Primal Carnage: ‘Get to the Chopper’ DLC will be free

Friday, 16 November 2012 08:54 GMT By Dave Cook

Primal Carnage, the multiplayer game that sees dinosaurs and humans battling it out in what can only be described as a Jurassic Park enthusiast’s waking dream, is getting free DLC. The ‘Get To the Chopper’ pack will be offered gratis by developer Lukewarm Media. Get the details below.

PC Gamer reports that the mode is similar to Left 4 Dead formula of running to extraction points in the last act of its campaign chapters. It’s up to the dinosaurs to stop the puny humans from making good their escape.

It sounds both insane and genius in equal measure. If you want in on the madness, head over to the Primal Carnage site.