Shadow of the Colossus film sees Hanna co-writer on script writing duties

Tuesday, 8th January 2013 09:44 GMT By Dave Cook

Shadow of the Colossus – a film adaptation of Team ICO’s iconic PS2 title – has been in development since 2009. It has been languishing in the writing phase since then, but now the project appears to be picking up speed, as the co-writer of 2011 action flick Hanna has joined the project to pledge his writing skills.

CVG reports that Seth Lochhead has signed up to the project, and is joined by Chronicle director Josh Tranks and producer of Public Enemies Kevin Misher.

The original script – penned in 2009 – came courtesy of Street Fighter writer Justin Marks. We’re thinking the world dodged a bullet with that one quite frankly.

What do you think? Should this be left well alone, or could the new team do it justice?



  1. Clupula

    You wanna see something I’m disappointed with Sony over? It’s them even thinking to tarnish the name like this. Shadow of the Colossus is transcendent. It is art. Making an action flick out of it is disgraceful.

    Now, I know they could actually make something awesome, but considering every other videogame movie, what are the chances of that happening, exactly? Best to just leave it be. Don’t taint our memories with a cheap cash-in movie.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. fuchikoma

    Please don’t. SotC is already its own thing, and regardless of the production team they manage to put to it, the most they could hope for is a half-decent homage. Never mind that the game has almost no words in it, or that a huge part of the impact is the time you spend in that world in between battles. As a movie, I can only imagine it’ll become some Michael Bay styled big brawling action movie about the hero getting the girl. Never mind that Hollywood only seems to be interested in happy endings, so whatever comes of it, it will not be SotC…

    #2 2 years ago
  3. YoungZer0

    Hanna was a rather solid film, with a lot of artsy-fartsy elements.

    #3 2 years ago

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