Galcon sequel going through Kickstarter

Monday, 10th December 2012 05:57 GMT By Naren Hooson

Galcon 2: Galactic Conquest, a sequel to the space themed RTS Galcon which first launched in 1995, is going through Kickstarter with a target of $23,099 by 7 January.

Expanded modes, an auto-match feature for online play, a trophy system and clan support will all feature in the sequel planned to launch initially as free-to-play on PC, Mac and Linux and later port to iOS and Android, according to Joystiq.

Details of the Kickstarter project along with a trailer can be viewed here.



  1. TheWulf

    I remember Galcon being surprisingly decent and eating up a nontrivial number of hours of my time. Thanks Naren, I’ll look into that. The original was one of the few 4x games I didn’t find completely impenetrable. (And I tend to quite enjoy the ones that aren’t.)

    #1 2 years ago

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