Battlefield 3 End Game DLC detailed: four maps & new vehicles inbound

Thursday, 20th December 2012 10:22 GMT By Dave Cook

Battlefield 3 developer DICE has outlined the contents of its fourth and potentially final DLC pack ‘End Game’, an expansion that the studio says will deliver the game’s, “most high-speed warfare to date across four vast maps”.

CVG reports that the pack will feature new vehicles, including a dropship that gives players the, “Ability to turn the tide with rapid deployment air drops of troop transports”, as well as dirtbikes for rapid sprints across the battlefield. Capture the flag mode will also return.

We’ll have more details as they come. The pack is expected to drop in March 2013.



  1. Peetry

    Games I’ve bought since BF3 came out: Anno 2070, FIFA 13, Journey. I used to buy 2-3 games a month but BF has just been too much fun for too long. It makes me feel guilty for only paying £80 for something that I’ve thus far put 500 hours into. I also feel like I’m letting the industry down by not buying any of the perfectly good titles that come out all the time.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. sonny

    Same here, Peetry.
    I put so many hours into this game and didn’t even buy one of the DLCs.
    The only thing that could stop me from playing BF3 was the YLOD I got a few months ago ^^
    Now that I had my PS3 repaired, I’m wondering if I should buy the DLCs and get back into the game (Armored Kill and Aftermath sound good, have you played them?).

    #2 2 years ago

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