Mechwarrior Online celebrates ‘Mechsgiving’ with new content

Wednesday, 21 November 2012 10:01 GMT By Dave Cook

Mechwarrior Online developer Piranha Games just made up a holiday, but we’ll forgive them as the concept of giant robots blowing each other to pieces is actually rather fun. ‘Mechsgiving’ adds new content to the MMOs open beta, which is taking place right now. Get the details below.

Joystiq reports that the update will go live later this week and adds the Cataphract, a tough mech with plenty of firepower and a boost jump ability, as well as a new map called “Frozen City at Night”. Players can also augment their mechs with new modules including the Beagle Active Probe, a piece of kit that increases a mech’s sensor range.

Piranha Games has also released some screens of the Cataphract in action. Check them out below, and head over to the Mechwarrior Online site to compare all four versions of the new mech to find out which one suits your play-style best.