Assassin’s Creed 3: “Following Ezio is going to be a challenge,” says Hutchinson

Tuesday, 6th November 2012 14:16 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Assassin’s Creed 3 contains a less “flamboyant” assassin this time out, and while Connor may be more “straight laced” than Ezio, director Alex Hutchinson feels he’s just as cool.

Speaking with OPM, the game’s director said no matter which assassin the team chose, following Ezio was going to be a “challenge.”

“[Ezio's] so iconic, he’s over-the-top, he’s funny, he’s a juicy character to dig into,” said Hutchinson. “We just wanted to create someone who could stand up against the other two Assassins. Yes, [Connor] is a little bit more strait-laced, but it’s the story of his whole life. We really hope people get a kick out of him.

“We spent a lot of time working on this Assassin, trying to make someone who was compelling to people and seemed like a cool person to be. The fact that responses have been positive – we’ve already seen cosplaying and fan art – and people seem to really have adopted him, which was really satisfying.

“When you haven’t shown the new guy, you’re always worried that people won’t embrace him as they did with Ezio before. Overall, just the sheer excitement we’ve generated on a game that comes out once a year has been so rewarding. It’s tough for us. If something comes out once a year, people potentially get tired of it and we work on it every day. Getting people this excited has been really rewarding.”

Assassin’s Creed 3 is in stores now, as is Liberation, the Vita version of the game starring a the series’ first female protagonist.

The game will be released on Wii U November 18 in the US and November 30 in Europe.



  1. Ireland Michael

    I enjoy Connor far more than I ever did Ezio.

    Ezio became way too larger than life. He eventually just became a cipher to the other characters in the story, with very little in the way of actual character exploration. His best moments and strongest display of any sort of human personality were shown in content *outside* of the game.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. YoungZer0

    Connor is such a disappointment. So much potential, completely wasted.

    There seems to be no real struggle in him. He’s naive, while also completely merciless. It just doesn’t work. His first kill had no emotional impact on him. If i remember correctly they didn’t even try to present his first kill as anything but another button mashing.

    Connor is a robot. Not saying that Ezio is any better. His loverboy attitude was getting boring, really, really fast, but Connor is much worse.

    He’s never really talking to people. He just stands there, quoting from a book about ‘freedom’.

    “To tell you the truth, Connor, i’m glad we found your community. Here we can prosper and enjoy life at its fullest.”

    “Everybody-should-have-the-right-to-live-free. o_o”

    “If you haven’t found us, we would never have survived. Thank you, Connor.”

    “There-is-no-need-to-thank-me. You-did-this-all-by-yourself. I-only-gave-you-the-opportunity.”

    The only time he shows something like a character is when he has another argument with the old guy. But that’s too little too late.

    #2 2 years ago
  3. Ali

    Meh Conner can’t be even compared with Ezio. Connor is just boring, bland and lacks the depth and charm of Ezio. I mean his backstory isn’t really memorable either. I just hate him and found him to be such a huge let down. Not much was actually done to represent him as a half native American.

    I truly enjoyed playing as Haytham Kenway and found him as charming,witty and clever as Ezio if slightly less. I kinda hope that this the last time we see Conner. I really hoped that he will somehow get killed in the game.

    #3 2 years ago
  4. SplatteredHouse

    They could try an espionage/spies, maybe corporation angle next. That might be fun, if they have characters with depth.

    #4 2 years ago
  5. YoungZer0

    @3: Yeah, i have to agree. Though i hated the part where you have to play as Haytham Kenway, he was definitely more of a character than Connor.

    The problem with AC3′s writing is that it doesn’t go anywhere. It has no message. Not even about slavery. It doesn’t touch any subjects that might add any depth to the game, no opportunity was taken to say something about the world back then.

    ‘Freedom is awesome!’ seems to be the only message in the game.

    There is no struggle, no representation of the social aspect of the war. Your characters is a native and barely anyone mentions that. As if they didn’t have any racism back then.

    It’s embarrassing.

    #5 2 years ago
  6. TheWulf

    The discussion here is a prime problem I’ve had with Ubisoft games ever since the silly buggers abandoned the likes of Beyond Good & Evil for the Assassin’s Creed series. It’s a genuinely sad state of affairs, because BG&E showed us that Ubisoft truly could write a character. And you’d have to be an absolute monster to hate Jade & company.

    Oh Double-H, I miss you. Gods damn it, now I want to play BG&E again. This happens every time I have to talk about Ubisoft characters, because then I’m forced to remember Ubisoft at their very best. Their finest moment, which a billion Assassin’s Creed games couldn’t diminish. Though they do try, don’t they?

    The problem with Assassin’s Creed is that every character has been so very two-dimensional and shallow. I’ll grant you that Ezio was a bit of fun, but he wasn’t so much a character as a stand-up comedian. And it’s not that hard to write the funny guy, it’s much harder to give the funny guy depth though. To show why he’s like he is.

    One of the best examples of a funny guy with depth is probably what happened with Marvel’s Strong Guy after the abhorrent iron age ended. It was discovered that he was constantly joking to take his mind off the pain of his mutation, that every moment of every day he was suffering. And any kind of fight could intensified that. So his humour was his coping mechanism, and really he was a bit of a tragic character.

    So why didn’t he just roll over and give up? He always saw himself as kind of a coward for wanting to. That’s a self-image he was frequently struggling with, as he did indeed have moments of cowardice. But ultimately he was spurred on by his desire to overcome that, and by the friends he’d made whilst trying to be some kind of hero person.

    I loved that character.

    The thing is is that Ezio has no real… depth. He’s a face. That’s all he is, really. He’s just a face. He’s one that smiles, and laughs, and jokes. He’s almost the mask of the assassin. But then who’s the assassin underneath? We never got to meet that character, the real Ezio. And that’s a shame, because that implies that he was always that shallow.

    Ezio is kind of like… how can I put this? He’s like Spider-Man without Peter Parker. And that’s boring. That’s oh so very boring. He’s flawless, and perfect, and grand. That’s what made him so over the top.

    And it sounds like they have just as many problems with the characterisation of Conner. Mostly the same problem – that they have no idea how to justify him being an assassin, and that being one doesn’t fit his personality at all. That has been a problem with this series, hasn’t it? None of the writing in the Assassin’s Creed games has been what could be described as ‘good.’ And I think that’s why they never drew me in.

    It’s disappointing to hear that Conner is ultimately as shallow as every other assassin, but it’s not entirely surprising.

    Oh if only we could go back to Jade and Double-H.

    #6 2 years ago
  7. YoungZer0

    Yeah, it’s interesting that they seem to struggle so hard with giving their characters a proper motivation or at least a real excuse to justify what they are doing.

    I mean sometimes the game has insanely stupid moments. For example, the murderer of Connors people sits with him in the same room. The guy is usually hard to track, but now he sits there, with him in the same room. Connor sees him, gets mad, but doesn’t attack, because the other guy told him not to.

    What the fuck?

    So i guess revenge isn’t that important to him. Because the guy who’s responsible for his mothers death sits there with a stupid smile. If it’s not important to him, why should i care? That is something so many videogames miss: Why should i care? Give me a motivation. Make me care about the characters! If you can’t provide interesting characters, provide an interesting story.

    This year so far only two games managed to make me really care: Spec Ops – The Line and The Walking Dead. God i just love those two games. I think by now, i’ve praised Spec Ops – The Line enough though, so i’d like to say that every new episode of The Walking Dead is something i’ve to prepare for, because it has such an emotional impact on me.

    Wulf, have you played the Walking Dead Series?

    #7 2 years ago

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