Sony’s revamped Gaikai teaser shows Uncharted, Killzone, God of War & more

Thursday, 11th October 2012 09:03 GMT By Dave Cook

Sony acquired Dave Perry’s cloud gaming service Gaika earlier this year, and a new teaser has hinted at what both companies have in store for it. The service’s official site has been updated with a teaser image full of PS3-exclusive content.

As reported by That Videogame Blog, the official Gaikai site has been updated with a new interface teaser, complete with images of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, God of War 3, Killzone and other Sony-exclusive IP.

Here’s the pic in full:

If you click on different sections of the site, more games are revealed.

The list in full:

Metal Gear Rising
Mass Effect 3
God of War 3

Sony has gone big on backwards compatibility and re-releasing old franchises. Through Gaikai it could potentially offer you everything it’s ever done, streamed instantly to your TV or console. That is a powerful prospect indeed.

A statement on the site reads:

Over the past several years, we’ve worked tirelessly to re-define the way people access and play video games. We developed amazing streaming technology, assembled an accomplished management team, and built the world’s most widespread cloud gaming network.

And while we think all of that is pretty cool, we’re not done yet. As a new member of the Sony Computer Entertainment family, we’re working even harder to ensure the world’s best entertainment content is delivered instantly to you, no matter where you are in the world.

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  1. bitsnark

    Spot on on the back compat idea.

    Especially, if (as I guess is reasonably likely), the PS4/Orbis forgoes backwards compatibility due to vastly different hardware architecture than the PS3.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. Fin

    “instantly to your TV or console. ”

    Or mobile device.

    Subscription based streaming? (£10/month, get every PS1/PS2 game) FUCK. YES.

    #2 2 years ago
  3. roadkill

    Not that I enjoy or use Gaikai but, I’m curious, if Sony acquired this service, does this mean that it won’t support PC gaming anymore?

    #3 2 years ago
  4. Erthazus

    @3, I think there is no reason for that for Sony.

    I don’t see Sony streaming Uncharted or Metal Gear Solid 4 on my PC. So i’m not sure If there is a real reason to support PC gaming.

    #4 2 years ago
  5. Erthazus

    Metal Gear Solid 4 – Actually it is Metal Gear Solid:Rising

    #5 2 years ago
  6. Yoshi

    @4 Well if they’re smart, they’d still go for the PC gaming but obviously have two game selections with PS3 and PC… if they’re smart.

    @5 Yeah I thought that as well :P

    #6 2 years ago
  7. Dave Cook

    @5 You’re right actually, Why would Rising be in a gallery full of Sony-exclusive IP though. Weird.

    #7 2 years ago
  8. Goffee

    Sounds like Sony has a way to wriggle out of the Vita fiasco… claim lack of support and launch Gaikai on all tablets and smartphones… kerching!

    #8 2 years ago
  9. ps3fanboy

    if a shitty rental streaming service is the future of sony, they can kiss my ass goodbye.

    #9 2 years ago
  10. Gama_888

    @9, k,gbye then.

    Whats the deal with gaikai?? is it even live right now? when i go to the site i cant find any way of actually playing a game xD

    Anyhooo i think gaikai is sonys plan for PS4. Full backwards compatability, complete integration with the ps store.

    Also thatvideogameblog site, says that sony has promised us full backwards compatability for ps4, is this true?? i dont remember reading that anywhere

    #10 2 years ago
  11. OlderGamer

    What if Sony decides not to do PS4, instead putting Giakia on PS3, Vita, Sony branded TVs/Tablets, and even posibly PCs? Everyone knows Giakia can do already done games, but it can also be used to stream new games. It is basicly its own self contained platform. Investing and risking money in new hardware eems pointless and outdated if you look at it from that perspective.

    Do I think Sony will skip PS4?

    No, they aren’t that forward thinking.

    But if your could sell hardware(PS3) for poitenialy a 1/3rd of what your competition is selling their hardware(xbnxt) for, and your games can compete with theirs, there would be one hella huge advantage in that. Welcome to next gen, on a system you already own.

    #11 2 years ago
  12. ManuOtaku

    #11 Good Point OG, i think they will not skip the ps4, but certainly gaikai will delay its release, i think thats why they are hinting more new IPS on the PS3 for the upcoming five years, as you mentioned they can put gaikai in the ps3 for the multiplatform games as a new console with gaikai and the ps3 for the sony titles, it would make a lot of sense money speaking.

    #12 2 years ago
  13. ps3fanboy


    i have read a few of your posts and come to the conclusion your not old and not really a gamer.

    #13 2 years ago
  14. KrazyKraut

    Ehm…no. And btw…here some of your greatest hits idiot:

    its people like you that keep crapcom afloat… and why crapcom can keep on doing the crap they do every time. its time to boycott everything, not keep buying. you want the change for the better then don’t buy…. then when the money stops crapcom will listen, and give us proper games and dlc not on disc. at this time crapcome earn money anyway and they can give a shit about you. YOU WANT THIS TO HAPPEN?… ARE YOU A DUMB CUSTOMER LIKE CRAPCOM THING YOU ARE?… vote with your wallet, dont buy but boycott now.

    there is a bug already??.. in 15-20 years when these patches ain’t here anymore, just throw the game in the trash. it is unplayable… thank god i can still play my 60 year old game of super mario.
    you wonder why older game are popular because you can still play them, you wonder why we have icons as mario, because the mario games have been passed on for generations and still can be played…
    you release a game to day and try to build a brand like the old mario guy, you have no chance because the game is unplayable after a its first generation… thats why you dont get new game icons in the future.. buggy half arsed released games, go no where… this is a fact.
    i didnt buy into the borderlands hype and now i learn it have serious game breaking bugs… its now a 100% no buy thats for sure.

    OMG!.. not this pussy pants shit music!… GET SLAYER!

    Windows LIVE sucks serious arse…. period!

    when the new ps3 will be bundled with the vita… it will knock nintendo out of orbit once and for all..

    Origin is the worst shit ever and the free-to-play(freemium) aka dime and cent you to death for ingame crap, it ruin a good game… if that is the future of ea, then goodbye!

    RAGE sucked because of horrible texture popping, bad framerates and a bland story… not because it was missing a end boss (the only good thing with RAGE, was that it didn’t have an idiotic end bosses that you gotta shoot 1000 times)

    so Nihilistic couldn’t finish their crap port of this game, in time for the production run, TOTALLY LAME!. i say poor suckers that buy this bundle, they probably don’t know that the game also is locked to their account.

    These are some of my favorites and if I would dig deeper I would find more childish, wannabe-gamer (yeah, wannabe gamer…that is you!) trash talk from you. So please, stfu and stop judging other ppl.

    #14 2 years ago
  15. DrDamn

    ‘Not that forward thinking’? The very fact they have stumped up the cash for Gaikai now shows they are thinking forward, but to a time when this sort of tech is applicable to the market they need to reach. The idea is fine but the infrastructure to peoples houses isn’t there yet in large enough volumes. They can’t risk alienating their customers just because they live too far from a telephone exchange or live out in the countryside. So a PS4 will be a reality and will dip the toe in the waters of cloud gaming giving Sony experience and an advantage for the future when the whole picture is there.

    #15 2 years ago
  16. OlderGamer

    Maybe Doc.

    But I think the arguement that broadband won’t be fast enough, everywhere is never going to go away. Not for the foreseable future. And I believe Sony is a slow mover. Ask yorself what Sega might do with Giakia, if they were in Sonys position? I they they would move a lot faster.

    I also think by waiting Sony loses the advangtage that they have right now.

    MS are going to stream games. But they will do it in partenership with telecom companies. And they will do it sooner then most would guess. I believe it is a large part of their strategy for XBNXT. I am seing MS as offering the best settop box out there, cable TV, Streaming games, IE, DVR, exandable extrenal storage, tons of “services”. I think MS moves boldly into wider entertainment offerings.

    I think Sony waits too long, and I think Sony bows out of the gaming industry during the midle to end of next gen(and to be fair, I think next gen won’t have lifespan cycles like we are used to, I think never ending while the upgrades in gaming come server side throw the cloud/streaming).

    Of course I like to toss out bold statements, it gets people talking and thinking(and that, rather then trying to come off as cool, is my goal in posting to begin with). Maybe I missed the mark, but I bet I am very close.

    #16 2 years ago
  17. DrDamn

    The point is you are suggesting they don’t bother with PS4 as is expected. That would be madness. Broadband doesn’t need to be fast enough everywhere, but it needs much better coverage than there is now.

    It’s obvious Sony are going to be doing something with Gaikai and PS4, but it can’t yet be something PS4 depends on.

    Also, given they only bought them a few months ago then this news story in itself is pretty damn quick no?

    #17 2 years ago
  18. OlderGamer

    I am suggesting that they wait. Wait and see what happens. Their number one competitor is Nintendo(On home turf and abroad). The PS3 can fight the WiiU on power, and maybe even on features.

    I think Sony needs to see what MS has up their sleeves. Because I am guessing(and if I am right) the next gen is not going to be about raw power. It is going to be about services. If Sony can’t match MS on that front, games won’t matter.

    I believe that Sony already has a system to fight both Nintendo and MS with. If they are able to get Giakia on PS3, and get the PS3 price point down to 100usd in 24 months, then they have something to leverage.

    I believe if Sony pull another “Vita” with PS4 they are dead in the water. Imo, they need to move fast and be agresive with PS3, Vita, “smart”TVs, BluRay players, PC, and Tablets and get Giakia running fast. I think they could make it happen if they wanted to. They need a plan of attack that they can fully roll out in 24months or less.

    If they still feel that they need a PS4, roll one out in 3-5 years. But by doing that they will have had the advantage of seing what benchmarks MS has reached(and exceding them).

    Having said that, I doubt Sony will do any of that. The biggest aplication of Giakia, if they do anything big with it, is prolly 5 years away on PS4. By that time, no doubt in my mind, that MS will already have or be rolling Telecom based game streaming/channels.

    #18 2 years ago
  19. DrDamn

    They don’t have the luxury of waiting and seeing though. Nobody does. The design and release of a new console is years of work. If it misses the launch then you suffer. There is a third option. Push Gaikai services on PS3/Vita and launch the PS4 as well. It’s easier for them to have a PS4 as a main option and push cloud services on PS3 as a cheap alternative if they take off. Coming back from a position where they have given MS a big head start and need to release a redeveloped PS4 further down the line is not something they have the financials to support.

    I agree it’s all about services next time though. As far as underlying infrastructure, OS design etc goes MS is really quite far ahead on that front. They are obviously a software company with some very good people designing and building it. So that’s going to be a huge issue for Sony. Much as I love my PS3, and prefer the XMB to the 360 Dash, the underlying OS is a mess.

    #19 2 years ago
  20. OlderGamer

    “I agree it’s all about services next time though. As far as underlying infrastructure, OS design etc goes MS is really quite far ahead on that front. They are obviously a software company with some very good people designing and building it. So that’s going to be a huge issue for Sony. Much as I love my PS3, and prefer the XMB to the 360 Dash, the underlying OS is a mess.”

    Strongly agree. I am all but ready to give next gen to MS. I was going to cancel my XBL Gold when it runs out this Jan. I sold three of my five xb360 systems. And was completly ready to walk away from MS completly. But now after doing some reading and research, I fully believe the system to own next gen(if you had to pick just one) would indeed be the new MS system. Even if your not a big gamer. I will own xbnxt for the services alone.

    I really really feel Sony is screwed. But we will see what happens.

    #20 2 years ago

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