Wasteland 2 concept art depicts Synths, is beautiful

Tuesday, 30th October 2012 04:41 GMT By Brenna Hillier

InXile has released a gorgeous new piece of concept art for Wasteland 2; it’s a little too big for the front page, so click through. The artwork depicts one of the Synths, a faction nominated for highlight by fans, who are “not fond of the rangers”. Wasteland 2 is expected on a variety of platforms in late 2013.

I’ve shrunk this a bit so it fits nicely on the page, but click for a slightly larger version.



  1. Garksa

    Androids are always good.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. TheWulf



    Now, off the topic… I hope the inclusion of androids means that they’re not trying to create a sterile, near-earth post-apocalypse.

    A post-apocalyptic setting is a chance to depart from earth as we know it, to actually have something that we once knew turned upon its head, to become something completely different. Because that’s the point, isn’t it? It’s earth as we don’t know it, filled with new dangers and wonder.

    My favourite example of a post-apocalyptic setting continues to be Fallout 2. New Vegas is a damned good RPG, but it’s not the pinnacle of what a post-apocalyptic setting can be. Fallout 2, on the other hand, had it all. It was as cheesy as it was deep, as wonderful as it was dangerous.

    You got to play chess with a sapient scorpion.


    That’s actually one of my fondest memories of post-apocalyptia. The problem is is that most developers seem to have no imagination. Oh, look, it’s a wasteland. But it’s exactly the same. It’s almost a modern shooter with more dust. LOOK AT OUR CREATIVE BANKRUPTCY.

    I guess that works for the wonder-starved mainstream (the people who apparently never read), but it doesn’t do anything for me. I’ve played Gamma World, I know how incredibly silly, yet completely meaningful a wasteland can be. How much it can explore. A good post-apocalyptia can be like a good Star Trek episode. It’s a thing of exploration and discovery, even self-discovery, that explores the world and human nature. That looks at how we react in a world that we no longer own.

    Androids are a good start. The giant scorpion robot was a good start. But I’m hoping that their wasteland won’t be sterile. Because if it is… that’s the greatest possible waste of the setting, for me. If they make it sterile, it’s going to be a humongous disappointment.

    Just because it’s a wasteland… that doesn’t mean it has to be sterile. Just different. I hope they grasp that ‘wasteland’ isn’t just an excuse for them to be creatively bankrupt. “But it’s a wasteland!” Noap. Sorry. It doesn’t work like that. See: Fallout 2.

    Fallout 2 is really the standard set for all future post-apocalyptia settings, and apparently it’s a pretty high bar, because everyone wants to fetishise the sterile and the familiar, even in a setting like this. But I would love to see something recapture what Fallout 2 was.

    To be honest, even Fallout Tactics did a post-apocalypse better than most. It was a genuinely intelligent game that dealt with the human condition and our failings, it looked at many aspects of us, including how we can become co-dependent, what can influence the rebirth of society, how we approach prejudice once the world has fallen apart (and what we can do about it given a second chance), and so on.

    If I had a wish, it would be that Wasteland 2 is more like Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics. Silly, meaningful, intelligent, wondrous, and poignant.

    #2 2 years ago

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