Jet Set Radio HD review screens are go, get lost in colour here

Tuesday, 11th September 2012 12:37 GMT By Dave Cook

Jet Set Radio HD has received a batch of review screens from Sega. The game is now available for early purchase for PS Plus Members, and will arrive on PSN September 18 and on Steam and XBLA September 19. It will also hit Vita October 16. Check out the shots below.



  1. ps3fanboy

    if sega release all the remakes of these dreamcast games on retail disc, as a collection i will be a first day buyer. as of now these are only rental games on psn and that i have no interests in whats so ever…. come on sega let us gamers OWN THE GAME WE BUY!

    #1 2 years ago
  2. jeffb01

    correction: released on psvita on oct 16. available on ps3 sep 18 and today for ps+ members today (keep fingers crossed)…

    #2 2 years ago
  3. TheWulf

    I really miss games being this colourful.

    Trine 2 has been a breath of fresh air, lately, with all of its loveliness. As has Guild Wars 2, which has colour in abundance. I feel that we’ve gotten lost in what the new brown is, lately. We’ve had ‘green is the new brown’ (thanks Fallout) and ‘grey is the new brown,’ and so on, and so on.

    We’ve had some very, very limited pallets in games and they do absolutely nothing to inspire the imagination whilst playing them. They look so utterly dull. I admit, we are beginning to reclaim colour, and recent titles have had some. Darksiders II had a pleasant amount of colour.

    But mostly it’s still… dull, very dull and dry.

    I hope we get out of this colourless rut, soon. But anyway, this is a nice reminder of how common colourful games used to be.

    It’s also kind of sad that the shots of streets in Jet Set Radio still do a simple street better than most modern open world games, these days.

    #3 2 years ago

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