Farming Simulator 2013 gets deathmatch, of sorts

Friday, 16th November 2012 09:51 GMT By Dave Cook

Farming Simulator 2013 sounds like a pretty dull concept doesn’t it? Not much to do out there in the fields when there are crops to be harvested, right? Wrong. Someone has published a set of rules for a two-player custom deathmatch that sees two farming vehicles locked in deadly combat. Watch it in action below.

The rule-set is called Mortal Kombain and it’s called a null-mod because it doesn’t require any actual modding of the game. It’s just a custom game type that two players can create themselves to spice up the farming monotony.

Indie DB posts the rules – as created by YouTube user Chinzilla – as:

  1. Get two players online.
  2. Get them two front loaders (models and “weapons” at your discretion, trying different combinations is actually a fun thing in itself).
  3. Let them meet at the bridge near the port.
  4. The one who tips the other into the water wins!

Sound good? OK…FIGHT!!



  1. Digital Bamboo

    Slot this under game concepts I never expected to see get turned into actual games.

    Farmers don’t strike me as people with an abundance of spare time, & it surprises me that anyone else might be interested in playing a simulator based on farming–yet here we are.

    Wouldn’t this ‘deathmatch’ make more sense if it were called Mortal Kombine?

    #1 2 years ago
  2. Dave Cook

    @1 It would make more sense, but I suspect that’s a foreign word for Kombine :D

    #2 2 years ago

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