The Banner Saga: Factions now in beta

Tuesday, 20th November 2012 05:39 GMT By Brenna Hillier

The Banner Saga: factions is now in beta, and you can get on board the turn-based strategy RPG. Find out how and check out five minutes of gameplay footage through the break.

The beta is already open to those who backed The Banner Saga on Kickstarter, but you need to request access in order to get in. Here’s Stoic;s guide to ensuring you get your due:

  • First, make sure you have a Stoic Community account. If you do not have one, make sure you register with the exact same email address you had when you pledged to the Kickstarter.
  • Once you register, keep your eyes peeled for a verification email to confirm your account. Until it is confirmed, it will not upgrade. This will come from “” so make sure you add it to your address book so it doesn’t accidentally get put in your spam folder.
  • Beta Access is not immediate, the team generates new keys in batches. Once your account is upgraded, you will enter the queue to get a testing code. We do these often so it shouldn’t take too long.
  • Once generated, you can quickly access your testing key by going to your profile and look under the “Beta Testing Information” section.

For everyone else, visit the sign-up page for your chance to be included in testing.

One you have a key, you can access the beta through the steps detailed here, and any issues can be reported here. A guide to the game has been compiled on its forum.

Factions is the free-to-play multiplayer component of The Banner Saga, which is due before the end of the year. The full game is a premium product and includes a narrative-driven RPG meta-game. The whole package was developed by Stoic Games, which was founded by a couple of former BioWare staffers with a passion for old-school style gameplay and richly consequential story experiences.

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  1. roadkill

    Meh.. What do you guys think? :)

    #1 2 years ago
  2. freedoms_stain

    I played a couple of rounds much earlier in the beta (half the shit in the video wasn’t in the game, you couldn’t recruit new units etc).

    The combat system is interesting, I think it has a lot of potential for strategy. My problem was not really understanding how the units functioned, once you have that down I think it becomes a lot more fun.

    I pledged to the game more for the sp though, I don’t know if I’d play the mp a lot. The thing that turns me off playing more mp right now is that I felt the thinking time given is too long, it could really be decreased by 25-50%. I played one guy who moved his character instantly right at the start of his turn but didn’t actually commit to an action until near the warning drums started going off every single time and I just got bored waiting for him. AI makes its move right away.

    #2 2 years ago

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