Xbox 360 Karaoke game has 8000 songs, charges you by the hour

Monday, 19th November 2012 16:47 GMT By Dave Cook

Xbox 360′s newly announced crooner app – simply called ‘Karaoke’ – will feature a library of 8000 tracks to massacre, and will charge players on a time basis, rather than an initial fee. It’s another dip into the free-to-play pool by Microsoft. Get the details below.

PlayXBLA reports that Karaoke – which is a collaboration between Microsoft and The Karaoke Channel – will stream games direct from your console, rather than making you download them.

It also operates a time-based payment model that lets players buy blocks of time in denominations of two, six or 24 hours via MS Points, and will also come with achievements, audio controls and your avatar singing along on screen.

What do you make of this payment method? Does it make sense given that it’s similar to pay-per-hour Karaoke venues? Is it convenient given Singstar’s recent move to free-to-play? Let us know below.

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  1. Nuggetface

    It really depends on the price. This will probably be like renting a game, which is a good idea. I don’t want to pay full price for a game I rarely play, so paying based on the time is a decent idea. But if they stretch this too far, then they’ll ruin the fun I think.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. Dave Cook

    @1 Yeah I agree with that actually. It’s something you might use when you have friends over before a night out, not all the time. So it makes sense.

    #2 2 years ago
  3. CrimsonThunder

    Please, don’t call SingStar free to play.

    #3 2 years ago
  4. Dave Cook

    @3 It is though by industry’s definition. I know what you’re saying, but I’m not wrong ;)

    #4 2 years ago

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