Rocksmith: PC batch shipped without activation keys, Ubisoft sees fan backlash

Monday, 22 October 2012 09:41 GMT By Dave Cook

Rocksmith is now available in the UK, but Ubisoft has mistakenly shipped a batch of PC editions without activation keys, much to the anger of fans. The publisher is offering compensation to those affected. reports that Ubisoft has opened a replacement key that allows gamers to request a new activation code, as well as additional unlocks for their trouble.

The bonus content in question is a key that unlocks Rocksmith’s ‘Guitarcade’ minigame component from the start, rather than having to be unlocked through play.

First DRM and now this. Ubisoft’s Rocksmith gaffe has earned the publisher a torrent of complaints over on its forumand is sure to pour more scorn on the publisher’s approach to the PC market.

It comes after Ubisoft performed an about-face on its once-rigid DRM policy on its PC catalogue.

What’s your take on the slip up and backlash? Let us know.