DiRT 4 teased by Codemasters – report

Wednesday, 24 October 2012 14:03 GMT By Dave Cook

Dirt 4 has been teased on Twitter by developer Codemasters, by way of photos featuring a pimped-up rally car. The car model in question has been used to promote previous entries in the Dirt series. See the snaps below.

Take this as speculation for now, but chief game designer of DiRT games Paul Coleman Tweeted a pair of photos featuring the signature vehicle, along with the hashtag #dirt.

Coleman’s first tweet read, “Commence your speculation. #dirt”, along with this image:

Coleman’s second tweet said, “Another teaser. Sadly I can’t say what I am actually doing but it’s fun,” along with this image:

The same car was seen in a DiRT 3 video, released pretty much a year ago to the day:

What do you think? Idle teasing, or a hint at DiRT 4? Speculate below.