Aliens Colonial Marines: assholes and elbows

Tuesday, 11 December 2012 16:03 GMT By Dave Cook

Aliens: Colonial Marines is the canonical sequel to James Cameron’s 1986 movie. VG247′s Dave Cook goes hands-on and speaks with Gearbox Software about its development.

Aliens: Colonial Marines

The official, canonical sequel to James Cameron’s 1986 movie ‘Aliens’.

Set 17 weeks after the film, it sees a rescue crew landing on the infested planet of LV-426 to investigate the disappearance of Ripley, Hicks and company.

Gearbox Software – of Borderlands fame – is developing in close collaboration with 20th Century Fox and designer of the film Syd Mead.

It’s coming out February 12th on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, with a Wii U version launching shortly after.

It’s little wonder that critics and fans have compared James Cameron’s searingly brilliant Aliens to the Vietnamese war. The film showed a group of brash, cocksure marines talking trash and entering into a conflict they didn’t fully understand, armed with bad language, testosterone – and as Hudson so colourfully put it in the film – ‘Nukes, knives, and sharp sticks’.

Within moments, the group finds themselves ambushed by Xenomorphs in the creaking confines of Hadley’s Hope, a sprawling, claustrophobic space colony on LV-426. Panic and confusion sets in, reducing the swaggering band of jarheads to gibbering children without a plan, and completely without hope.

At one point in Aliens, the marines’ predicament is underlined when they find out they have to wait 17 weeks before back up arrives, and realising they’re in a hopeless situation, they decide to escape on their own. If you’ve seen the film you already know how badly that turns out.

Aliens: Colonial Marines tells the story of that back up crew, and the shocking discoveries they find once they make their way into the depths of Hadley’s Hope in search of answers. There are nods to the film everywhere, and fans will appreciate the authenticity at hand.

But how do you create that ‘Vietnam movie’ atmosphere in a game? There has to be tension, a feeling of being outsmarted and overpowered, and the fear that comes with fighting an enemy that can strike from the shadows at any time.

After going hands-on with the game’s multiplayer and campaign, it’s clear that Gearbox has used its development time well, and has nailed the film’s atmosphere perfectly. From the rasping sound of your marine’s pulse rifle, to the spine-chilling screech of your motion scanner, everything here feels expertly placed.

“What do you mean, ‘They cut the power’?”

Diving into campaign first, our initial slice of gameplay sees us jumping into the boots of Cpl. Christopher Winter, part of the marine back-up crew. Winter is the star when playing solo, although the entire campaign can be played in co-op with up to four marines and as such, the Left 4 Dead parallels are hard to ignore.

What’s interesting is that there is scope here to funnel players into roles. For example, as the squad first make their entrance into Hadley’s Hope, everyone’s motion scanners start picking up movement, and you have to zero in on the signal to identify it.

Similar to Doom 3 – in which players could only have their torch or a gun out at any one time – using the scanner forces you to holster your weapon. So a smart co-op squad might assign scanning duties to one player and smart gun operation to another, while the other two watch the flanks and rear with pulse rifles or shotguns.

“If there’s a whole bunch of Xenos in the room and you just happen to start shooting one, don’t kill it, then move on to the one next to it – the one you shot first isn’t going to keep running at you. That’s because it doesn’t want to die. They’re smart creatures”

It’s not long before you can put those strategies to the test, as the squad finds itself holed up in the same operations bay that the movie team used to discuss their escape plan. Scanners go ape-shit, and just like in the film it looks as if the aliens are already inside the room with you. But you can’t see them.

This really is tense, as you start looking around in a blind panic at all the dots swarming in on your location. Suddenly they start pouring out of the ceiling grates, through the floor and slithering out of air vents, followed by blind chaos.

Auto-turrets can be placed to thin our the pack, but Gearbox’s AI is smart. For example, if you simply wound an alien, it will back off and crawl through the nearest exit before regaining health and flanking you from the sides, above, or below. As such you have to make every shot count, or else you’ll find yourself ambushed repeatedly.

I asked senior producer Brian Burleson if both the AI and level design proved challenging to code, given the complex, twisted nature of the Hadley’s Hope colony, “Levels weren’t easy to make in this game, because there are so many cool things we can do.

“The AI is smart because it does have a concept of when aliens have died, and a concept of where they are at – the damage, what routes they can use to get away from you – and if there’s no way to escape they can become more aggressive and just tear at you. Because they know they’re going to die, they’re not going to give up.

“There’s a lot of things that have decayed, things that happened, and that adds a lot of nods for people who have seen the films, and who really appreciate that sort of thing.”

“That makes them very terrifying. Because if there’s a whole bunch of Xenos in the room and you just happen to start shooting one, don’t kill it, then move on to the one next to it – the one you shot first isn’t going to keep running at you. That’s because it doesn’t want to die. They’re smart creatures.

“It really depends on the environment, because if the Xenos know there’s an alternate route to get to you, then they’ll use it. If there’s no alternate route – and this is part of the strategy – you can actually find choke points where the Xenos have to come through.

“But sometimes they Xenos know better and they just hang back, waiting for you to come out or they reposition and go into the vents, or under the ground. They then stalk the player for a better opportunity to come out.”

This happens a lot, and it doesn’t help that – after the stand-off in operations – Winter’s commanding officer sends him and a buddy off to search for two marines who have gone missing.

The action is then bookended by a still quiet as the pair search the slimy, terraformed hallways to find dead colonists and marines strung up with gaping holes in their chests. The ups and downs of the game’s atmosphere are paced well, and keep you on edge at all times, a feeling that all good Aliens games should deliver.

“That’s inside the room.”

Much of the game’s authenticity stems from extensive research by Gearbox Software, as well as close collaboration with the film’s designer Syd Mead, and studio Fox. The attention to detail is hard to ignore, with collectibles – such as Hicks’ shotgun and marine dogtags – littered around recognisable areas.

“Chronologically we come after Aliens and Alien 3,” Burleson continued, “about 17 weeks after Aliens. But in the universe the films are history at this point, so there’s a lot of neat things to recognise and nod to. When you go through those environments, those things happened.

“The atmosphere processor blew up, there as clearly a fight in operations, Ripley – when she was in that room with Newt – that all exists in the areas that you go through. We recreated those spaces as if they happened in the past.

“Going into those spaces again was really easy to do in collaboration with FOX as we respected it so much, but a lot of times they deferred like, ‘Oh, Syd Mead designed the concept for the Sulaco. That’s official because he did it.’ That makes sense.”

“There’s a lot of things that have decayed, things that happened, and that adds a lot of nods for people who have seen the films, and who really appreciate that sort of thing.”

While the tone is spot-on, the gameplay is ideal, with slick gunplay and satisfyingly chunky weapons. The Pulse Rifle is of course, an absolutely joy to use and hear, while the smart gun – which uses a scoped night vision reticle that automatically homes in on nearby targets – makes you feel like a god until it runs dry and you come back down to earth.

On Gearbox’s collaboration with Fox, Burleson continued, “They’ve been great to work with because respect for the history is very important. Being canonical, we can’t just change things that happened. Like I said before, the atmosphere processor blew up. That existed, and one thing they were keen on preserving was that historical events happened.

“There are some areas the film didn’t go into too deeply, or that were more ambiguous, so there is some room to explore when going back to those environments. Just like on the Sulaco – in the film you only saw the locker room, the training area, the mess hall and the dropship hanger.

“There’s so much more of that ship, it’s a giant ship. Going back and creating things you didn’t see, filling in those gaps, and working with people like Syd Mead who did the original designs, that made it very authentic.

“Going into those spaces again was really easy to do in collaboration with FOX as we respected it so much, but a lot of times they deferred like, ‘Oh, Syd Mead designed the concept for the Sulaco. That’s official because he did it.’ That makes sense.”

While it was a fleeting hands-on session, Aliens: Colonial Marines hits all the right spots. It’ll be interesting to see how all of Gearbox’s new area and alien types feel when compared to the elements of the film we already know. Up next: multiplayer.

“Marines! We are leaving!”

This is where things really get fun. Comparable again to Left 4 Dead, Aliens: Colonial Marines’ multiplayer sees one team playing Xenomorphs and the other playing as humans across several game types and maps.

The humans in multiplayer are part of the campaign rescue team, but they’re on the other side of Hadley’s Hope, and have their own problems to contend with. We tried Escape Mode first, and found it to be a thoroughly satisfying scramble that attempts to deliver the chaos of the movie.

It’s a 15 minute match type that sees the marines running towards an evac point, fighting their way through player-controlled aliens, welding open doors, hacking security stations and more to make good their escape.

The tension is insane as you run forward as a group, covering all angles and then – upon finding a door that needs welded open – forced to turn around and defend the position while one player does the welding. The stand-off element is superb.

“To survive that space is difficult for the player because the Xenos can go anywhere. They’re just going everywhere and they can tear you apart easily.”

Once that door is open, the chase begins again, and several more times until the dropship is in sight. It’s scrappy, loud and chaotic to boot, and it really does feel like a mad dash. Playing as the aliens however is all about patience and cunning moves.

While there are several marine class types – shotgunners, pulse rifle troops and so on – the aliens have a more diverse set-up. Some spit acid, others can execute fast stealth take-downs and more. Mixing up classes is the key to winning.

As an alien you can stick to walls and ceilings, scuttle through vents and use your senses to see marines through walls. You have to bear in mind that – when moving – you will show up on the human’s motion trackers, so you really have to be smart in your approach.

I ask Burleson if the chaotic vibe of the films was hard to nail in the game, “It’s not terribly hard, but what happens in the multiplayer maps is part of what happens in the story that you see in the campaign.

“There are more marines on the planet, so you’re part of those squads as they run actions, do missions and other things as the character from the campaign are doing things.

“The environments you go through in multiplayer are unique-looking, but they’re a still part of the same facility and the Sulaco ship. Those A-B objectives where you try to get away from the Xenos are clear a lot of the time, because it’s like, ‘Hey you’re going through the facility that’s overrun with Xenos. You have to go through the gates, the tunnels, you have to infiltrate, and then you have to get out.

“When you get out, you ask ‘How do I get out’, but then you’re met with more gates, a lot of construction, and leading the player through that space is very straight-forward. But to survive that space is difficult for the player because the Xenos can go anywhere. They’re just going everywhere and they can tear you apart easily.”

He’s not wrong, as human-controlled aliens can leap out at any moment so for marines, huddling together as a tight-knit unit is to be advised, while Aliens can branch off and use each level’s labyrinthine routes to spring surprise attacks. For the aliens, it’s almost like a sadistic game of hide n’ seek.

“You secure that shit, Hudson!”

I also tried Extermination mode, a 6v6 game-type that sees marines detonating two sets of bombs – in order to destroy clusters of xenomorph eggs – and then move on to another set. It’s similar To Battlefield’s Rush mode, and the way players have to destroy two M-COM stations before pushing the frontlines forward.

It’s comforting to know that Aliens: Colonial Marines manages to deliver the insane scrambling of the film, as well its sense of dread and tension. Everything looks right, and feels perfectly positioned, and I got the sense that the project has been a real labour of love. It’s the official Aliens sequel, no questions asked.

While it’s still too early to make a call on the overall quality of the game’s campaign – and the fact I only got to play 20 minutes of it – there’s no question that multiplayer is going to be an absolute riot with friends.

There’s a lot of online levelling, customisation unlocks and weapons to be earned through both competitive and campaign play, so multiplayer should offer a lot of depth once the game launches February 12th. That said, if the campaign manages to stick to the quality of its opening moments for the duration, then it should hold up well.


  • Dave attended an official Sega event to write this article, however, all travel was paid for by VG247. He bought his own lunch, refreshments and dinner on the trip, and was offered an Aliens: Colonial Marines t-shirt at the door, which he politely refused. No other merchandise was offered.


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  1. BillyBatts

    The fact that you have to write that kind of disclosure at the base of a preview makes me sad.

    Because, you know, if you HAD accepted that t-shirt… I’d be at the front of the pitchfork mob.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. OlderGamer

    I am disapointed at the limited number of online players. Aliens Online from several years ago supported 4 fire teams of 4 players controling marines and if I remember right another 16 players controling Aliens in the Hive. 6V6 is just disapointing. I want massive battles.

    That being said I will own this for WiiU. Motion tracking on the GamePad should be great.

    #2 2 years ago
  3. Dave Cook

    @1 :P

    #3 2 years ago
  4. oldschoolsoviet

    ” canonical”

    The Aliens Technical Manual was published 17(!) years ago. It was more “canonical” than this slap-to-the-face excuse of a plot, riding roughshod over 20+ years of (Dark Horse) comics, graphic novels, fiction and articles, that certainly featured far more interesting concepts and established a canon of it’s own. But hey, FOX own the rights now.

    “Being canonical, we can’t just change things that happened. Like I said before, the atmosphere processor blew up. That existed, and one thing they were keen on preserving was that historical events happened.”

    Funny, because it seems that’s the exact opposite premise of this development hell car-crash, shoe-horning the story to fit, no matter how awkward it becomes.

    As for the XP pop-ups, collectibles and generic basic/heavy/ranged xenos ? *sigh*

    #4 2 years ago
  5. Clupula

    Never liked most of the Dark Horse comics, myself. Always felt like bad fan fiction. People who couldn’t accept that Newt died.

    As for this one, the jury is still out until I play a demo or something. The fact that it has 4 player co-op and is from the makers of Borderlands does make me very hopeful, though.

    #5 2 years ago
  6. Dave Cook

    @4 so you’ve played it through to completion I assume yeah? You seem to have all the answers after all…

    Also, what development hell?

    #6 2 years ago
  7. OrbitMonkey

    “Shag it people” … Please let that line be included…

    #7 2 years ago
  8. Ireland Michael

    @4 The game was never in development hell. It was just revealed way, way too early in development.

    #8 2 years ago
  9. starshop

    The game image very excite . You can see it here :

    #9 2 years ago
  10. Digital Bamboo

    Good to hear that the AI & combat may be just as strong as the atmosphere in this game. I got a little worried after reading otherwise over at Gamesradar. This piece was much more detailed, and positive. Anyhow, it sounds like Aliens fans won’t be disappointed.

    *nitpick “…Winter’s commanding officer sends him and a buddy off to search for two marines who have gone mission.”

    #10 2 years ago
  11. oldschoolsoviet

    @ 6 IP originally developed by Check Six, EA and FOX Interactive for the PS2, and cancelled. Rights snapped up by SEGA in 2006, and announced as a Gearbox project towards the end of the year.

    6 years, and all they have is a generic, CoD infused scripted shooter that judging by what’s been shown, still doesn’t surpass the Rebellion AvP games of the Jaguar and PC. Charger/bull xenos ? Did they think that was new, or knowingly rip-off the shambolic old toy line ? Not to mention the “oversight” of including female marines, dropping the possible BiA style for a dull, safe FPS angle, the documented meddling/control involved in any FOX venture, and the constant delays, all pointers to a project lacking a stable development.

    This has the same archaic stench of GB’s last resurrection: DNF

    Most Aliens fans are probably in their 30′s by now, and because of the influence of the film throughout gaming culture, not only have we seen it all before, we’ve seen better examples and homages elsewhere.

    #11 2 years ago

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  • Facebook says it’s “too early” to discuss large-scale shipments of Oculus Rift

    Facebook has said it is “too early” to discuss large-scale shipments of Oculus Rift as the VR headset is still in the development stages. Speaking during a call to investors, Facebook CFO David Wehner said the company had nothing to announce regarding the amount of stock it expected to ship. “We have not announced any […]

  • Battlefield Hardline’s first patch and rental server program hits next week

    Battlefield Hardline’s first patch has a release date for both consoles and PC. PC & Console patch and RSP for Consoles coming April 28th. Fixes include TDM spawns and more: — Battlefield (@Battlefield) April 23, 2015 The update will include fixes to Punkbuster, Nvidia DirectX drivers, TDM spawns, contains weapon balance tweaks and […]

  • Modders can now earn money through Steam Workshop starting today with Skyrim

    Valve has introduced a new functionality within Steam Workshop which will allow mod makers to earn money for their creations, starting with Skyrim. The update will allow content such as mods, items, or maps to be sold through Steam Workshop for titles which have the feature enabled. A new “streamlined process for listing” has been […]

  • Play Skyrim for free this weekend on Steam and take 75% off while you’re at it

    Skyrim is free this weekend on Steam providing wanna-be Dragonborns who have procrastinated on wetting their blades with Stormcloak blood the perfect opportunity to give the RPG a try. Head over to Steam and download the game and play for free until April 26 at 1am PDT. The game is also 75% off if you […]

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 “Ember” teaser video released ahead of full reveal

    Activision has released a Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 teaser video titled “Ember” and you can watch it right here. Here’s the video blurb: “In the next 50 years, technological advancements will lead us into a world where only those who risk going too far, will find out how far we can actually go.” […]

  • Dragon Age Keep update includes more customizability and control

    Bioware has updated Dragon Age Keep after listening to community feedback. The update includes more customization and control over heroes, world states, career and more. Players can now customize hero portraits or delete Dragon Age: Inquisition heroes from the Hero section. They can also remove playthrough states from the World State Manager and keep up […]

  • Here’s a look at some Conker community creations in Project Spark

    Conker’s Bug Reunion releases today, and below is a video showing some of the community creations you will be able to download using the creation pack. Project Spark is a free download on Xbox One and Windows 8.1, and you can download the Conker Creation Pack today. It contains 350 assets in order for users […]

  • Rainbow Six: Siege video shines spotlight on the British Counter Terrorist Unit

    Ubisoft has released a Rainbow Six: Siege video which gives you a look at the British Counter Terrorist Unit which features “the best of the Army, Navy, and Air Force.” The firm said that over the next few weeks it will introduce the public to each of the units in the game. Rainbow Six Siege […]

  • Mario Kart 8 DLC and Mewtwo for Super Smash Bros. headline eShop update in North America

    Nintendo has updated the North American end of the eShop with an update and new DLC for Mario Kart 8 and the Mewtwo DLC for Super Smash Bros. Other highlights include Mario Kart DS on Wii U Virtual Console, the continuation of International StreetPass Week and more. Full update is below. Nintendo eShop Mario Kart […]

  • Square Enix host E3 2015 conference this year on June 16

    With Final Fantasy 15, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on the horizon, it should come as no surprise to learn that Square Enix will be hosting a dedicated E3 2015 conference this year. The presentation will take place Tuesday, June 16 at 9am PDT/12pm EDT/5pm UK. It will be broadcast […]

  • Final Fantasy 4: The After Years 3D remake releasing on Steam next month

    Final Fantasy 4: The After Years has been given a makeover and will be released on Steam of PC next month. You can now pre-order it on Steam and take 10% off for the time being. The game will be released on the digital service May 12 and will include trading cards and achievements. Thanks, […]

  • This Project Cars video shows off the racer’s multiplayer

    Project Cars developer Slightly Mad has released a new video giving you a look at the game’s multiplayer. The game is out next month, and if you would like to refresh yourself on the tracks included,  give this a look. While you are clicking links, here’s the minimum and recommended PC specifications which dropped last […]

  • Looks like Logitech is getting out of OEM mouse production business [Clarification]

    Logitech will no longer produce “low-end” mice, citing a decline in PC accessories. This story has been updated to include a clarification. According to a Reuters report, per MCV, the firm will instead focus on video accessories and streaming music, as its wireless Bluetooth speakers are now its best-selling product rage. This will help offset […]

  • Win! We have 1,000 Heroes of the Storm beta keys to give away

    Must have more MOBA? Win one of our 1,000 Heroes of the Storm beta keys and see if you’re more Blizzard than LoL. Can’t wait for June 2? Of course you can’t. We have 1,000 closed beta keys for Heroes of the Storm to give away this week, allowing you access before Blizzard’s MOBA goes […]

  • Xenoblade Chronicles X Nintendo Direct airs tomorrow, April 24

    A Nintendo Direct devoted entirely to Xenoblade Chronicles X will air this Friday, April 24. The video showcase will start at 11am PDT/2pm EDT/7pm UK. After the showcase, a new Nintendo Treehouse: Live presentation featuring the game will air. This is the second Xenoblace Chronicles X Nintendo Direct, but the first in English. The first […]

  • Blizzard will have 500 game stations set up at gamescom 2015

    Blizzard is heading to gamescom 2015 in August and it will have 500 game stations set up for attendees to get their hands on five of its titles. The developer will be set up in Hall 7 and those who stop by will be able to get hands-on with the latest content for Heroes of […]

  • PS4 price cut to £299 in UK

    Sony has dropped the price of the PS4 in the UK. For a limited time only, you can grab the console for £299.99 from Argos, Game, Tesco and Very. Go to and you’ll get it for £289. You’ve only got until April 28, then it goes back up to £349. Go, go, go. For […]

  • Mad Max: first ever gameplay footage revealed

    Today, we get to finally take our first look at gameplay from Mad Max. Avalanche and Warner Bros. have shown off the first gameplay trailer for Mad Max today. The trailer below offers a look at melee combat, car combat, customisation and much more. Give it a watch below: There are a few new screenshots […]

  • Overlord: Fellowship of Evil has four-player co-op like we figured

    Codemasters has pulled the veil back on the next Overlord game, and its a four-player co-op game called Overlord: Fellowship of Evil. Rhianna Pratchett is back to write the story. The game may be co-op at its core, but it can still be played single-player. Each of the four playable character have strengths and weaknesses, […]

  • Update now available for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Pokemon X and Y

    Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire along with Pokemon X and Y are being updated by Nintendo to fix a few bugs and in-game text. There’s also the possibility of a few hacks and exploits being fixed. Per Nintendo Life (via Serebii), both patches are 250-270 blocks in size, and it’s a mandatory update which […]

  • Side-scrolling cover shooter Not a Hero gets a demo

    Not a Hero, the upcoming game from OlliOlli developer Roll7, has received a demo. The demo for Not a Hero was made available today on Steam. In the game, you play as Steve, the campaign manager for BunnyLord. A time-travelling rabbit who’s running for mayor of London. Think this is an absurd premise? This trailer […]

  • You have until April 30 to export your Green Day: Rock Band tracks to Rock Band 3

    Harmonix has announced that those looking to export their song collection from Green Day: Rock Band into Rock Band 3 can only do so until the end of the month. April 30 will be the cutoff date for anyone who wants to export tracks from Green Day: Rock Band into their Rock Band 3 library, […]

  • Batman: Arkham Knight minimum, recommended, and ultra PC specs revealed

    Batman: Arkham Knight is looking like it’s going to be quite a taxing game. Nvidia has released a list of the minimum, recommended, and ultra PC requirements for Batman: Arkham Knight. Here’s the full thing: Minimum OS: Win 7 SP1, Win 8.1 (64-bit Operating System Required) Processor: Intel Core i5-750, 2.67 GHz | AMD Phenom […]

  • Bloodborne patch 1.03 is live, reduces loading times, fixes suspend/resume bugs, more

    Patch 1.03 is now live for Bloodborne. The patch reduces loading times, adds item descriptions to loading screens, and fixes other various bugs. From Software has pushed update 1.03 live to all Bloodborne owners. As promised, it reduces loading times by approximately 5 to 15 seconds. Another new addition is showing item descriptions instead of […]

  • Battlefield 4: first look at Community Map in action

    Get your first look at the map designed by the community of Battlefield 4. Battlefield 4′s community-designed map is a reality. DICE has recently updated CTE to include an early version of the map. It’s not fully textured as Westie is about to show you, but the layout is nearly finalised. Westie goes over the […]

  • Microsoft apologises for uploading misleading Witcher 3: Wild Hunt footage

    Xbox’s YouTube channel uploaded a video of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt yesterday that was captured from the PC build. The most recent gameplay video for the The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt appeared on the Xbox YouTube channel and showed a quest from the game’s opening section. A few minutes after it had gone live, […]

  • Assassin’s Creed creator’s new game is Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

    Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey is the game Assassin’s Creed creator Patrice Desilets has been working on. Patrice Desilets has just announced that the next game his indie studio Panache Digital Games is making is called Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey. The announcement comes from Desilets’s keynote at the Reboot Develop event in Croatia. The trailer started […]

  • Bloodborne: Cathedral Ward closed door mystery solved

    The mystery of the locked door at the bottom of the Cathedral Ward in Bloodborne has been solved. Bloodborne, like earlier From Software games, is filled with doors that don’t open the first time you try them. Some will give you “locked” messages, others “does not open from this side”. Some of these will open […]

  • Assassin’s Creed creator Patrice Desilets is revealing his next game now [UPDATE: ended]

    Patrice Desilets, one of the original creators of Assassin’s Creed is hosting a presentation where he’s expected to talk about his next project. Patrice Desilets has emerged once again. This time he’s attending development conference in Croatia. Desilets is giving a live keynote and there’s a good chance we’re going to hear about his next […]

  • Destiny House of Wolves: everything you need to know about gear upgrades & The Reef

    Bungie revealed plenty of important details in last night’s Destiny stream. Let’s go over everything. Alex wants to make sure you don’t miss any of the information revealed yesterday. Most of it affects all Destiny players too, even those who don’t intend on buying House of Wolves. During the first stream, Bungie explained the armour […]

  • Mod-friendly Galactic Civilizations 3 will leave Steam Early Access in May

    Galactic Civilizations 3 will leave Steam Early Access next month for a full release, Stardok has announced. The developer called the game the “largest and most diverse strategy sandbox to date,” as players have a variety of tools such as diplomatic treaties to resource exchanges, and United Planets resolutions to hundreds of research directions for […]

  • Ys 6: The Ark of Napishtim is out next week on PC – here’s the pre-order trailer

    Ys 6: The Ark of Napishtim will be released next week on PC, and today, we have a pre-order trailer for you. The game will be made available on April 28 for $19.99/€17.99/£13.99 on GOG, the Humble Store and Steam. Along with improvements over the original PSP version, it will contain less backtracking, controller support […]

  • Destiny: House of Wolves – full gear set up to level 34 in PvP and PvE, upgrades, more

    The Destiny: House of Wolves livestream this afternoon was chock full of information. Read onward for our full report. According to Bungie, Petra Venj, who serves the Queen, is the main story agent who leads the player through the main series of quests. Players who complete bounties will be able to level up in her […]

  • Destiny: House of Wolves – watch the livestream right here

    Bungie will host a Destiny: House of Wolves livestream at 2pm EDT today, and you can watch it right here. Watch live video from Bungie on The stream will introduce the new social space, The Reef, as well as gear upgrade paths. House of Wolves contains new Strike missions, The Prison of Elders three-player […]

  • FIFA Ultimate Team: week of April 22 team includes Barcelona, Chelsea players

    This week’s FIFA 15 Team of the Week is now available for FIFA Ultimate Team players. Each team member, as with previous weeks, is selected base on the previous weekend’s matches. Here’s the list of players now available: Starting GK: Claudio Bravo – FC Barcelona (Spain) CB: Leonardo Bonucci – Juventus (Italy) CB: Ömer Toprak […]

  • Sony’s Spring Fever Sale winds down with Shovel Knight and Call of Duty discounts

    It’s the final week of Sony’s Spring Fever Sale which means more games have been added to the mix. Shovel Knight, which launches today is one offer, and the rest are all Cal of Duty titles. The Taken movie series is on sale as well. With Shovel Knight available today on PlayStation 3, PS4 and […]

  • Drivers for Xbox controllers, voice messages, more features available in Xbox One preview

    Microsoft has announced new features coming to Xbox One and the Xbox App on Windows 10 through the preview program this month. Some of the new features have been requested by the community for both Xbox One and Xbox One SmartGlass. Here’s what to expect, straight from the horse’s mouth: Xbox on Windows 10 Game […]

  • Total War: Warhammer has been announced for PC, Mac, SteamOS

    Total War: Warhammer has been announced after previous teases from The Creative Assembly touched upon it. The game will contain “gigantic monsters, flying creatures, legendary heroes and storms of magical power.” It is also the first in a trilogy which includes two additional standalone titles and extra content packs. It will feature thousands of warriors […]

  • This video for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt features a quest from the prologue

    A new video for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been released, showing off the Precious Cargo quest contained in the game’s prologue. The quest tasks Geralt with helping a merchant retrieve a mysterious box from the swamps. The scene looks familiar, but we’ve seen so many videos for the game it’s hard to tell […]

  • Limited public beta for The Elder Scrolls Online kicks off tomorrow on consoles

    The limited public beta for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited will launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One tomorrow, and Sony has provided details on the tester for those who’ve been invited to participate. The beta test contains the full version of the game and will run from April 23-27, and will start and […]

  • Dying Light debuts in second place on Media Create charts

    Techland’s Dying Light made its debut in Japan lats week, coming in a respectable second place behind Nintendo’s Girls Mode 3: Kirakira Code. The zombie shooter sold 25,530 units on PlayStation 4, while the top earner for the week moved a little over 55,000 units on 3DS. Another western release when landed on the chart, […]

  • Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven will release in the west this June

    Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven has been given a release date by XSEED Games, which announced the localization back in February. The title will launch for 3DS in North America on June 2 digitally and through retail. It will be an eShop only title in Europe and Australia when it releases on June 4. A […]

  • This Overlord video teases four new faces of evil

    A new Overlord game is in the works, going by the previous teasing and this video – which teases the possibility of four-payer co-op. Or just four characters to choose from. We don’t know just yet – all we know is the team is asking you to “join the fellowship.” A new entry in the […]

  • GTA movie will star Daniel Radcliffe as Rockstar’s Sam Houser, the BBC confirms

    The GTA movie Game Changer will star Daniel Radcliffe as Rockstar co-founder and president Sam Houser, theBBC has confirmed. The BBC also confirmed Bill Paxton will play Jack Thompson, a role Paxton already confirmed last week when speaking with Deadline. Here’s the synopsis per the BBC: “Conceived for an adult audience, this special 90-minute drama […]

  • Take a look at Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold’s Classic Mode

    Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold’s Classic Mode has received a trailer today. Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold will come with two modes, Classic and Story. Classic Mode was trailered today and in it, you’ll get to make your party by choosing from 13 classes. You’ll be able to customise them too using the character creation tool. Revamped […]

  • Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows to come with new challenge mode

    Shovel Knight’s upcoming expansion Plague of Shadows will bring with it a new challenge mode. Shovel Knight developer Yacht Club Games has revealed the challenge mode, one of the new additions coming to the game with the free Plague of Shadows expansion. “Are you more into digging than distillation? Already have your Feats book long […]

  • Nvidia releases complete graphical guide for GTA 5

    Those with GeForce cards will be happy to know that Nvidia has released a comprehensive graphical tweaks guide for GTA 5. Nvidia usually produces graphical guides for the big AAA games, and GTA 5 is no different. Their guides offer in-depth coverage of each in-game setting, how much they affect framerate, if they can be […]

  • Cthulhu voodoo: why Bloodborne is the best Lovecraftian game

    Sherif Said tackles Bloodborne’s links to Lovecraftian horror, explaining why you should face the madness and immerse yourself in its lore. Spoilers inside. No other game could commit to its themes so religiously without feeling the need to compromise its vision and veer towards accessibility. Bloodborne stands tall above any game that dares attach itself […]

  • WWE 2K15 is coming to PC this year

    WWE 2K15 will make its way to PC this spring. WWE announced that WWE 2K15 will make its debut on PC in the spring. The game will be based on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, both of which came out in November. MyCareer and 2K Showaces modes are included, as well as all […]

  • GTA 5 PC: new mod adds snow to GTA Online

    If you’re looking to get some snow in your GTA Online, someone figured out a way. Modder ECB2 created a mod that works with GTA Online on PC. The mod is called “Snow in GTA Online” and it does what it says on the tin. YouTube channel imperfectplayers captured a video showing it in action. […]

  • Deals with Gold: Call of Duty edition

    Xbox Live Deals with Gold for the week of April 20 are now live with mostly Call of Duty games. Various Call of Duty games are on sale on Xbox One and Xbox 360 through Xbox Live this week. Indie games Never Alone and We Are Doomed managed to sneak in as well. With the […]

  • Mortal Kombat X: PSN sign in problems fixed in new patch

    Patch 1.03 is now live for Mortal Kombat X and it brings an end to the aggravating sing in issue encountered by some users on PS4. Mortal Kombat X 1.03 patch has been released. The patch fixes bug CE-34878-0, which affected the PlayStation 4 version. The bug caused users to have to log in and […]

  • GTA 5 PC: new patch fixes Windows Media Player issue, getting stuck in the clouds

    GTA 5 has received a new patch on PC to fix issues caused by the lack of Windows Media Player and getting stuck between online matches. Patch 335.1 is now available to all owners of GTA 5 on PC. The strange issue that affected those who didn’t have Windows Media Player installed, has been fixed. […]