Guild Wars 2 players reporting unsolicited password emails, phishing attempts

Wednesday, 29th August 2012 16:07 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Guild Wars 2 players have reported receiving emails stating the account holder had requested a password change – when they didn’t. Massively reports NCsoft is aware of the issue and has advised customers to not reply to the mail, nor do anything. Phishing attempts to obtain account information have also been reported, and since ArenNet never asks for customer passwords, users should again, ignore all attempts to cull the information out of them. It has been suggested that players use an email address created only for the game, as this is alos the user log-in along with a hard to solve password. Obvious information to those familiar with such matters, but still, grand advice.



  1. KineticCalvaria

    Had an email saying someone had requested a password reset on my account last night, on the same day I’d got my Origin account back from some Russian hacker -.-. Gaming is hardly worth the hassle.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. DSB

    Obvious information, sure, but it kinda begs the question why you make people user their e-mail addresses to login in the first place though.

    #2 2 years ago
  3. TheWulf


    Almost everything does. WoW does too if you have a newer account. It’s fairly commonplace and it’s because database reasons that I don’t really want to sit here and spend ten minutes explaining, full well realising you probably won’t read it.

    #3 2 years ago
  4. DocCylon

    Had 2 of them, and I’m not even playing GW2 (I did play the first game however, hence my account).

    #4 2 years ago
  5. OlderGamer

    I have had two of them as well.

    #5 2 years ago
  6. DSB

    @3 Two wrongs don’t make a right, why not learn from WoW instead of making the same mistake? Now they both have that problem.

    I hope the rest of their security isn’t as shoddy.

    Thanks for not spending those 10 minutes though.

    #6 2 years ago
  7. Phoenixblight

    “Two wrongs don’t make a right”

    But two lefts do. :D

    #7 2 years ago
  8. GrimRita

    Ive not had any emails but what I have had is -

    No Auction House – now day FIVE
    in game mail going down to rub salt in the wound
    Lag spikes like you wouldnt believe
    4 hour Q just for a fucking WvW game.
    Spent almost £50 on gems to buy more storage(yes, the trading doesnt work but they manage to have the in game purchases working)

    Rapidly becoming sick of all these issues. Given that Arena SHOULD know better, I cant find one fucking excuse for this bad show.

    #8 2 years ago
  9. DSB

    @8 I haven’t had any need to join a guild yet, but I hear the invites aren’t working.

    So you have a guild wars with no guilds :P

    There are a lot of glitches throughout the game at the moment. No biggies so far.

    I imagine the worst of the overflow is going to be sorted out once things calm down.

    Having to spend 50 pounds on a 55 euro game just for storage sounds pretty extreme though.

    #9 2 years ago
  10. GrimRita

    extra bank slots cost 600 gems thats just over £5, which takes the piss. Either way, five days, heading into six without a single word on when it will be working is just unacceptable.

    I really thought Arena would be better than this, but right now, they make Bioware look brilliant!

    #10 2 years ago
  11. DSB

    A game with micro-transactions is always going to push you into making use of them, one way or another.

    It’s a cheap trick that they make you lock yourself to a server from the beginning as well.

    You can’t actually start a new character on a different server unless you pay up.

    I guess it’s horses for courses whether you prefer that sort of thing.

    #11 2 years ago
  12. Brenna Hillier

    Oh hey, I got one too. Looks like it’s pretty widespread.

    #12 2 years ago
  13. LooneyLad

    I have a generated password which even I dont know ! Only keepass knows it…

    #13 2 years ago
  14. Mekzarus

    Yeah so i got an email from Arena Net stating my email address had been changed (in french) … And guess what – it had . No confirmation to change the email no nothing .. the hacker just got my account and changed everything. Nice security A-Net very nice.

    p.s – want a hint? … dont let a email address be changed without confirmation from the original email account.

    (oh also – allow password resets etc via the original email address)

    #14 2 years ago

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