak journalism IMO. It’s getting worse on VG247 too, seems like its coincided with the advertising push too…

    #146 2 years ago
  147. monkeygourmet


    Not really that fussed tbh. If people didnt understand this, they went in pre-loaded…

    #147 2 years ago
  148. YoungZer0

    @147: Sorry, but having talked to some of other DMC Fans, it was really hard to figure out if you were being serious.

    #148 2 years ago
  149. monkeygourmet


    Lol, should have engaged sarcasm mode on my post! :)

    #149 2 years ago
  150. YoungZer0

    @149: Yeah, i should’ve. :/ But as i said, having talked with many DMC Fans in the past, this comment wouldn’t see too far fetched. They can get really irrational.

    #150 2 years ago
  151. Ireland Michael

    Not that anyone cares about my opinion, but here goes.

    I am a hardcore Devil May Cry fan. I have bought every game on day one, the special edition of 3 and the limited edition of 4. I also own the HD collection. I have completed every single game from start to finish, on every single difficulty level. I have unlocked everything in every single game bar 4, through perserverence and practise.

    Hack and slash is also one of my favourite genres, alongside fighting games and RPG. I admire it’s technical excellent and it’s focus on deep rooted, skill based gameplay, the very foundation of our hobby. Bayonetta is one of my favourite games ever made.

    I respect the old games immensely for keeping skill, depth and challenge at the fore of the experience. I respect the genre for the very same reasons.

    Devil May Cry was getting old. 4 ended up reusing its art assets in reverse for half the game. It was a weaker game than its predeccesor, by a long martin. Without Kamiya, it had lost its steam. Nero was received with the very same hate back then that New Dante has been. I remember it well. Dante was originally not even supposed to be playable.

    I have played the new game. It is just as skill based as the previous titles. The demo is sadly not a strong testament to the variety and challenge of the combat is the full release. I think that was a big mistake on Capcom’s / Ninja Theory’s part. But I love the game, despite the changes.

    Old Dante had nowhere left to go.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents, for what it’s worth.


    @147 Brenna is not a shill. Dont be a jerk.

    #151 2 years ago
  152. M. K.

    Still going on eh? Thank you guys for all of this, I’ve really enjoyed it this far, but even I have enough for now :D

    I guess VG24/7 is also thankful, but you wont hear or read it. So thanks for taking part and jumping on this train, or better said in front of it :D

    #152 2 years ago
  153. Da Man

    Only one thing worse than hardcore gamers: angsty young men who make friends on Gamespot and are less articulate than the old Dante.

    Either way, I don’t know why would I spend $60 on this videogame. Like I give enough of a shit to sit through a few hours of blah blah blah in between juggling pseudo enemies.

    #153 2 years ago
  154. M. K.

    @153: It’s not just blah blah blah, Dante is sometimes using some very bad words!

    #154 2 years ago
  155. monkeygourmet


    How is calling someone out for writing a ‘flame bait’ article, ‘being a jerk’?

    Im not even a big DMC fan but I can see the rational problems people have with the new game.

    Brenna’s discription of one of these crazy neck-beard fans doesn’t apply to 99% of people I have seen comment on this site, so who is she directing it at?

    These articles are getting stupid now, at first I enjoyed some of Dave & Pat’s opinion pieces, now im starting to think there just easy ways to get clicks, especially when I see one like this.

    As people have stated time and time again, it’s not as simple as a change of hair colour for a lot of die hard fans, and tbh, I can see their point.

    Old Dante had nowhere left to go?

    Well, how about not releasing a game atall? This was branded a re-boot when in actual fact it’s a re-skinning.

    Lot’s of franchises lay dormant for quite some time before a sequel is announced, no harm in that.

    #155 2 years ago
  156. daytripper

    The ones who sent death threats to Ninja Theory deserve all the criticism they get, absolute cretins

    #156 2 years ago
  157. monkeygourmet


    Well yeah, has anyone on here done that? I doubt it…

    Thats why the article seems miss-judged for this site’s average reader.

    #157 2 years ago
  158. Cobra951

    Don’t pull any punches, Brenna. Tell us how you really feel about your VG247 readers.

    It’s all been said already well enough in the firestorm of comments before mine. So, bullet points will do to summarize:

    * There are gamers, and then there are people who casually dabble in games. My mother is as much a gamer as I am a race-car driver because I once took my car to a dragstrip.

    * Your article insults all dedicated gamers, not only those who hate DmC.

    * Seething anger from article writers is as unattractive as its counterpart from the Great Unwashed.

    #158 2 years ago
  159. M. K.

    Do you really think, you’ll get any reply? Sorry, but I think this thread has fulfilled its mission, so just go on guys ;) I for myself wont read any of those so called “my-opinion-counts” reports

    #159 2 years ago
  160. Spider Law

    I just dont like the childish dialogue. Its honestly written to the point to where the only individuals that will find it interesting in any sense would be sailors, drunks, druggies, immature adults that have yet to grow up in their sense of humor or vocabulary, and 13 year old boys and girls.

    It’s much like the loved movie Ted. I thought it was pretty dumb but my adopted 11, 12, and 14yr old kids (that watched it before i recently adopted them because i sure as hell wouldn’t let any of them watch the garbage at their age) thought it was the most hilarious movie they have ever seen. That’s when you know something is terrible. When its dialogue and scenery is to be exclusive to adult eyes but is only found to be hilarious to children or those with an equal mind set of a child.

    Fuck you, Fuck you!, Fuck you!, Fuck Youoooooooooouoouououououououououououoouuouosdfklnsdfglkjhsvkljncvkjnxcvklbndskjgnfklsdjhfg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is not an example of good writing.

    @Dave, you for one should know good writing is when you see it, You sir are a good writer. So i dont see how you could enjoy this game so much. Maybe the action, which i did enjoy in the demo…but i hope the writing was equally good for you.

    #160 2 years ago
  161. Spider Law

    @151 Michael
    one of the best comments I’ve seen from you.
    Although i disagree that old Dante had nowhere else to go, he had plenty. But well said either way.

    #161 2 years ago
  162. daytripper

    @157 I never said anyone here has done it

    #162 2 years ago
  163. Telepathic.Geometry

    I have to say that I disagree with this article. It’s anonymous internet posters in general who are typically massive arseholes, not just gamers, and certainly not only DMC fans.

    #163 2 years ago
  164. tramps

    I don’t like DmC because the combat engine is shallow, 30 FPS in a hack and slash is disgraceful and the writing, voice acting, etc. is just god awful instead of deliciously cheesy.

    #164 2 years ago
  165. Ireland Michael

    @161, thank you.

    @164 I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with LIIIIIIIIIGHT!

    #165 2 years ago
  166. Dave Cook

    @79 Vergil shoots the pregnant woman, not Dante. Dante is apalled by it.

    @84 tardy means late. How are we being tardy?

    #166 2 years ago
  167. Alseid

    You know what the bottomline is?

    Capcom didn’t know what to do with DMC anymore. Popular opinion (reflected in these comments, even) was that the series was losing steam (I don’t agree entirely and I know people who disagree wholeheartedly, but still, that’s what people say).

    Ninja Theory, through their lacklustre games, had failed repeatedly to establish a successful new brand, even though their games were clearly designed with sequels in mind.

    So Capcom, in their current and inexplicable direction of moving away from japanese stuff, gave the brand they didn’t know what to do with, to the studio that can’t create a good new brand to save its life.

    Knowing that most likely NT wouldn’t be capable of making a game as good as DMC3, or sell as much as DMC4, so they went for the “get them angry, get them talking” angle: outrage the fans for free publicity, and appeal to the current adolescent demographic via swearing and whatever music and fashion is currently “hip”.

    Worst case scenario, they get to ditch both the brand and the studio.
    Best case scenario, the game sells anywhere from adequately to well, on acccount of the outrage and little else.

    Did it work? Look at the sorrounding shitstorm and you tell me.

    #167 2 years ago
  168. Dave Cook

    @160 thanks man :) appreciate that. In my review I said the writing wasn’t exactly Shakespeare, but I enjoyed the playfulness of it. I thought the action was great.

    Did you sign up today btw? If so welcome and hope to see you around the site.

    #168 2 years ago
  169. The Dude


    I’d say the demo does exactly what it sets out to do: give a taster of the combat of DmC. For me, the full game offers (aside from the extra weapons) exactly what was experienced in the demo. I felt underwhelmed, and I’ve given the game every possible chance.

    That’s not to say it’s a *bad* game, because it’s not. I’m a huge fan of Alessandro Taini’s art in particular, and I always appreciate seeing what he brings to the table. The world and backdrop of DmC is my favourite thing about the whole game – it’s the star of the show.

    But it doesn’t live up to its predecessors in the gameplay department, and I am very surprised to see statements saying otherwise. I had such an annoying time adjusting to the trigger system because I was controlling as if I was playing Devil May Cry (insert number). Now I understand this problem, although moving away from traditional DMC controls, doesn’t automatically make them bad… do anything enough times and you’ll become accustomed to it. But even after the initial hurdle I didn’t feel what I was doing was as “snappy”, as fluid as DMC4 say. I really dislike the lack of lock-on (that’s just me), and overall got the impression of a new hack & slash game having a good stab at being Devil May Cry, but not really getting there.

    Couple that with the fact that if you hid the name of the game and characters from me, I’d have NO clue I was playing the newest entry in the Devil May Cry series. Not the foggiest. And I’m just not into the rebooted characters or story (which we’re meant to pay more attention to now). Which just leads me to ask “why?”.

    All in all, it seems Ninja Theory have put a lot of effort into the game; there’s a whole lot of attention to detail in there which I can respect massively as an artist and I doubt they’ve set out to ruin anything. Any bad decisions will ultimately have been made by Capcom on this one. But step backward in combat control, the unlikeable characters & dialogue, plus what I feel to be the premature axing of the DMC I knew and loved would stop me from giving this anything higher than 6 Dudes out of 10. (Most of my <3 goes to the art).

    It's a nice little game, but for me DmC is no Devil May Cry.

    #169 2 years ago
  170. YoungZer0

    Arrgghh. Come on people, if you’re going to spoil the story, warn us. We can see your message in the preview to the right.

    #170 2 years ago
  171. splashofartstudios

    Thing is, most of the fans have let the hair thing go… It boils down to “emo shitty dialogue characters, 30 fps, you have to use certain weapons for certain enemies, Tameem is extremely disrespectful to his fans (that alone warrants me to NEVER buy anything from ninja theory… Why should I give my hard earned cash to a douche bag??)

    #171 2 years ago
  172. Ireland Michael

    @169 “Couple that with the fact that if you hid the name of the game and characters from me, I’d have NO clue I was playing the newest entry in the Devil May Cry series. Not the foggiest.”

    That was kind of the point.

    @171 So I’m not a “fan”, simply because I enjoy it?

    #172 2 years ago
  173. Gekidami

    …Why is the game called “DMC Devil May Cry” and not just Devil May Cry?

    #173 2 years ago
  174. FeaturePreacher

    What is it with critics being so apologetic about this awful game? I say just let Capcom and Ninja Theory learn their lesson with terrible sales of this crap. Then they can see why they should listen to the true fans of the series.

    #174 2 years ago
  175. Fin


    God, it’s almost like your opinion isn’t that of the majority? Fucking CRAZY amirite?

    #175 2 years ago
  176. Clupula

    I’d really like to see comments from the time of DMC4′s release saying that the series had nowhere to go.

    In fact, if I recall correctly the complaints from fans at the time were 1) about Nero and 2) that it didn’t continue from the cliffhanger ending of DMC2. No one said, “Oh, well, we’re all tired of this series.” I also recall most people having the same complaint I did about the levels and bosses repeating, but once again, I don’t recall any of this, “We need a new Dante to fix things” that everyone claims was such a prominent call.

    I’d like someone to prove me wrong with a pre-2010 article somewhere.

    #176 2 years ago
  177. Ireland Michael

    @174 Many of us happen to… *gasp* actually like it.

    I have to say, comments about “true fans” get tedious really, really fast.

    @176 I was tired with 4 the moment they started reusing the levels backwards half ways through the game. *Nero* himself is the proof that they didn’t know where to go with the series.

    Dante himself was virtually unchanged gameplay wise – they simply added the ability for you to change stances on the fly.

    #177 2 years ago
  178. monkeygourmet

    So, from what I’ve gathered:

    The game plays worse than in previous titles and the new script and art design are down to personal tastes.

    Slow clap for NT.

    My take is (again speculation):

    This was another fucking boardroom driven reskin / reboot.

    “Let’s make it cool guys, what’s cool?

    Well kids like action, swears and dubstep!”

    Shoe horn all that shit in then away you go!

    Am I in the right ballpark here?

    #178 2 years ago
  179. Clupula

    @174 – I think it’s the belief that if we’re told that we’re supposed to like something enough, that we will. It’s establishing themselves as taste makers and I often wonder how many of the 9/10 reviews would have been 6/10 reviews if there hadn’t been the established hatred present for the game. In other words, they see a movement by the majority of fans of the original series. They figure that by mocking it and downplaying it, they can bully people into not just purchasing it, but changing their opinion on it. This helps to show the power of the gaming press and establishes themselves as leaders of the unwashed masses.

    I seem to recall something similar when Final Fantasy XII came out and the majority of the fanbase hated it, but critics loved it.

    #179 2 years ago
  180. Ireland Michael

    @178 The boardroom meeting for Devil May Cry 1.

    “Let’s make it cool guys, what’s cool?

    Well kids like action, visual kei, goth and j-rock!”

    Shoe horn all that shit in then away you go!

    Am I in the right ballpark here?

    DmC is as much a product of its time and culture as Devil May Cry was of its. Pretending otherwise is deluding yourself.

    @179 Funny you say that, FFXII is my favourite game in the franchise.

    #180 2 years ago
  181. The Dude


    But I said that it lead me to the question “why”. As in why such a drastic reboot to the point of being almost unrecognisable? That question was my point.

    Is it not a valid question?

    #181 2 years ago
  182. sandvich3k

    @166 “79 Vergil shoots the pregnant woman, not Dante. Dante is apalled by it.” And yet Dante tells Mundus how much he enjoyed seeing his son “explode into wet chunks”? Doesn’t seem very apalled to me.

    #182 2 years ago
  183. Clupula

    @178 – That really is also my vision of what the design meetings were like for this game.

    #183 2 years ago
  184. Fin


    Why not? DmC had become an old, stale, last-gen (design-wise) series. Why not shake it up and see what new converts a reboot would bring.


    I know man! True fans are obviously right! The entire videogame journalism establishment is wrong because you feel they are!
    It’s all so clear to me now.

    #184 2 years ago
  185. monkeygourmet


    I would like to bet that they had a gameplay blueprint first. The skinning would have come after.

    Can’t prove that obviously but it wouldn’t surprise me, the genre was very young then, I’m sure the gameplay would have been worked out first, especially as they were dealing with the PS2 and emotion engine.

    #185 2 years ago
  186. Ireland Michael

    @181 Because the old creative team was dead and gone.

    If you want to criticise anyone, criticise Hideo Kamiya.

    #186 2 years ago
  187. Dave Cook

    @180 ffxii is your favourite? Proper respect mate. It’s lot my all-time
    Favourite but third I’d say after 7 and 6. I got taunted by my mates for liking it back in the day, properly brilliant game, ace Gambit system, massive world. Yeah it was badass, like a single player MMO format.

    #187 2 years ago
  188. sandvich3k

    @184 Look at the review scores Dragon Age 2 and Metroid Other M got. The “videogame journalism establishment” is a bit of a joke these days.

    #188 2 years ago
  189. Ireland Michael

    @187 Yup. My favourites are 6, 9 and 12. It seems like they get it right every three games, so XV might actuslly turn out to not be shit.

    @188 Clearly, since they don’t share your opinion, they must be a joke.

    Other M’s treatment of Samus as a character was pretty appalling, but the actual gameplay itself was absolutely top notch.

    #189 2 years ago
  190. Dave Cook

    @182 because they’re trying to get Mundus mad to get him to drop his guard. So he pushes the boundaries. You’d know this if you played it. See, this is the problem with spoiler clips and getting them out of context. Are you understanding the problem with out of context presumptions yet?

    #190 2 years ago
  191. Fin


    Too right kid. All the people that are angry in forums are right. Everybody else is wrong – though both DA2 and Metroid got 79 on Metacritic, so I’m not sure what you’re getting at.

    To be honest, I think you should have to prove you’ve 100% completed all previous games in a series before you’re allowed buy a sequel.

    #191 2 years ago
  192. Clupula

    @180 – You should get yourself a job in the gaming press. :)

    #192 2 years ago
  193. Ireland Michael

    @192 Uuuuh…

    #193 2 years ago
  194. Muitsu

    @184 Considering the poor state that “gaming journalism” is currently in, alongside recent events (the infamous Geoff Keighley image, Eurogamer incident, Mass Effect 3 & gamer “entitlement” fiasco) I’ be more willing to trust the fans right now.

    #194 2 years ago
  195. sandvich3k

    @190 But I have played it. I’m sorry, I can’t quite believe you are defending the sequence where the protagnists murder a terrified pregnant woman. I really don’t see what there is to like or endorse about that. And no, a half hearted “whu thu fuck?” from Dante does not constitute being “apalled”.

    #195 2 years ago
  196. Clupula

    Also, considering how much money Capcom are pouring into this game, wouldn’t it be nice, to see the gaming press give this much love to a smaller game that deserved it, instead of one that already has millions of dollars of marketing muscle behind it?

    You certainly wouldn’t be getting accused of being bought off.

    #196 2 years ago
  197. Muitsu

    @195 You need to remember that Ninja Theory’s idea of a character doing something “badass” is kicking a helpless slave down a pit. What may seem like dickish or downright cruel behaviour to you and me seems amazing and awesome to them.

    #197 2 years ago
  198. Clupula

    @193 – Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

    #198 2 years ago
  199. MotherPuncher

    All I’ve gathered from reviews, articles, and people who like the reboot of the game and people who dislike it is: If you like it, you aren’t a true fan, and are the anti-Christ . And if you dislike it, you are only mad because of the hair and are an entitled baby and you need to grow up.

    This is becoming childish.

    #199 2 years ago
  200. The Dude

    @186 Why Kamiya? What’s your thinking?

    #200 2 years ago
  201. corbeaunoir

    Maybe it has nothing to do with hair color and everything to do with being forced to play an obnoxious tryhard lolsoedgy cunt who’s completely cringeworthy?

    Like, is that even marginally comprehensible for you guys who mindlessly suck Ninja Theory’s dick? It is seriously too much to ask that for one brief moment you cast aside your stupefying pride at completely succumbing to peer pressure and marketing and approach something with a critical eye for once in your lives? I don’t know what kind of new-age bullshit your parents taught you but people don’t improve or learn anything by being led to believe they’re innately perfect. They do those things by being told they fucked up. Grow a spine, and more importantly some standards.

    #201 2 years ago
  202. Ireland Michael

    @196, VG247,.and Brenna especially, gives tonnes of love to small titles.

    I remember especially an article about a lovely little game called Glitch that Brenna did a while back. It was all but ignored by the vast majority of the community, and the game has since folded.

    @201, “Maybe it has nothing to do with hair color and everything to do with being forced to play an obnoxious tryhard lolsoedgy cunt who’s completely cringeworthy?”

    Wow, it almost… almost sounds like you’re describing old Dante…

    …I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with LIIIIIIIGHT!

    I approach everything with a critical edge. The community here can back that fact up.

    I still think this game is good.

    #202 2 years ago
  203. monkeygourmet


    Basically this.

    Im suprised a lot of people I thought would have thought hated this direction have actually stuck up for it.

    It’s got to be one of the most lazy and obvious cash-in games this gen.

    I swear if this haden’t been a DMC game, people would have slated it.

    #203 2 years ago
  204. monkeygourmet


    So are you going to give God of War a try because they have changed the direction and Kratos won’t be killing as many innocents?

    #204 2 years ago
  205. Ireland Michael

    @203 My appreciation for the game has absolutely nothing to do with the title character and everything to do with my personal opinion on the quality of the gameplay.

    When your arguments start boiling down to the personality of the people arguing against your point… you’ve already lost.

    #205 2 years ago
  206. Jerykk

    I thought DMC fans disliked this game because it dumbed down the combat system and made it possible to beat the game through button-mashing alone? If that’s indeed true, their criticisms are entirely valid. DmC may have superior writing but the series was never known for its writing in the first place. Gameplay > writing and if DmC’s gameplay is inferior to its predecessors, fans have good reason to complain.

    #206 2 years ago
  207. monkeygourmet


    No that isn’t quite right, i’ve had numerous discussions with you on this game.

    You have had a hard on for it for quite some time based on your positive reaction to the new Dante’s design.

    I obviously am not going to slate you for enjoying the gameplay am just suprised you like this but not something like God of War.

    #207 2 years ago
  208. Muitsu

    @206 There’s a myriad of reasons, but yes the inferior combat is definitely among the biggest criticisms among fans.

    #208 2 years ago
  209. Ireland Michael

    @204 My problems with God of Wat have absolutely nothing to do with the art direction (cheesy and pointlessly ultraviolent as it is) and everything to do with the horrible controls and complete lack of any actual depth in the mechanics.

    If that somehow changes in the next game, I will totally applaud them for it and the significant jump in quality. Though I expect it’s going to the be the exact same awkward, slow, ground-floating animations as the previous five games. If its nota. Great!

    @206, “I thought DMC fans disliked this game because it dumbed down the combat system and made it possible to beat the game through button-mashing alone? If that’s indeed true, their criticisms are entirely valid. DmC”

    That’s the thing. It’s not even remotely true. There is so much enemy diversity in the full game, they hit so hard and fast, and require so much weapon swapping to beat, that button mashing will get you slaughtered after the first few levels.

    Mix that with the challenge of the higher difficulty levels, which pits you against end game enemies almost right from the start, and that argument is completely null and void.

    #209 2 years ago
  210. neuropunk

    “But that’s the mental picture I come up with in-between rolling my eyes so hard my skull shakes whenever I read some embarrassing comment about how Dante’s hair colour means DmC: Devil May Cry isn’t a solid, excellent game well-worth your time.”

    Whoever wrote this article is fucking retarded. Has so much more to do with the game being awful than the horrible ugly character design choices. It has more to do with Ninja Theory being unskilled developers and all their games being mediocre. Heavenly Sword is mediocre and Enslaved is a horrible game. Ninja Theory need to go out of business since all they make are terrible games, and I want great games. Terrible games like DmC are awful and do not need to exist because all they do is hurt the video game industry with their piss poor quality.

    So, in the words of Donte, mister author, FUCK YOU!.

    #210 2 years ago
  211. Clupula

    It’s also interesting that when people try to put down the old franchise, they bring up that “fill your soul with light” line, but never anything else. It’s like there was one embarrassing moment that they remember, but can’t quite recall a single other thing about it. Wonder why that is.

    #211 2 years ago
  212. Clupula

    @210 – Fuck you!

    Now, you’re supposed to say it back to me, because us doing that four or five times in a row will be considered brilliant writing.

    #212 2 years ago
  213. neuropunk

    @212 – FUCK YOU!

    #213 2 years ago
  214. Ireland Michael

    @210 Brenna is a woman.

    She’s also a respectful, kind, empathetic and generous human being. Where do you get off thinking its okay to curse at someone, call them names, and basically spit on them?

    @207, God of War’s gameplay has no depth. This does. It has tight, focused frame data, deep combo strategies, and requires a great amount of skill to master the levels, and especially the higher difficulties.

    I imagine half the people complaining about this don’t even know how to jump cancel.

    #214 2 years ago
  215. MotherPuncher

    @214 “She’s also a respectful, kind, empathetic and generous human being.”
    The article makes me assume otherwise. Kinda makes me think she’s a bitch

    #215 2 years ago
  216. BraveArse

    Well if that isn’t point proven I don’t know what is. Get some perspective.

    #216 2 years ago
  217. Clupula

    @213 – Fuck you!

    See? This is gold, right now!

    #217 2 years ago
  218. polygem

    i loved the dmc demo. it was fun. the bossfight made me laugh out loud in a good way. dmc always was cheesy.
    i am not the biggest dmc fan in the world but i played all the games and enjoyed them. i liked dmc 4 a lot too.

    what’s so funny about all this: it’s great marketing. for free. combined with the good reviews it’ll mean great sales for DmC…and that means:”we’re definiteley going in the right direction with the franchise!”

    if “fans” would just critcize what they don’t like while at the same time pointing out the things they like, it would really help the franchise to evolve, devs will listen to that. will they listen to someone throwing shit at you? i don’t think so, i wouldn’t listen. that’s basically what the article is about, about an attitude…brenna has a point and it shows in the comments as well. people don’t want to discuss, they just want to hate. play the game and enjoy it. don’t enjoy it? say why. stay polite, maybe the next dmc will be for you, let others enjoy the game…same thing happened to me with halo 4. so what. game on.

    #218 2 years ago
  219. Muitsu

    @215 “respectful”, “kind”, “empathetic” and “generous” are not words I would use to describe someone who belittles, demeans, aggravates and insults a group of people, all the while attempting to sell the product that this group of people believes spits in their faces.

    #219 2 years ago
  220. Ireland Michael

    @218 Ninja Theory didn’t make Other M. Team Ninja did.

    #220 2 years ago
  221. neuropunk


    I am not a fan of the video game industry being ruined with piss poor mediocre sucky games like DmC. That being said, she actually spit on DmC fans with this article. Yes, she is very respectful and didn’t call anyone names, like she didn’t name this article, “DmC: Devil May Cry “fans” are a crying shame”, basically saying that critics of this game are crybabies, and she even states “THE ONLY PROBLEM WITH THE GAME IS DONTE’S HAIR”, WHICH COULDN’T BE FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH!

    Ninja Theory is an awful video game developer and should go out of business since Heavenly Sword, Enslaved and DmC all suck so bad.

    Also what #219 said

    #218 – Team Ninja developed Metroid Other M, not Ninja Theory

    #217 – FUCK YOU!

    #221 2 years ago
  222. YoungZer0

    @214: I always wanted to know what that even is any why it’s so important to some people? What’s the point of it?

    #222 2 years ago
  223. monkeygourmet


    Don’t do that white knight shit again.

    “She’s also a respectful, kind, empathetic and generous human being. Where do you get off thinking its okay to curse at someone, call them names, and basically spit on them”

    She’s also an intelligent adult (I pressume), who know’s exactly what they were doing when creating this flame baiting article.

    Sometimes, you can’t just write certain things and expect zero reaction. Thats just crazy?!

    The last comment from @210 was obviously making fun of the awful writing from this game and using that as a joke.

    As for God of War, if you turn the difficulty up it’s not a walk in the park at all.

    I would like to bet it’s easily as deep as this game if you really wanted to bother with it on a higher difficulty.

    #223 2 years ago
  224. OlderGamer

    Wow, really?

    “Whoever wrote this article is fucking retarded.”

    If I had a hammer, your ass would be banned…and so would your alt. Uncalled for. Make it happen Pat. There is a difference between disagreing with someone and being an asshole towards them.

    #224 2 years ago
  225. HideousRampage

    I don’t think you guys quite get it just yet, not to mention that you’re like 4 months too late on this matter.

    Personally, I can deal with the design, fine after the first month of announcement I was a bit pissed about the design. Once they fixed him up a little bit more, I came to like the look a bit more. And I think that goes for a lot of people, the design looks fine at the end of the day. But the way that the game is made as a whole, it’s ridiculous. The story is written by a 12 year old who wouldn’t know sense or character development if it stomped on his balls.

    Also, the gameplay is completely fucked. The fundamentals are all there, it has the chemistry to make a pretty solid game, but they fell completely flat and changed too much of what made devil may cry, devil may cry. Not to mention the way the game was handled by both ninja theory and capcom was a complete crock of shit.

    In short.
    It’s a game made by a cunt, for cunts.

    #225 2 years ago
  226. monkeygourmet


    Poly, your still raging about Halo 4 inside! lol :)

    #226 2 years ago
  227. Ireland Michael

    @223 I’m going to stand up for people who have always treated me with kidness and respect. If that’s white knighting, then I guess I’m a white Knight.

    I’ve played God of War on higher difficulties. Enemy attacks do more damage. That’s it.

    #227 2 years ago
  228. FoureyesZero

    30 FPS FAIL

    #228 2 years ago
  229. FoureyesZero

    30 FPS FAIL

    #229 2 years ago
  230. neuropunk

    “Wow, really?

    “Whoever wrote this article is fucking retarded.”

    If I had a hammer, your ass would be banned…and so would your alt. Uncalled for. Make it happen Pat. There is disagreing with someone and being an asshole.”

    Like I care if you’re going to be a baby that I called someone a name because she was insulting DmC fans by calling them babies. I created this account, just to comment on this article, so I don’t care. This is my first time here. I just wanted to put the ignorant author in her place.

    So, there is a difference with disagreeing and being an asshole, and the author of this article wrote this with the intent of being an asshole?

    Also, what #225 said

    Anyhow, I hope DmC is a floppy bomb. I hate mediocre games.

    #230 2 years ago
  231. Cyven

    It is so naive to think something as trivial as hair color is a deciding factor in liking this game or not. I’m sure my predecessors have already pointed the complaints out, but here’s a quick rundown:

    Worse controls, slower combat, less freedom in combat, an overpowered axe VS a nigh useless scythe, much lower difficulty, a devil trigger that’s only slightly less ridiculous than if a star from super mario world suddenly dropped down, cutscenes during bossfights that take away all sense of tension, damage based style gauge, rather than a STYLE based style gauge, a lack of lock-on, lack of taunts, boring characters, poor writing*

    *yes, poor writing. DMC writing was never stellar and served only to set up a location and a reason for Dante to be there in all his stylish glory, but do you know what the old writing managed to do that DmC’s writing can’t? It sets Dante up as a good guy. Hell, with the hostage exchange part and Dante’s subsequent gloating, I didn’t feel like I was controlling a protagonist. I was controlling a douchebag that was more of a bastard than Mundus ever was.
    Then there’s the “twist” ending, but honestly I don’t want to spend my night pointing out everything wrong with this game’s writing.

    You may think it unfair that I, as a fan of the old games, am bashing DmC for its writing, but then it’s not the old DMC games claiming to have a much better story.

    The simple (abbreviated) truth is this game fails because it fails at being a DMC game. It still wouldn’t be a great game if it was an original ip, but the claim that it’s a legitimate successor in the DMC series makes it all the worse.

    #231 2 years ago
  232. OlderGamer

    “This is my first time here.”

    No it isn’t.

    #232 2 years ago
  233. Muitsu

    @224 Uncalled for, huh. So it’s okay to dedicate an “article” (it’s really more of a blog post) insulting fans of a series (shave your neckbeard, go outside, grow the fuck up, etc), but if you call that person an asshole, that’s suddenly not okay?

    #233 2 years ago
  234. polygem

    SORRY EVERYONE edited the other m ninja theory thing….didnt want to stealth edit…just realised after i wrote it. someone brought up other m here and i mixed things up….my bad. this thread goes laserfast…jeeez. opinion still stands.

    #234 2 years ago
  235. YoungZer0

    But other M was terrible. 0___ô

    #235 2 years ago
  236. Ireland Michael

    @222, Frame data is exactly what it sounds like. The number of frames that comprises a move. The slower the animation, the more time you have to react and less skill is required to get the most of the gameplay.

    - Will this move come out before the enemy hits me?
    - Do I have space between this move to insert a follow up?

    Stuff like that.

    The human brain is a pretty fast instrument, and frame data is the groundworks of this entire genre. A single frame can make all the difference. God of War has sloppy, overdrawn animation that take real control out of the hands of the player, and carry little to no weight.

    @231, Combat isn’t slower, there are jus less frames per second.

    In fact, your main aerial launcher is a much faster animation in DmC than it ever has been in previous Devil May Cry games.

    “The simple (abbreviated) truth is this game fails because it fails at being a DMC game. ”

    An opinion cannot be fact.

    #236 2 years ago
  237. OlderGamer

    I liked Other M ;)

    I enjoyed the SNES like feel to the game play and level design. I had a hard time with the Prime games because of their control systems.

    #237 2 years ago
  238. bluntdragon

    Ireland Michael, like this article, is trying to instigate you for page views (money). The more you try and “prove them wrong”, the more attention they get, the more $ they will ascertain. An entire fan base can’t be wrong, they know that and are exploiting the fact.

    #238 2 years ago
  239. monkeygourmet


    Of course you will.

    You’ll also fail to admit that this article is a loaded gun with no merit other than to completly miss the point of most fans dissapointment with this game.

    Sticking up for people is all when and good, I personally couldn’t stand by this article and say it was an honest assessment of the situation.

    That would be a lie.

    Sometimes it’s harder to point out when someones wrong or talking bullshit.

    #239 2 years ago
  240. neuropunk

    From the same author:

    “Ever since the Tomb Raider reboot was announced, apparently a re-skinning of a survival horror Crystal Dynamics had been pitching for ages, I’ve tried to keep quiet about it. Because it looked ruddy awful to me – lacking everything I’d loved and appreciated in the series to date, and a total betrayal of a character I’d held close to my heart for a substantial portion of my formative years. There. I’ve said it. Tomb Raider, from reveal to reveal, has looked like nothing but utter rubbish, and I have been quietly anticipating giving it a critical savaging of such righteous fury that brand manager Karl Stewart will have to put his laptop in the freezer and cry himself to sleep. I’m not a very nice person, I’m afraid, especially where “my” games are concerned.”

    #232 – what?

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    first time here with an account, anyway.

    #235 – nobody was saying it wasn’t. just, it wasn’t ninja theory but they would have done much worse tho

    #240 2 years ago
  241. Ireland Michael

    @238, Excuse me?

    #241 2 years ago
  242. stretch215

    This article : great ideas – HORRIBLE delivery. All those points could have been made without the insults, which make it sophomoric at best. I can’t believe you guys published this. Also all you guys raging are just upping the number of hits/ users on this site. Which, I’m sure, was the intention of the article anyway.

    #242 2 years ago
  243. polygem

    @og: same here. it had some flaws, mainly the fp view, other (m) than that (sorry) it was cleverly designed and a lot of fun. i liked to control samus with the dpad, classic feel.

    @monkey: i got over it somehow;)

    #243 2 years ago
  244. gamesjerk

    A fine, Great article Brenna,

    These ‘kids’ don’t know what life is like, let alone have the social skills to live it properly outside from under their patents roof.

    DMC is an amazing game, deserves a 9/10. Ive been playing games for over 25 years and wouldn’t call myself a gamer as its an open medium for all. Plus i would want to be labeled as one of these brats on here / web alike.

    idiots who need to LEARN MANNERS and how to formulate and argument properly before they type. i’d hate to see their handwriting. As messy as their adolescent heads I’d guess.

    No one owns the games they play, we have no legal ownership of a title, you have the other games. Play then judge. NT are a great independent uk studio. Blame your publisher for rebooting but not a developer for being paid to do their job, SUCCESSFULLY.

    I joined just to support this amazing game, roll on DMC2 and mgsr!

    #244 2 years ago
  245. Ireland Michael

    This comment section:

    #245 2 years ago
  246. Fin

    It’s only a game.
    Nobody died.

    #246 2 years ago
  247. OlderGamer

    Amazing all of the alt accounts poping up in this thread.

    I really enjoyed DMC one. It was flashy and fun. I didn’t enjoy the other ones nearly as much and at this point couldn’t really care about the franchise.

    Btw Mike/Poly, log your butt into XBL once in awhile so you can accept my friends request lol. You haven’t been on Live in 11days. What are you playing? Nvm, send me a Live/wiiu msg with that I guess.

    #247 2 years ago
  248. OlderGamer

    Fin +1

    #248 2 years ago
  249. fuckyou

    DmC: Devil may Cry fans are a crying shame

    There, I fixed your title.

    It’s hilarious how 12 year olds apparently can’t tell the difference between an intentionally over the top (and actually funny) game and “darkedgy tryhard selfinsertion marysue fights Mt. Dew, Fox News and THE MAN”.

    #249 2 years ago
  250. Spider Law

    @168 Dave Cook
    No, i am not new. Been part of this place since 2009 but left for a good while when some crazy stuff went down. I’ve been around, just dont comment much.
    Man, i went back to read what i put down and it was sloppy lol. But im glad you understood what i was saying.

    #250 2 years ago
  251. ZeroBusterXX

    I like how the only ones even mentioning the hair are the reviewers.

    People aren’t bitching about the game because of Dante’s look. They’re complaining about it because it’s a watered-down clone of “They Live” dressed up to look like Devil May Cry. It feels and looks a lot like some game that was redressed and retitled partway through it’s dev cycle.

    The combat’s slower than it was in 3 and 4 and the difficulty’s been toned way, way down. Even after it was watered-down in 4. People who keep saying that “It plays exactly the same!” haven’t been playing much DMC.

    And the writing? “I’m stronger.” “I’m faster.” “I’m better looking.” “… I’ve got a bigger dick” No. It’s not the same as it was. That “trademark wit” and “attitude” that the old Dante had is not present. Again, anyone who says that has either not played any of the previous games (Except maybe 2 where Dante was pretty bland) or is as paid off as the dudes from that Ginx TV preview were.

    When viewed on it’s own, DmC is a pretty average game, like a lot of Team Ninja’s works are. Nothing really all that spectacular, but nothing really all that grating. Their marketing and the constant “You people are just bitching about the hair!!!” thing is kind of grating, but whatever.

    Also, I like how the article mentioned that Kamiya wasn’t onboard. Protip: He was only involved in the original DMC anyways, so I don’t see how that would be an issue?

    #251 2 years ago
  252. monkeygourmet

    @Fin & OG

    Of course it’s “just a game”, and certain people are purely here to discuss that.

    For others, myself included, this article just highlights some of the shitty practice in ‘click generating’ we are starting to see dominate gaming websites.

    Many site’s have fallen because of this combined with advertising. When I say fallen, I don’t mean folded up, just become awful publications.

    I will use CVG as my prime example. Awful, baiting articles, usually spread over about 10 pages to generate more clicks.

    This isn’t a new thing, Dave even admitted it was his role in a previous job which initially worried me when I started seeing ‘opinion pieces on VG247′.

    He managed to keep it under control and offer a good balance however. Also, a huge plus is he actually communicated with forum posters, a huge thing when writing opinion piece’s.

    Like I said earlier, this article to me is the equivilent of doing a steaming great turd, then running off without explaining yourself.

    Dave even waded in himself at the start.

    Anyway, as people have stated, article did it’s job.

    I just hope it’s not going to become a trend as I am running out of sites I actually enjoy for gaming news.

    Kotaku, CVG, Eurogamer have all become shadows of their former glory and I swear it’s done to the increasing readership and advertising.

    Oh well, time will tell I suppose.

    #252 2 years ago
  253. YoungZer0

    @251: “People aren’t bitching about the game because of Dante’s look.”

    Your ignorance isn’t helping anyone. Can’t walk into a DmC discussion without reading the words “emo” or “faggot” at least once.

    #253 2 years ago
  254. polygem

    @og: just accepted it. cool! i am indeed bareley using the 360 atm though;)
    my live gold expires soon…don’t know if i will get gold again right away. hope more ports will come to wiiu.

    #254 2 years ago
  255. Ireland Michael

    Kamiya’s opinion on the whole thing:

    #255 2 years ago
  256. Kuzak

    Another dipshit “video game journalist” that’s been bought off by publishers/developers to defend their latest abomination.

    Brenna, you’re nothing more than a glorified PR service. The fans aren’t the problem. It’s you, others that share your occupation, and the companies that you accept your regular gratuities from.

    The game is absolutely terrible, 2/10 at best. Tameem doesn’t deserve a dime for this garbage.

    What I find truly ironic is that the game stresses the point on how one should never trust the media, and this is just more proof of that.

    #256 2 years ago
  257. Rayge

    @253: Your white knighting isn’t helping anyone. Last time I checked you couldn’t go into a DmC discussion thread without hearing about the 30fps gameplay, slower pacing, and a horribly written dialogue that sounds like a angsty 13 year old and is actually trying to take itself seriously.

    Anyway, this author has some White Knights standing at the gates for her. Even after being exposed as a hypocrite this person is still having people defend her name.

    Brenna Hillier:
    “Ever since the Tomb Raider reboot was announced, apparently a re-skinning of a survival horror Crystal Dynamics had been pitching for ages, I’ve tried to keep quiet about it. Because it looked ruddy awful to me – lacking everything I’d loved and appreciated in the series to date, and a total betrayal of a character I’d held close to my heart for a substantial portion of my formative years. There. I’ve said it. Tomb Raider, from reveal to reveal, has looked like nothing but utter rubbish, and I have been quietly anticipating giving it a critical savaging of such righteous fury that brand manager Karl Stewart will have to put his laptop in the freezer and cry himself to sleep. I’m not a very nice person, I’m afraid, especially where “my” games are concerned.”

    How about you take some of your own advice Brenna and shave that neck-beard of yours. And lay off the Doritos and Mountain Dew for a while.

    #257 2 years ago
  258. monkeygourmet


    “What I find truly ironic is that the game stresses the point on how one should never trust the media”

    Thats great! :)

    #258 2 years ago
  259. Ireland Michael

    In response to those insulting Brenna, Dave, Pat, myself, the members of this community and anyone else, calling them retards, idiots, sell-outs and whatever else besides, I say the following to you as a devout Buddhist with my faith held close to my heart…

    Fuck off.

    @257 Brenna is female. She’s kinda biologically incapable of having a neckbeard. She’s also thin and healthy, so I’m guessing she actually knows what healthy eating is.

    #259 2 years ago
  260. sh4dow

    You know, it’s reasonable to speak out against death threats and even the horrendous way many gamers behave these days. But… having no understanding for people’s passion about their favorite games (the whole “I understand how uncomfortable it is…” gets invalidated by what follows. Hell, partly even in the same sentence!) and even going as far as to be upset about suspicions of bribery, when videogame journalists don’t even get half the crap they deserve for their frequently insane ratings (I’ll come back to that in a bit) is proof for me that Brenna also has quite a bit of “fucking growing up” (what a surprise – talking down to people in a very aggressive way doesn’t exactly help one’s credibility either) to do herself. She might have well just have written in big letters “I am queen. You are all doo doo heads” and skip all the pretending to be understanding, critical or hell… even wise.

    As far as the bribery argument goes…
    One might argue it’s coincidence or incompetence but when I look at scores of e.g. GTA 4, I buy neither excuse. If anything, regular gamers should be MORE influenced by hype than “critics”, yet they frequently give scores that seem much more sober and reasonable (sometimes even in the opposite direction for games of lesser hype). Which is exactly why I stopped reading/watching “professional” reviews about five years ago and whenever somebody raises the bribery question, I can only think “Probably. But what are you gonna do? So just stop reading them and pay attention to user ratings instead.”
    Even with DMC in particular – I just watched part of a DMC review where “journalists” were bitching about gamers as well. They say how well-written it is and only seconds later, they show a scene of the game with a moronic one-liner that demonstrates the opposite.

    #260 2 years ago
  261. onefivefive

    Very well written and to the point.

    I find the fact that all the fanboys have flocked to the comments section to be hilarious.

    #261 2 years ago
  262. Sleber

    Another example of modern video games “journalism”. Nothing worthwhile, insightful, or even knowledgeable to be found here. Business as usual.

    #262 2 years ago
  263. Fin


    Y’know what? I don’t understand people’s passion. It’s a fucking videogame. It’s entertainment. If people get this worked up over holy shit, a fucking reboot of a game, they seriously need to get out more.
    It’s hard to be positive about a consumer group when a vocal minority decides one company/product is the devil and will never ever see any good in it at all.
    User ratings are generally horseshit. See: ME3, Diablo 3, MW2, etc. A vocal minority taking issue with one aspect of the game.

    #263 2 years ago
  264. VenatusVindictam

    I went through the “trouble” of creating an account to leave my little opinion at your doorstep. (I mean, that’s what you want right? A spicy article to attract more views? Kotaku style treats to make your site big and strong?).

    I just want to say how remarkably sick and disgusted I am at gaming “journalism” these days. It seems some people will go out of the way to insult the actual players while lifting up the makers to a higher level simply because they, as you put it, “companies like Capcom don’t lose ground”. Funnly enough, it’s been proven not only to me, but hundreds of thousands that they in fact, -do- lose ground from time to time. Especially companies like Electronic Arts and Capcom, as a great deal of dissapointed and ex-fans can attribute to.

    Dante’s stupid hair is nothing compared to the total departure into a 12 year old’s hyper edgy fanfiction with trashed comic book characters from 20 years ago. The fact that it was adults who wrote this, adults who’s careers are focused on writing mind you, is nothing short of mesmerizing. Mesmerizing in a similar sense as the Hindenburg, just at a smaller, more personal, level.

    So indulge me Brenna. How do you feel being a marketing tool for something that has become so reviled by its players? How does it feel to suck up to Capcom’s “fuck the customer” policy? (How do you like all these quote marks? Really brings out the cynical sarcasm if I do say so myself. Something you apparently appreciate as a fan of DmC.) I may hate DmC and everything it stands for, but you. Oh you my dear. You have earned a new breed of ire from me. A sort of obsessive disdain for slugs like yourself. The sort of person that covers everything they touch in a thick suffocating mucus.

    As personal threats are in poor taste, I can only wish you ill will.

    Have a rotten day Brenna. I hope you choke, and “Fuck you!”.

    #264 2 years ago
  265. monkeygourmet


    This article is flame bait Mike.

    Nothing more, nothing less.

    I notice how you’ve not really mentioned the article’s contents, just berated people who have disagreed with it?

    In your buddhist heart of hearts, do you honestly think this is a well written and balanced piece?

    You honestly think it was done without intending to induce a shitstorm?

    It was a preloaded gun, which Brenna just left and let everyone else do the work.

    For me, there was 4 arguments going on here.

    People for the reboot
    People against the reboot
    People for the article
    People against the article

    The first 2 are going to always fritter out into personal opinion at the end.

    The article discussion, I think is valid as it gives Pat et all feedback on what kind of things they like to see on VG247.

    #265 2 years ago
  266. Rayge

    @259: Whew, you missed the point of that Doritos and Mountain Dew comment entirely. She might know what healthy eating is, but she sure as hell doesn’t know how NOT to contradict herself. “Flock off feather face.” Take your sword and suit of armor elsewhere.

    #266 2 years ago
  267. Rayge

    #267 2 years ago
  268. Fin

    Pretty sure all of these comments prove the point of the article, no?

    #268 2 years ago
  269. Ireland Michael

    @265 This stopped being “valid discussion” as soon as people started calling other people dipshits and retards.

    #269 2 years ago
  270. Spider Law

    @168 Dave
    I’m not new. I’ve been here since 2009 but I left for a while when some crazy changes were happening here. I’ve been around, I just don’t comment much.

    Haha, going back and reading what I wrote is funny. I’m missing all kinds of punctuation, letters and words in my comments. Glad you understood what I was saying regardless though.

    #270 2 years ago
  271. onefivefive

    @268 Yup. I sincerely hope the irony is not lost on those currently spitting venom. I suggest grabbing some popcorn. I wonder if she called them dogs would they bark.

    #271 2 years ago
  272. VenatusVindictam

    May as well give them exactly what they want.

    In fact, lets give them more. Yes, let’s let them have every last bit of our “entitled gamer hate”.
    Because if I can’t win, I can at least be a sour looser.

    #272 2 years ago
  273. monkeygourmet

    @268 @269

    Jesus Christ, it’s a message forum guys!

    Anyone with half a brain can pick out the genuine comments (and there are a lot).

    You always have to filter out certain things.

    You can’t just use the lines:

    “It’s just a game” &

    “Discussion is no longer valid”

    When it goes a bit beyond that.

    I guess we’ll see how VG247 starts to look when all the adverts start clogging up the site and multi page articles start appearing…

    #273 2 years ago
  274. DaBaerMitDaLangaScher

    Ever since the Devil May Cry reboot was announced, apparently a re-skinning of an action game Ninja Theory had been pitching for ages, I’ve tried to keep quiet about it. Because it looked ruddy awful to me – lacking everything I’d loved and appreciated in the series to date, and a total betrayal of a character I’d held close to my heart for a substantial portion of my formative years. There. I’ve said it. Devil May Cry, from reveal to reveal, has looked like nothing but utter rubbish. I’m not a very nice person, I’m afraid, especially where “my” games are concerned.

    #274 2 years ago
  275. Rayge

    @269 Sort of like how this entire article stopped being “valid” after it insulted the entire DMC fanbase. Good job defending someone who’s doing the same thing everyone else is doing.

    #275 2 years ago
  276. Spider Law

    Not all. There have been plenty of reasonable comments amongst some of the dumb comments in this thread.
    Lets not give validation to some of the louder speakers when making comments as you did. Nothing about this article has been proven as the majority of the article is saying that there is no such thing as a “gamer” but there is such thing as a bad(person wise) “gamer”.

    Normally I enjoy Brenna’s writing but this rant article has too many contradictions and wide varied personal attacks. I’m not saying this should reflect on Brenna though because again, she is a good writer and i usually enjoy her articles. just not this one.

    #276 2 years ago
  277. Ireland Michael

    @275 As an avid fan of Devil May Cry, I can safely say the DMC fanbase doesn’t need much help being made to look bad. It does a good enough job by itself.

    I would love to see how half of these people would actually act if they met Brenna in person and were asked to comment on this article face to face.

    Then we’d actually see where their balls are. Or aren’t.

    #277 2 years ago
  278. ZeroBusterXX


    Way to pick apart my argument! You have utterly crushed me!


    #278 2 years ago
  279. Sleber

    @268 The point of the article was to get hits. If that bit about small dicks (and that just goes to show you the kind of “writer” we’re dealing with here) didn’t tip you off to that fact, then you might have a problem.

    #279 2 years ago
  280. GilliamYaeger

    @259 “I’m missing the point and YOU CAN’T STOP ME!!”

    Forgive me, but I feel as though I should at least try.

    The reason why @257 was calling her what she called ‘fanboys’ in the article is because she’s guilty of doing THE EXACT FUCKING THING SHE’S COMPLAINING ABOUT. Its called hypocrisy.

    Also I find it somewhat ironic that you, a ‘defender’ of the game are being an awful lot more hateful than the so-called haters are being. Hell, I think I’ve only seen three or four hurtful comments from the ‘haters’ while most of the comments from the other side have been either rude or dismissive.

    And as for the fans general attitude…when you’ve got people…

    -Dismissing your opinions by calling you ‘sexist; racist; homophobic; reactionary; unable to spell; almost exclusively male; hasn’t read a book since See Spot Run; probably dramatically under-equipped in the genital department; incapable of basic self-care like hygiene, cooking and housework; and covered in Cheeto dust’
    -Dismissing your long, well thought out posts as being ‘just about the hair’ (which has happened several times in these very comments)
    -Repeatedly bringing up the LIIiiiiIIIIIGHT scene even though its completely fucking irrelevant to Dante’s character in 3 and 4. Its about as relevant as Batman regularly using guns in the early issues.
    -Saying the franchise was in need of ‘re-invigorating’ when DMC4 was doing this already by introducing Nero as a new protagonist for beginner players

    …then its no wonder people are getting angry. When you’re getting shat all over because you love a series so much that you can’t help yourself but scream into the night about how wrong things are, while people who’ve never ever touched the series before proclaim themselves to have a more worthy opinion than you and flat out LIE about what you’re saying, somethings very wrong.

    Also I can’t help but find it suspicious that, when I turn off adblock pretty much every site that I go to that’s giving DmC 9/10s is absolutely plastered with DmC advertising. It speaks of a deep conflict of interest. I’m no conspiracy theorist but isn’t it logical that when you’re recieving money from someone to advertise their product you’ll…advertise their product? And just look at the Kane and Lynch incident a while ago – something’s definitely up.

    #280 2 years ago
  281. monkeygourmet


    WTF? hahaha!

    And why would that be so hard?

    Have you ever offered constructive criticism, or called someone out before they do something stupid?

    You can do that in life you know, you don’t always have to make things lovely and fluffy for people.

    #281 2 years ago
  282. GilliamYaeger

    @277 I’d express deep disappointment with her for stooping to this level, and ask why its justifiable for her to outright insult people who just love videogames so much that they can’t help but speak out against a definite step back in every way.

    #282 2 years ago
  283. onefivefive

    @277 Well said.

    #283 2 years ago
  284. GilliamYaeger

    @283 Howso? He’s just insulting people who don’t agree with him. Its childish.

    #284 2 years ago
  285. Ireland Michael

    @280, And there’s a reason why people do that.

    Because they’re getting upset, defensive, and insulting over a video game.

    “Repeatedly bringing up the LIIiiiiIIIIIGHT scene even though its completely fucking irrelevant to Dante’s character in 3 and 4. Its about as relevant as Batman regularly using guns in the early issues.”

    It’s brought up because it’s the pinnacle of how bad it can be, not just one isolated example. Do I need to remind people’s of Lucia’s dialogue throughout the entirety of DmC2? Or was that part of the series “charm” as well?

    “@283 Howso? He’s just insulting people who don’t agree with him. Its childish.”

    Transference, much?

    #285 2 years ago
  286. VenatusVindictam

    Well I wouldn’t be so cruel to her face, that would be rude.

    I would tell her that her article is exactly what I hate about gaming journalism though. I’m afraid that’s something I cannot let pass.

    #286 2 years ago
  287. sh4dow


    Exactly. Let’s not talk about the merits of arguments but resort to convenient, stereotypical assumptions about their private lives. What does getting worked up over a game have anything to do with having to get out?! How do you know how much people who care get out? For all you know, it may just well be the only game they care this much about. But that couldn’t possibly be, could it? Because that would ruin your the world you’ve constructed where everybody who opposes your point of view of course has to be a crazy shut-in.

    Also, I find it very questionable that that already makes it hard for you to be positive about gamers. Either you just don’t care as much about sexism and homophobia as about big companies making money or… well, if you do, I’m wondering what you’re even still doing reading/writing comments because your head should’ve exploded a long, long time ago…

    As for the “horseshit”… You know, I really shouldn’t debate arguments that start like that. But I’ll still reply for the sake of more reasonable people reading it:
    If it ruins the game’s experience, “just” one aspect matters. And at least with Diablo 3, depending on one’s views, it may not have been just one (First, the whole art style didn’t sit well with many fans. Then, the always online aspect didn’t sit well either. AND then there were those technical issues to top the whole thing off. Also, it did not seem like people were appreciative of the auction house).
    Also I would be very interested to know how you know that they are just a “vocal minority”. Done a lot of polling among thousands of people yourself? With e.g. Diablo 3, on the one hand, you have “selling over 3.5 million copies in the first 24 hours of its release”, yet only 3000 people are playing it on average currently. So… let me guess… among the many, many, thousands who have stopped playing it fairly quickly, there is only a vocal minority who actually doesn’t feel they got their money’s worth – right?

    #287 2 years ago
  288. ZeroBusterXX


    Lucia’s in DmC? Or is capitalization a nuisance?

    Also, Capcom themselves kinda ignore DMC2. Hence why Dante almost always shows up in his look from either 1, 3 or 4 whenever it concerns crossover games (Like the VS series or ProjectXZone for instance). So, yeah. Again, not a great example.

    #288 2 years ago
  289. Ireland Michael

    @286 So you’re just a coward who does it over the internet instead then, basically?

    #289 2 years ago
  290. GilliamYaeger

    @280 Its irrelevant, regardless. The series only started putting effort for the story and such with DMC3, and the first game came out in an era where story was regarded as meaningless fluff to support the gameplay. Also the game was originally supposed to be Resident Evil 4, so its a successor to great lines such as “master of unlocking” and “you were almost a Jill sandwitch”.

    …also did you just seriously cite DMC2, a game so bad even Capcom asks people to forget it ever happened?

    #290 2 years ago
  291. Breadordecide88

    Funny how the author calls the fanbase kids, when only a kid would enjoy the terrible dialogue and gameplay regression in this awful reboot.
    Obviously the author isn’t an English or journalism major of any kind if she actually thought the writing was anything other than puerile crap.

    #291 2 years ago
  292. VenatusVindictam

    Why yes, yes I am.
    My but you’re a quick one.

    #292 2 years ago
  293. Ireland Michael

    @289 So basically half the series sucks? Alright. Got it.

    #293 2 years ago
  294. Rayge

    @277 I would not have a problem in the world telling her to her face how I feel about her or people like her or people that stand up for what she has said. I can’t stand people who degrade or stereotype others. I’m pretty sure that the women who are my coworkers (U.S. Marines) are far, far, more intimidating than some flustered, condescending game journalist.

    #294 2 years ago
  295. GilliamYaeger

    @288 Could you stop being so hateful, please? It feels like every single one of your posts contains at least one insult. Can we talk like mature adults rather than flinging shit?

    #295 2 years ago
  296. Sleber

    @285 You know that’s something I keep hearing a lot. “It’s just a video game.” “Well it’s no big deal, it’s just a video game.” Maybe you need to calm down, it’s just a video game.” It’s called a hobby. It’s called being passionate or enthusiastic for the things you enjoy. It’s called not being spineless (try it sometime) when a cherished series is run into the ground. Ok yeah, some people are taking it overboard, like what happens with ANY issue ever, in the history of mankind. But if you look at that blind negativity, and use it to ignore the actual criticisms and legitimate concerns, then you are being childish.

    And considering the author of this article once reacted the same EXACT way as the people she’s criticizing, it’s pretty godamn sleazy and hypocritical.

    #296 2 years ago
  297. GilliamYaeger

    @292 Well, yes. DMC1, while it was great at the time, has aged incredibly poorly, and DMC2 is…well, DMC2.

    When people praise Devil May Cry, they’re almost always talking about 3 and 4, which is when the series really hit it stride.

    #297 2 years ago
  298. VenatusVindictam


    Now now, he’s fully entitled to defend this girl he knows nothing about for her horrible article.

    #298 2 years ago
  299. GilliamYaeger

    @295 Hear hear. To hear her talking like she’s completely innocent of doing the exact things she’s complaining about…its more than a little bit disgraceful. It honestly makes me feel sad that she’s so wrapped up in her own viewpoint that she’s forgotten what its like to be on the other side.

    #299 2 years ago
  300. monkeygourmet



    #300 2 years ago
  301. Rayge

    Also, not once have you posted anything with any substance, “Ireland Michael.” Every time someone brings up how contradictory she is with what she said in THIS VERY ARTICLE:

    You evade it… like a white knight. And now you’re trying to play the part of a internet tough guy.

    I’m done with this game journalism website. Can’t believe that this company allows articles that attacks it’s reader base.

    #301 2 years ago
  302. Ireland Michael

    @296 So… the first one has aged like crap, the second title is so bad that we pretend it doesn’t even exist, the third one finally got the formula right, and the fourth game merely plodded along with a new character and re-used levels.

    Man, what a legacy to uphold.

    @297 I’ve known Brenna for well over a year, thankyouverymuch.

    #302 2 years ago
  303. VenatusVindictam

    Very well stated, both of you.
    And it’s so sad that they would pull it even further down with the latest release. And now that you’ve provided your clear bias for her as a person, I can tell you to let her know how much I hate what she is doing as not only a journalist, but as a gamer.

    #303 2 years ago
  304. sh4dow

    (Let’s try this a third time…)

    Exactly. Let’s not talk about the merits of arguments but resort to convenient, stereotypical assumptions about their private lives. What does getting worked up over a game have anything to do with having to get out?! How do you know how much people who care get out? For all you know, it may just well be the only game they care this much about. But that couldn’t possibly be, could it? Because that would ruin your the world you’ve constructed where everybody who opposes your point of view of course has to be a crazy shut-in.

    Also, I find it very questionable that that already makes it hard for you to be positive about gamers. Either you just don’t care as much about sexism and homophobia as about big companies making money or… well, if you do, I’m wondering what you’re even still doing reading/writing comments because your head should’ve exploded a long, long time ago…

    #304 2 years ago
  305. GilliamYaeger

    @301 Well, considering that DMC1 and Onimusha literally started the genre as we know it, and almost every other game IN the genre has taken cues from DMC3 as to how to be the best game possible…yeah, its an incredible legacy with a lot of weight in the industry.

    To see people arbitrarily insulting the franchise just to make DmC look good is super-duper shameful.

    #305 2 years ago
  306. sh4dow

    @ 263
    (Part two)

    As for the “horseshit”… You know, I really shouldn’t debate arguments that start like that. But I’ll still reply for the sake of more reasonable people reading it:
    If it ruins the game’s experience, “just” one aspect matters. And at least with Diablo 3, depending on one’s views, it may not have been just one (First, the whole art style didn’t sit well with many fans. Then, the always online aspect didn’t sit well either. AND then there were those technical issues to top the whole thing off. Also, it did not seem like people were appreciative of the auction house).
    Also I would be very interested to know how you know that they are just a “vocal minority”. Done a lot of polling among thousands of people yourself? With e.g. Diablo 3, on the one hand, you have “selling over 3.5 million copies in the first 24 hours of its release”, yet only 3000 people are playing it on average currently. So… let me guess… among the many, many, thousands who have stopped playing it fairly quickly, there is only a vocal minority who actually doesn’t feel they got their money’s worth – right?

    #306 2 years ago
  307. Ireland Michael

    @302 I think the new game stands perfectly fine on its own two feet.

    I don’t have a “clear bias” for her as a person. I’d criticised her stuff in the past if I felt there was something about them worth criticising. The difference is I’m not an insulting asshole about it.

    #307 2 years ago
  308. GilliamYaeger

    @303 8/10, great comment. Resorting to ad hominems and insulting the opposition is the lowest of the low.

    #308 2 years ago
  309. GilliamYaeger

    @305 So why do you insist on pushing the idea that the old games were nothing special as in @301?

    #309 2 years ago
  310. Sleber


    “Man, what a legacy to uphold.”

    You know I’m not even sure why you’re arguing anything, it’s obvious you know nothing about the games, or the fanbase. It’s almost like you have some sort of personal bias.

    “I’ve known Brenna for well over a year”

    And there it is. We can now safely disregard anything you say.

    #310 2 years ago
  311. Ireland Michael

    @303 “great comment. Resorting to ad hominems and insulting the opposition is the lowest of the low.”

    Pot, kettle, black, much?

    Oh right, it’s only insulting ad hominem attacks when its someone else doing it.


    The embarrassing and petulant whiners in the DmC community are getting all the criticism they deserve. They’re the weaboos and otakus of gaming culture.

    @308 “Yit’s obvious you know nothing about the games, or the fanbase.”

    I direct you to post 151

    #311 2 years ago
  312. VenatusVindictam

    Its two crippled feet.
    The gameplay itself, it’s mediocre. Nothing special. I can get pretty much the same experience from most action slashers.
    The visuals, alright. Lots of neat colors in the environments, but the character design is just tragic.

    And speaking of characters, the dialogue. Whomever wrote it needs to be slapped. It shrieks of lowest common denominator pandering. A tragic display of trying way too hard to be edgy. I can not allow anyone to seriously defend that tripe under guise of professional journalism. As if any game news site could pass itself off as professional.

    “The difference is I’m not an insulting asshole about it.”
    Well I am.

    #312 2 years ago
  313. sh4dow

    @ 263
    (Part two – self-censored because for some reason, it just doesn’t get posted)

    As for the “horse…”. You know, I really shouldn’t debate arguments that start like that. But I’ll still reply for the sake of more reasonable people reading it:
    If it ruins the game’s experience, “just” one aspect matters. And at least with Diablo 3, depending on one’s views, it may not have been just one (First, the whole art style didn’t sit well with many fans. Then, the always online aspect didn’t sit well either. AND then there were those technical issues to top the whole thing off. Also, it did not seem like people were appreciative of the auction house).
    Also I would be very interested to know how you know that they are just a “vocal minority”. Done a lot of polling among thousands of people yourself?

    #313 2 years ago
  314. monkeygourmet


    And, if this article wasn’t flame bait, maybe people would have replied differently?

    You can’t have it both ways.

    She has obviously got her intended response, but for you to pretend the article has any merit other than a ‘hit generator’ as way off the mark.

    #314 2 years ago
  315. OmegaSlayer


    #315 2 years ago
  316. Ireland Michael

    @310, “The gameplay itself, it’s mediocre. Nothing special. I can get pretty much the same experience from most action slashers.”

    I respectfully disagree.

    “It shrieks of lowest common denominator pandering. A tragic display of trying way too hard to be edgy.”

    So… entirely faithful to the franchise, then?

    #316 2 years ago
  317. manamana

    Great article Brenna! But I guess you got one thing wrong: one person in the developement of a videogame *can* really make a difference! Thats why you will keep the same Director in movie productions (yes, also hundreds of people work here) like the Indiana Jones or Star Wars trilogy (the olde) just to name the more prominent ones…

    #317 2 years ago
  318. GilliamYaeger

    @309 When I said you were acting like a child, I meant it. You’ve been personally attacking people instead of responding to their arguments for over 150 posts!

    “They’re the weaboos and otakus of gaming culture.”


    #318 2 years ago
  319. Sleber

    @309 As I said, safely disregarded. It’s clear you’re not arguing in good faith.

    #319 2 years ago
  320. Ireland Michael

    @316 I was discussing it just fine with people until more fanboys started whoring into the thread and started calling people retards and dipshits.

    #320 2 years ago
  321. GilliamYaeger

    @315 ‘one person CAN make a difference’

    Oh you have no idea.

    Read the interviews at the bottom. Literally EVERYTHING bad with Other M (the lack of support for nunchuck, first person missiles, those ‘wheres waldo’ segments) is Sakamoto’s fault. Its amazing, and more than a little bit scary.

    #321 2 years ago
  322. VenatusVindictam

    “So… entirely faithful to the franchise, then?”

    Tisk tisk. You haven’t been paying attention at all.
    Allow me to be clear. I actually don’t give a shit about the franchise, I just think it’s sad that this is what passes for entertainment.

    What I really hate are pandering reboots and hit generating journalists. This article here culminates both those issues into one steaming pile of shit.

    #322 2 years ago
  323. GilliamYaeger

    @318 “until more fanboys started whoring into the thread and started calling people retards and dipshits.”

    That. Stop that.

    #323 2 years ago
  324. TechnoSyndrome

    This article is just as bad as the people complaining, if not worse since you have a bigger soapbox than they do and are being paid to bitch about them.

    #324 2 years ago
  325. Ireland Michael

    @320 And I think it’s hilariously fun entertainment, with plenty of depth, and some great music.

    #325 2 years ago
  326. sh4dow


    I sure hope that wasn’t directed at me, since his comment referred to mine?

    At any rate… bringing it back to Brenna… Indeed, it would be fine for her to be just as insulting if she would be an equal to people who post in a tone like she did. But first of all, she is a “journalist”, so she should know better than to respond to the most stupid comments. And secondly, she also clearly thinks she is better than them (hard to give condescending advice if you don’t think you are). Both of which make her insulting tone very inappropriate and make her appear more like the “trolls” (again – I would rather call them passionate gamers, even if sometimes overly so, to varying degrees…) she is ranting at.

    #326 2 years ago
  327. VenatusVindictam


    Which tells me everything I need to know about you, the lowest common denominator.

    Just please, before I go, tell me what you think of the writing. Be open, I won’t bother to denounce you for it.

    #327 2 years ago
  328. GilliamYaeger

    @323 The gameplay’s alright, its got potential at least (bizzare technical issues like jump cancelling off enemies above you aside)…but the bit I find really puzzling is how noone’s talking about how all the enemies in the later levels are gimmick enemies ie you can only hurt them in certain ways. Its a decision that makes no sense in a game thats all about combat options, especially since you’ve been building up those options all throughout the game.

    Its really strange that you have to go back to the first levels in order to be able to really go crazy with all the weapons you’ve acquired, instead of the last levels being designed to let you show off how much you’ve learned throughout the game.

    Also did you seriously call the music in this game good? It sounds like shit to me. Maybe I’ve just got different tastes but I’m just not getting it…

    #328 2 years ago
  329. bitsnark

    Will you look at all these new names?

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many new faces in one thread before.

    #329 2 years ago
  330. VenatusVindictam

    Are you a fan of Sessler too? His was one of the more reasonable reviews I’ve seen.

    It’s exactly what it was written for.
    And what sort of person would I be to deny them that precious hit?

    #330 2 years ago
  331. Ireland Michael

    @323 “I won’t bother to denounce you for it.”

    “Which tells me everything I need to know about you, the lowest common denominator.”


    “tell me what you think of the writing”

    I think it’s knowingly stupid and funny. Just like the third game.

    @327 I think that may have been partially my fault… =D

    #331 2 years ago
  332. VenatusVindictam


    Oh sweetie, you think too lowly of yourself.

    #332 2 years ago
  333. Sleber


    “Look at me! Look at me!”


    #333 2 years ago
  334. monkeygourmet


    This article has done the rounds, I hope it doesn’t encouRAGE VG247 or Brenna to write more pieces like this.

    At least Dave joins in after creating an opinion piece.

    #334 2 years ago
  335. Ireland Michael

    @332 It’s like 6am in Australia right now. Get over yourself.

    #335 2 years ago
  336. monkeygourmet


    Michael, your arrogance and ego are showing, tuck them back into your buddhist pants.

    #336 2 years ago
  337. monkeygourmet


    So she’s going to weigh in tommorow?

    Great! :)

    #337 2 years ago
  338. GilliamYaeger

    @333 Its 7:45 AM. Please, calm down and stop making up facts.

    #338 2 years ago
  339. gomersoul

    wow, so many comments here…. has anyone played the game? it is so bad. i only decided to read this article because there were so many comments, shocked really

    #339 2 years ago
  340. VenatusVindictam

    Trying to get a rise out of you or not, these opinions are entirely my own and I will stick to them.

    I don’t intend on tricking you at all. The game was made for the lowest common denominator, and you like it. That is all it is, and that’s all you are.

    #340 2 years ago
  341. manamana

    @319 whilst Miyazaki made a huge leap from Deamon to Dark Souls imo, we will see where Dark Souls II will be heading without his genius …

    #341 2 years ago
  342. Ireland Michael

    @336 Well done, you used Google to check the time.

    It was a rough guess.

    #342 2 years ago
  343. DickBox720

    It disgusts me how misrepresented this article makes Devil May Cry fans.

    Just because the author has not played the original title, it doesn’t mean that no one has. And the fact is, the new title has serious flaws in terms of gameplay, character design, and dialogue, the three things that make Devil May Cry games Devil May Cry’s.

    Starting with gameplay:
    -Undeniably laughable difficulty, this is an objective fact. You cannot maintain the stance that DMC’s even hardest difficulties pose a challenge and claim to be a ‘gamer’
    -the Style system, subjectively the most important piece of the Devil May Cry formula has been hideously disemboweled in this title. There are barely penalties for spamming the same move, combos can now break through more than one grade, and gaining ranks is child’s play. Don’t try and claim that this makes it more accessable in a positive way, because the Style system is the most fun and rewarding aspects of Devil May Cry, and this new system replaces building a balsa model with playing with Duplex. See /watch?v=BNyNX0jY7aA before you reply
    -Canceling has been ruined under the new system. Although in previous games the jump-cancel has never been identical, the new system promotes either ignoring the feature of jump-canceling or the explotation of jump-canceling to gain higher combos unfairly.
    -Elimination of lock-on system makes manipulation of direction attacks a thing of the past, and creates a stronger focus on mashing on the enemy in front of you as opposed to using the 3 different lock-on systems to quickly engage a new foe. Basically, this allows people with low brain power to play the game without having to plan out their attacks.

    Character design:
    For a full explanation of why Donte is terribly written, please go to /watch?v=BuoUfyMUQTc
    However, I will gladly sum up why Donte and the other Ninja Theory cartoon characters are terrible without mentioning the hair.
    -Vorgil, Donte’s brother, is now an overly edgy and stupid looking caricature of his role in the past. For instance, in one scene, he purposely shoots a pregnant woman with a sniper rifle with the goal of keeping her alive and aborting the fetus. This is from the character who canonically would not use guns as they were dishonorable. And don’t give me any bull about how this is only offending me, as i’ve seen far worse things handled in far more mature ways. Ninja Theory’s only goal here was to be as anti-confirmatory as possible, which they succeeded in in an unintentionally hilarious way.
    -Kat, the main Donte-Gal, uses magic squirrel semen to do magic. To quote the article, “Ninja Theory has kept its sense of humour.” Hilarious, right?
    -Donte is a whiny spoiled brat. Watch the video above, seriously. Watch it. This is coming from the goofy, lovable, and overall kindhearted Dante of Devil May Cry. I don’t know who could possible prefer the rebooted character over Dante, excluding mallgoths who shop at hot topic (sorry for the ad homenim, i don’t usually like to slump to the low standards of Brenda but in this case I had to)

    -”F**K YOU’
    “F**K YOU”
    “F**K YOU”
    -”I’ve got a bigger dick”
    -”I am Mundus, the Demon King”
    This game seems like it was written by children, for children.

    Furthermore, let me post some inspirational wisdom from Brenda’s article on the Tomb Raider reboot
    “Ever since the Tomb Raider reboot was announced, apparently a re-skinning of a survival horror Crystal Dynamics had been pitching for ages, I’ve tried to keep quiet about it. Because it looked ruddy awful to me – lacking everything I’d loved and appreciated in the series to date, and a total betrayal of a character I’d held close to my heart for a substantial portion of my formative years. There. I’ve said it. Tomb Raider, from reveal to reveal, has looked like nothing but utter rubbish, and I have been quietly anticipating giving it a critical savaging of such righteous fury that brand manager Karl Stewart will have to put his laptop in the freezer and cry himself to sleep. I’m not a very nice person, I’m afraid, especially where “my” games are concerned.”

    The irony is Shakespearean.

    I’m expecting this post to be deleted, but in case it is not, I would like you to read it fully before agreeing with the article above.

    #343 2 years ago
  344. VenatusVindictam


    How can a rough guess of your own time be off by almost 2 hours? You’re using an internet capable device for koala’s sake.

    #344 2 years ago
  345. YoungZer0

    Boring, so boring.

    “It disgusts me how misrepresented this article makes Devil May Cry fans.”

    I’m guessing you haven’t read any of the comments. Or any comments of a DmC article.

    #345 2 years ago
  346. GilliamYaeger


    I live in Australia, you idiot.

    @341 It prolly won’t be deleted but expect Ireland Michael to ignore all your points and attack you personally.

    #346 2 years ago
  347. Ireland Michael

    @340 “It disgusts me how misrepresented this article makes Devil May Cry fans.”

    I’d say it does a very good job of representing them. They’ve done a pretty bang up job of validating it in this thread alone.

    “I’m expecting this post to be deleted, but in case it is not, I would like you to read it fully before agreeing with the article above.”

    Posts on this site don’t get deleted. Maybe one or two since the site’s inception, and even then only if you’re a constant racist, bigoted asshole for weeks on end. Welcome to the community.

    #347 2 years ago
  348. polygem

    “-”F**K YOU’
    “F**K YOU”
    “F**K YOU”
    -”I’ve got a bigger dick”
    -”I am Mundus, the Demon King”
    This game seems like it was written by children, for children.”

    says the guy that goes by the name dickbox720


    #348 2 years ago
  349. monkeygourmet


    Seems legit!

    #349 2 years ago
  350. OmegaSlayer

    Ireland Michael…where do you think this whiteknighting will lead you?
    Sorry…the princess is in another castle :p
    And most of all she has shown quite some nails.
    I posted a vid about the best 10 bosses of DMC Saga…only Barbas from Dmc.
    I already told Dave Cook the bosses were all the same, except the head but he refused my opinion.

    The traversal gameplay is bland and inferior to Darksiders, as moving possibilities and should have been less boring, with at least enemies trying to prevent you from taking your time.
    This only happens in chapter 6, while a game like Bayonetta has it throughout

    #350 2 years ago
  351. monkeygourmet


    Waits for “WankStation4″ to appear…

    #351 2 years ago
  352. DickBox720

    Wait, let me get this straight!
    You write an article criticizing people PERSONALLY for their opinions, and then get surprised when they retaliate?

    Maybe you need to learn about context before you try to talk to people.

    #352 2 years ago
  353. YoungZer0

    @348: “He refused my opinion”? You mean like, he disagreed with you?

    #353 2 years ago
  354. Ireland Michael

    @351 Uuuh… write what article? I didn’t write any article.

    #354 2 years ago
  355. VenatusVindictam


    I’d tell you not to bother, but what fun would that be?

    Well you certainly don’t act like it.

    #355 2 years ago
  356. monkeygourmet


    This is the crux of it. Im sure Brenna knew full well what she was doing,

    makes it even more amusing when people try and White Knight and defend her.

    Acting as if she needs to be wrapped in cotton wool, jesus get some perspective…

    #356 2 years ago
  357. GilliamYaeger

    @350 Its astounding isn’t it? They keep saying that the DmC haters are terrible people when most of their comments here have been the very picture of civility, taking time out of their days to write long comments explaining their opinions in depth while these people keep attacking them personally and saying ‘its just about the hair’.

    Its hypocritical at best.

    #357 2 years ago
  358. Ireland Michael

    @554 *We* need to get perspective? You’re the one who think we’re “white knighting” just because we happen to agree with her.

    Trust me, if there’s one thing Brenna doesn’t want, it’s a white knight.

    #358 2 years ago
  359. gomersoul

    previous devil may cry games have been a million times better… thought this was a news website, not a journalists tell the very people that keep them in a job they are dickheads website… fuck that

    #359 2 years ago
  360. monkeygourmet


    Agree with the contents of the article (as in, you really think Brenna actually means all this especially after her Tomb Raider piece), or,

    Agree it’s flamebait click whoring?

    Do you personally want to see more of this (apart from click revenue) on VG247?

    Do you have articles like this on your website?

    How would you approach someone who asked you to publish this article on your site?

    #360 2 years ago
  361. GilliamYaeger

    @351 I think he meant that Dave blew him off or something.

    #361 2 years ago
  362. VenatusVindictam

    Why do you agree with her?
    The article is anti-consumer, hit bait, and flat out wrong. It assumes that the biggest issues is about Donte’s hair when it’s only a tiny portion of the issues surrounding it.

    You really are the lowest common denominator aren’t you?

    #362 2 years ago
  363. Ireland Michael

    @358 “Agree with the contents of the article (as in, you really think Brenna actually means all this especially after her Tomb Raider piece) or Agree it’s flamebait click whoring?”

    Agree with the contents of the article.

    “Do you personally want to see more of this (apart from click revenue) on VG247?”

    Yes. The more honesty in journalism the better.

    BTW, VG247 isn’t monetised through click revenue / page hits. One of the staff have confirmed this fact to me already.

    “Do you have articles like this on your website?”

    Plenty, although we’re more about the reviews right now than articles.

    “How would you approach someone who asked you to publish this article on your site?”

    I would tell them that if that’s what they want to write, go for it.

    @360 “You really are the lowest common denominator aren’t you?”

    Since I don’t agree with your superior intellect and flawless logic (lawl), clearly I must be.

    #363 2 years ago
  364. OlderGamer

    “Of course it’s “just a game”, and certain people are purely here to discuss that.

    For others, myself included, this article just highlights some of the shitty practice in ‘click generating’ we are starting to see dominate gaming websites.”

    I hear what your saying MG. Really. But scoop back a sec. I don’t blame them for tossing out a piece of raw meat to rabid readers. I have done baiting several times in my posts, so good at saying outlandish things that many folks think I am serious. To me, really it isn’t about what side I am representing about some issues, and more about getting people to engage in talking about said issues.

    In this case, no doubt a shot was taken at fans of the franchise that have been outspoken about the new game. But as if spot on, those said fans went crazy instead of taking it all in stride. Kind of funny really. Because it just a game after all.

    #364 2 years ago
  365. VenatusVindictam

    Well, I’m glad you finally admitted it. It’s the first step to not being a stagnant tool.

    #365 2 years ago
  366. monkeygourmet


    Well, fair play if you stand by that.

    If you honestly believe this is her actual opinion even after the Tomb Raider piece then I hope she appriciates your support and offers the same on your website when you need it.

    #366 2 years ago
  367. monkeygourmet


    I know what your saying OG, my girlfriend writes for a few site’s and we often disscuss flame baiting articles to generate hits especially to get noticed.

    It’s sad these disscussions even have to take place and you have to think in this way when breaking onto the scene.

    Thing is, Brenna has a job and is established, I just can’t see the benefit of an article like this other than too generate bad blood.

    And thats not what I come to this site to see.

    #367 2 years ago
  368. Ireland Michael

    #368 2 years ago
  369. grizzlycake

    A few weeks, if not months ago, there was a lot of talk about the integrity of games journalism on this site. You guys were almost ashamed of its practices. And now here we are.

    It’s a damn shame really. I’ve been coming to this site for 3 years now but I had never bothered to make an account. But this is just… wow.

    I’ve been reading a bit into the comments as well too on this particular article, something I tried to avoid in the past. Once again, here my only reaction is wow…

    #369 2 years ago
  370. monkeygourmet


    Except the two articles completly contradict each other?

    Begs the question wether she just pulled all this out of thin air?

    Both are fine pieces, but to build up a rapport with a writer you kind of have to believe in their convictions, especially on opinion pieces.

    You kind of have to stand by and stick to those opinions.

    Thats why I said they need to be handled with care, thats just basic y’all.

    IMO Dave Cook surfs the line quite well and stops it becoming a mess.

    #370 2 years ago
  371. Ireland Michael

    @367 Yeah, how dare they present an article on their honest opinion of gamers in our culture.


    #371 2 years ago
  372. GilliamYaeger

    Ever since the DmC reboot was announced, apparently a re-skinning of a hack n’ slash Ninja Theory had been pitching for ages, I’ve tried to keep quiet about it. Because it looked ruddy awful to me – lacking everything I’d loved and appreciated in the series to date, and a total betrayal of a character I’d held close to my heart for a substantial portion of my formative years. There. I’ve said it. DmC, from reveal to reveal, has looked like nothing but utter rubbish, and I have been quietly anticipating giving it a critical savaging of such righteous fury that game director Tameem Antoniades will have to put his laptop in the freezer and cry himself to sleep. I’m not a very nice person, I’m afraid, especially where “my” games are concerned.

    #372 2 years ago
  373. monkeygourmet


    Well her ‘honest’ opinion on Tomb Raider was:

    “Don’t mess with my games!”

    Now I just don’t know what to believe…?!

    Oh, wait a minute, I do:

    She is click generating and doesn’t really care either way about DMC fans.

    #373 2 years ago
  374. GilliamYaeger

    @371 She’s just mad because Lara’s breasts are smaller.

    #374 2 years ago
  375. polygem

    seriously. where are all this guys spawning from? i hope most of them wont stay! as much as i want this page to be successful…it became a bit shitty in the comment section for a while now but this really is a new level. monkey painted that eurogamer+ picture. now i will have nightmares ;)

    let me compare to halo 4 again. i think it fits. respected franchises, huge dedicated fanbase, new dev team. they changed a lot of things in halo 4 too. made quite drastic changes in the multiplayer department. i am a halo fan. halo 4 was my biggest disappointment last year. BUT i still think it was a good game, a very good game even. 343 deserve credits for it. just because i didn’t like some changes 343 made, it doesn’t mean it is a shit game. i really think that’s the point here too. DmC is not a bad game. some fans have been spoiled. they fail to see that maybe not the game itself has been hurt…but their egos.

    #375 2 years ago
  376. GilliamYaeger

    @373 Halo 4 didn’t have someone killing a pregnant woman by shooting her in the womb, then as she realizes what has happened and starts screaming in grief they shoot her in the head.

    And then the main character – who is supposed to be sympathetic, brags to the baby’s father about how much he enjoyed seeing it blown into ‘wet chunks’

    This isn’t respect of anything. Not even common decency.

    Here, watch these.

    -Donte breaks in to Mundus’s wife’s club, punching out an innocent bouncer on the way
    -Donte beats up and kidnaps said wife and child, then holds them for ransom (as seen at the end of the video)
    -Instead of keeping their word, Donte’s boss and brother, Vorgil, shoots the wife in the womb, then as soon as the realization that her child is dead has set in kills her too
    -Donte brags about how good it felt to watch Mundus’s kid be ‘blown into wet chunks’

    #376 2 years ago
  377. monkeygourmet

    @373 POLY

    I think it comes with Ad revenue Poly, although I won’t pretend to know how it works.

    The opinion piece’s have steadily increased with the scale of the adverts and as Dave came in.

    As he stated himseilf his previous job was to seek google hits (can’t remember his exact description), and, although he’s had a few shakey ones, generally his opinion piece’s are well managed.

    After the disclosure and transparency thing at least things got a bit better but creating ‘flame bait’ and leaving it hanging without ever finding out if it’s the writers ACTUAL feelings I don’t like so much.

    Like I said before, It needs to be handled carefully in gaming circles these days (just look at the Dead Island tit torso story).

    Lot’s of people out to get hits for advertisers over quality content.

    I just hope stuff like this doesn’t happen too often, but hey, who knows.

    If it happens much more, i’ll just drift off to another site (or though good ones are becoming hard to find).

    It just seems, the bigger a site gets, the more garbage starts to appear, but I guess thats the same with anything really. O__o

    #377 2 years ago
  378. Ireland Michael

    @373 You think this is bad?

    Check this out:

    They’re probably swarming in from N4G or links from people who saw the article else. News can spread like wildfire across the internet. It’s a crazy process to watch, like a giant… well… web.

    #378 2 years ago
  379. monkeygourmet


    Yep, people sure do flood in.

    Those dang opinion pieces!

    This is what generally happens if they aren’t managed in a fairly sensible way.

    Basically, it’s a win / win for the original posting site.

    #379 2 years ago
  380. polygem

    @IM: wow…that link…lol.

    @monkey: i hear you but i actually buy it…i think the opinion pieces are just that. .

    dave can get mad pretty fast and thats good ;) shows passion.

    i am a bit sceptical too though. this is a great page and it keeps growing. this is all cool, but i hope the vg247 crew will be able to keep growing and still stay awesome. this isn’t easy, maybe it’s impossible even. i really think they try though.

    #380 2 years ago
  381. lexph3re

    @374 why are you looking for characters that aren’t human to show sympathy amoungst other creatures that also aren’t human? Sympathy isn’t neccessarily a trait thats held in the lore of demons and angels

    #381 2 years ago
  382. polygem

    @IM: really, thanks for the link, very entertaining, will fully read that later. bookmarked it under: HaLOL 4

    #382 2 years ago
  383. lexph3re

    Also, pregnant woman? Or feminine humanoid demon?

    #383 2 years ago
  384. polygem

    @374 the master chief kills grunts too – in huge numbers- they are cute, loyal, underpowered, almost defenseless actually and have a good heart.

    he also killed those little flood babies and talks to a fake naked woman all the time.
    a naked woman that expires…how offensive is that?

    #384 2 years ago
  385. monkeygourmet


    I hope so! :)

    It’s not just this site, it’s gaming media in general IMO.

    Torso Tits
    No More Russian
    Muslim Toilet
    Lara Rape
    Girlfriend Mode
    Planet Gaylord
    3DS Piracy
    Wii U shitty graphics
    Explosion on a subway
    No female marines
    Bin Laden’s secret mission

    These are just the ones i can think of at the moment. All examples of blown up bullshit stories or crappy PR tactics to gain publicity…

    Yeah, gamings not great at the moment! :)

    #385 2 years ago
  386. DCtheBeardedBloke

    Articles like this really rub me the wrong way; as others have mentioned addressing the issue in this manner is no better than the vocal minority against DmC.

    For the record I am not a fan of DmC – I was however a fan of DMC1 and 3:

    Have I played the full game? No.
    Do I dismiss that it could be a good game? No – to an extent.
    Have I sent a barrage of death threats to Ninja Theory?
    No. Do I wish this whole matter was executed better? Yes!

    While I disagree with DMC being tired that doesn’t mean the reboot approach that DmC took was ultimately the right decision. Original Dante was somewhat one dimensional as a ‘party’ character but the newer Dante (regardless of hair colour) is equally one dimensional – unfortunately that dimension is just as polarising – if not more so than the original Dante.

    While previous Dante was polarising for some players due to his goofiness this new Dante is polarising through his action, demeanour and dialogue and as a result comes off as worse as he becomes a marmite character of the worst type – fans of his ‘edgy’ persona will lap up his actions and form the basis of a new Dante and it’s possible that sequels will come that cater to those new fans – and that’s a big issue.

    Alex Garland – writer of Enslaved has been on record saying that Tameem’s vision of Monkey was “a total c**t” as what Tameem saw as badass others just see as ruthless or downright being an ass – and that shows in DmC. The new Dante will always have this stigma attached to him as his actions aren’t exactly endearing due to his dialogue.

    Generally speaking sequels benefit from having the origin story out of the way and can instead focus on developing the characters further and making their actions bigger and more out there. DmC (ignoring the stupid hair colour debate) has already divided fans with its vocabulary (“I’m your prom date you ugly sack of shit”) and actions (the hostage exchange with Virgil which feels sick for the sake of it); what could a no-holds barred sequel do to ramp up the crazy and raise the stakes – at what point does the novelty of a gritty DmC reboot with a ‘serious’ story become too much and too sick to the point it can alienate even the original fans. When will Dante become obnoxious or a character no-one can relate to.

    Some may say this rant is purely about the story – and that’s true but the article in question here doesn’t even address the issues fans may have with the gameplay. It’s the Mass Effect 3 debacle all over again where some of the more rational complaints surrounding the game are lost in a sea of brain-dead ‘we don’t like the ending’ comments. In the same way some are simply parroting the colour of Dante’s hair being the wrong colour as the main issue.

    My beef with DmC concerns the gameplay and the story:

    I don’t mind simplified gameplay but here the core mechanics are Heavenly Sword with a style meter – doesn’t mean it’s bad but it’s simply not what I want.

    I don’t like how manual lock-on is taken away – mainly because it removes gameplay opportunities; the bosses may be visually impressive but they aren’t interesting in terms of gameplay and the greater majority are big targets or big targets who break up the fight with smaller minions – for a DMC game, reboot or not, that is just poor.

    The writing which was praised comes across as poor in my mind – was it really necessary to have Kat mention that squirrel semen is one of the ingredients in her spray can for entering limbo? Or have Virgil say ‘his dick is bigger’; It feels like one of those parody films which just does jokes or skits for shock value and comes across as juvenile – Not to say DMC was award winningly written but it never went for shock value and cheap ‘sick’ shots.

    You mention how it doesn’t matter as we still have the original titles but this may be the end of traditional DMC. DmC is a critical success like it or not and if this succeeds financially there is no doubt we will get a DmC2. Soon the Dante from DMC4 will be long gone and in cross over titles and merchandise it will be all about the new Dante. I have already established Dante and the new tone is a marmite series so how far will a sequel go?

    Is it a good, fun game? Possibly. But DmC is not DMC – it shares the same title but they will hold different legacies and fanbases due to the polarising direction the reboot has taken. You can’t dismiss someone because they like or dislike one game you happen to hold the opposing opinion of.

    I’m sick of every journalist taking pot shots at DMC fans because of the vocal minority of fans who oppose change.

    I am not against change – that doesn’t mean I can’t dislike change – and on the other side someone may appreciate the change. DmC happened. Too bad, but DmC fans please take the time to realise that just because you appreciate the direction it has taken that does not universally mean it is objectively better and that as a result the events of DmC may overtake those of DMC and become the new standard. Dante now has two flavours of crazy – I just prefer the one that comes with less emotional baggage.

    Fans of MGS opposed the Platinum take over but they are still getting their core MGS gameplay in the future. History with Capcom shows that sometimes things may simply get abandoned – look at MMLegends or Apollo Justice and now Devil May Cry – it lives but in name only for many fans – the experience and tone has changed, not necessarily for the worse but that doesn’t mean it has to be 100% appreciated by everyone just for being different.

    Enjoy DmC but don’t force it upon us because of the actions of a few mentioned in such a flame bait riddled article parading as journalism. Ninja Theory have talent but DmC doesn’t showcase their skills in narrative and script writing in any flattering light. Tameem said he wants to move the medium forward and get games appreciated as art – if DmC was the vehicle for that he failed in terms of narrative and if anything made them look more adolescent in my eyes – including the industry surrounding.

    #386 2 years ago
  387. polygem

    @383: let’s face it…lot’s of cash involved in this biz. everyone wants a slice. it’s even ok…but you should never sell your soul for it and i totally mean that dante style.

    #387 2 years ago
  388. monkeygourmet



    #388 2 years ago
  389. polygem

    …and everytime my wiiu gamepad starts blinking i think to myself: maybe i really do have an internet problem”
    good night lovers n haters

    #389 2 years ago
  390. absolutezero

    I don’t think DmC is important enough of a game to warrant almost 400 comments.

    What am I doing.

    Also is new Dante meant to sound half drunk because the more videos I watch and giggle through the more he slurs all his words like a pissed sailor from Tintin.

    #390 2 years ago
  391. YoungZer0

    Have we ever broken the 500?

    #391 2 years ago
  392. Fin

    There’s a weird fixation about killing a pregnant woman. That’s as much as I’ve picked up since I last checked in.

    #392 2 years ago
  393. absolutezero

    I think we might have made it to 1000 before. That was a mess of a comment section more or less dedicated to getting to 1000 if I remember correctly.

    #393 2 years ago
  394. Telepathic.Geometry

    Jayzus, almost 400 comments about people being arseholes on the internet? Incredible!

    #394 2 years ago
  395. YoungZer0

    @391: Did it have something to do with Nintendo sucking hard because they haven’t produced anything new in more than 10 years?

    #395 2 years ago
  396. absolutezero

    I actually can’t remember what the actual article was about at all, which says it all more or less.

    #396 2 years ago
  397. don555

    “According to this measure, the “gamer” kind is sexist; racist; homophobic; reactionary; unable to spell; almost exclusively male; hasn’t read a book since See Spot Run; probably dramatically under-equipped in the genital department; incapable of basic self-care like hygiene, cooking and housework; and covered in Cheeto dust.”

    Why are you painting all males gamers with the same brush? I am a male gamer and I fit none of the option.

    Furthermore from I what get from this article that if anyone doesn’t agree with you and doesn’t like the game then they must automatically be wrong.

    There is one thing to disagree with someone’s opinion but to have the gall to insult them is another level and is a really childish trait for a professional journalist to have.

    As for the game itself I have never played any of the original Devil May Cry game but I tried out the Ninja Theory demo Devil May Cry and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and I personally found them to be a boring game.

    Quite frankly I am disgusted by this “article” and you are no better than the very same people that you are trying to insult.

    #397 2 years ago
  398. YoungZer0

    Reading skills. Some people desperately need them.

    #398 2 years ago
  399. OlderGamer

    I haven’t played the game, and maybe I was being too hasty getting ticked at the heat coming from this article. I feel that droping in an insulting the staff is unacceptable. I feel it is like being a guest at someones home and insulting your hosts. If you don’t like it, leave. In both cases.

    But I did some looking into this game and damn what a mess. I mean really. W/o playing it, I won’t pass final judgment. But it certianly a game I wouldn’t want to play. And yeah, I played and enjoyed the first game.

    I think fans have a right to be upset. Not that that opinion implies that any gamer, fans or not are “owed” anything. This is a games biz Capcom can do what they like, and the devs gave it their vision. Gamers only part in it is if they want to buy it or not. The rest of it is out of their hands.

    As for the sites integerty. I don’t question that. Is this article flame inducing? With near 400 posts, I would say that question answers itsfelf. Intentional just for the sake of it? I don’t think so.

    There may have been a desicion to make more opinion type articles, and the idea of that could be motived by trying to generating more posts in said articles. Or it might just be reflective of other sites doing it.

    #399 2 years ago
  400. monkeygourmet


    Nice and fair summary OG.

    My bullshit detector isn’t being turned off just yet though! :)

    I still feel this was article was a well timed flight of fancy, but hey!

    #400 2 years ago
  401. absolutezero

    Pffffffffff no one cares about the article anymore we are discussing comment numbers now.

    #401 2 years ago
  402. monkeygourmet

    There we go 400, right I’m out! :)

    #402 2 years ago
  403. GwynbleiddiuM

    @397 I’m glad that you made this post OG. I’m just gonna say this and leave it at that, I’m really glad that you at least are not dismissive like the rest and actually acknowledge that there are valid concerns regarding both DmC and this article. Something that a lot of people ignored only to be able to attack people on personal level (talking about comments made by both side of the argument). All in all I hope we can put this behind us and move forward in with showing mutual respect for one another in future, rather than resorting to name calling.

    *bows in respect for everyone and leaves*

    #403 2 years ago
  404. Dave Cook

    This is fucking nuts eh?

    *goes to bed (tipsy)*

    #404 2 years ago
  405. absolutezero

    Enjoy your holiday Dave

    #405 2 years ago
  406. Erthazus

    Anyway guys, amazing writing:

    FUCK YOU and every “Mall Santa” that looks like you! (c)

    #406 2 years ago
  407. Dark

    ^ oh and don’t forget this

    #407 2 years ago
  408. Telepathic.Geometry

    Even the spam-bots are doing their bit. Are YOU!?

    #408 2 years ago
  409. mathare92

    To cheer up anyone who might have seen Giant Bomb’s end of year vids, I’ll just put this here:

    #409 2 years ago
  410. Kabby

    Troll bait of the highest order. The site’s 2013 mission is to become Kotaku I guess.

    #410 2 years ago
  411. Telepathic.Geometry

    I think that their individual end of year top 10 lists were pretty decent and sensibly chosen. It’s just that within the crew they have pretty wildly different opinions, so the average is a little bit, silly…

    #411 2 years ago
  412. salarta

    And I’m ashamed that so many people would not only accept but praise the open insult toward both the fans specifically and consumers as a whole that DmC is.

    I’m not talking about whether or not the gameplay is good; it probably sucks, but as I haven’t played even a demo and never will, I don’t have a right to make an actual judgment. I’m not even talking about the story when taken on its own terms; when taken on its own terms, as not a part of the Devil May Cry franchise, it might be the best thing ever. I’m talking about all the unnecessary changes made to the franchise, past comments made by Ninja Theory and Capcom, and what they really mean.

    DmC stars a “Dante” that is entirely different from the actual Dante depicted in the Devil May Cry series. This “Dante” is built out of an obsession with being “cool,” and from that obsession, he’s entirely a product of whatever Ninja Theory and Capcom think the general consumer audience wants most in a product. Translation: they think consumers as a whole are complete morons that will only play a Devil May Cry video game if the main character is smoking cigs, swearing and puts out a stereotypical anti-establishment “rebel rebel tough guy” image. This is NOT, as some would like to make it sound, the companies taking a chance with something that isn’t considered to be a safe direction. This is the companies thinking that the real Devil May Cry and Dante suck at attracting consumers because they’re “uncool,” and that only by completely stripping the series and the character of what they’re really like and forcing in an entirely different set of qualities will they reach a wider audience.

    And I’m not just talking from nothing there. Tameem’s remarks following the criticism brought with first impressions only further backed the appropriately bad expectations fans were getting. He insulted the fans the very series he’s supposedly making a video game of, and mocked the real Dante on grounds of not looking “cool.” More directly, he said that the real Dante would be “laughed out of a bar” for his appearance. The game was not created with the focus being on whether or not it’s appropriate to the series’ atmosphere and themes, or what we know about the character. The game was made entirely based on what Capcom thinks will sell more copies of the game, and what Ninja Theory thinks of as their “genius” when it comes to story and characterization.

    Because of this, purchasing DmC is essentially telling Capcom that tearing out everything that makes a series or character what it is and shoving in qualities that they think will sell more copies of the game is the correct way to treat a video game series and its characters. And it tells Ninja Theory that it doesn’t matter what they do to an IP that already exists, their “genius” means infinitely more. If we send that message with ANY game that comes out, then we send the message to every single video game company out there. Once that happens, then like a tidal wave, we’re going to see the heart and soul of every single video game IP out there torn apart as part of a quest for the almighty dollar. And even if DmC MIGHT be good on its own merits in spite of that, you can sure as hell bet that nearly every game that follows its lead would be nowhere near that level of quality.

    If you purchase DmC, you are sending a very clear vote with your dollar. And your vote is this: you do not want an IP and its characters to be given the respect they deserve. You want your video games to be created based entirely on what the talking heads involved think will sell more copies of the game, and taken into radical directions that go against everything the IP and characters ever were just for the sake of looking superficially new and different.

    You guys may be fine with telling these companies that you want to see every single great IP out there utterly ruined in the quest for more money, but I’m not. If DmC is as good as some people are claiming, then it’s a shame that Ninja Theory decided they didn’t want my money by associating it with the Devil May Cry series when it has no business being called a Devil May Cry game, but that’s their problem. If they wanted me to buy a game that’s so completely unlike Devil May Cry and Dante that it’s practically a brand new IP, then they should have made it a brand new IP.

    #412 2 years ago
  413. Rayge

    Just in case you missed this hypocritical journalist whining about how they changed Tomb Raider:

    Brenna Hillier:
    “Ever since the Tomb Raider reboot was announced, apparently a re-skinning of a survival horror Crystal Dynamics had been pitching for ages, I’ve tried to keep quiet about it. Because it looked ruddy awful to me – lacking everything I’d loved and appreciated in the series to date, and a total betrayal of a character I’d held close to my heart for a substantial portion of my formative years. There. I’ve said it. Tomb Raider, from reveal to reveal, has looked like nothing but utter rubbish, and I have been quietly anticipating giving it a critical savaging of such righteous fury that brand manager Karl Stewart will have to put his laptop in the freezer and cry himself to sleep. I’m not a very nice person, I’m afraid, especially where “my” games are concerned.”

    Yet here she is belittling people for voicing their opinions on changes to gameplay mechanics, frame rate, juvenile “edgy” dialogue, and changes to aesthetics. Pathetic…

    #413 2 years ago
  414. salarta

    @411 (Rayge):

    To be fair to her, if you read the rest of that article you see her more or less say “I hated the prospect, but then I played the game and was blown away so now I love it to pieces.” So she can’t really be attacked for that. In fact the progression she had in that article may back her opinion here because it follows her suggestion that the fans need to play the game and they can expect to be barfing rainbows of joy once they do. Still, it’s rather sad. She had the right understanding beforehand: when a company blatantly doesn’t show respect for the defining elements of an IP or character, it shouldn’t be rewarded for it. But somewhere along the way, they convinced her that all of that is free to be thrown away and forgotten if the gameplay is fun, or if thinking about it as a brand new IP would suddenly make it enjoyable on its own terms.

    Which is a real shame. Because where “Tomb Raider” is concerned, she’s set herself up for saying that while a male protagonist can start out as strong, smart and tough, it’s fine for companies to suggest that it’s impossible for a woman to start out that way. “Tomb Raider” sets Lara Croft up as having started not as a tough action star type of character that can be deeply admired, but as a weak and terrified survivor girl straight out of horror film tropes. That Lara, as a character, is a pathetic emotional creature when you really get down to it, and that the main reason she’s that was is because she’s a woman.

    Which is something only adding on to the savaging of strong female protagonists we used to have: Aya Brea, Samus Aran, Jill Valentine, now Lara Croft, all of them and I’m sure more I’m not thinking of have been “reimagined” as weak, pathetic emotional creatures or sexual objects at the core of who they are without a man or a really bad inescapable situation to make them whole and give them purpose.

    #414 2 years ago
  415. eishun

    there is a lot of legit complains how DmC is a bad DMC game
    it’s not about the character anymore
    it’s not about the hair anymore

    lets just say, if you pull out kill streak and death streak from cod [core of the game], and create a game named cod with only shooting..

    will people not angry at it?
    will cod fans just accept the change?

    #415 2 years ago
  416. Digital Bamboo

    A helpful link, for those who may not have encountered it before:

    #416 2 years ago
  417. ariessiren

    ooh i like you brenna. well said. also not to be mean, but most super hardcore gamers are a little “special” shall we say. to be that obsessed to send threats or freak out over something like hair is just unstable. like mental disability. i love to game, but its not my life. its a fun hobby like movies or music. while i love some games greatly, im open to change. most are not.
    plus online gives people an outlet to be crazy because they cant act like that in real life or they would be locked up. 51/50 mmhmm.
    yes its sad, but alot of us are stable hardworking educated people and appreciate developers as a team, not a solo effort like some think 1 person made a whole game. i say keep playing and support the good developers with talent and be respectful. takes years to make a game, takes seconds for someone to bash your work. that is NOT cool.
    i feel sorry for the people in these psycho looney gamers lives who have to know them. imagine how they are in real life? SCARY

    #417 2 years ago
  418. Gigabomber

    The hardcore fans evaporated around mid DMC4, and the rest of us moved on with the release of the HD trilogy. The gameplay is fine (good enough), if you want yet another DMC3 re-tread with a couple of improvements. There really isn’t enough here that innovates to justify the 100+ hours that some have sunk into previous DMCs to become truly great because there isn’t that much here. Police academy 5 can never be as good as police academy 1, but when the innovation has dried up…and who cares if it’s easy? DMC3 was just unapproachable for a newbie, why?

    #418 2 years ago
  419. Fin


    I’d shrug my shoulders and move on.
    However, most people would not. They’d be very angry, shout and yell. Which is the point really – gamers are pricks.

    #419 2 years ago
  420. YoungZer0

    @413: You mean like Call of Duty 1, 2, 3 and 4? Yeah, those games were never great without those elements.

    #420 2 years ago
  421. xxJPRACERxx

    Is this a 1st for the numbers of posts?

    #421 2 years ago
  422. Dragon246

    No. There is at least one 500+ thread, thanks to me :D
    See post #469 :P

    On the topic, the overreaction (aka death threats) always happen and are not indicative of an entire community. And I would say they are perfectly right in bashing the game, no matter how good it is. They could have easily made a new game with new name, but then obviously the publicity just wouldn’t have been there.
    Just think if your most favorite franchise *insert name here* goes a total reboot, it will piss you off. New DMC is not everyone’s cup of tea. It will lose many games and maybe gain many too. It always happens in reboots.

    #422 2 years ago
  423. bitsnark


    Dragon, its now clear to me that your sole reason for posting on these stories is to engineer these great big sprawling comments threads.

    Its like your twisted version of getting a high-score or something :D

    #423 2 years ago
  424. viralshag

    I didn’t think Dante was THIS popular… I can’t believe this is still going on.

    Kudos for your argumentative stamina I guess…

    #424 2 years ago
  425. Chris8bits

    I think it’s just homophobes and closet gays. Dante looks too hot now and they just can’t handle it.

    #425 2 years ago
  426. Erthazus

    @Dark, I can’t believe that Dante said that. That’s madness.

    Now that’s art, NT. LOL

    #426 2 years ago
  427. Dragon246

    Aww man can you at least give me a benefit of doubt. I really was curious what would happen that time. I just stumbled onto that because of these ‘more from vg247′ ads. I just posted that and slept and voila the thread exploded again. Never guessed that.
    Lets say that was a social experiment shall we? :P

    #427 2 years ago
  428. orakaa

    As others have said before, this goes FAR beyond this game. The problem is the article in itself. To me, DMC could be good or bad, I couldn’t care less (tried the demo, didn’t appeal at all to me).

    What shocks me (a lot) is the way this article is written as an insulting flame bait. Basically, it says that “if you don’t like this game, then you’re just part of the WORST that gamers have to offer: you are a no-life, homophobic, sexist, with poor hygiene and prone to send death threats and you should just grow up”.

    Great. Probably the worst piece of “arguments” I’ve seen for a very long time. Now, when Brenna wrote her article on Tomb Raider, I read it and REALLY appreciated it. Do I love Tomb Raider? No, but her article was well written and, above all, it was about passion, about respect… Not insulting people.
    We have the exact opposite here. Could you imagine people replying to Brenna’s Tomb Raider article by saying “oh come one, grow up, it’s just a game! And if you don’t like it then you’re just a pathetic no-life whiner”. Because that’s what this article just did. Even as non Devil May Cry hardcore fan, I felt insulted as a gamer. How come Brenna can say “it’s okay if I want to complain about changes in a game” but then right after insult people who do the same. Is that fair?

    There has been articles defending the new DmC, and even if I’m not interested in the game (by playing the demo and watching many videos depicting what I would describe as poor and cheesy writing), I still thought those articles were good. And I read them.

    There has been as many persons talking about THIS on those 400+ comments… yet, when Michael, for instance, took defense for Brenna, he never replied on those points, about the tone of the article, the intolerance depicted or the lack of respect toward gamers as a whole, as soon as they don’t agree with the writer’s opinion.
    If THIS is the way the VG247′s editorial line has gone, I think I’ll soon start to go somewhere else…

    #428 2 years ago
  429. Johnny Cullen

    Boy. This sure escalated quickly.

    #429 2 years ago
  430. YoungZer0

    Yeah, i stabbed a man in the heart.

    #430 2 years ago
  431. Mike

    Wow, looks like this blatant troll article paid off! Great editorial decision all round! ;)

    But seriously, that’s got to be a record amount of comments.

    #431 2 years ago
  432. grizzlycake

    @426 Damn right.

    #432 2 years ago
  433. YoungZer0

    You’d think that now, with the game out there would be less ignorant comments. Weirdly enough, the complete opposite seems to be the case.

    #433 2 years ago
  434. Rayge


    Uhh… she judged the game before playing it. Just because she has the privilege to get her hands on it early doesn’t negate the fact that she judged the game beforehand. Just like the shit she’s harping about in this article. She sounded like a fan venting over a series rebooting just like the DMC fans are. There’s no defense for her.

    What’s so mind boggling are the amount rabid white knights jumping to her aid after seeing how much of a hypocrite she is. This isn’t even about the game now. It’s the fact that this website would stoop so low for hits as to attack it’s own readership and generalizing an entire fan-base and gamers alike with degrading, extremely feminist, comments.

    What kind of maturity level is this journalist at? “Hey I can complain about my game, but ‘FUCK YOU’ if you’re going to complain about yours.”

    #434 2 years ago
  435. Carac

    From the beginning, my disappointment has stemmed from Capcom giving the franchise to Ninja Theory and their “cooler than thou, you unwashed masses” attitude. A lot of past decisions appear to be edgy/cool for the sake of being edge/cool and their creative director comes off thinking he is the most auteur person on the planet. As if it would be a crime to not let everyone know how great and unique his ideas are. DmC appears to be a good game…it’s just hard to swallow that Tameem Antoniades made a good playing game. I don’t want to support him…so I’ll buy it used at some point.

    Again, my early disappointment came from Capcom giving an action/gameplay focused franchise to a studio that had never gotten the gameplay parts of their games right at that point. Their combat systems were usually VERY loose and tended to always prioritize animation over control. There were good reasons to be wary of DmC from the get go and while most people latched onto the creative differences, mine was always the apprehension that a game series I loved for it’s tight combat and challenge was going to be a sluggish, loose, unrewarding mess.

    At some point Capcom had stepped in with designers to help Ninja Theory with the combat systems and I guess these scores bear that out.

    #435 2 years ago
  436. orakaa

    What I would like to know is if VG247 endorses and encourages this kind of behaviour in its articles now, if it is VG247’s editorial line, if they (as a group/company/younameit) think it’s “okay”. Especially after the whole “we have to respect our readers” that occurred during the whole UK game journalism issue at the end of last year.
    I applauded Dave for his article on journalism, for being honest with us (did the same with others, including Brenna on Tomb Raider)… but after that, having something like this “article”? Was Dave’s article just PR or did Brenna just had a bad day? Opinion and passion, yes, of course… but insults? If this is considered to be “okay” by VG247, I’d prefer to know. If that’s the case then I think I’ll leave now. Seriously.

    @ Michael Ireland : if this article has been written honestly, it’s pedant and insulting at best, and IF it has been written on purpose as a click generator, then it’s even worse (respect is totally absent in both cases). I don’t think it was made to be a click generator, but DON’T tell me that VG247 doesn’t earn income with the number of views/refresh they have and that they didn’t benefit a bit from this: those arguments could work on some people but not on someone who’s actually handled a website and advertising on it…

    #436 2 years ago
  437. Ireland Michael

    @432 We’ve heard you repeat the same point over and over again.

    Most of us have been here years. We’ve known Brenna for years. We know her journalistic integrity.

    You think you have some big valid point because of one specific article you’ve cherry picked out because you think it proves your point, conveniently ignoring any details that contradicts your argument. Yes, she was judging Tomb Raider based on wha she had seen up to that part, based on the nature of how it was presented to us by the publisher.

    Those earlier judgements were based not on gameplay, but on its cultural context – how it’s represents woman. Those are two completely different things. At no point did she ever attack the quality of the gameplay before sitting down to play it.

    @434 VG247 doesn’t earn its income from hits. I know this for a fact. If you’ve managed websites (I have) then you’d already know that monetisation isnt always through hits. The staff on here are many things (friendly, engaging, funny, communicative), but they aren’t liars.

    This was written because it was a relevant subject. Hilariously, the giant swarm of comments in this thread only goes to prove her point, and the fans don’t even realise it.

    Gaming culture is an often deplorable one, full of nothing but whining, priviledge, and insidious hate. It’s one of the most juvenile, pedantic and obnoxious media cultures it’s ever been my misfortune to be a part of, and all but completely killed any desire for me to personally become a mainstream journalist.

    Everything she wrote in this article is true. Sorry if you’re insulted by the truth.

    #437 2 years ago
  438. daytripper

    From personal experience I have to agree with 435

    #438 2 years ago
  439. orakaa

    “Everything she wrote in this article is true”

    You mean, as in “the “gamer” kind is sexist; racist; homophobic; reactionary; unable to spell; almost exclusively male; hasn’t read a book since See Spot Run; probably dramatically under-equipped in the genital department; incapable of basic self-care like hygiene, cooking and housework; and covered in Cheeto dust” ?

    SERIOUSLY ? You don’t address ANY of the points I raised on
    and you blindly stick to this “WE are right and YOU are wrong, and if you don’t agree with this then you belong to the category mentioned above”.

    Re-read my posts here: I have insulted anyone? No. Have I raised points that were backed-up with data? Yes, and I am far from being the only one here. You can’t JUST answer to the haters (there are haters here, of course, I am not denying it) and put everyone of us in the same bag. You can’t just blame everyone that just don’t agree with you by saying they are sh*t, just like what Brenna did on her article.

    I’m sorry, I honestly thought I could discuss with you. Seems like I was the only one wanting to do so.

    #439 2 years ago
  440. Ireland Michael

    @ “You mean, as in “the “gamer” kind is sexist; racist; homophobic; reactionary; unable to spell; almost exclusively male; hasn’t read a book since See Spot Run; probably dramatically under-equipped in the genital department; incapable of basic self-care like hygiene, cooking and housework; and covered in Cheeto dust” ?”

    The vast majority, yes.

    I wasn’t talking about you exclusively. I was talking about the vast majority of fans, the kind us who actually do enjoy the gsme and get insulted for have had to tolerate for months,

    There are fans who have been able to politely discuss why they dislike the game in a mature, respectful manner. Sadly, they are not the majority.

    Of course they knew this would be a reactionary piece. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s true.

    #440 2 years ago
  441. absolutezero



    aha ha ha ha

    #441 2 years ago
  442. orakaa

    @Michael : Again, I’m not saying there are no dumb*ss in the gaming community. As a matter of fact, I’ve always encountered those sort of people in any kind of community I’ve evolved into.

    But NO, they are not the vast majority… unfortunately, YES, they are the ones we hear the most (even Brenna recognizes it at first in her article by calling them a vocal minority… but then goes into generalization and stereotypes). Generalizing like that takes off all credibility to previous brilliant articles on honesty in game journalism and feminism (my wife is actively part of a feminist organization in France and we shared VG247’s article on feminism through her network with very positive feedback) that were going in the direction of stopping bad stereotypes and degrading categorization, whatever they could be.

    I am a gamer since I was a kid, at a time where being a gamer was pejorative. Since then it has become a mainstream thing, touching a much broader public. To me this article does the same kind of damage as a Fox News documentary on “gamers” and how “dangerous gaming is” with comments such as “this mass murderer was playing video games so all players are violent and potentially dangerous”. Something built-up to prove people wrong, to put a label on them. Yes some gamers are c**t. All of them? No. A vast majority? No. And putting an emphasis (on the article) on the few worst of us to back up the statement of “if you don’t agree then you’re one of them” is what I’m not ok with. This is cheap and low, because at the difference of Fox News, the writer knows what she’s talking about and does it deliberately.
    Dave did an article on DmC where he talks, amongst other things, about the extreme reactions of the haters that sent insults, etc. But he did it without insulting everyone, without poor stereotypes, without saying “if you don’t agree with me then you’re just one of those pieces of sh*t”.

    If it had been the case with this article, we wouldn’t have had that much comments and negative reactions. I’ve read ALL 400+ comments here, and if you put aside the extreme haters’ comments, you’ll see that a lot of people don’t agree with the article and the way it’s been written (NOT the whole debate about the game).

    #442 2 years ago
  443. M. K.

    This is getting even more funny. Now I think, that Michael is Brenna’s second account, that would make sense. I mean, you can’t tell me, that this is a coincidence right? :D

    /e: I’m sorry if this is kind of immature, or stupid or overweight or something, I don’t want to prove anything here. I’ll just replay some real DMC games, eat some crisps and hate on women or something, see you :)

    Oh and, stop telling me that I have to read books, I haven’t read a book for like… ehhh… 15 years, since I left school!

    /e2: Damn, the music is far too loud at the neighbours place, I guess I’ll have to threat him, because I’d like to, cause that’s how I roll :D

    #443 2 years ago
  444. Ireland Michael

    @441 I can’t tell if you’re actually being serious or just joking around.

    #444 2 years ago
  445. M. K.

    Sorry, I’m just having some fun. This has gone so far, you just have to look at it with some humour :D

    #445 2 years ago
  446. orakaa

    erf -____-

    #446 2 years ago
  447. M. K.

    And seriously, how can I be serious? I haven’t ever played DMC. (Well I played DMC4 and DmC Demo) So I can’t be that stupid.

    But I’m really excited to read about people like me. Just for notice, I like football, RPG and FPS, George Martin books, drinking beer and work out some times.

    /e: Oh and I haven’t played any other game than Black Ops 2 for like two weeks :D

    #447 2 years ago
  448. Ireland Michael

    @445 I meant about the alt account thing.

    Considering I was called a VG24/7 shill just last night, apparently intentionally posting inflammatory comments to boost page hits, to earn VG24/7 more money, that kind of crazy remark wouldn’t surprise me right now. =P

    #448 2 years ago
  449. Fin


    Yer, I’d be interested to see how many accounts share the same IP.

    #449 2 years ago
  450. Ireland Michael

    @447, They don’t. These are legitimately new people who probably found the story through N4G or other sources.

    #450 2 years ago
  451. M. K.

    Come on Michael, I know you long enough. I’m not one of these flameboys who came here, because they’ve seen this story on google :D

    #451 2 years ago
  452. theevilaires

    “We’ve heard you repeat the same point over and over again”.

    Holy shit the kettle calling the pot black :D
    Whenever you see O’Connor’s name pop up 5x-6x on every page of a long winded comment section its best to know its not worth your time to even post anymore. Although I have to say I’m astounded how fast this article got close to that legendary PSP article comment wise.

    #452 2 years ago
  453. monkeygourmet


    The vast majority of people who regularly comment on this site AREN’T like what Brenna described in this article, you know that’s true.

    This article was pure sensationalism. I’m just glad it brought some intelligent people in as well as the trolls.

    People to actually call you out on some of the bullshit you try and spin.

    You seriously need to pull your head out of your arse sometimes.

    You can’t divide opinion one minute then lump everyone together when you feel like it.

    Your only a moderator here, stop fighting everyone’s battles.

    #453 2 years ago
  454. Fin

    |The vast majority of people who regularly comment on this site AREN’T like what Brenna described in this article, you know that’s true.


    #454 2 years ago
  455. theevilaires

    “The vast majority of people who regularly comment on this site AREN’T like what Brenna described in this article, you know that’s true”.

    I read her little snippet up there and even if it wasn’t directed at all gamers then I hope she still braced herself for the negativity that would follow cause there are some sensitive guys out there on the net who can’t handle the “truth”. I would know since I myself have crushed hundreds if not thousands of these fools by my words alone.

    “People to actually call you out on some of the bullshit you try and spin”.

    LMAO I salute you M.G.!

    “You seriously need to pull your head out of your arse sometimes”.

    You’re talking to O’Connor…his head is his Ass.

    “You can’t divide opinion one minute then lump everyone together when you feel like it”.

    He’s very famous for that. Glad someone else is actually paying attention.

    “Your only a moderator here, stop fighting everyone’s battles”.

    LMAO…a secret XBOX LIVE meeting is being held right now to have you banned. Tactics include spamming the VG247 twitter account complaining how much the site sucks because of you and constant whining in every comment section about how much of a troll you are. But in reality you’re awesome to me M.G. ;)

    #455 2 years ago
  456. monkeygourmet


    Well for one, surely they would be booted if they showed: homophobic, sexist etc… Behaviour?

    #456 2 years ago
  457. monkeygourmet


    I didn’t like the article, plain and simple. But, I’d like to think Brenna wrote it knowing full well that it was going to have the desired effect.

    Basically taking a hot issue in gaming and turning it into flame bait. It was perfectly timed in all honesty, just not what I’d usually expect from this site, basically, not my cup of tea.

    What really annoys me though was Michael sticking up for it though.

    IMO he’s blindly defended someone without actually looking at the article.

    If it had been a male writer and the content was directed at female gamers, he would have gone MENTAL!

    You know this is true as we’ve seen it many times before.

    I really hope Brenna contacted Mike and was like, “dude, you do know I was just taking the piss”…

    I just hated the way he jumped in and defended without actually analysing the article properly.

    Hence, the White Knight stuff I think is pretty justified in this case.

    #457 2 years ago
  458. Ireland Michael

    @451 I never said the people who frequent this site are like that. I said gamers in general.

    @453 Says one of the only few people to ever have been legitimately banned from this site. Absolutely fucking hilarious.

    Nobody cares about your hate and your bile and your vitriol. Nobody ever has. You’re a resident community joke, alongside GIGA, BDH and Da Man. You will either be outright ignored, or just banned for intentionally trying to stir up shit again like the last time.

    @455 I read the article just fine, thank you. I just happen to agree with every single word of it.

    #458 2 years ago
  459. Cobra951

    @426, orakaa, spot on, my friend. Spot on. I don’t care about the game itself one way or the other at this point. (The demo didn’t make my mind up for me either way, and I have not played past DMC games.) The horrible article itself is the cause of my involvement, and looking above, I see I’m far from alone.

    #459 2 years ago
  460. monkeygourmet


    So why post in on this site?

    So we can all scoff and sneer at these ‘Whiney entitled fanboys’?!

    How fun and how mature, just think about that context for a minute?

    Is that what you want to do? Not really productive is it, you could even say its exactly what she’s accusing others of?!

    Come on dude, your Buddhist arent you? That kind of attitude can’t be good for the soul.

    #460 2 years ago
  461. theevilaires

    “legitimately banned”

    If you say so buddy. whatever makes you sleep better at night. The word legitimately coming from you sounds as wrong as O.J. Simpson saying he didn’t do it.

    “Nobody cares about your hate and your bile and your vitriol. Nobody ever has. You’re a resident community joke, alongside GIGA, BDH and Da Man. You will either be outright ignored, or just banned for intentionally trying to stir up shit again, like the last time”.

    Oh please like a give a flying piece of horse shit. The real joke around here is how you con yourself into moderation. I wonder how much ass kissing that took. Your lips must be sore. I see that since my so called banishment and return some changes have been made. Like my good buddy Cort not being around anymore or my pal Reask either and even though we didn’t always see eye to eye Pyschotext and Blerk are suspiciously gone too while many others are in incognito mode with new names. But then some things haven’t change O’Connor and thats your stench left behind after you have shit all over the comments section with your trolling. Do everyone a favor and STFU and read ip addresses so you can pass them along XBOX LIVE again you loser of every aspect of life.

    Funny how I get banned stay away for years, you become an annoying mod who harasses the community and the site’s many popular posters still leave for greener pastures.

    #461 2 years ago
  462. Ireland Michael

    @458 Right now I’m fairly intolerant of intolerance. I don’t have much patient for people who treat the world with hate and vitriol and then expect to be treated with respect at the moment.

    Please don’t bring my faith into this. I’m a Buddhist, not a saint. I’m just as fallible as any human being,

    @459 I didn’t even ask for moderation. I woke up one morning and had been given the position. “Moderators” on here are only responsible for cleaning up spam on the forums anyway, nothing more.

    You got banned. The moment you returned you got a thread dedicated to having you banned again. You’re bloody hilarious.

    #462 2 years ago
  463. theevilaires

    @455 he does it because he’s a loser. We all seen this kind of behavior before. he acts like a tough guy on the internet defending chicks cause in real life he is a LOSER! he has his own site but refuses to put any effort into that but trolls here day and night. He really thinks because he has the staff of this site on his 360 friends list that he’s special or apart of the team.

    Year you’re special alright O’Connor. You the VG247 official mascot dog. Thats the job of a moderator. To sit and watch boy….now go fuck off and fetch yourself a life you loser.

    #463 2 years ago
  464. DSB

    I just read the article, and I love the hell out of it.

    I’ve never given half a fuck about DMC, but it is glorious to see Brenna lashing out like that. I wish there were more unsanitized opinions like that on VG247.

    Personally I think it’s better to enjoy a provocation for what it is, than to mindlessly take the bait and start ranting out some totally incoherent defence of you and yours. That’s just pure validation of the accusation in the piece.

    Clearly Brenna must have come close to striking some kind of nerve, no? Nobody puts that much effort into a comment war unless they feel struck in some way. That’s well beyond detached amusement.

    I was however GREATLY OFFENDED by the sexism of the piece. We all know Brenna is a girl. There’s no need to go saying that anyone has small dicks. I mean really, this site is supposed to be on a crusade against sexism. What fucking cunts.


    #464 2 years ago
  465. Ireland Michael

    @461, I don’t think I’m part of any team here anymore than O.G. thinks he’s part of the staff.

    @462 Hahahahaha!

    #465 2 years ago
  466. Da Man

    orakaa, suggest ignoring Lolconner, replying to that generic misery only leads to more walls of passionate but banal and mediocre written hysteria.

    Funnily enough, he’s the most ludicrously tragic trolling piece of internet sadness ever witnessed by this website. From being a total joke in regards to pretty much any topic (continuous bullshit, misinformation, shallow copy paste analysis etc) through demonstrating the poorest results in any faken videogame he criticizes.. It doesn’t take a genius to see a moron right there.

    Fail after fail. Ownage after ownage. Yet the neurotic will always ask for more. Why? Because he lives in between Xbox Live, internet and kitchen.


    #466 2 years ago
  467. monkeygourmet


    This articles main theme is intolerance? But yeah, whatever.

    You brought up your faith, not me.

    You bring it up when you want to paint a better picture of yourself.

    It’s like me saying I’m a carer. I could still be a complete arsehole, your job or religion should never give you a free ride.

    #467 2 years ago
  468. OlderGamer

    err, wha, wait!? I am not part of the staff?

    *Looks at the big Yellow lettering on his newly printed up black T-shirt*

    Damn it, well there goes 10bucks.

    #468 2 years ago
  469. Da Man

    Also, yes the psychotic nerd constantly memberates. Of all people he should be one of the top candidates for a ban.

    #469 2 years ago
  470. theevilaires

    @460 The moment I returned I got nothing but praised and welcoming form the real posters and readers of this site on here and PSN. Hundreds of messages on PSN saying TEA welcome back we missed you so much and how much they hated you.

    I just started posting on this article but yet you’ve been here from the start to damn near 500 trolling trying to be a white knight in shinning armor. Your act is tiresome it really is. I’ve never seen so much ass kissing for a staff of writers in my life.

    Blerk gone,Reask gone,Psychotext M.I.A. and Cort my dear friend gone. Why? can’t be because of me cause they left after me. its you O’Connor people are sick of you dude! You’re diarrhea of the eyes. You got your little moderation gig you’ve be clamoring for now disappear…chevo earned: Destroy the VG247 community.

    #470 2 years ago
  471. stretch215

    Whoa! This shit is STILL going? Might as well make it 500, no? And let me restate this: I NEVER really agreed with anything TEA said pre-ban, and didn’t really get along with him at all as far as commenting goes. That being said, I completely disagree with his banning as he was no worse than any of his “opponents”. I also don’t think he is any more of a disruptive influence than some of the others posters here, especially since his return.

    #471 2 years ago
  472. monkeygourmet


    Isn’t sitting on that fence uncomfortable? :D

    #472 2 years ago
  473. absolutezero

    I’m so hot right now.

    #473 2 years ago
  474. OlderGamer

    “That being said, I completely disagree with his banning”

    He wasn’t aimed at you. You might feel differently if he was. The first few days of his return here were good. Even nice to have him back. But look at this thread. Look at the posting more recently. It has been ramping up.

    I am not posting this to instigate, just point out an observation. Most people have a range. They also have a center. Their expressions most often stay within that range, near the center. Some people have a wider range. Higher highs and lower lows. Tea is a passionate person and gamer. Sometimes the combination of those things cause trouble for him.

    The problem for folks like that, and I can think of several others, is that they aren’t here to be a part of the community as much as they are here to fight with it. They devide it into sides. Create the very sense of “as he was no worse than any of his “opponents”. “, as Stretch put it. Some people really enjoy that aspect of mixing it up with other readers. Just for the sake of it.

    Sure there are people that enjoy that in the forums. It can be fun and funny for them to read. But again what if it is aimed at you? What if every post and comment you made was followed by a releantless barrage of personal attacks? It isn’t as much fun then, and it certianly isn’t funny.

    I like Tea. I think he knows that. He and I were “friends” on here for a long time. But that soured. All over who enjoyed what system more. I am not going to get back into that stuff, it was rather petty to begin with. But my point is that it spireled out of control. And turned nasty.

    I hope things never get like that again, for me, you, or anyone else.

    This is one part site for fans to enjoy and one part biz for Pat. It isn’t intended to be either a posting battlefield or bullying grounds(tho with this article, lol, you have to wonder).

    #474 2 years ago
  475. Ireland Michael

    @472 Well said. Bravo. Salutes. etc. etc.

    Now get off the lawn! You’re fired!

    #475 2 years ago
  476. daytripper

    a rule for one another rule for others

    #476 2 years ago
  477. monkeygourmet


    Yarp, well said again OG.

    All very well, but sometimes people really do ‘move the goalposts’.

    One minute wading in with opinion, the next accusing people of being childish etc…

    It stinks of:

    “Let me say my piece then i’m going to leave the room.”

    We all have platform and game preference’s here, christ, if we weren’t passionate about our hobby, why would any of us bother to comment?

    It’s the hussle and bussle of the community.

    I must admit, sorry if it offends you but this paragraph made me LOL:

    “He and I were “friends” on here for a long time. But that soured. All over who enjoyed what system more. I am not going to get back into that stuff, it was rather petty to begin with. But my point is that it spireled out of control. And turned nasty.”

    You make it sound like Vietnam! :)

    (although I know in actual fact it was much worse)

    #477 2 years ago
  478. OlderGamer

    I didn’t mean for it to sound so soapboxy, lol, sorry.

    #478 2 years ago
  479. monkeygourmet


    No, it was good, I liked it! :)

    I was lurking around that period, so roughly know the score, TEA left shortly after I joined I think.

    #479 2 years ago
  480. absolutezero

    Were you one of the hundreds that sent him messages on PSN?

    :D ah aha h ha

    #480 2 years ago
  481. monkeygourmet


    I sent him flowers, get it right AZ… :)

    #481 2 years ago
  482. theevilaires

    Thank you Stretch215 I read your comment in the user thread that stickboy made and never got the chance to thank you for that because the article is gone off the side and I hate resurrecting those things.

    The reason I got banned was pure bullshit but it was for a reason and what I said was never meant to offend who people thought it was referring to. I did what I did with the intent of getting the response I wanted everyone to witness themselves. I basically sacrificed myself because I know I was the main target of the new rules thread that was put up that weekend and if you go back to that thread you’ll see that I never posted anything that weekend until I made a decision to give what the community (the hater squad part) what they wanted and I posted what I said. And if you clearly remember right after my so called exile a new rule was created….a #0 if I recall….so you be the judge ;)

    Its in the past and for what its worth I think I made the right decision. Although I was branded a “semi racist” (what ever that means,Obama is half white but I guess he’s still the first Black president) I have never ever once hated someone because of their skin tone and never made any slur or comments to back up those false claims. If you feel like I’ve attacked you because of personal stuff you put out here then accept my apology or not if I took my fanboyism too far, but I would never result to racism. Everyone on my friends list knows thats not me and if it was they would have deleted me a long time ago I’m sure.

    Whatever happens in the future happens but I know one thing for sure prominent key posters didn’t leave this site before me, they left after me which means the problem,disease,infection,O’Connor, or whatever you want to call it is still lurking around poisoning the eco system of VG247….and I’ve come back to kick its ass for good.

    #482 2 years ago
  483. Dragon246

    This article serves no purpose. Most of the people here may or may not disagree with DMC reboot, but none of us here are the vitriolic “gamers” this article refers to. Good gameplay or not, fans have a right to feel bad. I know I would feel bad if my fav series get rebooted.

    #483 2 years ago
  484. bitsnark

    “@460 The moment I returned I got nothing but praised and welcoming form the real posters and readers of this site on here and PSN. Hundreds of messages on PSN saying TEA welcome back we missed you so much and how much they hated you.”

    Who said they hated Michael?

    I don’t get all this attacking of people, Michael especially. So what if you disagree with him, but really; is there always the need to be so vile about it? That, I suppose, applies to all people really; videogames are one of the most fun things in the world, yet, why does so much misery get perpetuated in its name?

    #484 2 years ago
  485. monkeygourmet



    #485 2 years ago
  486. polygem

    i really think some people are going to far right here, right now. they probably think they are the cool, tough type of guy, speaking out what they believe in, strong, standing tall. the manly ones…lol.
    right now this discussion totally reminds me of a time where my favourite place to be was a sand box.

    “The moment I returned I got nothing but praised and welcoming form the real posters and readers of this site on here and PSN. Hundreds of messages on PSN saying TEA welcome back we missed you so much and how much they hated you.”

    i mean…you’re kidding arent you?
    this is scary.

    #486 2 years ago
  487. theevilaires

    I was just joking M.G. :D just thought it would add more to the dramatic flair.

    #487 2 years ago
  488. DSB

    POST 500!!!

    Oh.. Wait… Carry on.

    #488 2 years ago
  489. monkeygourmet


    My cat always used to take a dump in my Sand pit, it is a memory of mixed emotions for me. :)

    Again, as I said before though, you have to pick through certain comments I think.

    Look how much Dragon makes you rage! :)

    #489 2 years ago
  490. monkeygourmet


    I know, I just love that clip of Ian Mckellen on extras :)

    #490 2 years ago
  491. polygem


    but i think we’re working on it. in 5 years we end up being the best friends.

    i love to piss on sand.

    reask: yea where is the guy? he was ok. disagreed sometimes but a good guy.

    #491 2 years ago
  492. theevilaires

    Reask is a fucking awesome guy one of my best friends on any console I play…but yet he’s gone too. Did he get banned?…no Did he get tired of the hypocrisy around here?…more than likely.

    Wheres Cort? Wheres Blerk (VG247 best poster of the year 2X) wheres that guy that came from nowhere during the PSN outage and won people’s heart because he was a cool logical guy that did a better explaining of the situation than bias VG247 staff?

    Its ok we still have our two power mods who hysterically have been trying to carry the comments section along ever since prominent posters like myself chose to go else where because the hypocrisy just got out of hand. from what I’ve went back and read Dave Cook is responsible largely for keeping the comments alive with his articles. So kudos to that guy. For the attention whores who got Mod rights…the site has sucked ever since and I want the old VG247 back with G1GA,Reask,Cort,Spider-Law,Blerk,Psychotext and many more. Its a shame how anyone would trade their loyal fanbase for two crybaby Mods who need attention….”24/7″

    #492 2 years ago
  493. monkeygourmet


    Yeah, but you know what?

    This one, this one right here… this was my dream, my wish. And it didn’t come true. So I’m taking it back.

    I’m taking them all back.

    #493 2 years ago
  494. Slara

    I’m new to this site, this being my first post but I don’t really see the point of this article.

    I’m not a huge DMC guy, never was. I enjoyed the games thoroughly when I played them though. Well I didn’t care for 1 or 2.
    Maybe it’s different on this site, but many of the comments on YouTube or other places I feel like a lot of the complaints are well justified. Many of them are complain more about the combat than the hair if anything.

    I don’t know, I could agree with this article but it seems to be a very immature way of tackling the issue, the writer seems to be on the level of people that she claims to so firmly detest.

    I’ve rarely ever seen an article actually defend against some of the complaints of the combat mechanics of the game, they usually just fall into the routine of strawmanning all arguments into things about the hair. And this piece is no exception.

    And while there are plenty of those that do have silly complaints about the game like the hair, I feel like lumping the entire group in like that is incredibly unfair. The writer claims not to want to be thrown in a group of gamers that she so detests, but she is doing the very same thing.

    This article seems to be very hypocritical and evade many of the issues people have with the game. Its only use seems to start a flame-war.

    One last thing. I’d like to address the comments of “you’re arguing/mad/posting about it so therefore the writer must be correct because she struck a nerve.” Making someone angry has never been something that automatically makes you right, and I don’t see why it is here. Furthermore, without actually seeing the person you can hardly tell if they’re angry by text, even if they use a string of swear words.

    #494 2 years ago
  495. facebook

    Just stopping by again to say that this article is an embarrassment to journalism and an affront to critical thinking.

    #495 2 years ago
  496. Edo

    Come on guys,you can make it to 500 I’ve put some really cash on it so make it happen!

    #496 2 years ago
  497. Telepathic.Geometry

    Don’t worry Edo, I’ve got ya covered…

    /clears throat

    I actually think that violent videogames contribute to real-life violence. Is it a huge factor? Maybe not, but I’d say if we strictly controlled videogames as the germans do, gun-crime would go down. How many violent crimes have you heard of in Germany lately? None? Well…

    #497 2 years ago
  498. SmashLampjaw

    Wait wait wait.

    Is this a joke? Are you having a giggle, Brenna Hillier?

    Because you can’t seriously be writing an article blasting fans for something you did barely more than a month ago.

    “Ever since the Tomb Raider reboot was announced, apparently a re-skinning of a survival horror Crystal Dynamics had been pitching for ages, I’ve tried to keep quiet about it. Because it looked ruddy awful to me – lacking everything I’d loved and appreciated in the series to date, and a total betrayal of a character I’d held close to my heart for a substantial portion of my formative years. There. I’ve said it. Tomb Raider, from reveal to reveal, has looked like nothing but utter rubbish, and I have been quietly anticipating giving it a critical savaging of such righteous fury that brand manager Karl Stewart will have to put his laptop in the freezer and cry himself to sleep. I’m not a very nice person, I’m afraid, especially where “my” games are concerned.”

    How is that ANY different? You’re a pathetic hypocrite, and the reason gaming journalists are considered brainless slaves to their corporate masters.

    #498 2 years ago
  499. polygem

    @TG: i hear you…i live in germany..

    /clears throat

    we had school shootings/ killings too. we also have a huge problem with violence in general. just recently a kid was beaten to death by other kids in berlin again. youth violence is an issue here. it doesn´t need a gun to hurt someone. it makes killing more easy that´s for sure but i think games are not the root for this. they might be a symptom though. they´re just reflecting society. we live in a very cruel society.

    /clearing throat again/ twice

    people kill animals for food even though you do not need it in order to survive.

    ok, this should make another 200 at least.

    #499 2 years ago
  500. Deacon

    So close!!!

    +1 for Michael’s contribution to these comments. Calling this chap a troll is ridiculous.

    By the time this post hits I suspect we’ll be over the 500. Well done everyone. Well done.

    :: slow clap ::

    #500 2 years ago
  501. Telepathic.Geometry

    I don’t wanna be the bastard that actually pushes this over into 500 comments. I feel like there’s no coming back from that. So someone, please, take the hit!

    #501 2 years ago
  502. Erthazus


    #502 2 years ago
  503. Edo

    Yes!I bet that there would be exactly 500 comments….MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA….oh wait.

    #503 2 years ago
  504. polygem

    all on one card. just bet everything you got on 600 now;)

    #504 2 years ago
  505. orakaa

    Well, if Brenna would come to answer us, we could reach over 1 000… or maybe… over 9 000 :D

    #505 2 years ago
  506. Tyrannikos

    This site seems like it has bad history between a lot of the community… Not too appealing when combined with this hate-filled article.

    #506 2 years ago
  507. DSB

    @504 I don’t think the article is hatefilled at all, I think it’s a direct response to a hatefilled group of gamers.

    At most, this is Brenna going “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!”

    Good call on the soap opera community though.

    #507 2 years ago
  508. YoungZer0

    I’d love to say “Well, this was entertaining”, but it doesn’t seem to end.

    #508 2 years ago
  509. polygem

    you know what guys? i think devil may cry fans are a crying shame.

    #509 2 years ago
  510. Dave Oshry

    I read every single comment on this article. I have cancer now. Ow, my cancer…

    #510 2 years ago
  511. Ireland Michael

    @508 Sorry Dave. It’s all my fault. =(

    By the way, the game is awesome.

    #511 2 years ago
  512. Dave Oshry

    So I’ve heard! Waiting on the PC version!

    #512 2 years ago
  513. halo3vsloz

    Good thing Metal Gear Rising is coming out next month so this piece of garbage can be forgotten.
    Oh and it’s not just the white hair, here’s why.
    -awful protagonists (The main villain is more likable)
    -slow combat
    -easy bosses
    -terrible dialogue
    -rip off story of they live
    -offensive, especially to women (Kills the Lilith’s fetus, let’s her notice this, then kills her while grinning; Dante doesn’t even ask about this)
    -Okay Music
    -Dumb AI enemies
    -Unnecessary cussing
    -Cut scenes in battle
    -Enemies can only be hurt in certain ways or with certain weapons
    -Easy as hell even on the hardest difficulty
    -Ending that made Mass Effect 3 look like the Odyssey
    -Vergil/Final boss is such an easy fight
    -By the way Ninja Theory are shit writers (Alex Garlands and another outside writer practically rewrote both of their games for them)

    In other words I had more fun unclogging my toilet than with this game, it was also less shitty than the game too.

    #513 2 years ago
  514. halo3vsloz

    But besides all those points above here’s a quote from you which pretty much makes you sound like a dumb cunt since it’s pretty much why the fans are mad about DmC.

    “Ever since the Tomb Raider reboot was announced, apparently a re-skinning of a survival horror Crystal Dynamics had been pitching for ages, I’ve tried to keep quiet about it. Because it looked ruddy awful to me – lacking everything I’d loved and appreciated in the series to date, and a total betrayal of a character I’d held close to my heart for a substantial portion of my formative years. There. I’ve said it. Tomb Raider, from reveal to reveal, has looked like nothing but utter rubbish, and I have been quietly anticipating giving it a critical savaging of such righteous fury that brand manager Karl Stewart will have to put his laptop in the freezer and cry himself to sleep. I’m not a very nice person, I’m afraid, especially where “my” games are concerned.”

    You just named all the reasons fans don’t like the DmC reboot.
    But you can go on with your shit game, it’s your $60.
    Meanwhile i’ve got anarchy reigns and the new MGR coming.

    #514 2 years ago
  515. YoungZer0

    Anyone wants to bet that this guy never played the game?

    Complaining about the writing and then being totally in favor for MGR? Really?

    #515 2 years ago
  516. Rastrelly

    I played DMC3 and DMC4 some time ago. The series did not impress me, but the concept of setting and title hero were funny and impressive. Re-rendition is visually horrible, and at this point I stopped caring about writing, gameplay or anything. I do not want and will not “try DmC: Devil May Cry, because it’s a good video game”, because it does not appeal to me at all and I will not give sixty (or how much it costs) bucks to check if I’m wrong. Grow up, Brenna Hillier. It’s a world of expensive TOYS we play with to entertain ourselves in the first place, and art – in the second. Industry did it this way, and neither “vocal minority”, nor “voiceless majority” will react without considering this fact consciously or unconsciously. And when it goes for MONEY – both me and that guy whom I hate because I am racist homophobic vocal minority will consider if this product WORTH my (or his/hers/its) money. Not WE must be worth the product, the PRODUCT must – technically, visually and narratively. And we all have the right to tell the word how do we hate when our toys are replaced with weird lameness.

    I was always holding the position of moving forward, radical changes, experiments and evolution. But what we have here is taking original DMC, cloning it (maybe talently cloning it, I don’t care), and then slapping a logo on it. This is unforgivable in the same way as BioWare lies or idiotic journalistic outrage about Tomb Raider “rape attempt” in the trailer.

    #516 2 years ago
  517. YoungZer0

    Have any of you people heard of RENTING?

    #517 2 years ago
  518. Clupula

    @515 – Renting still costs money. Money this game doesn’t deserve, if the demo was any indication.

    And what exactly is wrong with MGR? It’s a completely respectful take on the character and works within the established canon, and, most importantly, plays awesomely, if the demo is any indication. I am super excited for Metal Gear Rising. I don’t see how any fan of the series (which you have admitted to no longer being) could not be.

    #518 2 years ago
  519. YoungZer0

    @516: “Renting still costs money. Money this game doesn’t deserve, if the demo was any indication.”


    “It’s a completely respectful take on the character”

    LAWL. Yeah, totally respectful. Remember how Raiden said in MGS2 how he loved ALL THE BLOOD AND THE GUTS AND THE KILLING? Me neither. All that criticism about the ‘new’ Dante, yet you seem to be oblivious to something so obvious? How does that even work?

    “I don’t see how any fan of the series (which you have admitted to no longer being) could not be.”

    I think that’s the difference between you and me, you seem to like your favorite franchise to be stuck in the same place over and over again. I’d like to see it improve.

    MGS is a series that desperately needs better writing and i’m not seeing it here.

    I’ll play the demo as soon as it’ss out and it will hopefully turn my opinion around, but it went from hate, to giving it a doubt, to like, to hate again.

    To be honest, the gameplay doesn’t even look that good anymore. Seems to be hit-hit-cut-hit-hit-cut. Kind of boring.

    Let’s not even talk about the bland art-direction and the horrendous voice-acting. And what’s up with that facial animation? Is that all Platinum Games can do, because it’s ALWAYS in their games.

    And if the recent trailer is any indication the writing will turn me off AGAIN and Hideo isn’t even attached. How is that even possible? One must wonder if anyone at KojiPro has heard the word “subtle”.

    #519 2 years ago
  520. Clupula

    You seem to be forgetting that Raiden’s Jack the Ripper personality was being held in check by the SOP system. Solidus was trying his best to bring that back out in Raiden. He was so adept at killing as a child soldier his nickname in Liberia was The White Devil. That certainly sounds like someone who isn’t mentally all there, even if he managed to suppress it over the years, with help from the Patriots’ technology.

    As for the recent trailer, didn’t watch it. I don’t want any spoilers for the game.

    I think that’s the difference between you and me, you seem to like your favorite franchise to be stuck in the same place over and over again. I’d like to see it improve.

    If one of my favorite franchises does things I like, yes, I want it to continue to do those things. The only time Kojima tried doing new things was MGS2 and that game is a disaster. The only game in the series I don’t like at all.

    #520 2 years ago
  521. Clupula

    Also, you do realize you’re bitching about a lack of subtly in a game starring A BREAKDANCING CYBORG NINJA KILLING MACHINE FROM THE FUTURE!!!

    Take some time and think about that, for a moment.

    #521 2 years ago
  522. polygem

    clupula…no offense…it’s just kind of funny. i seem to almost always disagree with you. completley different taste in games.

    #522 2 years ago
  523. Clupula

    @520 – Happens. If everybody was into the same games, we wouldn’t need as many as we have.

    #523 2 years ago
  524. polygem


    #524 2 years ago
  525. YoungZer0

    @518: Could be, don’t remember. The story always has been a disaster. But bearing your logic in mind, shouldn’t he go completely berserk the moment the SOP System broke down? What took him so long? I remember that scene from MGS4 where all the psc starting shitting and pissing their pants and fighting each other. And if remember correctly, Solidus only tortured him. He didn’t seem to be too interested in bringing Jack the Ripper back. “Time to let it rip!” Lawl.

    “his nickname in Liberia was The White Devil. That certainly sounds like someone who isn’t mentally all there”

    He got that nickname because of skin color and because he was good at killing. That’s also something he needed to be.

    If you haven’t seen the recent trailer, it’s no wonder you don’t understand my concerns. The dialog and voice-acting is crunch-worthy. Really. Really. Really bad. I’m not trolling.

    It doesn’t spoil anything important, so you can go and check it out. There is a reason why i stopped being optimistic after that trailer.

    “The only time Kojima tried doing new things was MGS2 and that game is a disaster.”

    The only time? No, it wasn’t the only time. He tried a lot of other things, especially in MGS4, which was also a disaster.

    @519: I was talking about the writing. And fuck that kind of lazy argument anyway.

    #525 2 years ago
  526. monkeygourmet


    Platinum kinda has more pedigree and ‘money in the bank’ with people ‘gameplay wise’ then NT did with DmC, no?

    Gameplay in this kind of game is king.

    I mean, Heavenly Sword, Enslaved & DmC, hardly the same league is it?

    #526 2 years ago
  527. Clupula

    @532 – I liked MGS4, for the most part. I didn’t like a lot of Ryan Peyton-influences (like taking out the requirement to heal individual body parts that MGS3 had), but overall, it was a solid (HA!) game. The only part I disliked, really, was the last chapter, which felt too much like MGS2 to me. The other parts, the Middle East, Europe, and especially the South America chapter? Loved them.

    I just wish watching trailers beforehand hadn’t spoiled the Rex vs. Ray battle for me.

    #527 2 years ago
  528. YoungZer0

    @524: At least with DmC NT has shown that they can improve as a developer. The gameplay is as fun and fluid as in the previous games. I can’t wait to see what they do with DmC 2.

    Platinumgames has yet to prove that they are able to deliver a game that matters story-wise.

    @525: Naw. It wasn’t a game at all. 11 hours of cutscenes, with extremely short and linear gameplay sections in between. I think the longest level was in Europe, but only because you had to follow that slow, whistling idiot.

    It had the worst bosses in MGS history and the worst fanservice. But the weapons were great and the gameplay was superior to the previous games. Why MGS3 didn’t allow you to crouch-walk is beyond me.

    #528 2 years ago
  529. Clupula

    @526 – considering the sales of the game, I think it’s safe to say there won’t be a sequel from them.

    And the gameplay is nowhere near as fun nor fluid as the previous games. It is an improvement on Ninja Theory’s previous games, but that’s a very low bar to cross over.

    #529 2 years ago
  530. GilliamYaeger

    @523 “shouldn’t he go completely berserk the moment the SOP System broke down? What took him so long?”

    The influence of his family and determination to avoid fighting in wars again kept it in check. But when he was pretty much forced into combat when the guy he was protecting got killed, well…

    #530 2 years ago
  531. YoungZer0

    @527: Dunno about you, but last time i checked, DmC #1 this week. It’s only been out for 6 days so far. We might be able to talk in a few months, until then, stop looking desperate.

    @528: Avoid fighting? He wanted to avoid fighting? So why did he join a private security company? Someone who wants to avoid fights usually isn’t looking for a job that gets him into a fight.

    #531 2 years ago
  532. Ars Nova

    Here’s what’s missing from DmC. Here’s why I’m disappointed. If DmC truly does get this superb on the technical level, a re-evaluation is in order. But I haven’t seen it yet. And this pretty much boils down the actual reasons behind the anger, beyond the above-mentioned vocal minority of allegedly Cheeto-covered slobs. On the surface it appears to be Devil May Cry, but it lacks in the areas that drew so many to the series. No one wanted any of that to go away, and yet it did. DmC might excite me as a game, if it wasn’t trying to be Devil May Cry, and thus marking the end of the old ways. Once again, the game is young, and it may come out that it’s not so different after all. But right now, when I look at DmC, I don’t see Devil May Cry. It may wear the same face, but it’s just not the same game. “Not in a million years,” as the new fella says. (Then again, he went back on that with the DLC costumes, so perhaps he’ll go back on the rest as well… Only time will tell.)

    #532 2 years ago
  533. absolutezero

    Are we still pretending the DmC story is good?

    #533 2 years ago
  534. YoungZer0

    It’s good.

    #534 2 years ago
  535. GilliamYaeger

    @529 He got a job as private security because a) It was basically the only thing he was qualified for and b) Because he assumed that by guarding some guy in a backwater nation that hadn’t seen war for years (and was quite frankly sick of fighting) would be a nice, quiet job.

    Until the game began all he’d have to do to scare off would-be assassins would be to cut up some things and block some bullets. A serious, well-armed and well-organized threat would have been unthinkable.

    #535 2 years ago
  536. YoungZer0

    @533: He could be a tour guide for people in NY. And Rose already had a great job. Why does he need to work at all? He could be a stay at home dad. Taking care of little boyscout Jack.

    You know, a modern man!

    Why didn’t he just choose to protect a celebrity? It’s less dangerous than working for an official in a backwater nation.

    #536 2 years ago
  537. GilliamYaeger

    @534 Raiden, a person with absolutely shit people skills and massive PTSD over being a child soldier, brainwashed and lied to most of his life, getting captured and reduced to the top half of a head by the Patriots, then getting absolutely fucked physically over the course of MGS4, working as a tour guide? Are you fucking joking?

    Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Rose (a psychological councilor specializing in soldiers with PTSD) was the one who told him to get the security guard job in the first place, since the guy Raiden was protecting was trying to rebuild the war-torn country Raiden grew up as a child soldier in. Get him to feel like he was helping to atone for his past sins and be proud over helping people.

    #537 2 years ago
  538. YoungZer0

    @535: He would be an excellent tourguide. Remember how he and Rose met for the first time? She was wrong, he was right!

    And Rose is mentally unstable herself, so the dumbest thing Raiden could do, is to actually listen to her.


    #538 2 years ago
  539. GilliamYaeger

    @536 Because anything that happened in MGS2 is completely trustworthy, right? I mean its not like things went completely batshit towards the end with insane AI phonecalls, fake game over screens, running around naked, and other mindscrews right?

    Oh, wait.

    And somehow I don’t think its a good idea to let a cyborg supersoldier with a questionable grip on sanity be in charge of a group of civilians.

    #539 2 years ago
  540. Clupula

    “And over here is Federal Hall, where you might remember a few…few…SOLIDUS!”

    Next thing you know, there’s tourist bodies everywhere.

    #540 2 years ago
  541. YoungZer0

    @537: She was batshit insane right from the get-go.

    “I’m sure you’re busy saving the president and all that funky stuff, but do you remember what day tomorrow is?”

    Right from the get-go.

    And i think that would be awesome! Imagine they made a game out of that, with tourists approaching Raiden asking him if it was Godzilla who climbed that building or King Kong. And you’d have to answer those questions fast, or otherwise people would think you’re a mouthbreathing idiot and pay you less money.

    #541 2 years ago
  542. Clupula

    Plus, there was the whole “killing a current president and a former one” thing.

    Somehow, I doubt if you kill George W. Bush in a swordfight they allow you to get a tour guide job.

    #542 2 years ago
  543. YoungZer0

    And you need the money to make sure little Jack has the best education, food and security money can provide. You’re a caring, loving, cyborg ninja father and you’re on your own, because Rose is in a mental facility for batshit insane girlfriends and she can’t help you.

    #543 2 years ago
  544. GilliamYaeger

    @540 Exactly.

    Somehow I doubt that Raiden would be too welcome in the US anymore.

    Maybe thats why the police were trying to kill him in that MGR gameplay video?

    #544 2 years ago
  545. Ireland Michael

    @541 That made me laugh my ass off.

    LOL @ people trying to rationalise the MGS story. You care far more about it’s continuity and logic (I use the term loosely in this case) than Kojima ever did.

    #545 2 years ago
  546. DSB

    @541 That was hilarious :D

    #546 2 years ago
  547. YoungZer0

    Thank you, gentlemen. :3

    #547 2 years ago
  548. Sadismek

    @541 Haha! :lol:

    #548 2 years ago
  549. GilliamYaeger
    So this is a thing.

    #549 2 years ago
  550. DSB

    Ooooooh SNAP Brenna, he done called you out. It’s on, girlfriend.

    I’m just gonna leave this boombox right here… And if you should both feel the need to bust a move, and settle this like awesome 1980′s teenagers, just do it.. Just do it.

    … Just do it.

    #550 2 years ago
  551. Ireland Michael

    @547 Are you still going with this? Seriously?

    #551 2 years ago
  552. magusat999

    Hillier’s comments were not “hip” or appealing to the new generation. They were absent of any knowledge of the audience she was addressing. If she feels that way about gamers then she should grow the ##@$% up and go write reviews about something else, quit or be fired – my vote is be fired. She shows a total insensitivity to the gaming culture, and probably doesn’t believe there IS or should be such a culture. She shows total disregard for the opinions of gamers, no objectivity and seems to be filled ti the brim with bias and “hater-ade”. She certainly showed her a$$ in that article, and she should be sent out the door. I’m not even addressing her review, because everything she said was pathetically ill informed and lacked any type of depth. The only game play she probably got was at the demo booth, and has no business reviewing games – she does VG24/7 a great dis-service, and they need all the help they can get – it’s not like gamers are clamoring to go to them for gaming advice in the first place… and now we can see why.

    #552 2 years ago
  553. orakaa

    @547: VERY interesting article, and on par with MANY opinions here, including mine.

    @549: Ok… well, how about you, by responding here: “still going with this” as well? “Really”?
    This article was released yesterday on Forbes about this subject on some of the very points raised in the comments, the exact points that you didn’t acknowledge when you were defending Brenna.

    You can dislike the article but at least it is respectful and well written… and not an open insult letter/flame bait article…

    #553 2 years ago
  554. eishun

    finally, someone calls out your bullshit

    #554 2 years ago
  555. absolutezero

    Erik Kain is awesome and he is in no way calling Brenna out.

    Hes just going over the article and creating a reasoned, critical response.

    #555 2 years ago
  556. Slara

    @549 Michael
    What’s wrong with it? It’s a recent article that offers a good analysis in relation to this one. It doesn’t come off as trollish and immature by throwing out insults like another article I know does.

    #556 2 years ago
  557. Clupula

    That’s actually a really intelligent response to this article, as opposed to some of the “she’s a cunt” responses I’ve seen in these comments. He has a very good point, though, and I thought it was pretty brave for a member of the press to move out from behind the “Let’s all defend DmC” shield.

    #557 2 years ago
  558. Mavrickindigo

    Read it and weep. Your argument is so full of holes and fallacies that another professional is calling you out.

    Erik Kain is the hero that video game journalism deserves. Just because there are jerks crying death threats and calling you names, doesn’t mean you have to stoop to their level or that everyone who hates DmC hates it for a selfish reason such as Donte’s Hair.

    #558 2 years ago
  559. YoungZer0

    “I was never a huge Devil May Cry fan, so this new reboot hasn’t really ruffled my feathers despite its obvious shortcomings.”

    What obvious shortcomings?

    #559 2 years ago
  560. Slara

    He discussed them in his article where he reviewed the game, on part 2 he said he’ll discuss the game play.

    #560 2 years ago
  561. CptKurk

    This article neatly summarised why I wouldn’t be caught dead reading a video games magazine in public.

    #561 2 years ago
  562. DGMockingJay

    This whole article is a crying shame. It would suit perfectly as someone’s Tumblr post, because thats what the angry people do now a days. But not here on VG247. They actually get paid to spill their hate in the form of an article, where they tell everyone to shut up.

    #562 2 years ago
  563. YoungZer0

    @558: Yeah, i actually read it. He’s not winning me over with comments like this:

    “Really, though, it’s Dante’s entire, smirking, pretty-boy persona that just irritates me to no end. Dante used to have a certain class that’s missing here. Frat-boy Dante is not just less interesting, he’s a drag to spend time with. The awful one-liners and sad attempts to be constantly cool remind me of people I actively disliked when I was younger.”

    Sounds like an oblivious fanboy alright. Which ultimately disqualifies his whole article.

    Anyway, what saddens me is how people spin the whole story and make the fans the poor lads who have to suffer from all the harassment and insults by CAPCOM and NT.

    Yeah, i bet Tameem woke up one day and said to himself: From this day forth, i’ll insult as many DMC fans as possible.

    No. No, that’s not what happened. It was personal attacks from day-one. One teaser alone was enough to attack him, Ninja Theory and their achievements. It never stopped.

    And people are surprised why NT didn’t try to reach out more to those fans? Oh how could they, they should be thankful to be insulted by such a LOYAL Fanbase. The fanbase has nothing but themselves to blame, that NT, Capcom or Tameem reacted the way they did. Which I still think is nothing but calm, compared to the shit they had to listen to.

    #563 2 years ago
  564. GwynbleiddiuM

    “In the internet age, we’re privy to all the most ludicrous actions of the vocal minority in every realm of life, but that doesn’t mean that anyone upset with this game is just an “entitled” crybaby giving gamers a bad name.”

    My thoughts exactly and this was the reason why I bothered myself with this article in the first place, good job Erik Kain.

    #564 2 years ago
  565. Clupula

    You know what filled my dark soul with light?

    When I went to pick up Ni No Kuni the other day from Gamestop and there were 20, 25 pre-order copies of the game waiting for people to pick up, and meanwhile, behind the counter was almost the exact same amount of DmC copies that had been there when I had picked up the DMC HD Collection the week before.

    I asked them how many they sold in the week since. They said they had sold one copy on PS3 and none on the 360 yet. That made me feel good.

    #565 2 years ago
  566. YoungZer0

    @563: Because you’re a despicable person.

    #566 2 years ago
  567. Clupula

    Never denied that. In fact, it usually gets me laid.

    #567 2 years ago
  568. Slara

    How is he an oblivious fanboy? He admitted himself he doesn’t care overly much for the DMC series, he just played it and liked DMC1 the best. The one where Dante wasn’t actually as silly as 3 or 4.

    You’re falling into the same fallacies as the article is. Not all fans made death threats or harassment. There’s tons of well put together videos on YouTube expressing their disappointment in a logical manner.

    Also, people have a bit of a right to feel some disappointment that Ninja Theory made a DMC game without actually making a DMC game. They really just made Heavenly Sword 2.

    #568 2 years ago
  569. Slara

    How does that make him a despicable person? You know that NT gets paid either way for this game.

    #569 2 years ago
  570. Clupula

    @567 – you know how it works. Anyone who doesn’t like what he likes is awful.

    #570 2 years ago
  571. DGMockingJay

    @561 Are you for real? You seriously are defending Tameem Self-Insert Antoniades, a guy so full of himself, that he thought it would be cool and perfectly acceptable to feature HIM as the new Dante? I mean, its so stupid that he thought nobody would see his bullshit.

    #571 2 years ago
  572. orakaa

    @ 561: “You said you enjoyed AT LEAST one of the previous DMC game? Then you’re a fanboy and I don’t want to listen to your arguments”.

    Really? Seriously, the journalist writes an article stating his own opinion on the game, insulting no one in the process and you dismiss the ENTIRE article because he liked/preferred some aspects of the previous games?

    Seriously, who’s the fanboy?

    #572 2 years ago
  573. DGMockingJay





    #573 2 years ago
  574. Dave Cook

    @571 it turns white over the course of the campaign you plum.

    #574 2 years ago
  575. YoungZer0

    @567: Celebrating someones failure is not despicable? Could’ve fooled me. A failure is a failure and it doesn’t look well on the portfolio.

    @570: Yawn, that tired thing again. Have you even looked at a screenshot of the game, or do you still watch the first teaser trailer.

    So you’re telling me that this guy here:

    Is supposed to be modeled after this guy:

    I hope you don’t drive.

    #575 2 years ago
  576. Clupula

    @573- When someone makes something horrible, when someone ignores the pleas of the fanbase, they deserve to fail. I often give the example of Sucker Punch who were making Infamous 2 and redesigned Cole to look more like Nathan Drake, because there were critics who didn’t like Cole’s original design. There was a huge outcry from the fanbase that lasted about two weeks. And why did it last so short an amount of time? Because Sucker Punch saw they were upsetting their fans and changed it back to how it should be.

    When the outcry about DmC started, they had plenty of time to fix things, to put it within the proper DMC continuity. Or to make it a new ip. They did none of those things and instead, insisted they knew better than us and that this take on Dante had to happen.

    And then when after insisting that they had to get their story out, what did they do? They didn’t even do anything brave with it. Instead, they just retold DMC1 & DMC3 in the same story, with very weak social commentary thrown in and a lot of “They Live.” They did fail and they deserve to be penalized because of it. Maybe the next time a publisher is looking for a new approach to a respected franchise, they won’t think of Ninja Theory.

    And when Ninja Theory get passed over for contracts, maybe they’ll think they should have respected the fanbase next time.

    #576 2 years ago
  577. DGMockingJay

    @573 Could it be because fan outcry saying that Dante in the teaser looked gay, they gave a complete make-over to Dante the Demon killer.

    Naah, that sounds too conspiracy theory level bullshit.

    Let me spin off another, easy to digest tale..

    It was all supposed to be satire. Dante looked like Tameem because it was a joke. Fans got it all wrong…

    Thank you based Ninja Theory. Your comedy skills are nothing but top notch. I look forward to all the Fuck You’s coming at me from my computer screen this 25th of Jan

    #577 2 years ago
  578. Clupula

    They had two options. 1) Respect the fanbase and follow the continuity as well as make the gameplay like the old games or 2) Create something so profound and interesting that even the angered fanbase will have to sit up and take notice.

    They did neither and I am glad they are not going to be rewarded for it.

    #578 2 years ago
  579. theevilaires

    @ 572 Thanks for spoiling the game for me now I can’t play it ;)

    #579 2 years ago
  580. YoungZer0

    @574: And i still think Sucker Punch shouldn’t have done this. I wasn’t a fan of Nathan Cole, but completely throwing everything away they did, just to please the fans makes me think that they didn’t believe in their vision. They gave in, they were weak.

    Capcom and Ninja Theory believed in their vision for the new Dmc and you people are punishing them for it. They didn’t do it because you were pissed, this wasn’t a personal agenda, they really believed in the game.

    And i believe the Fans of Sucker Punch started by saying “What happened? He looks like Nathan Drake! Why would you do that? He looks nothing like him! I want my old Cole back!”. It’s a complete contrast to the way DMC Fans reacted by saying “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT? FUCK THIS FAGGOT CUMEATING WHORE WHO LOOKS LIKE TAMEEM!”

    They even had a better argument, because inFamous 2 is a sequel, not a reboot.

    You know DmC was planned as a reboot, you know it’s supposed to be different. You go on to say that it’s too different, then you go on to say that it’s not different enough, because we all know how Syndicate 2012 turned out.

    Retold DMC1 & DMC3? You still haven’t played it, have you? There is no Castle, no Lava Spiders, no huge ass towers shooting out the ground, no grandpas seduced by evil and thankfully no LADY. Vergil was never the leader of a resistance group. Dante was never a Punk who didn’t care for others. Vergil was evil from the start. Dante never developed into someone who cared. He was always same old, same old. No character development. So afraid of losing his cool, that he couldn’t allow him self to show any kind of emotion.

    Again, you complain about NT, while it was still Capcom who pushed for that vision. So, yeah, you DMC Fans really sound like a broken records. And i’m getting tired repeating myself.

    @566: “There’s tons of well put together videos on YouTube expressing their disappointment in a logical manner.”

    Oh yeah, if there’s tons of those videos, show me at least five of them. Because i still see the same complaint over and over and over again and most of them have no merit.

    @575: OR could it be that A CGI TEASER doesn’t show the final product? Naw, that wouldn’t cross your mind. Even if you are right, that would imply that they actually have gone back and changed it, which means they listened to the fanbase. :D

    @570: I played all of the previous games and i enjoyed them, i just enjoy the new DmC way more. The old series didn’t go anywhere. It didn’t try anything. They just kept updating the combat, but left everything else the way it was. AND IT WAS FLAWED. The script was always shit. The one-liners always lame. The characters always stale. The camera was always a problem and the game was never accessible for newcomers.

    The problem with the quote is that he praises the old Dante, says he had class, then goes on to call new Dante a frat-boy? Does he own a dictionary? Even emo is closer to his new look than that.

    And then he goes on to say that the one-liners are awful? Compared to what? Old DMC? Who is he joking here?

    #580 2 years ago
  581. Clupula

    Well, the sales of Infamous 2 tell a different story, as it sold pretty well. It probably would have flopped just as badly as this has if they hadn’t listened to their fans.

    Anyway, the bottom line is Ninja Theory and Capcom were given every opportunity to fix their mistakes and they thought they knew better. They obviously didn’t. The end. Argument over, because the sales are what matter to a company in the end, and the sales are below expectation. Probably FAR below expectation. So, they failed.

    Laughing at a random guy who falls down the stairs is cruel. Laughing at the guy who falls down stairs after he spit on your shoes is justified.

    #581 2 years ago
  582. redwood

    to NT.. and there stubbornness with DMC-Core design changes,

    you meet an a-hole in the morning.. you meet an a-hole, you meet a-holes all day.. you are the a-hole. :D

    I logged in just to say that.. :D

    #582 2 years ago
  583. orakaa

    @ 578 : I watched the cinematics of the game on Youtube (not only one or two but most of them), to give myself an idea. I really don’t like the writing and what the main character. It could have been a totally new game/franchise, it would still have been the same to me. I’m not disliking it “because they changed Dante”, but just because it’s VERY poorly written to me.

    A matter of opinion, and yeah, old Dante was not the best character of all time, but I still prefer him over the new one. Mainly because, as I said, I didn’t like the writing and the character. Again, dismissing the FORBES article ONLY because the writer didn’t like the new character is just totally stupid… Like YOU hold the universal truth and people who disagree are morons? Just like what Brenna said in her article?

    (again, I’m NOT a DMC fanboy, and I started to write comments here only because of the flame-bait/insulting article from Brenna)

    #583 2 years ago
  584. DGMockingJay

    @578 Why do you think it is not possible that Dante’s look in the Teaser was an actually the final product? I mean, Tameem has been using his own twitter account to warn people about Demons, why can’t he use Dante to fulfill his wet dreams?? LOL

    And if I am really right, that the outcry resulted in the Dante’s look, then thank God for the initial outcry, cuz Dante did look like a faggot. At least now he has an acceptable look.

    #584 2 years ago
  585. YoungZer0

    @579: “Well, the sales of Infamous 2 tell a different story, as it sold pretty well. It probably would have flopped just as badly as this has if they hadn’t listened to their fans.”

    Maybe, maybe not. Can’t predict that. They still lost some respect.

    “Anyway, the bottom line is Ninja Theory and Capcom were given every opportunity to fix their mistakes”

    I don’t see any mistakes.

    “Argument over,”

    I doubt it, i give you a week or so before you start repeating yourself again.

    “because the sales are what matter to a company in the end, and the sales are below expectation.”

    3-6 months, then we can talk about sales. So far they are leading the charts. And maybe people who played the game can convince the fans who are not too busy crying in their wardrobe to actually try it.

    @581: What didn’t you like about the writing, exactly?

    And i dismiss his review for other things as well. I mean he already stated that he doesn’t like the new Dante because it reminds him of other people he didn’t like. If that’s not a bias, i don’t know what is. What really pisses me off is that he had to cut a review of a game that is only 8 hours long into TWO PARTS. How stupid is he? How can he judge a character who will actually develop through the course of the game if he only played if for 3 hours?

    @582: Because appearance changing after the teaser is the norm, not the exception.

    “Tameem has been using his own twitter account to warn people about Demons”, that’s called marketing.

    “Dante did look like a faggot” … oh boy.

    #585 2 years ago
  586. Slara


    How is it despicable exactly really? He doesn’t like the new direction the games have taken, and the failure of this game gives the only hope for the others that could happen. If they didn’t want to fail, they shouldn’t have made a bad game.

    And Dante was modeled after Tameem, not as much as his original teaser but they still bare physical resemblance’s. Tameem himself has even admitted that Dante is modeled after him a bit. Not to mention Dante’s also has similar ties to Tameem, like his whole British punk look. The Union Jack for example is in reference to Tameem and Ninja Theory being British. Last I checked the old Dante wasn’t running around with a Japanese flag on his clothing, he wasn’t even ethnically Japanese. He was white and he looked pretty European and in DMC4 had kind of a western design. He was wearing cowboy boots for God’s sake. Only the white hair and red outfit really made him so “Japanese”.

    Also, I don’t possibly understand how you can complain about the old game’s writing but praise the new ones as innovation. The only difference is that the old ones had a bunch of anime and Japanese cliches and these ones have a bunch of western cliches.

    I mean really, at least the old ones didn’t take themselves too seriously and when Dante did something wacky and nonsensical it wasn’t too jarring.

    This game’s plot is so ridiculously full of holes it rivals Heavy Rain in how little sense its plot or characters actually make. The writing is also just shockingly bad. I cringed while playing it.

    Also, what do you mean they didn’t innovate the combat? You even later go on to say all they did was update it. So they didn’t change the combat but they did? What? DmC made massive sweeping changes that simplified the combat really, the only difference is that it is different. But different isn’t necessarily a good thing or else my triangular tire idea would be selling like hot cakes right now. You see the thing is you need to innovate and be different while still keeping things people loved about the DMC series.

    Also, there are negative sides of an artist being too free with his vision in writing. Many gems come from not being free enough actually. The original Star Wars movie, Deus Ex, Silent Hill etc. And while I respect the artist being able to do what he wants he needs to also remember he’s making it for an audience to make money, and if his plan isn’t to make money you shouldn’t be getting mad at the other poster when he’s glad they don’t. DmC’s script plays out like there was almost no moderation, editing or any rewrites at all. Or if anybody other than Tameem actually read it.

    This game’s combat system isn’t even innovated for the genre or Ninja Theory. It had a very similar system in Heavenly Sword, also developed by Ninja Theory.

    Also, the game is only leading the charts in the UK, not a very big gaming market. Its bombing in Japan and what little glimpses we’ve seen in the US don’t look very good.

    “who are not too busy crying in their wardrobe to actually try it.”
    You know this is where your argument just takes a turn for the worse and falls into the same pitfalls that this article did.

    #586 2 years ago
  587. Ireland Michael

    Why is it despicable?

    *Wanting* a company to fail, not being able to make more games, and dozens of people with families and jobs ending up unemployed during a worldwide economic melt down as a result…

    Yeah, that’s pretty damn despicable. Most of you are so utterly self obsessed that you can’t even see beyond your own nose.

    #587 2 years ago
  588. YoungZer0

    @584: If you fail to see how that’s despicable, i feel sorry for you. I bet you’re great fun when you win at a multiplayer match.

    “the old game’s writing but praise the new ones as innovation.”

    I never did. The old one wasn’t just full of cliches, it was full of one-liners that barely made sense in the situation or the conversation. It’s like they wrote a bunch of one-liners, threw them in a bag and picked them at random.

    The new script isn’t a piece of art, but it’s way better and doesn’t desperately try to be as “cool” as the previous games. And the dialogs finally make sense.

    For example, Dante enters Limbo, he’s on his way to the news tower where Bob Barbas, a demon, spreads his false propaganda, he realizes that Limbo is upside down and says:

    “Well Bob, now I see why your point of view is so upside down.”

    Which is not only a statement about the version of Limbo Dante is currently in, but also about Bob’s smearing tactics, how he spins the truth to suit his needs. Exactly like Bill O’Reilly on Fox News does.

    It fits the situation.

    And yes, even the “bigger dick” scene was funny, because you wouldn’t have expected such an “argument” coming from Vergil. It’s absolutely childish and very well aware of it.

    “I mean really, at least the old ones didn’t take themselves too seriously” <Best Highschool Drama i've ever seen and dat dialog. "Maybe a devil may cry when he loses a loved one." <Fantastic dialog here. Just completely nonsensical and i really hope it wasn't supposed to be funny. They could've switched the dialog with white noise and it would've the same depth. The Cinematography is great though. <Ah, of course. Dante's so cool and he never takes himself serious.

    "This game’s plot is so ridiculously full of holes it rivals Heavy Rain in how little sense its plot or characters actually make."

    How about some examples? And again, what examples do we have from the previous games?

    "what do you mean they didn’t innovate the combat?"

    I never said that.

    "Also, the game is only leading the charts in the UK"

    Europe is the second largest gaming market, with the UK being the largest in Europe.

    "Its bombing in Japan"

    And by bombing you mean leading? Because that's what it does.

    "You know this is where your argument just takes a turn for the worse and falls into the same pitfalls that this article did."

    You'd be right, if hadn't caught multiple people (who say they played and finished it) complaining about things that simply aren't in the game (like the smoking) or were completely clueless when i asked them about what bothered them about the story.

    #588 2 years ago
  589. Slara

    What? If I don’t agree with your term of despicable then I’m scum? Okay.

    Name a few one liners that don’t make sense in the old ones. Because just throwing around a string of swear words isn’t exactly the greatest sense.I In fact some of the re-used one make more sense. For example when Nero said “SLAM DUNK” he was literally dunking the enemy with his arm. When Dante does it he’s just using helm bringer. I know that is nitpicking too.

    They’re hardly better. They’re so terrible, the old ones at least didn’t take the story seriously.

    “Well Bob, now I see why your point of view is so upside down.”
    This doesn’t exactly show how the old one liners didn’t make sense. Also, if that’s the pinnacle of this game’s writing that doesn’t say much.

    It’s kind of funny that you bash the old game’s writing but this is okay even though it straight up copies scenes from DMC4 that weren’t original there either

    All you’ve just described was obvious you know, this is hardly clever not interesting writing. It makes sense, but that’s not stunning praise.

    You know what dialogue doesn’t make sense? Vergil saying “I LOVED YOU LIKE A BROTHER DANTE”. You know, Vergil and Dante’s views on humans were that they needed protection. They just had different ways to deal with it, and Vergil had a lesser view of humans. But not once does Vergil doesn’t try to sit down with Dante or give a serious discussion about it. He spends about two minutes trying to convince him before attacking him in attempted murder. Oh yes Vergil, I can feel your love.

    Also, what is with Vergil and Dante looking over the ruined city after defeating Mundus and saying “We did it” happily. They do realized they just unleashed a demon horde through out the world, that will kill millions if not billions of innocent people. Dante says he’ll protect them, but he’s just one guy and this is happening all over the world. Yeah guys, you did it. Hoorah.

    Bob Barbas says that he made sure everyone hates Dante, and he’s made out by the media as some all controlling terrorist. But there are points later in the game where Dante is clearly walking around in mobs of people and nobody recognizes him. And Dante sticks out like a sore thumb.

    Vergil says that he can’t interact with his computer because he’s in Limbo, and Kat has to do it. But that’s just not true as established earlier in the story. In the beginning of the game a demon in Limbo destroys a Ferris wheel and Dante’s trailer and this clearly affects the real world. Dante can too, or else he wouldn’t even have to dodge the trailer in the first place. Vergil even gives Dante kablooey from real world to Limbo. At one point in the game Kat says that if Dante shoots her from Limbo she would die, but later in the game Dante tries to grab her hand before she’s kidnapped and his hand just phases right through her’s. I could go on with this plot making absolutely no sense. In fact, how does Dante even get dressed while in Limbo? Are his clothes magically enchanted too?

    It has cheesy dramatic moments for small blips, and then it goes back to crazy. Did you miss the part where Dante starts spinning his guns around and says “I’M ABSOLUTELY CRAZY ABOUT IT!” before jumping at a bunch of demons? DMC4 had a similar ending to DmC, with the generic love interest from both games saying “YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE.” but in DMC4 it ends with them getting attacked by a bunch of demons, and Nero yelling “LET’S ROCK!” before punching the screen. DmC’s ending doesn’t go out with a bang, but just with a whimper. Sealing the tone for the entire game.

    I meant DMC3 and 4, and even though I’ll admit 1 takes itself too seriously. It’s not nearly as bad as DmC.

    How does the dialogue from the Dante vs Vergil scene not make sense? You do know right after that scene Dante gets up, despite being stabbed twice and sprints down the building in a crazy over the top action scene.


    I’ve already posted some examples but I can go on if you want, there’s plenty more.

    Yes, Europe has a whole. You do know that Europe is a continent with 47 countries, correct? The UK is a small country within that continent and even if they do spend the most out of the rest of the European countries, they hardly spend more than Europe as a whole. It’s like saving the game is topping the charts in California.

    Also, no it’s not doing well in Japan. It’s topping the charts yes but do consider th at’s all relative and January is a dead month. It’s made about 100k in the first week, the week where games sell the most. In comparison DMC4 sold 240k. It’s pretty bad considering Capcom expects 2 million from this game, it had more of a budget than DMC4 and DMC4 made about 2.4 million. Source is Famitsu. I’ll dig up a link if you want.

    What do you mean? I’m looking through his posts and can’t find a complaint about smoking or cigarettes.

    @Ireland Michael

    That’s kind of how Capitalism works. While I do emphasize with the lower downs on Ninja Theory ( who already got paid for this job ). I’m sure they can find another job and the games industry is a very risky business. They knew what they were getting into, and I’m sure the people that did great on this game ( like the art designers and artists ) will certainly find more work.

    Me caring about Tameem finding work? Yeah, no. He’s a hack that mostly rode by on the “Fabulous writing” of Ninja Theory’s older games because he hired actually decent writers to write his stories. Garland even said in an interview that Ninja Theory’s idea of “bad ass” sounded like a cunt to him. It’s kind of surprising how right he was.

    The designers of Ninja Theories games have had many chances to improve their gameplay. They’re hardly newcomers at this as this is their third hack and slash game.

    You guys are acting as if we wanted this game to be bad. I certainly did not, but I’m not going to shed a tear when it turns out bad and then fails because of it. I wasn’t rooting for a failure of the game from the get-go. I actually liked the original teaser despite the controversy.

    #589 2 years ago
  590. absolutezero

    I hope this thread never dies. I think it might give Y0 a mental breakdown.

    Its beautiful.

    #590 2 years ago
  591. Gheritt White

    I want to sex Y0 so hard right now.

    #591 2 years ago
  592. Telepathic.Geometry

    I’m starting to think the 1000 post thread is within our grasp.

    #592 2 years ago
  593. Slara

    409 more to go.

    #593 2 years ago
  594. Sini

    Bitches please, this series had style, not anymore.

    #594 2 years ago
  595. absolutezero

    #595 2 years ago
  596. Clupula

    @589 – Then he really will need ointment for his butthurt.

    #596 2 years ago
  597. YoungZer0

    @587: I never called you scum. Dude, this really isn’t going anywhere if you continue to accuse me of stuff i never said.

    “even though it straight up copies scenes from DMC4 that weren’t original there either”

    What scenes do you mean exactly?

    “It makes sense”

    And i’m happy with that, since we never really had that pleasure in other DMC titles.

    “He spends about two minutes trying to convince him before attacking him in attempted murder. Oh yes Vergil, I can feel your love.”

    Nope, it was pretty clear that they both wanted to fight. It wasn’t just Vergil who pushed for it. They both said their piece and started walking away from each other, with their hands by their swords.

    They knew that ultimately they would have to fight. I do agree that it felt rushed, but what do you want exactly? Do you want Dante and Vergil to sit down and talk this one through? That’s how it’s supposed to end? :D We’ve seen multiple times that Vergil is someone who doesn’t hesitate to do what he deems “neccessary”.

    And i do have to ask, do you have a brother? Because i do and we had some nasty, bloody fights and we still love each other.

    “They do realized they just unleashed a demon horde through out the world, that will kill millions if not billions of innocent people.”

    Humanity was enslaved by demons. For the first time in history, humans could actually fight back, yeah some of them were attacked and killed, but that’s the price they have to pay to achieve true freedom.

    That’s like saying slavery is okay as long as the slave don’t get killed too much. We also saw military chopper flying over the city, so that’s prove that humanity is actually fighting back.

    For me this ending actually explains how Dante could become demon hunter we know from the previous games. Humans see the demons clearly now and Dante has enough experience. All he needs is a name.

    “But there are points later in the game where Dante is clearly walking around in mobs of people and nobody recognizes him.”

    You mean the dancefloor? I can imagine people not being able to recognize in a place like that. Even if they did, Bob told them to stay away and he was discovered pretty quickly by Mundus Whore and dragged down into Limbo. So maybe someone called the cops, maybe not.

    “In the beginning of the game a demon in Limbo destroys a Ferris wheel and Dante’s trailer and this clearly affects the real world.”

    Nope, sorry, we’ve seen multiple times that those who drag him into Limbo are able do affect the real world. Limbo still belongs to the demons, Dante’s just visiting.

    “Vergil even gives Dante kablooey from real world to Limbo.”

    That i can agree with. Vergil gave him a taser, saying it would be a deadly weapon in Limbo. Very weird magic stuff.

    “At one point in the game Kat says that if Dante shoots her from Limbo she would die”

    Two ideas on that:

    Ebony and Ivory seem to be very special weapons, which is probably the reason why it could kill her. It was never established he can TOUCH her while in Limbo.

    Or, it can only kill her because she’s a psychic. I could imagine that it will kill her mental and not physically. She would simply drop dead and no one would know why.

    Magic stuff.

    “Did you miss the part where Dante starts spinning his guns around and says “I’M ABSOLUTELY CRAZY ABOUT IT!” before jumping at a bunch of demons?”

    Doesn’t make it any less bad. You can’t just jump in shortly to say something serious and then go back to funny and crazy. If anything it shows that Dante has the emotional level of a child.

    And you completed DMC4? Congrats, i was so bored, i stopped when i had to go back as Dante. Did you know that Nero is Vergils son?

    “How does the dialogue from the Dante vs Vergil scene not make sense?”

    Why are they talking about a non existing party again? Why are they even fighting? What happened 1 year ago that their ways split? Why isn’t Dante asking Vergil what he’s doing here? Remember it was Dante that pulled the gun up, maybe Vergil just wanted to talk?

    “You do know right after that scene Dante gets up, despite being stabbed twice and sprints down the building in a crazy over the top action scene.”

    Yeah, i remember that scene, i also remember getting really tired of all those over-the-top crazyiness scenes. They really don’t understand how drama works, do they?

    “Yes, Europe has a whole.” o_o

    “The UK is a small country within that continent”

    Doesn’t matter, if the consumers are many. Germany has also a lot of consumers, even though it is so small.

    “It’s pretty bad considering Capcom expects 2 million from this game” Yep, you’re right, the game is done, it only sold 100k in japan in its first week. Capcom didn’t expect the game to sell 2 million copies in the first week. -_-

    “I’m looking through his posts and can’t find a complaint about smoking or cigarettes.”

    Who is his? If you’re talking about Erthazus, i wasn’t. I had a few conversations on Youtube and on Facebook today, a shitload of them still complaining about the smoking. Hell most of STILL ACTUALLY complained about the haircolor. -_-

    @588: I’m fucking enjoying myself. 8)

    #597 2 years ago
  598. Slara

    You clearly looked down on me for not agreeing with your term of despicable.

    You’re happy for the swearing? Really?

    I want it not to be rushed and have some tension building up to the fight. Vergil is clearly evil through out the game but there’s little tension built up to this actual betrayal. Dante seems like an idiot for the entire time too because Vergil has been telegraphing some of the things that Dante is so shocked about.

    Yes, I have a brother. I’ve never once tried to kill him though, and then claim I loved him while walking away in angst after trying to murder him without any attempt at discussion.

    Humans can’t fight back at all, what do you mean? Even Kat who knows about the demons has very little tools of actually fighting back. The only being shown to be capable of fighting demons is Dante, and how long are humans going to get slaughtered before fighting back? No, it’s nothing like saying slavery is okay. Don’t twist my words like that, I’m just saying that they’re both horrible options but Dante and Vergil play it up like they’re such heroes as does the game. It’s almost laughable.

    How does a military chopper prove that humanity is fighting back at all? It shows that the army mobilizes but I kind of doubt the military is that effective against supernatural demon hordes. They unleashed Hell on Earth.

    No, I don’t mean the dance floor. I mean when he goes into the soda making place and there’s a ton of people there, but everybody just casually ignored him. There’s also points where he’s walking through the city with Kat.

    If Dante is so different why did he even need to dodge his trailer in the first place, and how could he put on his clothes? Are his clothes magic?

    Yeah, but Kat was in her spirit form. And she says multiple time’s that she’s traversed Limbo in this form even when she was a small child. How did she not get slaughtered by demons then? Also, I assume she got all this information on Mundus’ lair from being in this form. Unless Mundus gave her a tour when taking her captive. Also, if Dante’s weapons can affect real world things because they’re special, why didn’t he shoot at the SWAT team that kidnapped Kat?

    Um, no. It shows the clear tone of the game not taking itself seriously, the small blips of serious moments are quickly followed by over the top action scenes to remind you that its an over the top action game. It’s like claiming Looney Tunes are a serious show because there was a sad moment where Elmer Fudd killed Bugs Bunny. I’m not saying the writing isn’t cheesy and bad, I’m saying it’s a lot more acceptable because it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

    Yup, I’ve completed it a couple times. The backtracking is tedious but it makes up for it by having amazing combat. DmC’s combat put me to sleep. Yeah I kind of assumed.

    Oh my God, seriously? They’re not literally talking about a party. This is like someone saying “What’s up?” and you’re questioning them because the sky is what’s literally up in the air, therefore their question makes no sense. In fact no, a closer analogy is it’s like me asking why Dante asks that Slurm Queen out on a prom date. I mean, what prom? They never mention this prom anywhere else and why would he want to go on a date with a demon so suddenly? Do you understand how stupid that complaint is now?

    Dante doesn’t take ask Vergil too much because he knows Vergil’s up to no good and he doesn’t particularly care, he even says this himself. All he wanted to do is kick his ass.

    They were fighting Vergil lured Dante to him to fight and take his pendant. Dante was fighting Vergil because he sent a bunch of demons to attack him and Vergil also happens to be destroying the city. Yeah, I’m pretty sure Vergil didn’t just want to talk after he reached for his sword and didn’t act surprised at all by Dante. Not to mention a bunch of demons attacking him with their leader saying “With regards from Vergil.” You’re trying way too hard here.

    Don’t know if they understood drama or not. That’s not really what they were going for here and it’s kind of obvious. In DmC that is clearly what they were attempting.

    Do you have any sources that show a game doing well based mostly on its UK profits. Or do you even have sources that show how large the UK is as a consumer base as a whole? Even then, look at GameStop’s best sellers list.
    For 360, DmC is getting beaten by such hits as Portal 2 ( a game that came out years ago and virtually everyone has played), the DMC HD collection, Metal Gear Rising, Gears of War 2, Fable 2, Gears of War 1 etc. This game is doing very poorly for an AAA game that has just released. The PS3 version is even worse.

    Why don’t you complain about those comments on YouTube and Facebook then? Your post is very out of context here and the people on YouTube and Facebook won’t see it.

    #598 2 years ago
  599. Clupula

    Yep, you’re right, the game is done, it only sold 100k in japan in its first week. Capcom didn’t expect the game to sell 2 million copies in the first week. -_-

    You seem to be forgetting that sales tend to only go down as time goes on. A title like this, most people who wanted it bought it right away. And word of mouth ranges from poor to annoying. Neither of which is going to create any sort of movement for this game.

    Well, maybe one type of movement, but not the one they want.

    #599 2 years ago
  600. absolutezero

    Y0 I loved you.

    #600 2 years ago
  601. GilliamYaeger

    @597 ‘Well, maybe one type of movement, but not the one they want.’

    A bowel movement ;)

    #601 2 years ago
  602. stretch215

    600- Motherfuckers!

    #602 2 years ago
  603. absolutezero


    #603 2 years ago
  604. monkeygourmet

    I like the bit where they changed his hair

    #604 2 years ago
  605. Hellhound30x

    I like how this entire article you’re trying to sell me on the new DMC.
    Really, I feel like I’ve just been “pitched” too.
    Brenna Hillier, You make it seem like DMC was just some garbage game that was thrown together to capitalize on the ps2′s hardware. It was just thrown out there to sell in massive numbers.
    You make me laugh. Anyone who knows the history of Resident Evil 4 would tell you that DMC first originated as RE4, but Shinji Mikami felt that it had strayed to far from its “survival horror” roots and told Kamiya it would be better to make it its own games. This is why the first DMC feels much like a resident evil game. You’d be surprised how much of the game wasn’t changed. Kamiya was tired of the fragile protagonist, and wanted someone who was just as powerful. – Dante. Kamiya even wrote a novel in the DMC universe… did you know that?
    Nope… didn’t think so.
    Also Kamiya had nothing to do with the sequel to DMC, and was even disappointed with Capcom for picking another Creative lead.
    DMC 3 also had a new director, and so did DMC 4. Kamiya has long left the picture when it comes to the DMC universe.
    If you ask me he set the standard for a hack-n-slash game with Bayonetta.

    See this is the problem I have with gaming journalism. Its no longer about being a “gamer” and giving an honest review, its about selling the product. Ninja Theory’s DMC is a spit in the face to DMC fans… period.

    #605 2 years ago
  606. Ireland Michael

    @603 Congrats, you quoted Wikipedia. Have a cookie.

    Not really sure what the origin of the game has to do with anything. It was still created with the purpose of profit, hyped as a game with a “cool” character (a rather contrived, Japanese interpretation of cool) and dramatic combat. It *was* thrown together to capitalise on the PS2 hardware…

    #606 2 years ago
  607. Hellhound30x

    @#604 Congrats at quoting Wikipedia? LMAO! How long you been a gamer son? how long have you been collecting? See unlike you, I’ve been collecting for quite a while now, and most my information comes from gaming magazines.
    Have you ever heard of a Magazine called, “Next Gen?” Its not in publication anymore, but most of the information I quoted was from the feature story where they talk to Shinji Mikami, and Hideki Kamiya.
    Also what game isn’t made to make profit? Huh? I can’t believe I have to sit there and ask you this… “oh people just make games for free…” as if…
    It was Resident Evil 4. Deal with it!

    #607 2 years ago
  608. Hellhound30x

    #608 2 years ago
  609. DSB

    I don’t see why we couldn’t make it 700.

    #609 2 years ago
  610. YoungZer0

    Well, what’s to expect? Those people just don’t understand what a good game looks likes. Hell, they probably watch the cutscenes of DMC3 with a glass of cheap tetrapak wine, laughing like rich folks (Snar-snar-snar) over the “funny” one-liners and thoughtfully rub their chins over the heart-breaking and thought-provoking storyline.

    Having recently replayed some of the games on the HD collection, i can honestly say that DMC 1 was mediocre, DMC 2 was terrible and DMC 3 was okay at best. It doesn’t reach the awesomeness of the new DmC at all. And then we have the lackluster DMC4 which clearly showed that Capcom had no idea where to go with. Such a great franchise. LAWL.

    At least i think that’s what you need to write to keep this thing going.

    #610 2 years ago
  611. absolutezero

    Take a bad story and goofy characters. Replace them with a bad story and shitty characters. Leave voice acting crappy in both attempts. Remove Japanese gameplay anachronisms and replace them with ideas stolen from another game in the same genre.


    #611 2 years ago
  612. YoungZer0

    So easy.

    #612 2 years ago
  613. absolutezero

    D’IU LAY

    #613 2 years ago
  614. YoungZer0


    #614 2 years ago
  615. absolutezero

    Watch this self important wanker poo poo DmC. Its good!


    #615 2 years ago
  616. YoungZer0

    I think by now it’s pretty clear why the former DMC Fans are pissed.

    Bishonen Dante is not coming back.


    #616 2 years ago
  617. absolutezero

    I miss his sparkle so much.

    It hurts so much that hes been replaced by one of the junkies that I throw out of work most days.

    #617 2 years ago
  618. YoungZer0

    Yep, he always seemed so similar to Edward.

    #618 2 years ago
  619. absolutezero

    Its funny because Stephenie Meyer could have ghost written DmC and it wouldn’t change at all! Self insert joke lel.

    #619 2 years ago
  620. YoungZer0

    I wouldn’t know, I’ve never read any of her books.

    #620 2 years ago
  621. DSB


    #621 2 years ago
  622. absolutezero

    Where do you think we are?

    #622 2 years ago
  623. DSB


    #623 2 years ago
  624. Ireland Michael

    @605 Yes. I’ve been collecting “Next Gen” since the day it was first published. Over here we call it EDGE Magazine (Next Gen was mainly reprints of EDGE content mixed with some new articles), and it’s been in publication for almost 20 years now, “son”.

    I’m well aware it was originally a prototype Resident Evil 4. I just fail to see what relevance that has in the slightest to any of this.

    #624 2 years ago
  625. YoungZer0

    Just proving my point that DMC Fans are pathetic.

    @621: That cat is amazing.

    #625 2 years ago
  626. absolutezero


    #626 2 years ago
  627. YoungZer0

    Fick dich selbst, du Hoden.

    #627 2 years ago
  628. Telepathic.Geometry

    Halt’s maul, du pupskoffer!

    #628 2 years ago
  629. absolutezero

    Oh its on now.

    Rach thu agus a’ sgaoil am leathar de bhur paithar

    #629 2 years ago
  630. Telepathic.Geometry

    Faigh bas!

    #630 2 years ago
  631. absolutezero


    #631 2 years ago
  632. Telepathic.Geometry


    #632 2 years ago
  633. YoungZer0

    Fm’latgh hlirgh. 8)

    #633 2 years ago
  634. DSB

    Cthulhu fhtagn

    #634 2 years ago
  635. YoungZer0

    Aye, ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.

    #635 2 years ago
  636. Telepathic.Geometry

    iQue te den por culo! /:D

    #636 2 years ago
  637. Hellhound30x

    @622 you obviously didn’t read the article then to see why I brought it up. I don’t have the time or the want to explain everything to you.
    Next Gen was a beastly mag…

    #637 2 years ago
  638. YoungZer0

    Oh lord high and mighty has no time to talk, which is why he took the time to reply.

    #638 2 years ago
  639. Ireland Michael

    @635 Yes, I agree, EDGE is a pretty great publication.

    But again, what does the games origin have to do with anything? The game was obviously designed with the capability of the hardware at the time in mind. In retrospect, all the Resident Evil influences are there clear as day – the architecture of the locations, the horrible camera angles, the obnoxiously pointless puzzles…

    The only game in the entire Devil May Cry franchise that ever really lived up to its full potential was the third one.

    #639 2 years ago
  640. Erthazus – watch this guys.

    True Story about new DMC.

    One thing for sure is that new DMC failed in sales. I hope next gen we will see a return of the old Devil ay Cry games. NT stuff are just meh.

    Also, PC version is a CRAPPY port. At least thanks for Macros, idiots.

    #640 2 years ago
  641. Maximum Payne

    Why is bad port ?

    #641 2 years ago
  642. daytripper

    you make me laugh hellhound trying to come across all knowledgable. wasnt so long ago you was trolling kids and slug brained sad act adults on youtube with console warzzz garbage

    #642 2 years ago
  643. Erthazus

    @Payne, No direct X10 or 11, crappy V-sync and general graphical options (just textures, shadows, filters, Anti-aliasing, resolution).

    Cheap stuff. Crapcom and NT style.

    #643 2 years ago
  644. Hellhound30x

    @#637 ” Resident Evil influences?” It was Resident evil 4, not influenced by it. The article implies that DMC was thrown together as if there was no “real” development behind it, other than to “capitalize on the ps2′s hardware” yet it had the Legendary Hideki Kamiya, (Resident Evil 2, DMC, Viewitfuljoe, and Bayonetta to name a few.)Not just that it also had Shinji Mikami watching over it, the father of Resident Evil, and the creator of what became known as “survival horror”…
    DMC 1 by todays standards is old, cliched, and didn’t age very well, but at the time, it was praised highly across the board. It was considered new, and innovative, and at the time it pushed the envelope for action games.
    It boasted 60 fps, which even Ninja Theory’s version of DMC is incapable of doing.

    DMC 3 was incredible, I just finished playing that one this week… still brutal to this day!

    #644 2 years ago
  645. Hellhound30x

    @640 “trying to act knowledgeable?” lol.. care to enlighten me as to where I might have made a false statement? Or is it that I really do know what I am talking about?
    Also my previous career/phase on youtube in the whole “console wars” was just for fun. If you left feeling anything at all… well then you make me laugh. After all this time, you still remember me?
    So much for “brain dead adults.”

    #645 2 years ago
  646. DSB

    Devil May Make You Really Mad.

    So spot on.

    #646 2 years ago
  647. YoungZer0

    @639: Ignore him. He still expects that every developer sits down and frantically tries to put in DX11 into a game that simply wasn’t developed with it in mind. I say any game that runs with 60 FPS on the highest setting, with good and fluid controls is a good port. Which is exactly what this port is. Fantastically optimized and simply well done. Runs well even on mid-range PC’s, which isn’t something most ports can say about themselves.

    If you have not bought it for the consoles already, i recommend the PC Version.

    #647 2 years ago
  648. KrazyKraut

    wtf,,,?? so many posts…? for this shitty game? *hehe…lets see the next 600 posts”

    #648 2 years ago
  649. YoungZer0

    What with all the commas and periods? Who writes like this?

    #649 2 years ago
  650. daytripper

    @643 Hardly after all this time considering you posted your own video channel in this comment section only hours ago and right beside in the suggest vids was of you trying to be as good as a WWE character “owning minds”. Yeah great “career” making a few kids annoyed, we were laughing in the office as In case you didn’t notice I was being sarcastic previously, it’s a shame you think that stuff is fun really, when you actually stop trying to be Big Boss Man and talk about games you are a great watch/ interesting from the couple of vids I saw.

    #650 2 years ago
  651. Erthazus

    @642, The only reason why it is not in 60 frames per second is because it is made on Unreal Engine 3. Hack and slash game on the engine that is not suited very well for this type of genre because of some lightning effects and so on. It’s too much for consoles in this late generation.
    Previous DMC devs were much smarter and you could even destroy some stuff in the game.

    Well, Ninja Theory programming is the same as writing. It’s crap, anyway.


    “He still expects that every developer sits down and frantically tries to put in DX11 into a game that simply wasn’t developed with it in mind. ”

    Are you a retard? Direct X11 is just tesselation and it does not require any additional work in mind. No one asks Shadow Bokeh and other features that require some work “with development in mind”.

    Even Devil May Cry 4 had Direct X10 which had small features but still it was great that developer offered a graphical choice for a PC.

    I don’t want to Force my Nvidia Panel for the new shitty DMC game. Oh cool, Direct X9 in 2013. Tards.

    #651 2 years ago
  652. YoungZer0

    So what are the oh-so-important DX10 features you desperately want to see in a videogame you never played but said you played?

    I remember Crysis 2 having DX11 with a huge patch and even that wasn’t enough for you, you’re such a greedy whore.

    #652 2 years ago
  653. absolutezero

    How come Blue Castle games managed to work with MTFramework?



    #653 2 years ago
  654. YoungZer0

    The results speak for themselves. ;)

    #654 2 years ago
  655. absolutezero

    What being bought by Capcom?

    #655 2 years ago
  656. YoungZer0

    The game, i mean.

    #656 2 years ago
  657. Ireland Michael

    @642 Good job taking my words out of context.

    I know it was original intended as RE4. I simply said the Resident Evil influences were pretty clear from its design, and not it’s beat qualities either.

    “The article implies that DMC was thrown together as if there was no “real” development behind it.”

    No it doesn’t. Just because it was made to capitalise on the console’s power (something the developers said themselves) doesn’t mean it had no development behind it. You’re simple making up implications based on circumstantial evidence.

    “Not just that it also had Shinji Mikami watching over it, the father of Resident Evil, and the creator of what became known as “survival horror”…”

    The Resident Evil franchise has always been shit, frankly, even for its time. It had horrible controls, horrendous acting, and awkward, tedious gameplay. The only time it ever got good was Resident Evil 4.

    “DMC 1 by todays standards is old, cliched, and didn’t age very well, but at the time, it was praised highly across the board. It was considered new, and innovative, and at the time it pushed the envelope for action games.”

    True classic always remains good, no matter how old they are. DMC certainly showed that games didn’t have to be utterly monotonously dull corridors walking boredom fests, and that controls could be fun, sure, but it’s still a weak game by modern standards, while many other games only age like fine wine. Your nostalgia paints a more positive image of the game than it actually has. There was a god awful lot wrong with it, even back than. I’m not going to pretend ther wasn’t.

    #657 2 years ago
  658. Vice

    Ok I was one of naysayers and even though I still hate new Dante, his looks and attitude, he’s nowhere even close to truly badass and mature Dante of 4th game, but the game itself is actually pretty damn good and I’ll even go as far as to say that it’s probably second-best in the series, right behind first one. Looks quite fantastic also on PC. Can’t wait for real Dante outfit dlc.

    #658 2 years ago
  659. DSB

    ^^ Dude likes the game!

    Are you really just gonna let that stand, tr00 DMC fans?

    If you ask me, I think a verbal beatdown is in order. 43 posts worth should do the trick.

    #659 2 years ago
  660. Hellhound30x

    #655 you’re still not getting it.
    the entire game was Resident Evil at its core.
    Kamiya wanted a protagonist that wasn’t fragile or frail. He wanted to empower the player, this is why he made Dante, and before they decided on Dante, “The story was based on unraveling the mystery surrounding the body of protagonist Tony,an invincible man with skills and an intellect exceeding that of normal people, with his superhuman abilities explained with biotechnology.”

    “Kamiya eventually rewrote the story to be set in a world full of demons and changed the hero’s name to Dante.The cast of characters remained largely identical to that in Sugimura’s scenario,although the hero’s mother and his father, the latter an early version of Umbrella founder Lord Ozwell E. Spencer, were written out of the story. The game’s new title was revealed as Devil May Cry”

    Every Development house out there always makes a jump to the next gen console. I fail to see your point? How was it made just with the purpose of “capitalizing” on the ps2′s hardware? -IT WAS THE NEXT INSTALLMENT OF RESIDENT EVIL! It wasn’t made cheaply with the only purpose to be on the ps2… That was my point.

    Now concerning your “Classics” argument, thats an opinion. Nothing more. Nothing less. I think the original Prince of Persia games were “Classics” but they didn’t age well, by todays standards in gaming. Assassins Creed, (buggy as it is) trumps Prince of Persia in so many ways, but I still consider those old Prince of Persia games classics, as do I Resident Evil, and Resident Evil 2…

    “The Resident Evil franchise has always been shit.”
    LOL! You must not have gamed back in the day then… because Resident Evil as I recall was “ground breaking” with the use of “prerendered” backgrounds, in terms of graphics… Remember we’re only talking a 33 MHz processor, with 2 mb’s of R.A.M. Resident evil was pretty, and impressive for its time. (You write like someone who has just started gaming this gen.)

    #660 2 years ago
  661. Ireland Michael

    @658 … *headdesk*

    I never said it was influenced by it. I said obvious Resident Evil influences were clear in the design.

    The constricted camera angles, the puzzle elements, the design of the locations. Obvious holdovers from when it was originally intended to be a Resident Evil game.

    “LOL! You must not have gamed back in the day then… because Resident Evil as I recall was “ground breaking” with the use of “prerendered” backgrounds, in terms of graphics… Remember we’re only talking a 33 MHz processor, with 2 mb’s of R.A.M. Resident evil was pretty, and impressive for its time. (You write like someone who has just started gaming this gen.”

    1) I have been gaming since before the Commodore 64 was even on a thing on tha shelves, “son”

    2) It had pretty backgrounds. That’s great. The gameplay was still utterly terrible.

    #661 2 years ago
  662. Hellhound30x

    #659 “The gameplay was still utterly terrible.”
    The original RE was more about atmosphere. You do know that? It was about “tension” too…
    Either way we’ve gotten to a point where now we’re just arguing opinion.
    You’re not going to change my mind, and I’m not going to change your mind. (Not that I was trying.)
    So I say, “lets just agree to disagree,” and leave it at that.

    #662 2 years ago
  663. Askio

    I find this article insulting. Not because of your opinion of the reboot of DmC. That is your opinion, and I see pros and cons from what I have played in it. What really frustrates and insults me is your description of the fans that decided they didn’t like a reboot. It takes me back when Mass Effect 3 fans were upset and tens if not hundreds of thousands of fans told bioware they were unhappy with it. And gamers were called “entitled” and those who dissented from the large media sites reviews were “spiteful, vocal minority.” Here are some facts.

    The new DmC sale projections have been dropped from 2 million to 1.2 million. Almost half. That means almost half of the marker that they thought they could get easily is unhappy with the game reboot for one reason or another. That isn’t some vocal minority. Even if technically 50.01% is the majority, if the only 49.99% of people aren’t happy with something, then odds are you’re doing something wrong. So no, it isn’t some spiteful fans. They are fans that are truly hurt or upset about the way the game has been taken, and you’re shutting down their opinions with a few opinions of game reviewers who, frankly, are just people in of themselves. You’re words and reviews are not the hand me downs of some God like figure.

    Second, fans are told if they don’t like something that they should vote with their wallets. Well, this is a case of people doing just they. Again, around 800,000 of them according to the company’s own numbers. Clearly, many fans have spoken with their wallets. And while there are people that go to far, I won’t deny that, that isn’t all 800,000 of them who don’t buy the game. So, what can we do when we aren’t happy? We can’t criticize something, and now we have to buy it otherwise we are an entitled minority.

    Like I said, you are entitled to your opinion as a reviewer. But it is only your opinion. And those reviews you cite are only the opinions for a few other people. Don’t assume or lump all gamers together, because that is exactly what you are doing with your article here. And as someone who plays games, and will most likely have no desire to keep the new DmC for my own reasons, this article insults me.

    #663 2 years ago
  664. DSB

    Back in bidnezz!

    #664 2 years ago
  665. KrazyKraut

    Please call….

    #665 2 years ago
  666. KrazyKraut

    ….the exorcist!

    #666 2 years ago
  667. YoungZer0

    Uh, we’re past the devil’s number. O:

    #667 2 years ago
  668. YinStyle

    I’m sorry but this is gullible. You’re judging players’ taste and it’s almost insulting for every DMC fan to read.

    “See, Dante’s universe was starting to wear thin. It didn’t start in a strong place. The gameplay was strong and Capcom turned the hodge-podge into a solid action game in the same way developers and publishers have salvaged projects since the industry’s earliest days: it started making shit up on the fly and tidying up afterwards.”

    It did have a strong base. It left many players with countless questions about Dante, Mundus, Nelo Angelo, Sparda, Eva, Trish and demons. Every single sequel/prequel after that except DMC2 left players at the edge of their seats out of pure curiosity. Gameplay aside, the storyline’s BASE was what allowed DmC to even be created. Only the storyline.

    As for DmC:
    Fans have a right to complain. The whole concept of conspiracy theory and rebelling towards society was just too obvious. DMC never was a politics type of thing. Mundus was 3 red orbs and not a succesful banker aiming to control the world through debt meanwhile conspiring with a president. Mundus never thought highly of anything it would only be logical that Mundus wouldn’t have a child since he was ‘the dark one’. Meaning there’s nothing he can think of higher than himself. Vergil never thought dishonorably and even in Devil Trigger(Nelo Angelo) under Mundus’ control was he still humble. In DmC he shot a demon female with her back turned while also loading a cap on her unborn child, he wanted to reënslave humanity under his own control and he didn’t think about protecting anyone or anything but himself. That’s not really the Vergil anyone recognizes from let’s say DMC3.

    I’m sorry but you really sound like someone who was introduced to Devil May Cry right after DmC. Your opinion cannot be dominant towards gamers who have seen DMC’s ups(DMC1/3/4) and its downs(DMC2/DmC(questionable)). It’s like trying to teach Mihali about Zen and Flow when he was the one who introduced it to positive psychology. It’s like walking up to Sun Tzu and starting a conversation with him about why you’re more logical in terms of strategy. Let me overexaggerate: It’s like pissing in an ocean of piss. And yes, the guy who came up with the concept of DMC does have a more dominant view over it than the people who worked with him to making it. He directed games such as õkami and God Hand which turned into very good games.

    Of course, I’m not saying DmC was bad. I’m saying DmC shouldn’t be called DmC because it doesn’t have much to do with DMC. Donte does have a logical build-up towards today’s Dante but there are so many things that are wrong with the overall picture that it’s almost too hard for anyone to accept this as a prequel. Especially Vergil’s Downfall where he goes from dishonest and disrespectful to revolting. If that was a build-up for Mundus then we would kindly welcome it. But, this is Vergil we’re talking about.

    If you wanna make fun of the fanbase’s culture then be my guest. We all disagree on the same things. After all there are only two old men in the muppetshow. Your arrogance can make it three and still nobody would even find your insults relevant…

    I FULLY AGREE WITH Askio. This article was a pun and-a-half for the typical DMC player but it sparked up some oral karate for all of us.

    #668 2 years ago

Comments are now closed on this article.

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    Project Cars finally has a release date. Project Cars will release on May 8, Bandai Namco UK has announced. We haven’t yet had an update from Namco Bandai’s other regional offices, but its probably safe to bet the racer will release around the same time in the Americas, Europe and ANZ region. We can now […]

  • Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains trailer shows combat, online multiplayer

    Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains has plenty to offer fans of the anime. Previously known as Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind, the Spike Chunsoft action game is coming west thanks to Atlus. Gematsu reports it’s due in both Europe and North America in May, via the 3DS eShop. The trailer below […]

  • Bloodborne stamina recovery rate affected by equip weight

    Bloodborne players have unearthed an important gameplay detail not mentioned in the game’s menus or manual. In Bloodborne, players need to manage their stamina carefully for best results. A far more aggressively-tuned affair than past Souls games, Bloodborne does away with equip weight limits, and items have no listed weight details. As far as players […]

  • Street Fighter’s Ryu, Fire Emblem’s Roy spotted in Super Smash Bros. patch – rumour

    Street Fighter’s Ryu is rumoured for future Super Smash bros DLC following datamining of the latest patch. Super Smash Bros. 3DS and Wii U were updated recently, and hacker shinyquagsire23 claims to have found some interesting files while poking around in the 3DS patch data. As detailed on Reddit, the audio files included a new […]

  • Suikoden 3 PEGI rating suggests PS2 Classic re-release

    Suikoden. Suikoden 2. And now: Suikoden 3. Suikoden 3 has been rated by PEGI for PlayStation 3, presumably ahead of an upcoming re-release. Gematsu turned up the rating, and although we have no further information at this time, it’s not much a leap to assume the RPG will turn up as a PS2 Classic on […]