Insomniac on Fuse: ‘people want new IP all the time’

Tuesday, 27th November 2012 10:26 GMT By Dave Cook

Insomniac Game’s CEO Ted Price and Fuse dev Brian Allgeier have discussed why releasing a new IP like Fuse so late in the currency cycle makes sense, and have argued that gamers will still want current-gen titles even after PS4 and Xbox 720 have launched. Get their rationale below.

Speaking with OXM, Allgeier stated that Fuse’s timing is ideal, given that the industry is sequel-heavy right now, “I think this industry thrives on new IPs and I think it’s what keeps things going and renews it. This was a great opportunity for us to come out with a game when a lot of other people are coming out with sequels.”

CEO Ted Price added, “The market is always evolving, and it’s really difficult to predict what’s going to happen. Especially today because it’s not just about consoles anymore – people are playing games on whatever.

“We’ve heard over the years at Insomniac that people don’t just want sequels. They want more than just sequels. They want new IP and they want new IP all the time. This was a great opportunity for us to stand out against the rest of the games and do something for players.”

VG247 interviewed Insomniac regarding Fuse recently, and went hands-on. We found it to be rather dull and lacking in character. Check out our impressions below:



  1. Edo

    I absolutely agree,it’s a damn shame that this game doesn’t seem to be offering nothing new though.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. Gadzooks!

    New IP needs to be more than the same old tired shite with a new name, Ted.

    We want new gameplay, new genres, not another angsty monotone shooter.

    #2 2 years ago
  3. SameeR_Fisher

    It seems I was beaten by Edo & Gadzooks, I too agree that we need new IPs, heck I bought Dishonored and LOVED it, played it twice so far and still feels it got more.

    FUSE on the other hand, it seems meeeeh to me, we need something innovative, something new, a new IPs shouldn’t be a rip off title of things we saw many many times before.

    #3 2 years ago
  4. The_Red

    New IP is only good when it tries to do something new. A cel-shaded squad shooter that later lost even that cel-shaded / humor thing is not exactly the type of new IP I want to see.

    #4 2 years ago

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