Puzzle Chasers – Konami’s Facebook game hits 1 million MAUs

Wednesday, 29th August 2012 18:08 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Puzzle Chasers, the free-to-play Facebook game, has 1,000,000 monthly active users, Konami has announced.

The jigsaw puzzle adventure game has players travelling the world to save famous landmarks and while on their journey, they earn, collect and purchase items for a customizable mansion.

It launched just two months ago, and players have already traveled more than 8 billion miles in-game. This equates to: 322,246 trips around the world; 33,594 trips to the moon; and 164 trips to Mars.

Players have also used 17,826,460 units of energy in-game; taken 1,625,906 trips to different countries; purchased 127,658 lamps in-game with the most popular lamp being the floor lamp, with 95,197 purchased.

Puzzle Chasers contains over 100 different jigsaws and more are added weekly. It can be played in single-player Story mode or Blitz Mode.



  1. deathm00n

    And approximately 4,567,845 annoying app requests where sent to people who don’t care about facebook games this month

    #1 2 years ago
  2. Ireland Michael

    App requests are barely even noticeable in Facebook anymore, unless you actively choose to play. It also takes about two clicks to block an app. You can even set your Facebook to automatically reject all applications.

    Someone is still stuck in 2009.

    #2 2 years ago
  3. deathm00n

    Nope, someone don’t know how to detect when someone is trying to do a joke

    #3 2 years ago

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