Dead or Alive 5 Plus gets release date, has first-person play

Friday, 21st December 2012 02:00 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Dead or Alive 5 Plus, the Vita version of Team Ninja’s latest fighter, has been graced with a release date, some extremely shiny new screens, and details of its optional touch controls.

The portable incarnation is now expected in the US on March 19; it’s not clear if this date also applies to Europe.

Tecmo Koei also revealed that the Vita version supports Cross Play with the PlayStation 3 release, and taked up the handheld’s unique controls.

The most dramatic Vita-specific feature is a new vertical mode, allowing for first-person perspective play. This mode is playable with two control methods – one lets you just tap on the screen where you want to attack, while the other uses gesture controls – touch, flick and pinch – to use more advanced and directed moves.

“Both methods offer players an instinctive way to fight while seeing their opponent in the highest graphic detail,” the publisher offers. I’m not even going to start, but I’m just letting you know that I could.

On the subject of the game’s graphics, there are some screens below, and Tecmo Koei said the Vita version boasts three times the frames on each move when compared to the standard console release. This not only provides better animations, it’s a hell of a bonus for hardcore fighters.

Less hardcore players will be pleased to know there’s a full training mode with several missions.



  1. Dragon246

    Some moaaar details about vertical mode-
    “Experience a new way of playing DEAD OR ALIVE in new sensational battles by fighting with touch. In addition to the standard horizontal screen, you can hold the Vita vertically to feel even closer to the on-screen character.”
    “With touch, flick and pinch movements, you can directly attack the opponent in an intuitive way of fighting.
    You can enjoy the different REACTIONS of the characters based on WHERE YOU TOUCH.”

    Ps Vita version features-

    DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Appears on PlayStation Vita!
    Equipped with new features for casual gamers to hardcore!
    Touch-play mode – Experience a new way of playing DEAD OR ALIVE in new sensational battles by fighting with touch.
    PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita cross-platform expansion – Of course you can face-off with fellow PS Vita users, but with PlayStation 3 Users too! By sharing purchased downloadable content and save data, you can share your favorite costumes from the PlayStation 3 version.
    Lesson Mode – By completing tasks on actual fighting methods, you can gain the necessary skills and awareness while enjoying the game!
    Super skill info – A must for experts! Detailed technique data beyond general knowledge is displayed in real-time.
    BGM customization – You can enjoy the battles while playing your favorite music!

    Collectors Edition-
    DEAD OR ALIVE 5 PLUS will launch with a special Collector’s Edition in Japan. Whether a collector’s edition will be made available outside Japan is currently unknown.

    Download code for 12 Paradise Sexy costumes
    Download code for an “Extreme Private Gravure” movie
    “I’m a fighter” custom skin
    Beginners guide with gravure
    “DEAD OR ALIVE 5″ Original Soundtrack vol.2
    *”Paradise Sexy Costumes” will be made available as paid DLC after launch. Distribution date is to-be-announced.
    *”Extreme Private Gravure Movie” can be viewed within the game.
    *”I’m a fighter” custom skin is an exclusive PlayStation Vita item.

    Collectors edition PRE-ORDER CONFIRMED!!! :D

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