Path of Exile: MMO raises $1.2 million in crowd funds, bonus expansion detailed

Wednesday, 17th October 2012 09:04 GMT By Dave Cook

Path of Exile, the fantasy MMO from New Zealand developer Grinding Gears Games has hit NZD$1.2 million in crowd funding, and as such has released details of a new ‘Act III’ expansion pack. Check out the details below.

MCV Pacific reports that the expansion will be available as part of the games incoming open beta, which you can register for now here.

Chris Wilson, producer at Grinding Gears shed light on the expansion, which sounds massive, “Act 3 adds an extra 50% of content to Path of Exile’s world. Our already gritty game gets a lot darker as players explore Sarn and witness the full extent of the corruption and cataclysm. High-level characters will really enjoy some of the enemy encounters and combat challenges.”

Here’s the expansion’s official synopsis:

Path of Exile’s lore and mysteries deepens as you explore Sarn’s abandoned docks, markets, temples and sewers. For reasons unknown, General Gravicius and the Ebony Legion have sailed from your homeland Oriath to scour Sarn for its secrets, joining Piety of Theopolis in a race against the player to plunder Sarn’s tombs for wealth and power.

In the Solaris Temple, a magical army of floating constructs known as the Ribbons continually sterilize the temple even as the centuries wear on. Even though thaumaturgist Malachai the Soulless is long dead, evidence of his dark experiments remain.

In addition to undead, magical constructs and corrupted horrors, players will encounter some unlikely allies. An encampment of exiles survive on the man-made island in the middle of the river, led by wise and well-spoken Karui warrior Maramoa.

The funding milestone will also see PvP added into the mix. Two new in-game screens were also revealed to mark the occasion. Here they are:



  1. Hcw87

    This isn’t an MMO, but an Action RPG like Diablo 3 and Torchlight 2.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. freedoms_stain

    @1, They don’t call it an MMO themselves, but it essentially is. That’s how I’d term an online game that supports thousands of players anyway.

    #2 2 years ago
  3. Dave Cook

    @2 yep, it is an MMO, just not in the traditional sense.

    #3 2 years ago
  4. voxelman

    eh even the town “hubs” are instances which can only have ~20 people, it’s even less of an MMO than Guild Wars 1.

    #4 2 years ago
  5. jacobvandy

    Lolwut? Well, I think you’re doing the game a disservice by classifying it simply an MMO. The base appeal is that it’s an old-school action-RPG in the vein of Diablo 2. At least call it that first, then explain what you think makes it an MMO afterward… Don’t just pin it “MMO” and leave it at that.

    #5 2 years ago

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