Crysis 3 environments are a ‘middle ground’ between previous games

Monday, 22nd October 2012 13:50 GMT By Dave Cook

Crysis 3 will tap into both the open world approach of the original Crysis and present players with defined areas that can be tackled freely, developer Crytek has stressed.

Speaking with OPM, Crysis 3 producer Michael Read said of Crysis 3′s locales, “Crysis 1 and 2 were different extremes and each with their own merits and faults.”

“I still believe that some of the ‘linear’ comments we get regarding Crysis 2 have to do more with the visuals that people were presented with in the game using a closed off space like NYC urban grid. The freedom element was still there to some extent, but presented in a different way.”

“We really have a solid middle ground between the two games that allows the player to approach challenges in dynamic ways while still keeping them focused on the endgame goals.” Read added, “The ability to replay the action sequences in different ways really added a lot while still keeping the player focussed on a goal”

“The environments are definitely one of the biggest changes,” Read concluded, “We were really able to identify a lot of the merits from the first two games in terms of the environment and capitalize on those for Crysis 3. The mix between broken down urban, lush rainforest, and more open spaces only helps to reinforce this experience”.

Which approach to do you prefer? – Truly open world, or enclosed sandboxes? Let us know below.

Crysis 3 launches on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 across Europe in February.



  1. Mineral4r7s

    How come the third “chapter” “Installment” is always a swamp / jungle.
    Diablo 2 Chapter 3 Jungle
    Torchlight 2 Chapter 3 Swamp / Jungle
    Crysis 3 Swamp / Jungle.

    Is there some unwritten law?

    #1 2 years ago
  2. ejams

    A defined balance is what I like the best, because having an extreme open world is cool and all, but the density of content is usually low. On the other side, having a contained sandbox is also nice, and there are things to do, but there isn’t as much area to let you have the most creative freedom etc.

    Because of the nanosuit in Crysis 1, the whole massive jungle landscape worked out pretty well, because the suit features made it work quite nicely. Crysis 2 forces you down a path or street, while everyone wanted it to be a lot more open, like the ability to go through most bulidings or something like that.

    I really hope they strike a nice balance in this one because I love the franchise and there is a lot of potential.

    #2 2 years ago
  3. bpcgos

    which approach I like ??
    Ok, it isn’t a matter of truly open world or enclosed sandbox! First Crysis neither an open world nor enclosed sandbox. IMO, it’s an open level, level that allows ‘many’ possibilities to play around, level that sets jungle as it’s backgrounds,it’s the same level like todays Dishonored or DX: HR and thief in the past.
    Ok, lets take it case by case.
    1. In first crysis you can reach your objective by any means necessary, by vehicle (civilian pick-up, boat or military truck, jeeps and tanks), walking, or even swimming. Meanwhile on 2nd crysis there’s only one possibilities, which is walking (vehicle are just a temporary).
    2. In first crysis, using stealth you can plant a bomb at any blown-able structure (or parked vehicle) , blow it all at once to create some chaos while killing panicked soldier one by one that didn’t knew exactly where your position is. In 2nd crysis, can you do something like that?? Stealth only means kills your enemy then hide, rinse and repeat, because their level design are not open enough and oftenly much more linear.
    3. In first crysis, going rogue means you can set up a c4 in one of the vehicle you’re going to ride towards a bunch of enemies, getting out of it while running away and blow the C4 up while watch your enemy crushed. In second Crysis, is it possible? It’s just allows you to going rogue by shoot them all, reload , shoot again, change weapon,reload and then shoot again.
    4. Is there no living being in Crysis 2 NY City ?? Crysis allows you to play around with chicken,turtle and even fish.
    That is some of the example that, IMO, dissapoint me very much. I know its not caused by console or console oriented design ( as a proof, the 1st Crysis can be ported to console). It’s caused by their laziness and maybe some pressure from EA to cater COD fans.
    There’s some good thing ofc, like their engine efficiency and additional visual effect, but thats not as important what they’ve done with their gameplay mechanic and level design.

    #3 2 years ago
  4. DarkElfa

    This will be one of single player games, if any I buy this quarter. I mean it’s Crysis, why own a PC if you don’t do these?

    #4 2 years ago
  5. roadkill

    @4 Hey there are plenty of other reasons to own a PC, like.. playing shooters or real time strategy games on it or do anything you want but I agree with you, Crysis 3 looks spectacular. Bioshock Infinite as well btw.

    #5 2 years ago
  6. DarkElfa

    Well, I do a lot of other stuff myself as well, but it is spectacular.

    #6 2 years ago

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