Farming Simulator 2013 gets deathmatch, of sorts

Friday, 16 November 2012 09:51 GMT By Dave Cook

Farming Simulator 2013 sounds like a pretty dull concept doesn’t it? Not much to do out there in the fields when there are crops to be harvested, right? Wrong. Someone has published a set of rules for a two-player custom deathmatch that sees two farming vehicles locked in deadly combat. Watch it in action below.

The rule-set is called Mortal Kombain and it’s called a null-mod because it doesn’t require any actual modding of the game. It’s just a custom game type that two players can create themselves to spice up the farming monotony.

Indie DB posts the rules – as created by YouTube user Chinzilla – as:

  1. Get two players online.
  2. Get them two front loaders (models and “weapons” at your discretion, trying different combinations is actually a fun thing in itself).
  3. Let them meet at the bridge near the port.
  4. The one who tips the other into the water wins!

Sound good? OK…FIGHT!!