Ragnarok Odyssey release date set

Thursday, 11th October 2012 03:16 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Ragnarok Odyssey arrives on US Vitas before the end of the month.

Eschewing the terribly popular launch date of Halloween, XSEED has plumped for the often overlooked but equally valid launch date of October 30.

As well as a $40 standard edition and downloadable release, XSEED has put together a $50 Mercenary Edition with plenty of goodies

The action RPG is a spin off to a broader franchise and boasts extensive character customisation options, six classes, real-time combat, and four player co-op via ad-hoc or online connections.



  1. helios

    Ragnarok is probably the greatest MMO ever created during the early 2000.

    Too bad its devs weren’t as successful as those from WoW.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. hitnrun

    @1 Amen.

    There has never been anything quite like that game. Its leveling curve was as brutal as EQ’s, but it turned every assumption dominating MMOs today on its ear. It’s really a shame that more people couldn’t have played it so they could better understand exactly what makes people log on to an MMO.

    Ultimately the chaotic, askew mindset that created it blew it apart. I think the Amatsu expansion was the dagger. That would be when they seeded all the zones with high level mobs and removed the splendid variety of other mobs in order to…fight the out-of-control bots. Ah, Korea. I’ll never forget the patch note where the devs mentioned that they intended to implement a quest log but were stuck on the critical problem of the Q button already being mapped to something else.

    #2 2 years ago

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