Akaneiro: Demon Hunters – open beta begins, new areas revealed, Linux reward tier announced

Wednesday, 9th January 2013 21:25 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, the latest from Spicy Horse, is now in open beta.

Based on the Little Red Riding Hood story mixed with Japanese folklore and myth, the action-RPG sees players hunting legendary monsters in Edo-era Japan.

The open beta includes new developments such as” advanced character training, weapon improvements, and the “still in development” Shivering Pines area which includes a new tribe of “imps wielding frost magic.”

Also, the developers have released a set of screenshots revealing the Ghostclaw Caverns and Temple Road locations.

As of Wednesday morning, the Akaneiro Kickstarter reached $51,119 toward its $200,000 goal, thanks to 1,139 backer. With 24 days to go, the team has added a Linux version of the as one of the stretch goals and well as a penguin pet to the reward tiers.

You can sign up and play the open beta through here. Open beta will run until January 16 and will consist of various stress tests.



  1. freedoms_stain

    Ok, first impressions.

    First thing’s first, this beta is for the browser based version of the game, so if you’re on the fence about this you can try it without having to download and install a ton of game data for a short term beta. I found the loading times to be very good.

    The visual style is great, it’s like a darker version of Okami which certainly gets a big thumbs up from me.

    As for the gameplay, it was hard to judge. You’re playing the game on a server which introduces the potential for lag, and the game lagged. Most games are unpleasant to play with lag, ARPG’s are infuriating to play with lag. Just a tiny fractional disconnect between animation and effect just breaks ARPG gameplay and it becomes really not fun pretty much as soon as you start coming up against large numbers of monsters, I found I could hit with my weapons well enough but my skill attack was like 50-50 on whether it hit or just vanished into thin air – even when firing into a massive crowd.

    There’s a little chat box if you play in windowed mode where you can talk to other players and some of the Dev team chime in now and then, I asked if the lag was down to lack of European servers, one of the Dev guys answered saying there are European servers but there is an issue which is causing this lag, so it’s possibly worth holding back a few hours to give them a chance to fix it before you start playing.

    #1 2 years ago

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